June 2018


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June 2018

Police provide free drinking

water to Shimla's thirsty people

Shimla : Himachal Pradesh Police

failure to clear the pending arrears.

on Sunday lent a helping hand to

The court has listed the case for the

Shimla's thirsty people by distributing

next hearing on June 11. It has also

mineral water bottles among locals

made it categorically clear that no

and tourists free of cost in the state

individual request even to the VIPs,

capital which has been facing potable

including the judges, would be entertained.

However, only the Chief

water shortage for nearly two weeks

now. Some units in businesses of production

of mineralhave donated bot-

exempted from this order. Blaming

Minister and the Governor are

tled water for the city and police are

the previous Congress government in

transporting and distributing the water

the state, Chief Minister Jai Ram

among the needy in the city free of

Thakur said it had failed to execute

cost, a police spokesman told IANS.

any water supply scheme for Shimla.

Shimla on Sunday saw a 10 million litres 11. Officials blame water shortage on the He said the state government would make

per day (MLD) increase in the daily water rising mercury and the drying up of natural long-term plans for drinking water supply

supply with the Municipal Corporation water channels. Shimla has a population of by taping various natural water sources.

plugging leakages and pilferages.

nearly 200,000 that requires 42 MLD water. Irrigation and Public Health Minister

Civic authorities said it supplied around Facing flak from the high court, which is Mahender Singh Thakur on Saturday

38 MLD of water to the city. Keeping in closely monitoring the water situation, the ordered the suspension of the Sub Divisional

view the water crisis, the government has Municipal Corporation has disconnected the Officer (SDO) of the Municipal Corporation

closed all schools in Shimla from June 4 to water connections of over 30 hotels for their for negligence in water distribution.

Addicted, lost Rs 2.75 crore in

IPL betting: Arbaaz

Mumbai : Actor and film producer Arbaaz Khan has told the

police he lost more than Rs 2.75 crore in betting on IPL matches,

sources said on Saturday.

Khan was summoned by the antiextortion

cell of the Thane police in the

morning for questioning over his links

with bookie Sonu Jalan, who was

arrested last month. Police sources said

Khan was “confronted” with Jalan

where the two were questioned about

entries found in the bookie’s diaries.

During the four-hour questioning, Khan

told the investigators he lost more than Rs 2.75 crore in betting

on various IPL matches in 2017, sources said. The actor-producer

also confessed to have become addicted to betting, adding that

he had been doing this for over five years. Khan, however,

claimed he did not bet on this year’s version of the IPL. Earlier,

the Thane police released photographs of Jalan with Khan to

establish their links. While leaving the premises of the Thane

police, Khan said he was co-operating with the police and would

present himself if required. Apart from Khan, the names of some

builders and contractors had been found in Jalan’s diaries, said

DCP (Crime) Abhishek Trimukhe. He added that a call line-holding

machine had been recovered from Jalan which had several

telephone numbers and efforts were on to trace their owners.

Use Marxism as a tool to build alliance

of rationalism and social justice to defeat Priestly classes

One of the greatest thinkers of

the Universe, Karl Marx’s

biggest contribution can be

debated by many. Great that in India

all those who agreed with him but not

agreed with those who claim to be

following him, greeted. As a philosopher,

he gave us the tool of scientific

and rational thinking and most importantly,

that there is nothing called

sacrosanct and intellectuals have to

be ruthless in their critique.

Unfortunately, in our parts of the

world where intellectuals had deep

rooted prejudices based on their birth,

language, caste, gender and religion,

people found it easy to denigrate

Marx. The worst thing that happen in

our society is that people jump into

comparison mode. There is no need

to compare historical figures.

Each one has a role.

Some have influenced

more people, others have

particular people but we

must understand their socio-cultural

locations and time period too. You

may disagree with Marx ( I am not

sure what may be the disagreement)

but you cant ignore his huge contribution

to influence our consciousness.

There are very few who have

By Vidya Bhushan Rawat

social and human rights activist

been able to change the course of

world history as Marx did. Ofcourse,

we can disagree with those who claim

to follow him but actually created

ruthless state structures to control

people, their political freedom and

right to choice. The state that governed

under the pretext of Marx

denied the liberty of conscience to

people which he espoused for.

Though the capitalist world and their

pen pushers have been denigrating

Marx and insulting him through various

means but there is a realisation of

growing reality that the capitalist

module has failed. It has aggravated

inequality and discrimination.

Democracies today are

hijacked by big private corporations

who are virtually running

the world without any

fear. There is no doubt that we need

critical thinking but in the name of a

marxist government people are not

ready to leave their personal freedom

and choices which many of the states

in the name of following Marx’s

order did and hence a negativity grew

up among the youngsters that

Marxism means which deny

you political freedom and

meant for a totalitarian


Marx is very relevant today

but yes every state and society

has huge issues and

solutions. Great philosophers

never wanted to be

made as Gods but the followers convert

them into and shy away from a

debate based on reasoning. Marx will

remain one of the greatest philosophers

of the world and the need is not

to make his Dascapital into another

religious book violating which

become blasphemy but use the tool to

resolve ,the current crisis that we

face. Many things may not be there

but then we have the think beyond

them too.

