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Welcome to the June/July edition of

The Lymington Directory. We have a

number of new articles from local

experts, across a wide range of areas.

For example - Pet care, Want to know

where there is a dog friendly beach?

On wildlife, Keith Metcalf, MCV

Conservation Officer, reports on some

of our well hidden treasures. We also

have a really interesting wine article

highlighting some new discoveries, and

Paul Wood, helps us get our heads

around GDPR.

There is also a lot happening in the

area in these few months, from Lymington

Arts Festival, Lymington Carnival

& Oakhaven’s Family Fun Day. Then a

little further afield, there is Everton

Village Festival in June & Milford’s Art

& Music Festival In July.

I hope you enjoy

Very best wishes, Jacqui

Local information

Church Services 45

Noticeboard 23-27

Local Support 42

Useful Numbers 44

The Charity behind the Royal Visit 11

Oakhaven 39


Wildlife Matters 5

Sun, Sea & Rex 7

Notes from The Solent Cellar 9

Boating: Handy tips for Summer

Preparation 10

Coastal Pop Art 13

In the Garden 17

Have you heard the Myth? 31

What an earth is GDPR 37

Editor: Jacqui Peacock

Next copy deadline: July 4th 2018

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Graham Bell: Please see page 13 for

more details on his work

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……... to all of us

Welcome to the Wildlife Matters page. Our

towns, villages and hamlets are rich in

wildlife habitats and species and makes the

New Forest a unique environment. Just look

out of your window or step into your garden

to see wildlife flourishing.

We work closely with Town & Parish

Councils and the National Park - Land Advice

Service. The Hampshire, New Forest Area

and Milford Conservation Volunteers (MCV))

undertake a huge amount of work in our

reserves to help keep them environmentally

healthy for wildlife and the community.

Pleasure Grounds



We aim to celebrate these habitats and tell

you about their management. We encourage

families to go out and enjoy our wonderful

woodlands, commons and coastline.

We will tell you about a few well-hidden

wildlife and amenity

treasures. (See some

of the community

wildlife site details

that follow).

Purple Loosestrife –

Danes Stream

Nature Reserves: All sites are free to enter.

HORDLE: Golden Hill–Hare Lane SZ262954

Site of Importance for Nature Conservation.

The site has a significant element of ancient

semi-natural woodland and is of high value

to the local community. Notable Species:


PENNINGTON: Pennington Common –

SZ299954 is a Site of Special Scientific

Interest (SSSI). Species: General flora and


LYMINGTON: Lymington Reedbeds

SZ326963 is managed by Hampshire Wildlife

Trust. View from the toll-bridge or access

the site via footpath opposite allotments in

Marsh Lane. Notable Species: Water Mint,

Gypsywort & Yellow Loosestrife

KEYHAVEN: Saltgrass Marsh SZ305912 This

SSSI site is managed by Hampshire Wildlife

Trust. Saltwater will be let into the marsh to

recreate small brackish pools to help protect

and enhance saline invertebrate species and

encourage wintering wildfowl. Notable

Species: Golden Samphire, Parsley Water

Dropwort, Long-winged Conehead, Adder

and Water Rail.

MILFORD-ON-SEA: Sturt Pond – Bird Hide –

Hurst Road SZ294911 Have you found the

Bird Hide yet? If not, follow the wooden

finger posts to the left of the Needles Eye

Café to Raft Rocks at the foot of Hurst Spit.

Notable Species: Little Egret, Reed Bunting &


Studland Common: Pless Road SZ275920

Site of Importance for Nature Conservation

managed under a ten-year Natural England

stewardship agreement. Dexter Cattle graze

all areas and some scrub is being removed

to reinstate flower-rich grassland. Notable

species: Dyer’s Greenweed, Burnet Rose,

Bullfinch & Blackcap

Further information from:

Keith Metcalf – MCV Conservation Officer

(01590) 645825 or (07771) 918449 or email

Please mention The Lymington Directory when responding to advertisements


Reflexology can help alleviate a range

of symptoms including stress,

insomnia, migraines, arthritis, IBS,

back pain and ease pregnancy.

Deep tissue & therapeutic massage


07930 338819 01590 689420

Mobile Visits

6 01590 643969

SUN, SEA…..and REX

With the grey clouds at last starting to give

way to bouts of brilliant sunshine, now's

the time to rejuvenate your senses and

exercise your dog at the same time by

heading for our sparkling coastline. But

where can you and Rex, your

poo-producing, sandwich-stealing pooch

actually go without upsetting everyone

else around you? Read on, Sophie's Pet

Care have got it all sorted...

free bits of hot sausage. Now it's changed

hands, and become a no-dog zone inside.

However, there's a wide selection of

public seating with rejuvenating sea views

outside, and you can grab a snack and a

drink from the beachfront shop. There are

also public conveniences available.

Gundimore Beach at Mudeford is ideal.

Unlike it's neighbour Avon Beach — where

from May they'll fine you and your fourlegged

friend for setting foot on it —

little-known Gundimore, right next door

remains "dog friendly" all the year round.

You can leave your vehicle in the sunken

car park just behind the beach, or admire

the view from the public car park adjacent

to the Noisy Lobster Cafe. It's situated

right on the seafront overlooking the Isle

of Wight.

Gundimore Beach begins just to the right

of this car park and continues in a westerly

direction up toward Mudeford Quay.

There's usually a few dogs on the beach

cavorting around and plunging manfully

into the freezing waves. No one bothers

them or you as long as you pick up your

poo (well, not your poo exactly.... umm,

you know what we mean).

