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This treatment is done with your own hair. Some of your hair is removed through a surgery to fill in the portion with thin hair or no hair at all



Surgical Hair Transplant

Modern tools, techniques, and treatment let us experiment with our hair in

several ways of Hair Transplant, Advantages and Disadvantages. From

coloring to straightening our hair undergoes extreme conditions. Besides,

there are many other reasons such as alopecia which may cause baldness

in men and women at a young age. All of us love our hair and the look of

thin hair or bald patches can cause a decline in self-confidence. Medical

science offers advanced surgical hair transplant techniques which can

help you get the tuft of hair back on your scalp.

What is Hair Transplant:

Hair transplant is a procedure by which hair is moved from a portion of the

head to the bald section. The transplant requires local anesthesia. The

hair is removed from the side of the head and placed on top or front of the

head”. The hair which is transplanted on the affected part of the scalp

continues to grow naturally just like it does in the other parts of the scalp.

The donated hair from the back or the sides will continue to grow too with

any problem.

There are two ways to which hair transplantation is done:

• FUT or Follicular Unit Transplantation

• FUE or Follicular Unit Extraction

FUT or Follicular Unit Transplantation:

In the FUT way of hair transplant treatment strip of hair is removed from the

scalp of the patient. The dissection happens under a microscope. The

donor area is the area of your scalp which had dense hair growth. After the

hair strip is removed it is stitched carefully leaving a thin scar. The hair strip

is divided into follicular units known as Silvers. The Silvers are further

shortened and the extra tissue is removed. The grafts are then placed

carefully in the balding area. Very fine surgical needles are used to plant

these grafts on the bald area.

Advantages of FUT:

The larger area of the bald scalp can be covered with FUT process.

Disadvantages of FUT:

Although there is no disadvantage as such of this process the hair

transplantation should be done by an experienced surgeon. In the hands of

an inexperienced surgeon, the stitch could go bad and get infected with

pus. You can also suffer itching or redness. It is important that you select a

good center and an experienced surgeon for the job.

FUE or Follicular Unit Extraction:

The FUE way of hair transplant is the latest ways by which hair

transplantation is done. The process is more advanced than FUT. In the

FUE method, individual grafts are removed from the donor area through

suction. There are no incisions made on the scalp which means no scar.

The process is immediate and these extracted grafts are instantly placed in

the bald area.

Advantages of FUE:

• FUE does have an upper hand because removal of hair from the

scalp doesn’t require any incision. So, the patient is free of any scars

or possible sutures which could be caused by the stitches.

• Recovery from this process is quick and since there are no scars you

can have a short hair-cut too.

• The donor area in the FUE process can be extended to legs, arms,

beard and even chest.

Disadvantages of FUE:

• The number of grafts extracted in a single session is less thus you

cannot cover a big bald patch in one session.

• The grafts extracted are tiny and if the surgeon doesn’t handle it well,

they could die.

• It is best that you consult an expert before you select the method ofof

hair transplant treatment for you.

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