Spectacle – Bloc Party

dans la cour de l’école


à Rosemont

En Performance

La chorale Attaque de chœur

et Olivier Bélisle

3580 rue Dandurand

Le vendredi 9 juin

de 19 h 30 à 23 h


Emmenez une couverte,

emmenez le beau temps


Dear Government of Canada, Dear Government of Québec,

Thank you so much for the money and support, you’ve been great.

And I’m not just talking about the funding of this project ; it gœs farther back

than that. I’m talking about the 7 $/day daycare I took advantage of for 6

years, which enabled my entire family to enjoy a higher quality of life and

gave us time to breathe. And for all the child benefts : free basic dental, free

basic meds, and a few really nice monthly paychecks for our work as parents.

It makes everything so much easier.

attaque de chœur

I think we’re on to something. I think we’re starting to see the benefts of a

government that invests in its society with arts and programs and funding and

welfare. I can only speak for my little corner of the world here in Montreal,

but the city is looking and feeling fantastic and maybe we should start talking

about everything that’s going right.

And all the possibilities.

We could be a social experiment. Take it all further and see what happens

when you strive to keep education and childcare as inexpensive as possible,

when you value your artists and take their work to the street for the world

to see, and when you plan to pay for it all with a booming party industry.

Québec micro-breweries are bursting at the seams, and luck would have it

that half the world is a heavy drinker. We’d be crazy not to transform rural

Québec into the beer-tour capital of the universe. Bring in the tourism, bring

out the local artists and artisans, and festival the fuck out of this province,

pardon my French.

It’s a grand investment, I know. It’s not a popular stance with everyone, I know.

I can truly understand why someone who works much harder than I do would

think : Why the hell should I have to pay for your party ? I can understand

how someone who can’t get afordable care in a hospice is not necessarily

impressed with tons of money going into transforming a cement truck into a

giant disco ball in the name of public art.

And yet something tells me we need that giant disco ball.

Something tells me we if we take the focus of our problems and concentrate

on feeding our souls and imaginations it will be benefcial for all.

I know I have my part to play as well. I’m not quite sure how to personally

go about this making-the-world-a-better-place business, but I’m convinced

that turning of the news stations, getting the weight of the world of my

shoulders, and getting something going with the immediate people around

me is a good place to start.



attaque de chœur

// Archives de courriels

→ Salut ! J’espère que vous allez tous bien.

And so I started

with my friends :

Je vous envoie de l’info concernant un projet de chorale, voir si

vous voudriez y participer ou si ça risque intéresser quelqu’un que

vous connaissez.

Je commence par les dates et le lieu, si vous voulez en savoir plus,

read on.

(Je donne les renseignements en anglais, mais les répètes se

dérouleront en français.)

Sur ce, je vous annonce qu’Eric et moi partons au

Nouveau‐Brunswick demain.

Pour 6 jours. De vacances. En solo. Yeah !

Ciao et à bientôt les amis,

xox niki

→ Dear friends,

As some of you know, I’m starting a choir project and looking for

participants who don’t mind getting involved in one that’s being led

by someone who’s not sure what she’s getting herself into.

Basically everything rests on the premise:

How hard can it be to get a bunch of people together

to sing ?

Well I’m about to fnd out.

I can honestly say that sending that initial email has been the most

difcult part so far. What if only 3 people are interested ? It’s going

to be so embarrassing when everyone asks : So what about that choir

thing you were going to do ? And I’ll have to say it was dead before

it even hit the ground ; ouch.

4 5

But that’s not what happened. What happened is that I got a bunch of positive

responses and the relief was immense.

And if that wasn’t enough to get me motivated, a few weeks later I got news

regarding the grant I had applied for :

→ Bonjour,

C’est avec grand plaisir que nous vous annonçons que

votre projet a été sélectionné dans le cadre de notre programme


de subventions communautaires du de 375 Montréal et du 150


anniversaire du Canada pour le montant que vous avez demandé.

Vous recevrez une entente par courriel à signer et nous retourner

afn que nous puissions vous faire parvenir la subvention.

Nous sommes enthousiastes et avons hâte d’entendre parler

de votre projet.


Wow. I couldn’t have been more surprised. I had written the proposal in a

very naïve manner, had dreamed up a plan and dreamed up how much it

would cost, but now actually I’d have to go through with said plan. I remember

being nervous before re-reading my application : what is it I said I was

going to do, exactly ?