The Noisy Lobster Cafe used to be

dog-friendly, didn't mind sandy floors and

wet dogs and would often dish them out

We can supply a walk route sheet if you

fancy a wander around Gundimore in case

you're stuck for inspiration.

If you'd like a printable PDF of this walk

route that you can take with you, simply

email and

we'll send you one completely free of

charge, and tell you about the services we

can offer to you and your dog.

See you next month from some more

canine capers and hot news from the


Sophie's Pet Care

The Dog Walking Experts

Please mention The Lymington Directory when responding to advertisements



Visit Canine Comforts on


Elderly dogs and puppies


8 01590 643969


Poiron Dabin| New Arrivals from the Loire

At the Solent Cellar, we love sharing our

new wine discoveries from our travels.

Our latest trip encompassed several

appellations of the Loire Valley, ending our

trip South East of Nantes in the heart of

Muscadet country.

Poiron Dabin Sauvignon Blanc, IGP 2017 -

Initial vine cuttings came from the

prestigious village of Sancerre, this wine

represents amazing value. Delicate but ripe

passionfruit notes on the nose as well as

pear. It has a long citrus finish.

There has been some resurgence going on

in Muscadet over the recent years, and

quality is definitely on the up! The younger

generations are taking over the reins and

introducing new ideas and techniques.

Yields are being lowered and organic

viticulture is becoming more common. The

creation of a new Cru status for exceptional

areas for Muscadet has been exciting for

growers and this has resulted in the

creation of more complex wines. Although

only 2% of Muscadet's production accounts

for 'Cru Communal' it has raised the profile

of the region highlighting the importance of


Living on the South Coast , we love pairing

the wines we have to the amazing array of

fresh, local produce. At this time of year,

the white wines from the Loire are perfect

with fresh seafood such as Lymington Crab

or Poole bay oysters. The asparagus season

is also upon us, and there is nothing better

than a plate of the beautiful spears freshly

steamed and a glass of Sauvignon Blanc

from the region.

We visited on our trip, Poiron

Dabin a small producer. This

family owned estate work to

the Terra Vitis production

method, which follow

sustainable farming methods:

Poiron Dabin Muscadet Sur Lie Veille

Vignes - A wine from 50 year old vines, this

produces a classic 'Sur Lie' Muscadet with

citrus and green apple notes and

minerality. Pair to oysters!

Poiron Dabin Sauvignon 'Fie Gris' 2017 -

From one of their more obscure grape

varieties which has a pinkish hue to the

skin, this is fruity, slightly riper style with a

touch of elderflower and ripe apple. The

perfect match would be Asian food with a

touch of spice, or fish baked with aromatic


Poiron Dabin Chateau Thebaud 'Clos des

Tabardieres' Sevre et Maine' 2012 - The

top Cru communal wine where vineyards

are on prime granite sites, this wine spends

55 months on lees (minimum for this cru

wine is 24). It has an amazing depth of

flavour, ripe notes of apple, acacia honey

and a stony minerality. Save this for a

celebratory dish of brill or turbot. This wine

can age for up to 20 years in the cellar!

Heather & Simon

Visit our shop on Saint Thomas Street

(opposite M&S)

or our online shop for a browse of our


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Whether you have a petrol or outboard powered craft, or a diesel inboard boat, below are

listed a few essential checks to help you get back on the water this season

Fuel: Petrol

Petrol will go stale so fill up your Fuel tank to

dilute any existing fuel.

Replace any canister fuel filters or clean out

any water traps or washable fuel filters.

Replace or clean spark plugs, especially if the

engine has been “fogged” before winter


Prime the fuel system and recheck the water

traps (condensation in fuel tanks over winter

months can create a surprising amount of

water in fuel tanks.)

Add fuel conditioner to your tanks – a well

worth investment, especially when today’s

petrol contains 10% ethanol.

Fuel: Diesel

Same as above with the filters etc.

Add a biocide and water absorber to prevent

“bug” in the tank.

Bleed fuel through to eliminate air in fuel


Ignition system, Electrical contact points &

Air Filters

Most petrol ignition systems are now modern

style CDI or TCI that require little

maintenance, but if you have an old distributor

style system the points will need cleaning


Batteries should be on trickle charge, and

stored off the floor in a warm environment

during the winter months. Recharge, check

the fluids and when battery terminals are

refitted, make sure the contacts are clean

and then lubricated with Vaseline or similar.

Check all domestic fuse boxes or exposed

connections, and check vital electrical items

such as bilge pumps, navigation lights etc. A

systems check on VHF and GPS would also be


Replace or at least check air filters. Don’t

forget to remove the rag you may have

stuffed up the air intake or the bag sealing

the exhaust!

Steering & Controls, Gear Boxes & Propellers

Check to see if the steering system works freely

before you attempt to launch at the slipway.

Likewise run & test the outboard or stern drive

engine before launching and check the operation

of throttle & gear shift. Nothing more

embarrassing than launching and finding you’re

stuck at high revs in reverse!!

On Outboards & Sterndrives, change the gear oil if

not already done - an absolute must especially if

the boat is staying in the water.

Likewise, check anodes on both the cavitation

plate, and prop shaft or engine bracket assembly.

Anti foul with suitable coating if required.

Check out the propeller, re-flare the blades if

required, and if possible, remove prop and grease

the shaft. On smaller engines with shear pins

check to see if you have spares!

If you trailer a boat, then always check the wheel

bearings before setting off and lubricate – better

safe than sorry.

Likewise trailer brakes and lighting boards also

require a quick check.

