CHPG Newsletter


Dear providers,

On behalf of MDMG, we would like to welcome you to the

team! To make this new transition as smooth as possible,

you will find an attached example of the paper-charts you

will be using while we start the training and

implementation of the new EMR system. These template

charts will cover the basics of a sick visit and well child


If you have any question or concerns, please contact the

Medical Department, and we will gladly assist you.


Ana Veronica Rodriguez, MD

Medical Director

Provide easy access to health services.

Create a better everyday life for the communities we serve.

Patient First

Act with compassion and empathy.


Respect for your team members,

together we accomplish more.


Pursue growth to achieve collective success.


Commit to the highest level of care.


Promote team work, lead by example to

enhance the patient experience.

• Paychecks

• The last paycheck from Children’s is scheduled June 7, 2018.

• The first paycheck from MDMG is June 22, 2018.

• The first paycheck with MDMG will be a live check sent to Practice. After that

it would be direct deposit if the banking information is in ADP.

• Banking information can be added anytime to

• It takes 1-2 pay periods to become effective.

MDMG is paid on a bi-weekly basis, every other Friday. The upcoming pay period is

6/4/2018-6/17/2018 with paychecks on Friday, 6/22/2018.

• Benefits

• Benefit elections must be made no later than June 15, 2018. Elected benefits

are effective July 1, 2018.

• 401K may be elected after 90 days.

• Benefit elections are made in the ADP portal -

• Benefit webinars are scheduled 6/5/2018-6/8/2018 and 6/11/2018.

• The times and webinar information have been sent to the Practice Manager’s

and will be added by MDMG’s IT Department to the desktop of the computers

that will have ECW loaded on them.

NOTE: If for some reason there is an issue all employees can call into the webinar with the

phone number/access code and pull up their benefits in ADP at,

benefits, benefit enrollment.

What to expect?

A member of CQI (Clinic Quality Improvement) will be at each location to introduce themselves.

This person will be there to provide support between MDMG and CHPG and answer any questions

the Providers or staff may have.

• Front Desk

• Training on scheduling

• Scheduling protocols on ECW

• Two operating PC’s with ECW

• There will be two wired printers


• Phones will remain the same until

further notice

• MDMG employees to enter

demographic information into ECW

• The clinic will work on paper

CHPG patients will receive new

registration packets

• Office supplies will be delivered to

each location

• Will provide access to insurance


• Front desk will generate the superbill

and progress note

• ASQ/MCHAT given up front

• Flash drive will be given with original


• Back office

• Will be on paper

• Will double check for well visit

• Follow up appointments

• CQI member partner with CHPG

lead MA to review workflow

• Review Lab Process

• Vaccine/ injectables Process

• Provider to MA


• Discharge patient Process

• End of Day Process

• Payments will be entered in ECW

(102 Employees)

• Credit Card payments are taken

electronic (CHPG) MDMG will have


• Claims will be generated by Front

Desk (102 Employees)

• Progress note and superbill will be

scanned by MOA

• Manager Role

• Manage/ maintain schedule and

scheduling protocols

• Liaison between CHPG and MDMG

• Introduction to providers and staff

• Overview of Day to Day operations

• Deposits will be done by the manager

($700 Rule)

• $200 petty cash will be allotted per


• Locks will be changed 6/4 through


• Manually enter Time sheets on ADP

• Monitor End of Day Process

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