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Selwyn Times: June 06, 2018

12 Wednesday

12 Wednesday June 6 2018 Latest Christchurch news at SELWYN TIMES Your Local Views Residents call for changes at domain •From page 1 The committee is using its discretionary fund to deal with the issue but would like the council to cordon off vehicle access, clear a small area for off - -road parking and supply picnic tables. Whitecliffs ratepayers are currently subsidising the domain at a projected cost of $17,664 for 2017/18. Miss Thompson said residents are paying for services “exclusively used by non -residents”. The district council approved its proposed district-wide rating for community centres, halls and reserves at its Long Term Plan 2018-2028 deliberations last week. All Selwyn ratepayers will now pay a reserves rate of $125 a year, increasing to $155 by 2027/28. But district councillor John Morten said he did not think it was a “significant issue.” “That is no different than you and I going to a Christchurch camping ground . . . they might pay for your camping rates and a Christchurch person might not be able to get in,” he said. The domain was handed over to the district council from the committee about five years ago. Keeping our waterways healthy Selwyn Waihora Zone Committee chairman Allen Lim on the Selwyn river and its challenges IT’S BEEN a good year for the Selwyn River/Waikirikiri so far, with healthy river flows and new projects under way. A major challenge has been to cater for multiple values of the river system at the same time. Good examples of this are contact recreation, native fish populations, the trout fishery, and mahinga kai – all of which can be adversely affected by droughts. Two projects are under way to address this – the Targeted Stream Augmentation project which uses a solar powered pump to supply groundwater to a spring-fed tributary of the river when the spring stops flowing. This tributary, just upstream of Chamberlains Ford, has been a stronghold for native fish due to a natural barrier keeping trout out. The Selwyn Near River Recharge project is constructing RESEARCH: Selwyn Waihora Water Zone Committee chairman Allen Lim talks about the electric fish barrier investigations at Hororata River tributary. ​ an off-take from the Central Plains Water scheme that will supply a leaky basin beside the upper Selwyn River/Waikirikiri during dry periods. Recharged water will flow through the groundwater system and keep the lower Hororata, Selwyn and Irwell rivers from running dry as they have in the past. A potential issue with this project is more regular joining of trout and Canterbury mudfish habitat in a tributary of the lower Hororata River. A physical fish barrier is not possible here as it would flood nearby land. Canterbury mudfish have a conservation status of ‘nationally critical’ and they are a favourite food for trout, so keeping the species apart is important. Your zone committee is pleased to be supporting investigations into the first electric fish barrier in the Southern Hemisphere to keep these populations apart. Further down the catchment, a Fish & Game led project is restoring the trout spawning habitat of the Snake Creek system. At our April zone committee meeting, we supported the formation of a new Selwyn River/ Waikirikiri Working Group. This group offers a wide range of expertise to make sure all river values can be managed into the future in an integrated way. I look forward to providing updates on these projects in future. In the meantime, don’t hesitate to talk to your zone committee or local zone team members for more information – you can phone them on 0800 324 636. Artisan Homes Builders of superior homes. Built to last. Come and visit Our Showhome in the new Faringdon South Showhome Village Phone: 03 374 9172 or Rob: 021 324 876 E-mail - Winners in Registered Master Builders House of the Year Awards

SELWYN TIMES Latest Christchurch news at Wednesday June 6 2018 13 Tickets on sale NOW! Readers react to an article about Weedons and Templeton residents’ fears the Yaldhurst quarry expansion has set a precedent Tania Jones – 100m from people’s homes – that is disgraceful. I’m guessing the owners of the quarry don’t live in the area? Their health and well-being is not being affected? Their peace and quiet is intact? Jake Ranginui – Wasn’t the quarry already there? So the health claims seem weird to me, if you don’t like it being there, why did they move there in the first place? Holly Traxler-Puddle – Oh – such a shame. I wish someone on the council lived out there and realised the danger and health problem REACTION: Readers react to anti-quarry campaigner Simon Moore’s fears over the decision to expand a Yaldhurst quarry. PHOTO: ANAN ZAKI this is and will cause. Eli Jah – How long has that guy been standing out there with that sign? I mean look at it. Readers respond to construction starting soon on the new community pavilion at Weedons Reserve Kirstie Hamilton – We are excited to have construction of the new community pavilion under way. This building will provide a sporting and social hub for our small community. It is a wise investment for now and the future, thanks to all the people who have made this happen. Geoff Ostle – Gary Doyle is missing the point. Facilities build communities. Our forebears built roads, schools, playing fields etc. If they had not done that, we would not enjoy and use the facilities we do now. The replacement of the facilities at Weedons Reserve is long overdue and will ensure the community has facilities long into the future. A reader responds to CentreStage’s Long Term Plan submission asking for a performing arts facility in Rolleston Frances Harrison – I read with interest the article in the local newspaper regarding the lack of facilities for Rolleston in terms of the arts, especially the performing arts. This is a serious issue. Rolleston caters for sports and to a large extent families, but little else. I would describe it as a cultural desert and this is not good for social cohesion or diversity. Rolleston is exploding in some ways in terms of growth but risks tripping over itself if it doesn’t provide better and wider facilities for residents. As someone who has spent her life with an interest in music, dance, singing and acting, I have been contemplating whether I should start up some dance classes for adults (not ballroom dancing, mostly for women of all ages). The rental for space IDEA: A reader has responded to CentreStage Rolleston’s proposal to have a performing arts facility in the area. at the Lincoln Event Centre is very expensive and would be prohibitive for me starting out, with classes as $40 to hire each time would wipe out most earnings before tax. So yes, we really need this new facility to give Rolleston a bit of cultural maturity and show there are talented and artistic/ creative people here. And we need somewhere to get together to attract professionals, as well as amateurs, to add to the Rolleston events calendar. it also needs to be priced to encourage the widest range of offerings. Fingers crossed we can have such a facility in the near future. It’s a no-brainer really. Melodies Preschool is a boutique preschool that provides exceptional Preschool education and care for children aged 2–5 year olds. We provide a well rounded curriculum that also includes specialist Music, Dance and Drama, using the Carl Orff Approach and Movement activities using Gill Connell’s amazing Smart Steps programme. To find out more about our fantastic Movement programme visit We also provide a fantastic Transition to School programme that allows your child to have the best start to school. Our strict hygiene, cleaning and illness policies ensures exposure to winter colds and bugs is greatly reduced and children enjoy a healthy environment to play and learn. Enroll in June and enjoy 50% off fees for two months! Opening hours 8.00am – 5.00pm Our low child to teacher ratio of 7 Children to 1 teacher (Ministry Regulations are 10:1) allows our passionate, dedicated teachers to provide meaningful play experiences and education, allowing your child to learn and explore at their own pace and become wonderful confident learners and caring friends.