Before you launch, ensure all drain bungs are

refitted, sea cocks are turned off and your

mooring warps, fenders and anchor is on board

ready to use.

If you are leaving your boat on a mooring during

the summer months, then an appropriate

anti-foul applied to the hull will prevent foul build

up and subsequent poor performance.

It is also good practise to check the expiry date of

flares, lifejackets and service dates on life-rafts

and please, please, please wear your kill cord at all


There will be other items that will need checking

so always consult the professionals if unsure.

Paul Martin, BHG Marine 01590 643969

Did you wonder why Princess Royal was

at Pebble Beach Hotel & restaurant

earlier in the month?

She came to name the new Lymington

SailAbility wheelchair accessible


Lymington SailAbility, has introduced an

enormous number of disabled people to

boating over the past 22 years. The charity

has proved that sailing and powerboating

can be both accessible and affordable

regardless of circumstance and that it is a

fun, exhilarating, liberating, empowering

and relaxing way to escape the drudges of

everyday life while offering life changing

experiences. Lymington SailAbility is a


completely self-funding charity which

relies on the generosity of others. The

donations generously given allows the

organisation to expand every year. Every

penny that comes in goes to getting

disabled people out on the water.

The charity welcomes volunteers from all

walks of life. No matter who you are,

where you find yourself in life—please get

in touch; SailAbility would love to hear

from you

In return they can offer you new skills,

training and qualifications.


TEL: 07738 702255


2 man zpro tango red/blue 3 man zpro tango green

£345 £395


Bring Bring a a copy copy of of the the advert to to obtain this this deal! deal!

Includes: Seats, Bag, Pump and 2 paddles

TEL: 01590 613600

Bridge Road, Lymington, SO41 9BY

Offer available whilst stocks last

Please mention The Lymington Directory when responding to advertisements


12 01590 643969

Please mention The Lymington Directory when responding to advertisements


Perfect Plastering & Plumbing

Home Improvement Specialist

New walls/ceilings plastered

DIY disasters

Repairs for decorating

Plasterboard and partition walls

Plastering & Artex

Plumbing problems

New bathroom suites supplied/fitted

New en-suites & cloakrooms

Wall & floor tiling

Painting & decorating

Kitchens installed

Replacement taps, radiators

For a free estimate, from a local, friendly

professional, no job too large or small,

evenings & weekends at no extra charge.

Call Mike 01590 643546

07970 484 579

Visit our showroom in Lymington:

26A St Thomas’ Street, Lymington SO41 9NE

Showroom: 01590 670080 Mobile: 07747 536631

14 01590 643969

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Quality men’s


Traditional &

modern styles

Open Weekdays 9.30am - 5.30pm

Saturdays 9am - 4pm

Special rates for OAPs and Children

84 High Street, Lymington

01590 610000

Run by


friendly and



Milford Branch: 01590 645594

52 High St, Milford-on-Sea

Weekdays 9am-5.30pm Sat: 8.30am-1.30pm

“One of Hampshire’s Finest Gardens”

£5 entry to our 1 acre garden

packed with plants from around the


Plant nursery and refreshments

Open May – Sept,

Weds to Sunday, 10-4pm

Hordle Lane, Lymington, SO41 OHU

Tel: 07388 562749 01590 643969

In the Garden

with Alan Edmondson of

Bowercot Garden Design


Alan Edmondson of Bowercot Garden

Design, Lymington, is a regular

contributor to BBC Radio Solent’s ‘The

Kitchen Garden’ formerly ‘The Good Life’.

Please mention The Lymington Directory when responding to advertisements


18 01590 643969

Please mention The Lymington Directory when responding to advertisements




Latest technology Speech enhancement

Noise suppression Affordable in the ear aids

Free home trial before you buy


Martyn Bowles RHAD MSHAA

01590 615181/07502 338725

20 01590 643969

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22 01590 643969


Weekly pop up outdoor community art

event for viewing a variety of work on

display by local artists

Every Sunday, weather permitting

RNLI Lymington

Sunday 8th July starting at 9.30am

Car Boot & Boat Jumble Sale

Woodside Park, Ridgeway Lane Entrance,

Lymington.Admission: cars £6, vans £9, trailers

+£3. Contact: David Codling 01590 676706

Saturday 14th July starting at 6pm

Hog Roast

St Leonard’s Grange, Beaulieu

By kind permission of Mr & Mrs Neil McGrigor

Contact: Ann Brunskill, 01590 677630 or

Christopher Knox, 01590 642786

Sunday 29th July starting at 5pm

Annual Lifeboat Service

The Bandstand, Bath Road, Lymington

Music provided by the Lymington Town Band


We meet on the first Monday of every

month 2-4.30pm

at The Lymington Centre

Pauline Browning : 01590 675625

Parkinson’s UK New Forest 01425 638224

Meet at Boldre War Memorial Hall in Pilley

3rd Thurs of each month 2pm - 4.30pm

Gentle Chair Based Exercise

For Parkinson’s sufferers Tuesday 10.30am

£3.50 Contact Ronni: 01590 688 887



Ladies International Organisation.

Monthly dinner meetings, followed by a

Speaker, on 3 rd Monday of each month

at the Lymington Centre.

or contact Alisson Smith on

01590 380327

The Grange Choral Society

Summer Concert. Christchurch Priory on Saturday 14th July 2018 at 7.30pm

Brazilian and French Choral Music. Directed by Marcio da Silva. Tickets Tel 01202

485804 Nave reserved £18.00 Side Aisle £13.00 Students £5.00

Please mention The Lymington Directory when responding to advertisements


The Arts Society


Wednesday June 13th.

