Laser Tattoos Removal Treatment Procedure With High Technology


Tattoos are a means to make a personal statement, for some, it is just a fashion accessory that goes away with time and trends.

Tattoo removal

Cost can be a major factor in determining which tattoo removal product to use

and TCA tattoo removal is the most cost-effective way of removing an unwanted

tattoo. Of the four most common methods of tattoo removal, TCA is the least

expensive by a significant margin. Below is a list of the four most common forms

of tattoo removal from the least expensive to the most expensive.

Tattoo Fading and Removal Methods Ranked at Least to Most Expensive.

1) TCA Tattoo Removal

2) Tattoo Removal Cream

3) Dermabrasion

4) Laser

1).TCA Tattoo Removal

TCA is a cosmetic acid commonly used for facial peels, removal or reduction of

acne scars, warts, and other facial blemishes.

It has been used as a tattoo removal products for the past 30 years.

TCA is the only home ink removal product that has has been thoroughly tested in

two medical studies and proven to be effective as a tattoo removal product in the

vast majority of the test subjects.

The first TCA tattoo removal medical study was performed from 1979 to1984

using 670 volunteer patients. At the end of the study, 85% of the test subjects

were satisfied with their results.

The second TCA tattoo removal medical study was performed using 40 volunteers

from May 1988 through February of 1989. At the end of the study, participants

reported a 90% satisfactory rate.

2).Tattoo Removal Cream.

There is no known tattoo removal cream medical study proving the effectiveness

of tattoo removal cream as a way to remove tattoo pigment. If such a study

existed every manufacturer would be using it to market their product.

Many tattoo removal cream product manufacturers use the lure of a no pain, easy

to apply, once or twice daily tattoo removal process that is simple, easy, and more

affordable than laser surgery. They, of course, neglect to tell you that a simple

tattoo removal cream, by itself, probably will not remove a tattoo.

Most tattoo ink removal cream products have one thing in common, most contain

a skin pigment fading, or melanin inhibiting, chemical as the main ingredient in

their product.

This skin pigment fading chemical fades the skin pigment above the tattoo and

not the tattoo pigment itself, which is located in the second layer of skin called

the dermis.

A tattoo removal cream, by itself, does not physically remove a tattoo because it

cannot penetrate the skin deep enough to reach the location of the tattoo


There is some tattoo removal cream products on the market that include

exfoliates in the form of handheld battery operated sanders or loofah pads that

must be used in conjunction with the cream.

Some manufacturers also include an exfoliate in the form of dehydrated silica or

crushed walnut shells blended into the cream to form a grit which helps with the

skin exfoliation process.

Many tattoo removal cream manufacturers have no product guarantee, offer no

money back or they offer a guarantee which is so restrictive it is virtually

impossible to receive a refund if you are not satisfied with their product.

When considering buying a tattoo removal cream always check for a product

guarantee and carefully read the wording to make sure it is valid.

One well-known tattoo removal cream manufacturer explains their guarantee and

returns policy, but in the final sentence state that no retail purchases are

refundable. They neglect to tell you where you can buy their product at wholesale


The tattoo ink removal cream products that use no form of abrasion generally

offer no guarantee. Some contain the chemical hydroquinone, which is known to

be carcinogenic, cost approximately $65 a month per kit with no guarantee as to

the number of kits it will take to see any difference, if any, in the lightening of the

tattoo pigment or removal of the tattoo itself.

The tattoo removal cream products that contain an exfoliate grit in their

ingredient list and combine that with a sander or recommend the use of a loofah

pad generally sell for $50 to $75 for a one-month kit but offer no timeline as to

how fast you may begin to see results. This means you'll be spending $50-$75 a

month for many months before you see a change, if any, in your tattoo.


Dermabrasion was first used in 1905 when the process was invented by a German

doctor for the removal of post-acne scarring.

This procedure is also known as "surgical skin planing" and "non-chemical peel".

Modern dermabrasion used for tattoo removal involves the use of freezing the

skin above the tattoo and using an electric surgical sander to remove the skin

containing the tattoo pigment.

This method of tattoo ink removal is very effective but, is very bloody, painful and

generally leaves a scar.

This method is generally done over several sessions in a doctors office on an

outpatient basis and is very expensive.

4).Laser Tattoo Removal

Laser tattoo ink removal can cost anywhere from $150-$350 per session

Modern lasers can be very effective at the removal of darkly pigmented tattoos

Colors such as black, dark blue and other very dark colors generally are the easiest

colors to remove and the number of sessions required depends on the size of the


Tattoos that contain light colors such as light blue, light green, yellow, pink or

white are very difficult to remove and can require many sessions which can

escalate the cost of removal into the thousands of dollars.

Tattoos that contain the color white, in particular, are the most difficult of all to

remove and ethically operated laser tattoo removal clinics will refuse to even

attempt to work on them unless they are at least five years old or older and have

had some exposure to the UV radiation of the sun.

After approximately 5 years of age, a white tattoo will have begun to fade

naturally and become a bit easier to remove, although it will still be difficult.

In conclusion, there are several things to consider and look for, when

researching which tattoo removal product is best for your situation.

When considering tattoo removal cream products always check to make sure they

have a guarantee.

If they list a guaranteed check to make sure that it is possible to meet the

requirements listed for the return of the product and the refund of your money.

Check to see if a contact phone number is listed on the website so that customer

service can be reached during normal business hours.

Look for an email address so that you can contact them at your convenience, and

check to see if they list the company address on the website.

If the only form of communication is an email form with no visible email address

or phone, a number it may be best to avoid this particular company.

Always check the product ingredient list to be sure that the cream does not

contain hydroquinone, which is a known carcinogen.

Some tattoo removal cream manufacturers will attempt to hide hydroquinone in

the middle of a very large list of ingredients to make it difficult to see that the

ingredient is present in their product, for this reason, it is very important to

closely read the ingredient list.

If an ingredient list cannot be found on the website avoid the product

Any home tattoo removal company that does not operate in a transparent

manner and identify who they are should be avoided.

One TCA tattoo removal company provides a generous guarantee because TCA is

an easy, effective and very affordable form of tattoo removal when compared to

other tattoo removal methods available today.

Glen Wilson has over 20 years experience in the tattoo industry, both as an artist

and shop owner and in recent years has become an expert in the many forms of

tattoo removal. He currently serves as a consultant to and knows from personal

experience that Nuviderm is one of the best home tattoo removal products on

the market.

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