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How Prevalent Is Erectile Dysfunction?

It is a widely prevalent issue; according to the various surveys

conducted almost half of men between falling between the age

gap of 40 and 70 years may experience erectile dysfunction

which can vary from mild to severe intensity. If Boston University

were to be believed then about ten percent of the males

between the ages of 40-70 have severe or full-blown erectile

dysfunction. About 25% of males in the same age gap are said

to have moderate erectile dysfunction. Even in younger males

where the prevalence of ED is not as much in elderly, it still

affects 5%-10% of men below the age of 40.

How Is Erectile Dysfunction


It is said very often that almost all males will experience erectile

dysfunction at some time; it may not be called as a disorder as it

can be due to stress, tiredness, anxiety or excessive alcohol

consumption and need not be worried out as it can be reversed.

Though this is not always the case, the above statistics show that

the prevalence of this disorder is very high and there are several

causes of it.

Various Causes Of Erectile


• Physical: Any Vasculogenic condition that affects the heart or

blood vessels such as CVD (cardiovascular diseases) high blood

pressure, atherosclerosis, high cholesterol and diabetes can

lead to erectile dysfunction.

• Neurological: Any neurogenic condition which affects the

nervous system such as multiple sclerosis, stroke, diabetes

Parkinson’s disease, and spinal injury can also lead to erectile


Various Causes Of Erectile


• Hormonal: There are various hormonal conditions which can

cause erectile dysfunction. Conditions such as overactive or

underactive thyroid, hypogonadism, high cortisol level,

hemorrhage or radiation can be the causative factors of erectile


• Psychological: Psychological ED is also a phenomenon; it affects

the younger males and is usually prevalent in the age group

below 40. Some of the psychological causes are Depression,

anxiety, performance anxiety, dissatisfaction with the partner,

and sensual boredom.

When Should A Person Seek


If this condition continues for a few weeks, then you must seek

medical help. Erectile Dysfunction can be a sign of various other

diseases and it thence gets important for you to take corrective

measures. It may be difficult for the males to come out and talk

about the issue, which is one part of the problem, but the doctors

you meet are well sensitized to deal with the issue.

How Is ED Diagnosed?

You may be asked about your sexual history, lifestyle and diet,

your weight, height and waist may also be checked. Your

doctor might also ask for a blood test, a blood pressure check,

cholesterol check, diabetes and testosterone test.

Now let’s come to the treatment part of it, there are various

medications and other therapies available for management

and treatment of erectile dysfunction, your doctor will tell you

about all of them in detail and you can choose the one you


Orally Administered Pills

Among various methods of erectile dysfunction, Orally

administered ED treating medications are more useful and

valuable as they are easily available on online pharmacy portal,

easy to consume and doesn’t produce severe adverse effects.

ED treating tablets induces stiffer erection by obstructing the

actions of PDE type-5 enzyme and prevents the degradation of c-

GMP chemical. Therefore, it improve blood supply towards male

private region.

Various Available ED Medications

For Treating Erection Failure-

• Generic Sildenafil citrate- Cenforce, Fildena, Filagra,

Erex, Penegra, Sildigra

• Generic Tadalafil- Vidalista, Tadalista, Tadaga,

Tadagra, Cialis

• Generic Vardenafil- Levitra, Vilitra, Filitra, Snovitra

• Generic Avanafil- Avana and Avagra

Dosing Of ED Medications-

An impotent man should consume a single ED treating

tablet before 50 minutes of planned lovemaking

activity. Single tablet should be administered via oral

route with sufficient amount of water.

No need to crush, chew and break the tablet

underneath the teeth, otherwise you may feel bitter


When You Should Not Take ED


Under following medical conditions, avoid using ED


• Hypersensitivity towards generic component of tablet

• Kidney and liver dysfunction

• Cardiac disorder

• Penile deformity

• Teenagers under age of 18 years

What Safety Tips Should Be

Followed With ED Medications?

• Avoid using grapefruit and grapefruit juices as it may delay the

rate of absorption of ED medications.

• Avoid alcohol and alcoholic beverages as it may reduce the

therapeutic effects of medicine.

• No need to take nitrate and its derivatives with ED medications

as it may reduce the hypotension (lowering of blood pressure).

• After using ED medications avoid driving and attention needed

activities as it cause drowsiness effects.

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