7.00 for 7.30.

Fuller MacLellan Hall,

Lymington Centre.

"Not so Shabby Chic",

An illustrated talk by Vivienne Lawes

juxtaposing art from Antiquity to the



1at June 10.30-12 noon

Half term Myths and legends Craft

Join us to make & decorate your

own dragon collage to take home

No need to book

Parents/carers must remain with


Drop in themed local history sessions:

Are you interested in finding out more about the area

in which we live?


5th June Messing about on the River

17th July New to the Forest

Lymington Library Opening Hours








9am - 5pm

9am - 7pm

9am - 5pm

9am - 5pm

9am - 7pm

Lymington Library, North Close,

Lymington, SO41 9BW 0300 555 1387



Sunday 10th

June 2-5 pm

Moore Blatch, 48 High Street,

Lymington, SO41 9ZQ

Tel 01590 677450

Plant Stall. Tea & Cakes.

Admission £4

Do you run or are you a member of a club or society?

If you have any information about your society or club, that you wish to see in the next issue, please email

the details to by July 4th th .

24 01590 643969

New Forest Mencap: Milk Bottle Tops

A milk bottle top collecting point is situated in the

Nedderman Centre Car Park at New Forest Mencap,

Marryat Rd New Milton, BH25 5NY

You may post milk bottle tops to this address or

drop them into one of the wheelie bins provided in

the car park.

Only milk bottle tops please - they can be any

colour, but need to be washed with foil

inserts removed.

The Mencap Charity shop at 9, Old

Milton Road, New Milton, will accept

small bags of milk bottle tops, but

unfortunately do not have the storage

facilities to accept large amounts.

The milk bottle tops are made into

pellets and then recycled into traffic

cones, plant pots, fence posts, gas pipes

and mesh to protect new trees in the forest.

More information from:


Sun 03

Wed 06

Sun 10

Wed 13

Sun 17

Wed 20

Sun 24

Wed 27


Sun 01

Wed 04

Sun 08

Wed 11

Sun 15

Wed 18

Sun 22

Wed 25

Sun 29

Lymington Town Tours

More information from:

The Story of Lymington

Train, Tolls and Tributes

A Time Traveller’s Guide to

Victorian Lymington

The Story of Milford

Sea, Salt and Smuggling

Milford – Voices from the Grave

Courts and Alleyways

Buckland and the Rings

The Walls Walk

The Story of Lymington

Courts and Alleyways

The Story of Milford

Secrets of Pennington

Sea, Salt and Smuggling

Buckland and the Rings

A Time Traveller’s Guide to

Victorian Lymington

Trains, Tolls and Tributes

Lymington Community Centre

June 7th: Lemonaide: Tom & Mike return with ‘Music and

a tale or two’

July 5th: Neil Constantine Smith Optometrist: ‘Macular

and the Charles Bonnet Syndrome’

Afternoon tea served at all meetings.

Tel: Keith or Tina on 01590 645 176

Registered charity 1001198


Health Walks, Lymington

For more information:

Do join

us for a free, led, group walk lasting 60-90

or minutes just (approximately turn up on the 3 miles). day

Our walks are designed to encourage wellbeing, whilst

enjoying the company of others.

This group meets on the first and third Tuesday of each

month, departing at 10am from Bath Road Car Park,


For more information:

Or just turn up on the day

Everton Rambling Club

Merv : 01590 642509

VOLUNTEERS WANTED: Please call nova

01590 642020/E

Contact Mervyn for walk details


Tues 5th 10.30am

Thurs 14th 6.30pm

Thurs 28th 10.30am


Tues 10th 10.30am

Thurs19th 6.30pm

Thurs 26th 10.30am



Please mention The Lymington Directory when responding to advertisements


September sees the

return of the Solent

Music Festival to

Lymington. The

festival, directed by

Sophia Pagoni,

features internationally

-renowned artists

performing in the

intimate setting of St

Thomas Church.

This year Michael

Portillo will be

appearing with the

festival’s Artistic

Director, pianist Sam

Haywood. Cellist

Steven Isserlis will be

joined by Anthony

Marwood and others

for a chamber music

feast of Beethoven,

Faure, Schumann and

Brahms. Members of

the Orchestra of the

Age of Enlightement

will perform Vivaldi’s

Four Seasons and

Bach’s Brandenburg

Concerto No. 5 and

Irish soprano Ailish

Tynan will sing

Schubert and

Schumann Lieder with

clarinettist Katherine


Katherine has

participated in every

festival since it was

founded in 2013.

'I've always liked to

think of my audience

as individuals, I

suppose it's a way of

controlling nerves. But

what I realise every

time I come to play at

the Solent Music Festival

is that yes, I'm


with the individual as I

always try to, but the

SMF audience are a

collective experience

too. A family. A warm

vibrant community that

are hungry to have

good music. I can't

wait to be part of it all



Arts Group

Wellington Room

Lymington Community Centre

June 8th: Di Lawrence, Portrait in acrylic

July 13th: Angela Corben, Local watercolour


Visitors are welcome - and pay £3.50 at the door to include


For membership enquiries please contact:

Sandi Hitchens on 01425 613569.

Mobile phones

Old coins

Lymington United Reformed

Church is a drop off point to

recycle the following for

Naomi House & Jacksplace:

Ink Cartridges


Please pop them into The United Reformed

Church, in Lymington High St.

Money raised by recycling helps


Please seal all ink cartridges

McLellan Hall, Lymington Community Centre

7pm for 7:30 start Visitors most welcome.