Please describe your project and its impact

(max 200 words)

What is your project ? What are its goals ? Who will be involved ? How will

it make a difference in your community ?

→ The Heart Attack Choir is a bilingual and intergenerational 30-voice

ensemble composed of professional, semi-professional, and amateur

singers who reunite in the Montreal borough of Plateau-Mont-Royal. Its

mandate is to build a pop-repertoire featuring the songs of many local

artists, for the purpose of lending its work to an “expansion choir” — an

amateur 30-voice choir formed in the borough of Rosemont-La Petite-Patrie.

The “base-choir” rehearses once a week from September 2016 to

January 2017, the expansion choir from March to June 2017. The two

choirs will combine for two grand events — one in each borough — at

the end of June.

The main goal of the choir is to get more people singing — for the sheer

pleasure it provides, for its benefts on mental health, and for the sense of

community and togetherness it harnesses. The 2016–2017 pilot project

aims to set a precedent, where on an annual basis the base choir builds

a new repertoire for the purpose of providing an increasing number of

expansion choirs with the material and organisational tools needed to get

their schools/organizations/workplaces united through song.

attaque de chœur

Ok a bit cheesy, but the basic idea is there. The idea that was born out of my

not wanting to get a job. That was the TRUE motivation behind this project, I

have to admit. Being a fulltime housemom was getting me down, but loading

another 35 hours of work to my week ? Really ?

Unconvinced, I dragged my sorry self to the Club de recherche d’emploi

Montréal Centre-Ville anyhow.

It’s a free service that encourages you to get you out of the house while conducting

your job search, in order to be surrounded by others and therefore stimulated.

They make you do all kinds of stuf you don’t want to do, like cold calls to potential

employers and fake interviews. It’s the worst. But it works. (Merci Émilie !)

6 7

What is the mission and purpose of your

organization ? What are the main activities ?

(max 150 words)

→ The Yellow Door mission is to empower young people to initiate

and engage in community and creative projects that promote social

inclusion, combat urban isolation across all generations, and spark

positive societal change.

Our fagship outreach program—Generations—aims to decrease the

sense of isolation experienced by many inner city elderly and to help in

preventing premature institutionalization.

We arrange weekly home visits to seniors and accompaniments to hospital

and other appointments. Other volunteer services consist of running errands

for housebound seniors, helping with computers and other technology, and

organizing social events such as our Social Club, Knitting Club, Book Club,

Movie Club and Art Club. All these services seek to inform and to empower

the elderly, and to uphold their sense of dignity.

Other Yellow Door programs include a lunch kitchen for collective

meals, a food bank for students in need, and a cofeehouse where

performances are held.

attaque de chœur

Way to go Yellow Door.

And so with their backing, I went about following

my ever-so shaky plan.

I couldn’t bring myself to ask strangers for work over the phone, so I’d cheat

and present my hypothetical project to non-proft organizations instead :

→ …J’aimerais vous parler brièvement du projet de chorales

communautaires dont je démarre, dans le but de voir s’il peut faire

bénéfcier votre clientèle…

And going down that list is how I got in touch with Matthew Bouchard,

general director of The Yellow Door. He answered his own phone, said my

project sounded like a good ft for his organisation, and sure I could come

by to talk more about the project. Matthew. Bouchard. Is awesome. Every

other conversation went pretty much the same way.

→ That sounds like a great idea… sure you could hold your rehearsals in

our basement…yep, you can use your afliation with us to apply for

grants, we’ll hold the money for you and then hand it over…yes we’ll be

responsible for insuring your event, yeah I can sign this, no problem, take

it easy, see you later…

He even endured a drum kit in his ofce for a week, ‘cause we had left it in

the basement and it was taking up too much space for all the other projects,

and The Yellow Door is all about making space for projects .



Faire chanter ceux qui ne chantent habituellement pas.

Voilà le concept qui à mené à Attaque de Chœur, un projet de chorale

au répertoire pop, bilingue et souvent local.

Une initiative de Nicole Carmen Godbout, ayant si souvent entendu

la phrase J’aimerais chanter mais je suis trop poche/gêné/rouillé,

le projet démontre que :

Un mélange de participants expérimentés

et moins expérimentés, âgés de 6 à 66 ans


attaque de chœur

Le projet de chant

qui se répand

Une chef de chorale sans expérience

ni connaissances théorique,

qui apprend au fur et à mesure


Un environnement propice à la perte

de complexes (et quel joyeux bordel) !