There is no denial of facts that western

demonisation of Marx has been

exposed. In India the religious rights

of the variety never liked him

because his ideas could be a challenge.

All the rationalist thinkers are a

challenge to religious rights and capitalism.

Their ways may be different

in handling the crisis but all of them

considered both religious right wing,

supremacy of the priestly classes as

well as exploitation by the private

people as the biggest challenge.

Nobody explained it better than Dr

Ambedkar for Millions of Indians

oppressed by the pernicious caste

system devised by the brahmanical

jugglery of controlling your minds

through denial of education to all the

people and disallowing others to

study the ‘religious’ text in ‘Sanskrit’.

We hope that new generation of intellectuals

and activists will carry the

ideals of rationality, socialism, elimination

of caste , religious, gender and

racial prejudices and importance of

welfare state to save the humanity. It

is right time to revisit Marx and use

his tools to strengthen our movements

against socio-economic-cultural

injustice and understand the other

similar perspectives that influenced

people in different part of the world,

somewhere more than him, elsewhere

like him. Remember, it is important,

the world can not be governed by unilateral

and unified ideas but an amalgamation

of the like minded ideas.

Diverse forces of social justice,

human rights, secularism, economic

inclusion must converse and work

together to defeat the biggest monsters

of our time the looters of our

national and natural wealth actively

supported by the priestly classes

world over. The masses oppressed by

the private businesses as well as

priestly classes need to rise in revolt

and defeat them to protect their sovereignty

and integrity of their nation

as well as exploitation of the poor.

Vidya Bhushan Rawat is a

social and human rights activist.

He blogs at

www.manukhsi.blogspot.com twitter


Email: vbrawat@gmail.com

2 June 2018



Dr Ambedkar’s anti-discrimination work

commemorated in the House of Lords

He is the father of the Indian

Constitution and modern India. A man

from India’s so-called low caste dalits,

the most qualified leader of his time,

way beyond his years, Dr Bhimrao

Ambedkar fought all his life to eliminate

caste discrimination, dispossession,

and humiliation.

It was the 127th anniversary of his

birth on the 14th April 2018 and, while

different parts of India enjoyed the

spectacle of a great leader’s birth

anniversary (Ambedkar Jayanti), political

leaders, academics, social entrepreneurs,

volunteers, and activists from

the UK got together to commemorate

the occasion in London.


Lord Harries of Pentregarth and the

Federation of Ambedkarite and

Buddhist Organisations UK organized

a short and informative seminar titled

“Dr B R Ambedkar – His life and

Work” on the 30th April held in

Committee Room 2 at the House of

Lords. The Lord welcomed the gathering,

expressing his heartfelt gratitude,

stating: “we have very well informed,

committed speakers and we are very

fortunate to have such a line up at

today’s event.” He congratulated the

delegates, some of who had traveled all

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Smita Sarkar

the way from India. Lord Harries sits

as a crossbench member and is the Co-

Chair of the All Party Parliamentary

Group for Dalits.

After that Ms Santosh Dass MBE,

President of the Federation of

Ambedkarite and Buddhist

Organisations (FABO UK), the Vice

Chair of the Anti Caste Discrimination

Alliance (ACDA), and a leading figure

in the campaign to outlaw caste-based

discrimination in the UK, briefly introduced

the event. “This is the fifth such

discussion, and these sessions championed

dalit issues, the condition of

India. I want to make Dr Ambedkar’s

appeal universal. He is one of the finest

academics of his generation, a prolific

writer, a world-class social reformer,

an outstanding economist, empowerer

of women in India,” she said.

Over the coming years Santosh

hoped that there would a lot more

structure and awareness about

Babasaheb Ambedkar. One plan for the

future is the setting up of a Dr

Ambedkar and Dalit Study Centre in

some of the top colleges and universities.

She suggested the University

of Leeds, SOAS or the London

School of Economics. Once the opening

speeches were out of the way, the

floor was opened with the first topic of

discussion, a subject based on research

by two academics from the University

of Leeds. “The other from within:

Indian anthropologists and the birth of

the nation” was presented by Dr Jesús

Cháirez-Garza, Research Fellow at the

University of Leeds and Dr William

Gould, Professor of Indian History at

the University of Leeds. Their research

reflected on why race was important in

relation to caste, especially with the

idea of caste and race closely related in

the late 18th and early 19th centuries.

One was commonly perceived to be of

higher heritage if you belonged to a

higher caste. Dr Ambedkar believed

that dalits were not racially inferior to

Indians of higher castes. His findings

and research were the first academic

account to be published at Columbia

University, opening up conversations

on India’s caste system for the first

time. Dr Gould discussed the research

the University of Leeds were undertaking

to look into how Scheduled Castes

and Scheduled Tribes NGOs were able

to shape and influence Government

policies related to them. He thanked

Santosh Dass MBE in ACDA for

becoming a joint partner in the

research. Ms Santosh Dass MBE,

briefly touched upon the aspect of

caste discrimination in the UK, along

with the initiatives taken to eradicate

this practice in the 21st century in the

UK, which she said was “a relentless

and ongoing fight.” Santosh has also

taken up the issue and the rising atrocities

against Dalits in India, at the UN.