Contact 01425 613684

or visit:

June 17th Members outing: East Somerset railway

at Shepton Mallet

June 29th More confessions of a narrow minded

enthusiast: C Brading

July 27th The Southern since 1953: M Baker

For one week,

Everton Village

hosts an eclectic

range of music,

workshops and


There is live music

on most days and

most of it is free.

26 01590 643969

Dazzle: Disguise and

Disruption in War and


16 June – 23 Sept

Art historian James Taylor is the guest

curator for a ground-breaking exhibition opening at St

Barbe Museum and Art Gallery in Lymington on 16

June 2018.

Dazzle tells the fascinating story of how the use of

patterning on warships was introduced in the First

World War to confuse U-boat commanders as to the

speed and direction of the vessels.

The exhibition, featuring works of art on loan from the

Imperial War Museum, National Maritime Museum and

British Museum, as well as regional and private collections,

is based around paintings, drawings and prints

by artists such as Wilkinson, Wadsworth, and

Montague Dawson.

Mark Jones: 07900 800050

01590 674532


Please mention The Lymington Directory when responding to advertisements


7 Angel Courtyard, High Street

Lymington, Hants, SO41 9AP

T: 01590 675675





Professional and Affordable

Quality Assured

Tel: 01590


19 Lymington

Enterprise Centre

Ampress Lane


SO41 8LZ

Free Estimates and Advice

Interior and External

Fully Insured

Reliable Team

No job too small

01590 643 516

07901 808 722


LLPD Local Lady Painter & Decorator

Catherine Perham

14 Kivernell Road Milford-on-Sea

28 01590 643969



Established 1971



Nick Wells

Fencing & Gardening Services

Fencing, gates, repairs, hedge

cutting, tree pruning, garden

maintenance, turfing, grass cutting,

raised flower beds, sleeper walls,

shed building & repair, car ports,

decking………& much more.





7 High Street, Milford-on-Sea

Tel: 01590 642261

Family run business - Fully insured

Free, no obligation quotes

References available



T: 01425 837966 M: 07770 656072


Please mention The Lymington Directory when responding to advertisements


Geoff Dunk DipPFS, Certs CII (MP & ER) Independent Financial Advisor

• Retirement Planning

• Savings & Investments

• Portfolio Design & Management

• Pensions Freedoms & Annuities

• Estate & Inheritance Tax Planning

• Long Term Care

• Equity Release

• Protection

Initial meeting without charge or obligation

We make the complex simple.

Clear, unbiased and independent advice for every stage of your life.

T: 01590 636472 | M: 07540 334688 | E:

Authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. FCA Number 457234. The value of investments may

go down as well as up. Investors may lose some or all of their money. The FCA does not regulate taxation and trust

advice or will writing. Think carefully before securing other debts against your home.

30 01590 643969


There is a myth that I would like to expel by

telling you a story.

Susan and Mark fell in love when they were

in their early twenties. They didn’t think

much to the idea of marriage - they had a

joint bank account and they lived together

which was pretty much the same thing.

Wasn’t it?

The years went by and they added to their

family, with two lovely children. They

moved into their own home. When the

property was purchased as Susan wasn’t

working and it was easier it was put in

Mark’s name. But that didn’t matter, did it?

Their friends and family would often ask

whether they were going to get married,

They didn’t see the point -they would state

that they were ‘common law’ husband and

wife and they didn’t need a piece of paper.

One family friend suggested that if they

weren’t intending to get married then they

should make Wills. They didn’t get around

to it.

Mark died suddenly in his early sixties.

There was still a little bit of mortgage

outstanding on the property. The children

were both now in their thirties with

families of their own.

Susan suddenly found that she did not have

the same rights as a spouse or civil partner

and there was no such entity as a common

law spouse.

Susan inherited the bank account as it was

a joint account. However, as the house was

Mark’s, she may have rights to live in it , as

she had been living there as a couple.

However, as they were only cohabitees, it

may not be plain sailing. Under the Rules

of Intestacy that apply when someone dies

without a Will, the house passed to the

children not to Susan. If Susan wanted the

house she would have to apply to the court

under the Inheritance (Family and

Dependents) Act 1975 as she would be a

recognised dependant.

This is only one of many stories we could

tell in relation to people dying without a

Will. The most distressing part for your

family ,is that not leaving clear instructions

in a Will means that the whole process of

dealing with your estate will be more

complex and could leave the people you

care about most with provision.

Let us help you put your wishes into words.

Danielle Harvey

If you would like to make an appointment

with Danielle or another member of any

of our other teams, please contact us on

01425 610078 or 01590 689500. 75 High Street, Lymington 01590 689500 82 Station Rd, New Milton. 01425 610078

Please mention The Lymington Directory when responding to advertisements


Boiler Services

from £70.00 inc VAT*

boiler services exclude the supplying& fitting

of parts to the boiler. Different service prices

apply for oil-fired boilers, back boilers &

warm air units

We offer annual boiler

servicing, maintenance &

repairs on natural gas, LPG

and oil-fired appliances

32 01590 643969

At No 19 can help to improve your property by putting forward

stylish, practical schemes, tailored to your individual taste and

pocket, with ideas that are, ‘of the moment,’ yet maintain appeal

as time progresses, never forgetting the ‘saleability factor’ in the

longer term.

As Interior Designers, we are happy to assist with everything from a single

pair of curtains to an individual room, or a complete home. We will work

with any preference and style, utilising your existing furnishings, or start

afresh with a complete redesign, in order to create a stylish and personal

interior space, tailored to suit your unique needs.