Accompagné d’un fabuleux trio de musiciens,

Serge Lavoie + Dominic Desjardins + Tonio Morin-Vargas

à la guitare à la basse à la batterie

l’ensemble comprend une quarantaine de chanteurs performants

une douzaine de chansons.

Venez découvrir et/ou participer à ce projet en pleine croissance qui est

ouvert à tous et gratuit, grâce à l’implication de l’OBNL The Yellow Door, au

programme de subvention de la Fondation du Grand Montréal, et à l’appui

fnancier du Gouvernement du Canada.

10 11

Base choir

18–20 participants

October to January 2017

The singing started with the 18 or so

friends who had said yes to that email

I mentioned earlier. What I usually call

my : Chorale de base. We rehearsed

in The Yellow Door basement in the

McGill ghetto, and it was amazing to

see these people show up week after

week. It was usually dark and stormy

out, parking was impossible and the

nearest metro not so close, most were

coming straight from work, some had

very small children at home… We’d

often great each other wondering

where we’d fnd the energy.

Croquis de Anne Stratford,

membre de la chorale

attaque de chœur

And two hours later we were on fre

and disappointed it was already over.

What a fne time we had.


Stéphanie Trudeau

Catherine Stuyck

Marie-Pierre Fortin

Christine Légaré


Anne O’Connell



Josy-Anne Dumont

Caro Caron


Fred Boisjoly


Maude Rock

Pierre-Alain Faucon


Danielle Martin

Erick Jarry

Conrad Jean

Serge Lavoie

Nadia Beaulieu

Nancy McDonald

Anick Beaulieu

Anne Stratford

12 13

The rehearsals culminated in a beneft

show at one of my two favorite bars in

Montreal ; Le Quai des Brumes. One

of the choir members, Caro Caron,

a wonderful person and illustrator

agreed to conceive and hand paint the

poster that I’ve since been using as the

choir’s image :

→ Bonjour vous autres !

Je vous envoie l’image pour notre spectacle ! Libre à vous

de vous l’approprier et de le faire circuler ! Je viens de

parler à Fred qui propose de faire une genre de générale

informelle pour passer en revue encore un peu certains

aspects et arrangements des tounes. Si l’idée vous plait,

j’ofre la maison chez moi et Tob dimanche soir dès 6 h.

Merci vous êtes vraiment chou!


Caro Caron

What a magical night.

Merci Anne-Claude, merci Véro, merci Quai

des Brumes, et tous les spectateurs… That

show was supposed to be a fundraiser, but

by the end of it I really didn’t feel like passing

hats and such. Bringing up money when you’re

busy celebrating is such a killjoy.

attaque de chœur

Thankfully my friend Nadia took matters into

her own hands, disappeared into the crowd,

and reappeared 10 minutes later with 300 $

for us.

But I admit it was pretty lazy of me, Dear Government

of Canada, to have a room full of people

who are asking to know where they can

drop their cash, and that’s the part I neglected

to organise in advance. Sorry. I know I’m supposed

to pull my weight in this arrangement

and get $$ from fundraisers or sponsors, but


MONEY !!!!!!!!! (Except for you, apparently.)

All eligible projects must match the value of the requested grant, either in cash or through

in-kind contributions. You will have indicated these values in your project budget ; the form

below will help verify that your project has fulfilled this requirement.

Ooops. Ok I have to admit that I haven’t actually asked for contributions from the people I

told you were giving me contributions. Yet.

I think I’m going to bet on one big sponsor instead, and I’d like it to be Les Brasseurs du

Monde. Because I feel more comfortable asking for a beer commandite than cash, because

they ofer commandites, because I really love their beer, and because if there’s one enterprise

I want to promote in these pages it’s our small-scale breweries. You are remarkable at your

craft and we love you.

I write this on May 20th 2017, not having approached Les Brasseurs du Monde yet. If you

see their logo on the back of this booklet, it means that they’ve said yes. I’ll try get to more

sponsors later, I promise.

14 15

Now back to the fun stuff.

In February, when the base choir was all over and we thought we would not

see each other ‘til June, Frank Martel, co-owner of my other favorite bar in

town, came to me with an idea.

Subject : On nous a lancé une SUPERBE proposition...

