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Selwyn Times: May 30, 2018

4 Wednesday

4 Wednesday May 30 2018 Latest Christchurch news at News SELWYN TIMES HORNCASTLE ARENA June 29 - July 1 10AM - 5PM TICKETS ONLINE: District’s fuel prices reach record high Consumers warned cost of food could rise • By Julia Evans UNITED STATES president Donald Trump is being blamed for the record high price of petrol in the district.. Some service stations were charging $2.29.9 a litre for 91-octane petrol, the record high which was reached last week, while others are charging slightly less at $2.25.9. Infometrics economist Brad Olsen said the main reason was President Trump’s recent dealings in Iran. “The main driver is the Brad Olsen overseas price. West Texas Intermediate crude oil has shot up over the last couple of days and that’s largely because Trump and Iran has shaken up the playing field,” Mr Olsen said. President Trump announced recently that the US was walking away from the Iran nuclear deal organised between Russia, the United Kingdom, France, China and the US in 2015. The Selwyn Times tweeted President Trump for reaction. He did not respond. Fuel prices around the country hit record highs last week. There were reports of stations on Waiheke Island charging $2.51 a litre and $2.45 in Wanaka. In Auckland, prices were between $2.07 and $2.17 a litre. Mr Olsen said Canterbury was hit harder than Auckland due to the “Gull-effect,” caused by the introduction of the low priced Gull petrol stations in 2013. He said there was also a lack of competition between stations in Canterbury. And relief is not in sight. “We can’t really pick when they’ll go back down or if they’ll go back down . . . it will be interesting to see how prices change and regional discrepancies,” Mr Olsen said. There have been calls for the Government to address the issue. Minister of Energy and Resources Megan Woods said it is “very concerning” that Cantabrians are paying so much for petrol and it was clear the market is “not functioning as it should be.” “Obviously international events and the declining New Zealand dollar will have some role to play, but our focus is that people are paying a fair price,” she said. Dr Woods said the law is being changed to give the Commerce PRICE HIKE: Stations around the district are charging $2.29.9 per litre of 91-octane petrol. PHOTO: MARTIN HUNTER Commission the power to conduct market studies and compel the release of evidence to work out why petrol south of Wellington was much higher. Mr Olsen said it would have the biggest impact on lower income families, who would have to change their budgets drastically or change the way they travel. Red Bus chief executive Paul McNoe said it had not noticed an immediate increase in patronage. “But it is possible. The further it goes up and the longer it stays that high. It depends on people’s preference and their tolerance for prices. We’re always happy to welcome new customers,” he said. New Zealand Taxi Federation Canterbury president Stan Gane said the industry was “massively” impacted, but was not considering putting prices up. “We’ve changed most of the fleet in Christchurch to hybrid and are keeping prices as low as we possibly can, but every cent that fuel goes up is less wages and less groceries for staff,” he said. Mr Olsen said consumers could also expect to feel the brunt of petrol prices as freight companies would raise prices for retailers, who would likely pass it on to customers. “Largely we’ll see it in food prices. It will be interesting to see how much retailers put it up because consumers are going to get pretty annoyed with having to pay more for fuel as well as goods.” GOING AWAY THIS QUEEN’S BIRTHDAY WEEKEND? For those of you heading off for a break this long weekend please take the time to check real-time travel information before you head off and be prepared for increased traffic volumes. Drivers have two options for travel in the Upper South Island between Picton and Christchurch. • SH1 via Kaikōura is now open 24/7 but construction is ongoing (north and south) with delays and some single lanes. • The alternate Picton to Christchurch route via the Lewis Pass is open 24/7 (but check before travel as winter conditions may cause the Lewis Pass to be closed temporarily). Both routes will be busy so whichever one you choose the NZ Transport Agency advises you allow plenty of time for your trip, especially if you are catching a ferry or are on a tight schedule. The NZ Transport Agency encourages everyone heading off for a break to ‘know before you go’ and check the holiday hotspots map: The map collates data from previous Queen’s Birthday Weekend journeys and advises on the best time to leave to avoid the rush. With the change in season it is also time to prepare for winter driving to stay safe: • Take the time to check your vehicle is in good condition – tyres/spare tyre, indicators, windshield wipers, lights • Be prepared by travelling with warm clothes, food, water and a fully charged cell phone • A flat battery is the most common cause of winter breakdowns. If it’s more than five years old it may struggle in the cold. Get it checked and replaced if necessary • Keep at least a quarter of a tank of fuel in case of any unexpected delays Drivers need to be patient, cautious and courteous. Take your time and be prepared for the unexpected. And remember, over holiday periods many drivers are on unfamiliar roads, so please be patient as we are all in this situation at some stage. HOW TO STAY UP TO DATE: • Plan your journey between Picton and Christchurch and get real-time information via or call 0800 4 HIGHWAYS (0800 44 44 49). We recommend checking at least two hours before you travel and while on your trip • Check the MetService weather forecast before you head away