You do not have to be wealthy to utilise the services of an interior designer,

but you do have to be wise - professional guidance can avoid costly mistakes

and assist in, ‘getting it right first time.’

Please mention The At Lymington No 19 ... Directory when responding to advertisements


Increase the VALUE and APPEAL of your property.

Your Paving Investment Restored and Refreshed.


We are a local, established, family business, specialising

in Pressure Cleaning, Sealing and Restoring all types of Block

Paving, Indian Sandstone, Brickwork, Decking & Tarmac.



Softwashing is chemical clean & rinse - low pressure algae, lichen removal.




We can sand using ‘Dansand No weed’ paving sand.

We can seal all types of paving, patios and decking.

We can repair small dips and troughs in paving.

We can repair and replace all damaged mortar.

For free quotations and advice -

Call Peter on 07917 727531 01590 643969


Country House Hotel

Lymington Road, Milford-on-Sea SO41 0RF

Our 2018 Wedding Package: £37.99 per person, or in November it’s just £24.99 per person

Our 2019 Wedding Package: £39.99 per person or in January, February & November

£29.99 per person on a Saturday or £24.99 per person on any other day


Three Course Sit Down Meal and Coffee

Wine with the Meal | Bubbly for Speeches | Master of Ceremonies

White Table Linen and Napkins | Church Candle Table Centre

Two Tier Wedding Cake with Stand and Knife

Complimentary Bridal Bedroom | Free use of Banqueting Suite for Evening Party

With 50 guests for your meal and 150 for your evening party, our Amazing Wedding Package

includes everything you need and in some months can cost less than £1,250

Call our wedding team: 01590 643911 to view our fantastic facilities

Nursing Home

01590 648000

Nursing Home

A higher ratio of qualified nursing staff to

ensure the very best 24 hour nursing care


Excellent cuisine from our award winning chefs


Residents enjoy regular and stimulating

activities and outings provided

by our dedicated team


Warm, friendly and welcoming atmosphere


Ambulance and wheelchair transport available

St. George’s

Home Care

01590 644258

Home Care

Personal Care (including bathing,

showering, toileting & dressing)


Cleaning, laundry & shopping


Meal preparation


Companionship and Support


Assistance with appointments,

outings and social events


Night visits, sleep-ins & live-in care

De La Warr Road, Milford-on-Sea, Hampshire, SO41 0PS

Please mention The Lymington Directory when responding to advertisements


At Ampress Park, near to Lymington Hospital

36 01590 643969


You may have heard about the General

Data Protection Regulations which are just

become law but may not have any idea

what it means for regular people. You’re

not alone. To fully explain GDPR would

take more space than I have here, but I

hope to give you an idea of how it affects


The reasoning behind GDPR is that

businesses have been playing fast and

loose with our personal information,

without too much in the way of risk to

themselves. For large companies, a fine of

£500,000 isn’t really a deterrent. £17m or

4% of annual turnover, whichever is

higher, hurts a bit more.

But it’s not just about what happens when

things go wrong. GDPR also gives the little

man the right to know what information a

company is holding about them, how long

they intend to hold it, what justification

they have to do so and the right to have

the information completely destroyed.

If there is a valid legal reason, such as part

of a contract, then there is no right to be

forgotten. But otherwise companies have

to comply with removal requests within a

reasonable timescale and can be reported

to the Information Commissioners Office,

who have much more power now, if they


Companies also have to publicly publish

how they deal with your personal information

and how long they intend to hold

on to it. They also have to say how

individuals can contact them with queries

or requests specifically relating to personal


These details are commonly linked to on

company websites, so look for links to

things like Personal Data Protection Policy,

Data Retention Policy or Data Privacy

Notice at the bottom of website pages, or

in their legal sections.

Most importantly, they cannot keep your

information without your consent if they

have no other reason to keep it. There is

something called ‘Legitimate Interest’ as

well as legal contracts which allow data

retention, but companies can only use

your data for the use they are claiming

legitimate interest. They can’t for instance

add you to their email list as well if they

don’t have your explicit consent to do so.

Companies have to renew any consent you

give on a regular basis and if they ask you,

and you don’t reply, they have to remove

you from their records. See for more information.

Please mention The Lymington Directory when responding to advertisements


38 01590 643969

Please mention The Lymington Directory when responding to advertisements



Proud members of:

40 01590 643969

Please mention The Lymington Directory when responding to advertisements



Blue Dog Dementia Art 07964 955 703 Art activities to alleviate loneliness and

improve quality of life.

British Red Cross 01590 672 641 Trained volunteers & staff support in times of crisis, lend a wheelchair/

mobility aids and provide someone to lend a hand at home, after hospitalisation.

Citizens Advice New Street, Lymington 03444 111 306 Assessment and general advice: benefits/debt/housing/

employment/consumer/relationships issues. Specialist employment advice/Debt Relief Order support.

Macmillan caseworker supports those affected by cancer.

Lymington Baptist Church 01590 672 019 CAP Free debt counselling. CAP Job Clubs -equipping you better to

get a job. Grace Café - Every Monday - friendly two course lunch. Making Friends - Wednesdays at 10am for

activities & friendship. Occasional Social Events.

Lymington Care Group 01590 679187 Help with transport to medical appointments.

Lymington Catholic Church 01590 678 525 Saturday Coffee/Lunches Last

Saturday of the month 9.30am to 2pm. Coffee - cake & drink: £1 Lunches - Lunch + drink: (£2.50 ). We offer

good, low cost food in a friendly, relaxed atmosphere. Friendship Club 1 st Monday of month 2pm to 4pm Free.