Pour les 30 ans du Cheval Blanc

→ AllÔ AllÔ belle gang!

J’espère que vous vous êtes bien reposés depuis notre dernière aventure; il

y a quelque chose qui se trame.

Le Cheval Blanc fête ses 30 ans le samedi 8 avril. Il s’agira d’un vernissage

(une rétrospective de tous les posters d’événements qui ont eu lieu au cheval

depuis trente ans) et d’un spectacle. Se réunira pour l’occasion, la formation

originale du groupe JEREMI MOURAND!!

Comme si cela n’était pas une excellente nouvelle en soit, on nous a

proposé de les accompagner. Wow.

C’est une opportunité de rêve pour plusieurs parmi nous qui sommes fans

fnis du groupe.Pour ceux qui ne connaissent pas encore, ce sera toute une

découverte; ça bûche.

Pour ceux qui voudront/pourront y participer, voici l’horaire. SVP m’écrire

un p’tit mot si vous choisissez d’y participer…

→ Wow! Avec Jeremi Mourand!! Si c’est pas un problème que

je manque la première pratique, J’EMBARQUE !

Merci Nikki !

→ Présent !

→ Waw malade I’m in !!!!!!!!!

→ I’m in !

→ Yé ! J’y serai ! xx

→ We’re so in !!!! Yaaaaaaa

→ Fan fnie sera présente !


→ I’m in ! Vraiment cool

→ Bonjour Nikki, moi ça m’intéresse

beaucoup. Si tu veux de moi j’y serai


→ T’es don ben drôle Conrad... Si je veux de toi... C’EST CERTAIN !! Je

pensais peut-être que ça ne tombait pas à un temps idéal pour toi et ton

travail, alors c’est bien tant mieux! Je te donne plus d’info sous peu, et

laisse-moi savoir quand tu auras une date en vue avec Erick et Anne pour

les rapports d’impôt. Les mardis et les mercredis ne sont pas possible pour

moi, mais à part de ça c’est beau !

À bientôt, xox niki

attaque de chœur

Yes, our family accountant is in the choir. And what an accountant. He only

works for artist-types and other poor souls who are really bad at keeping track

of their income tax. He says that those who are on top of their game can go to

a regular accountant. He comes in once a year with his briefcase and his latest

homemade crafts, be it a bookmarks made out of flm pellicule or notebooks

with album covers for the front and back, or clay penholder he carved a scene

into and painted…

He also got a hold of the recordings of our 2 performances and made CDs

for us. Here’s the pocket he designed as a wonderful souvenir from our night

at Cheval Blanc.

Merci Conrad, Merci Michel Thibault pour les photos, et merci pour cette soirée

inoubliable Cheval Blanc.

Bon anniversaire !



Chorale Rosemont

30 participants

March to June 2017

And here is where the kids come in.

I thought I would have do a recruitment campaign to get the second choir going,

but just through word of mouth — and perhaps because children of all ages were

welcome to accompany their parents — I had 30 participants lined up in no time.

And where would we put all these beautiful people ? After one rehearsal in a space

that was too small, my friend Sandy told me about a woman she had met that was

running a café/resource centre for new parents :

attaque de chœur

Which brings us to

Ressources Café… Café familiale, ludique et créatif, situé sur la promenade Masson

dans Rosemont. Retrouvez-nous au deuxième étage Masson coin 3e avenue (2710 rue

Masson). I could not have dreamed up a better space ; because of its size, because

of the kids’ area, and mostly because of the owner, dear sweet Cécille. Many of the

kids are too small to be interested in singing for 2 hours —or at all — and so Cécille

keeps them occupied with all kinds of great projects. Collages and popsicle-stick

houses and homemade tattoos and sidewalk drawings… And I have to INSIST on

paying her, because she seems to despise talking about money even more than I do.

Un gros merci Cécille, tu es géniale et les enfants t’adorent ! And what can I say about

this group ? Well it should have been absolute chaos in there, but I was somehow

surrounded by the most easy-going people in the world, and it’s been a joy.