SELWYN TIMES Latest Christchurch news at Wednesday May 30 2018 5 News HORNCASTLE ARENA June 29 - July 1 10AM - 5PM TICKETS ONLINE: Joanne McDonald • By Emily O’Connell WINTER CLOTHING, dinners out, family trips – the pinch at the pump is causing residents in the district to tighten their budgets and make sacrifices. On Friday, Selwyn Times visited Rolleston to see how people were affected. Rolleston resident Tracey McLay has recently moved from Papanui and is noticing the difference. “To get to and from work, to drop kids off and sports – it’s getting very expensive . . . it’s sort of cutting down in other areas,” she said. When asked whether she has noticed the hike in the price of petrol, Maxine Freemantle just said it was “ridiculous.” “I’ve got a young daughter and Katherine Johnson with son, Oliver. James Wallis Martin Thomas Maher we need fuel to get to work and that, and she has to miss out . . . we can’t go and buy her new things like warm winter gear, we’ve got to wait for a couple more weeks to save up,” she said. Thomas Maher works in Rolleston but lives in Kaiapoi and says the price hike has restricted what he can do. “Really damaging to my budget especially. I’ve got to cut down in other areas such as food . . . for now all I’ve been able to do is go to and from work,” he said. For Burwood resident James Wallis Martin, the drive into Rolleston each week day to drop his daughter at Waitaha School is having an effect. “Every day taking my daughter to school costs me an extra $10 Maxine Freemantle Tracey McLay Motorists feel the fuel price pain . . . it just means we don’t buy things, we don’t go out to dinner. We’ve had to be cautious already,” he said. Mr Wallis Martin thinks there should be a subsidy on electric vehicles so more people can “upgrade.” Rolleston resident Katherine Johnson said she usually takes her children to Margaret Mahy Family Playground on the weekend but it’s just “not doable at the moment.” Joanne McDonald lives in Burnham and says the hike is “terrible.” “I think it’s actually quite sad it’s going up . . . what can you do about?” she said. Miss McDonald said the increase means costs have to be cut. How to save money on fuel •Make sure your tyres are inflated correctly. The Automobile Association found incorrect tyre pressure uses nearly eight per cent more fuel. •Avoid rush hour. Turning your engine off if you’re stuck in traffic for longer than 30 seconds is better than keeping the car running according to the AA, and the Motor Trade Association recommends planning ahead to run errands during off-peak times. •Don’t speed. According to the MTA, fuel consumption increases by about six per cent for every 10km/h faster you travel over 90km/h. •Keep your load light. The more weight in your car means more petrol is needed to propel it. •Use your air conditioner, but only when necessary. Opening your windows to cool the car down is actually less fuel efficient than using the A/C because it creates drag. However, blasting the A/C or leaving the back window demister on after they’ve done their job is an unnecessary drain on fuel. •Take care of your car. Regular service could reduce your fuel consumption by up to 20 per cent Preferred repairer and service agent for all major warranty repair companies We service and repair most European vehicles namely Audi, BMW, Land Rover/Range Rover and VW and also Diagnostic Scanners for most other makes and models. MT automotive MT automotive 2/36 Birmingham Drive, Middleton, ChCh Phone: 03 338 8777 Open: Mon to Fri 8am-6pm and Sat 9am-3pm ROLLESTON LAW Rolleston Office: 78A Rolleston Drive, Rolleston Darfield Office: Darfield Business Hub, 68 South Terrace W: T: (03) 374 2547 M: 021 148 6221 Richard Gray E: Anita Molloy-Roberts E: Kate Warren E: “The systems at Peter Ray Homes were seamless. Deadlines were met, and communication throughout was excellent.” Keith ShowhomeS open in Farringdon open 7 days 12.00 – 4.00pm Phone: 03 348 1994 “Many thanks to the team at Peter Ray Homes. The finishing is excellent, and my home is much admired by my family and friends..” Gail