Varied programme/afternoon tea. Transport arranged.

Lymington Theatregoers’ Club 01590 718 976 Freda Holmes

Lymington United Reformed Church T. 01590 676 306

Open Door Café open Mon to Fri 10am - 12, Sat 9.30- 11.30am The Potting Shed group every Tues 10am to

12 noon. For adults with additional needs, carers & friends. Craft activities, singing & refreshments Seated

Exercise Class all abilities, Tues 12noon to 12.30pm. Bouncy Church toddlers’ soft play on Wed: 9.15am-

10.45am/11am - 12.30pm Little Explorers Play Group on Thursdays: 9.15am to 11am (Term time)

Lymington University of the Third Age T. 01425 616479

Interesting talks at the Lymington Centre 1 st Thursday of the month/Coffee mornings 3 rd Monday. Both £2. Join

Lymington U3A for visits/interest groups, e.g. genealogy, French, painting, rambling.

Macular Society 01590 645 176 Lymington Community Centre. Notice on p.24 for details.

New Milton & Lymington Talking News 01425 616 361 www.newmiltontalkingnews Free,

weekly Talking Newspaper for partially-sighted on memory stick/website. Local articles editor@newmilton

Oakhaven: The Coates Centre 01590 677 198 For those whose lives have been

impacted by illness. It is for people who have been newly diagnosed with any illness, living with long term

conditions, caring for someone who is ill, or has been bereaved. Drop in service, open Mon-Fri 9am-5pm.

Parkinson’s UK New Forest Branch 01425 638224 .

Pop Up Café at Court Lodge, Friday at 2.30pm. Free tea & cake. Make new friends over Scrabble & your

favourite card game. All very welcome. 01590 673 956

Silverlinks Free home visits for older people in the Lymington area. Trained volunteers help with lack of social

contact/low income/utility bills/housing issues/using computers/form filling/health care or just talking things

through. 07825 16 83 64

St Mark’s Church in Pennington 01590 672896

Strictly Come Crafting 1.30pm on 2 nd and 4 th Tues of month. Coffee Morning 10.15am every

Wednesday. Church Centre, off The Square, Pennington.

St Nicholas, Pilley 01590 673484 Vintage Fitness and seated exercise to music Tuesdays & Thursdays 10.30am

St Thomas' Church, Lymington 01590 676 194 Monday Lunch Club friendly welcome/ good company/

excellent food for older people. Two course lunch + coffee/tea for £4pp. Lunch served at 12.30pm in St Thomas’

Hall. Vistas Café Friendly café operates on most weekday mornings in St. Thomas’ Church Hall, providing coffee,

cake and biscuits. Wednesdays: 12noon to 1pm we offer a lunch menu

The Salvation Army

In Touch - Every Tuesday from 2pm - 4pm at The United Reformed Church, Lymington. Recreational time for

anyone who would like to drop in. Table games/jigsaws/quizzes/entertainment/occasional live music from ‘Just

Us’. No charge for this and refreshments are served at a very moderate cost.

Women’s Institute Lymington 01590 671427 We are a reasonably large group of active and very friendly ladies who meet once a month

at the Lymington Community Centre. We offer a variety of interesting groups to whet your appetite; drama,

book club, skittles, outings, walking etc. Come and give us a go; you will be warmly welcomed.

42 01590 643969


All Saints’ Church Hall, Greenbanks Close, Milford-on-Sea, SO41 0SQ

Live Music by Professional Musicians

Performed on Modern, Electronic Organs

Playing a wide range of music.


The musicians bring their own instruments, so each concert is unique.

Usually 4 th Tuesday in the month – free programme available




Open: 6.:30pm

Concert Starts: 7:15pm

Finish: 10pm

Further information from: Stewart 01425 618074

Please mention The Lymington Directory when responding to advertisements




Emergency Services

Emergency police, fire,

ambulance, coastguard,



Gas escapes

BT Fault Line

Southern Water

Bournemouth Water Leak line


Rail Enquiries

Wilts & Dorset Buses

Call & Go (Dial-A-Ride)

National Express

Council & Government


NFDC Emergency Service

Hampshire CC

NF National Park


Anti Social & Neighbourhood



MP Desmond Swayne

Forest Animals

Forestry Commission

Traffic Accidents


Alzheimer's Society

Citizens Advice Bureau

Community Centre

Lymington Care Group

Lymington Library

New Forest Advice Network

NHS Direct

NF Disability Info


Tourist Information

Trading Standards

Verderers’ Office


Lymington Hospital

Oakhaven Hospice

Southampton General

Royal Bournemouth

Royal South Hants

Princess Anne

Romsey Hospital


105 (all suppliers)

0800 111 999

0800 800 151

0845 278 0845

08005 878 979

03457 484 950

01202 338 420

01425 461 751

0871 781 8181

023 8028 5000

02380 285 250

0300 555 1375

01590 646600


0800 555 111

01425 629844

023 8028 3141


01590 644679

0844 499 4119

01590 672337

01590 679187

0300 555 1387

01425 628750


01425 628 750

0845 790 9090

01590 676 969

01622 626 520

02380 282 052

01590 663 000

01590 670 346

02380 777 222

01202 303 626

02380 634 288

02380 777 222

01794 834 700

Unseasoned logs available now

Ellis & Co

Independent Broker

offering sound advice for

Commercial, Liability, Household,

Motor and Property insurance


Elgars Court, 17a High Street

Lymington, Hants, SO41 9AB

Authorised & regulated by the

Financial Conduct Authority

01590 673382 01590 643969



St Thomas the Apostle, Lymington

8am Quiet Communion. 9.15am Choral Communion. 11am Informal Service. Weekday

Communion, Wed & Thurs 11am, Fri 8am. Messy Church 3rd Sunday, 9am. 01590


St Mark’s Church, Ramley Road, Pennington – Sunday Services

8.00am Holy Communion. 9.30am Family Communion. 3 rd Sunday Morning Praise. 1 st &

3 rd Sundays 6.00pm Evensong. Wednesdays 11.30am Holy Communion.