Dominique Gratton

Marie-Josée Gagnon

Fred Boisjoly

Gérarld Grimp

Hanane Chouikh

Catherine Stuyck

Stephanie Trudeau

Christine Légaré

Marie-Ève Morasse

Véronique Michon

Isabelle Boulet

Véronique Fortier


“Sebstar” Jasenovic

Lisa Gordon

Serge Levesque

Conrad Jean

Yves Jalbert

Danielle Martin

Anne Pangaud


Simone Fung

Éliane Ledoux

Alice Garcia

Élie Villeneuve

Camilla Castro

Bastien Robert

Eva Villeneuve

June Villeneuve

Jacob Bourque



Marianne Bourque

18 19

Le propriétaire, John Fogarty, tient à ofrir des produits de qualité qui

proviennent du Québec au rythme des saisons : des petits fruits au maïs,

en passant par les tournesols et glaïeuls du Québec, et sans oublier les

courges et les citrouilles qui clôtureront la saison estivale.

Ne pas oublier la Cabane à sucre, ouverte de la mi-février à la mi-avril

au même endroit ! Vous y trouverez des produits d’érables de toutes sortes

d’une grande qualité.

I suppose this is goodbye for now,

please take good care.

attaque de chœur

Well this more or less brings us up to date. I have to wrap this up because the

booklet has to be at the printers shortly, and the graphic designer is waiting

on me for this last piece of text. The graphic designer is Marie Chénier, and

what a precious encounter. I met her only four days ago, and had to explain

that she would have but a week to put all of this together. Not an easy task

for anyone, but she took it on graciously and is doing a fantastic job. You can

visit her impressive work at and contact her directly


I don’t know how the grand fnale bloc party is going to go, wish us luck,

dear Government of Canada, Dear Government of Québec. I hope you

haven’t minded my addressing you as if we were old high school buddies,

We’ve been part of each other’s lives for quite a while now ; I fgured it was

time to introduce myself as my true self & let you know what I’ve been up to

with your contributions.

I’ll be doing my best to develop this project on my own from here on in, but I

thank you immensely for the initial push. Now it’s just a question of momentum.

Gotta go,

it’s springtime in Montreal.

Much love,

xox niki

Oh ! you’ll be happy to know that I’ve found a sponsor ! Actually, my dear

friend Fred Boisjoly found him for me. His name is John Fogarty and he is

the owner of the Kiosque Mont-Royal, where Fred works. Now besides his

forthcoming contribution he’s given me a great gift, because he has yet to

ask me for a formal request for sponsorship, there’s been no paperwork… I

have yet to meet the man. And it gives me the greatest feeling to know that

somewhere out there is a boss who is willing to support one of his employees’

choir project, just because that’s the kind of guy he is. Merci de ton support

M. Fogarty, au plaisir de vous rencontrer !

And again, what a great establishment to promote :

→ Le Kiosque Mont-Royal est établi depuis 1983. Il ofre une grande variété de

produits alimentaires et horticoles. Situé sur le site du métro Mont-Royal, angle

Berri et Mont-Royal, le marché public est ouvert de mai à octobre, et cela 24

heures sur 24.

Le Kiosque Mont-Royal propose à sa clientèle: annuelles, vivaces, plantes

d’intérieures, ainsi qu’un service de feuristerie diversifé. De plus, vous

y retrouverez un grand choix de fruits et légumes et un service de repas

rapide : sandwichs, salades, crudités et fruits coupés.



Merci Fred Boisjoly

pour ton gros cœur, ta passion pour ce projet, ta douceur

et ton amitié.

Merci Marc-André Lefebvre

pour les enregistrements vidéo et les photos, et d’avoir accepté

de me suivre dans ce plan très fou.

Merci Erick Jarry

pour la direction technique, la séance d’enregistrement,

et la grande générosité de ton temps, non seulement avec moi,

mais avec tout l’monde autour de toi.

Merci Serge, Tonio et Dom

pour votre participation, pour la séance d’enregistrement

et pour votre GROS talent.

Merci Patrice Caron

de m’avoir accueilli et guidé dans les tout débuts,

lorsque j’étais vraiment perdue.

Merci à Noah et Louisa

de nous avoir prêté votre chez-vous pour les répètes

du Cheval Blanc.

Merci à tous les bénévoles.

Merci à ma famille

Elie, Eva, June et mon Johnny baby, grand capitaine qui s’occupe si

bien de nous.

Et merci aux chanteurs

pour votre amour immense qui fait vibrer.

Design graphique

Marie Chénier

Illustrations Anne Stratford (p. 11)

Caro Caron (p. 13)



Marc-André Lefebvre

Nicole Carmen Godbout

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