HERE IT CREATES FUTURE. Over the years to come, digitalisation will make big changes to our lives. Whether it is industry, handicrafts or the service sector, all will have to adapt to it at high speed. The opportunities provided by digitalisation are just as great as the pressure to create innovations. For this reason, information and communications technologies have been defined as an important market of the future in the Saxony-Anhalt Regional Innovation Strategy 2014 – 2020. But it isn’t just the world of business which is facing a digital transformation, the world of public administration is as well. For companies and citizens that means user friendliness – in terms of ease of access, transparent processes as well as flexibility due to time and location independent administrative services. Increasing digitalisation requires more digital education. In recent years, the development of the internet has been so rapid that the requirements in the population have become very different. From primary school pupils to senior citizens, the levels of understanding surrounding technology need to grow, in addition to the ability to apply the knowledge in a correct and beneficial way. For innovations and applications in the digital sphere, the users’ confidence in IT security and data protection are basic requirements. In this respect, the digitalisation of our daily lives will only gain widespread acceptance if IT security keeps in pace with the wider developments. Saxony-Anhalt is well equipped for the digital age. The federal state is already home to many IT companies which have made the conscious decision to locate here and value the excellent local infrastructure. This not only includes sector giants such as T-Systems and SAP, but also cutting-edge start-ups such as UCD+ and marmalade.

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