01590 672896

Lymington Baptist Church, New Street. All welcome to our Sunday Morning services

at 10.30am, including Children’s/Young People’s Programme. 2nd Sunday Messy Church

9.00am, 3rd Sunday includes Communion. Free Debt Counselling – CAP. Monday -

Hullabaloo Toddler Group, Tuesday – CAP Job club, Wednesday - Craft Group. Further

details 01590 672019 or

Quakers Religious Society of Friends, Meeting Worship at10.30am every Sunday in the

Lymington Community Centre. Further information Tel. 01590 677298, or 672107

Roman Catholic Church of Our Lady of Mercy & St Joseph,

132 High St. Lymington. Vigil Mass Sat. 6.00pm, Family Mass Sunday10.30am.

Weekday service Mon - Sat 9.30 am. Friendship Club 1st Mondays 2-4pm tea, activities,

outings. Last Sat. of month coffee & lunches 9.30 -2pm. Both held in Church rooms and

open to all. Tel 01590 676696

Lymington Salvation Army Fellowship meets at 3pm on the second and fourth Sundays in

the month in the United Reformed Church. ‘In Touch’ a drop in social afternoon,

Tuesdays, 2-4pm in URC Hall, all welcome. Other times & venues - see Church

noticeboard. All welcome to share worship, friendship and care for others. .

Lymington United Reformed Church Sunday Worship 10.30am with Discovery Zone for

children, young people adults with additional needs. Open Door Café Mon-Fri 10.00-

12.00. Sat.. 9.30-11.30. Potting Shed group Tues.10-12noon.. Bouncy Church play

sessions Weds. 9.15am & 11am. Little Explorers Thurs 9.15am Information: 01590


St John’s Church, Boldre - Sundays 10.30am., Group Evensong 4th Sun. 6.30pm.

St Mary’s Church, South Baddesley – 2 nd Sunday 8am & 9.30 am. 3rd, 4 th 5 th

Sundays.9.30am. 1 st Sun. Group Evensong 6.30 pm

St Nicholas Church, Pilley – 1 st ,3 rd , 4 th & 5 th Sundays. 8.00 am. Weds 10.30 am Holy

Communion. Benefice website for all information –

RNLI Thanksgiving Service 29th July 5pm at the Lymington Bandstand

Please mention The Lymington Directory when responding to advertisements



Architectural Plans/Services

Extension Design………..

Plan-it Design………………




Flair Interiors…………………

Ice Interiors……………………

Lentune Property Services…



BHG Marine

Building Services

C Hold Builders………………

NF Home Improvements…..…

Care Services/Homes

St George’s..........................


Andrew Day…………………..

JH Joinery…………………….



John Cooper Carpets……….
















Drive & Patio Cleaning

New Forest Drive Cleaning…

Events Coordination

Tasha Mae


Apple Court Gardens &


Oakhaven Family Fun Day

St Barbe Museum…………

Lymington Library…………

Solent Music Festival


Nick Wells…………………

Timber Trade………………

Financial Advisor


Garage Doors

Christchurch Garage Doors

Garage Services

Harfield Motors……………

Gardening & Landscaping

Bowercot Garden Design…

Garden Works……………


34 Lymington Library…………


6 MCV Logs


16 Pennington Mobility……….


39 Kelly Eye Care……………

27 Oven Cleaning

24 OvenU………………………

26 Pet Care

Canine Comforts

29 Sophies Pet Care

19 Plastering

Mike Thomas....................

30 Plumbing & Heating

First Choice Plumbing….

43 Mike Thomas……………..

Stephen Harris…...………

29 Reflexology

Ally Brown

16 Rental/Letting Agents

38 Ridgeway Rents………….














Carpet/Upholstery Cleaning

Great Garden Design 18 Restaurant/Hotel

New Forest Carpet Clean…..


Solent Kitchen………………….


New Forest Organ Society….


Paul Wood

Curtains & Blinds

At No.19 Interiors………...…



Catherine Perham.................

Payne & Son……………….…


Dorset Denture Clinic……….

Solent House…………………..

Double Glazing/Repairs











Nick Wells…………………


Jeremy Arnold Gates……


Barton On Sea Golf Club


Wessex Knee………………

New Forest Council


Home Hearing……………

Hosting Services

English Naturally

Insurance Services

Ellis & Co.........................

Interiors/Interior Design

At No.19 Interiors……….


29 South Lawn Hotel…………


27 Eric Robinson………………


29 Self Storage

Lymington Self Storage…..

15 Tree Surgeon/ Hedging

4 Active Tree Care………...

Valeting Services

20 Silver Fox

Van Hire

12 Lymington Storage………

Wedding Venue

44 South Lawn…………………

Window Cleaner

33 Elite……………………

12 Yoga











Double Glazing Repair UK. 40 Kitchens

Nova Milesklo

Double Glazing Dr

36 Flair Interiors………………



Ice Interiors…………………


46 First Choice Plumbing…… 48 01590 643969


Please mention The Lymington Directory when responding to advertisements


Call 01590 690155

01590 690155 / 07710 033 317

48 01590 643969

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