She was instrumental in proposing and

lobby the Maharashtra government in

India fund the acquisition of the house

where Dr BR Ambedkar lived as a student

in London and refurbish it as a

memorial, open to the public.

Santosh’s speech was followed by

Ms Bonnie Dobson, a

singer and activist who

described how she

came to know about the

Ambedkar movement,

through small personal

anecdotes. She

expressed her gratitude

for being able to participate in such an

important cause where there is so much

yet to be done.

Next it was the turn of Mr Arun

Kumar, the General Secretary of FABO

UK who spoke about the Ambedkar

House in King Henry’s Road in

London, briefly touching upon the history

– the building where Dr Ambedkar

lived during his student days in

London in the 1920s. . Arun also

emphasized the valuable work undertaken

by the Dr Ambedkar Memorial

Advisory Committee to refurbish and

turn it into a memorial. He also

referred to Prime Minister Narendra

Modi’s no show at the Ambedkar

House on 19 June. He said organisations

there wanted to have a face to

face opportunity to hand in a Joint

Memorandum by organisations to the

PM Modi about need for action against

atrocities against Dalits in India;


volience against women; and dilution

of the Atrocities Act.

He was followed by Mr Raj Bangar,

a Dalit activist living in the UK and

one of the co-founding Trustees of

Kanshi TV, who said he was carrying

his father’s dreams of giving the marginalized

a voice. He said Kanshi TV

reports on UK and India Dalit issues

that the maintstream media ignore. He

has actively campaigned to outlaw

caste discrimination in the UK. He

spoke briefly about how Babasaheb

Ambedkar was a leader of the masses,

who worked not to uplift a section of

the community, but bring in reforms

that laid the foundations of modern

India. Then Mr Pratap Tamble, a

Diversity lead, presented a short

research paper, based on a pan-India

survey of higher education in 2015-

2016. He brought to light certain findings

such as the lack of representation

in different wings of the government.

The report quoted the President of

India, Mr RN Kovind: “There is unacceptably

low representation of traditionally

weaker sections such as Other

Backward Communities (OBCs),

Scheduled Castes and Scheduled

Tribes especially in higher judiciary.”

Other conclusions included how a

lack of representation in faculty can be

co-related with suicides, incomplete

courses, and poor performances among

the Scheduled Caste and Scheduled

Tribes students. The report also highlighted

the under representation in

Cabinets in Central Governments,

higher levels of Business and the

Public Media. Based on the principles

of Dr BR Ambedkar, India for

Diversity wants to set up a safe space

for all in order to create an inclusive

and progressive India. The last speaker

for the session was Dr David Mosse,

Professor for Social Anthropology,

SOAS, University of London, who presented

a paper on “Caste and the Market

Economy: How and for whom is Caste

The Lord welcomed the gathering, expressing his heartfelt

gratitude, stating: “we have very well informed, committed

speakers and we are very fortunate to have such a line up

at today’s event.” He congratulated the delegates, some of

who had traveled all the way from India. Lord Harries sits

as a crossbench member and is the Co-Chair of the All

Party Parliamentary Group for Dalits.

relevant in India today.” Dr Mosse discussed

the economic repercussions

attached to caste, and its relevance or

irrelevance in a rapidly globalizing market

economy of the world. Dr Mosse is

also involved in a collaborative research

project, ‘Caste Out of Development’,

which is concerned with the civil society

activism and transnational advocacy

on Dalit rights and Development. He

has also worked on a project for the UK

Equalities and Human Rights

Commission on ‘Caste in Britain.’

Followed by a brief Q&A session, some

thought-provoking questions were

asked about how Dr Ambedkar untangled

the misconception that race and

caste are interconnected. There were

statements made on the work that

allied organizations have undertaken

in the UK. It was a rich and informative

session in a packed committee

room which brought to light how

important Dr Ambedkar and his ideas

still are, whilst bringing attention to

the progress being made to tackle the

issues of caste and reinforcing the positive

momentum the movement is

gaining in the UK. There may be plenty

of work still to do but the passion to

make progress was certainly in abundance

at the House of Lords that day.

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New measures to beat

plague of nuisance calls

Directors to be made personally

liable to stop them evading

fines and punishment.

Bosses of companies which

plague people with unsolicited

nuisance calls could be fined as

much as half a million pounds

under new proposals to make

them personally liable if their

firm breaks the law.

The UK data protection

watchdog revealed last week it

had recovered just over half (54

per cent) of the £17.8 million in

fines issued for nuisance calls

since 2010, as companies go

into liquidation to avoid big

penalties. This follows latest

estimates by Ofcom showing

British consumers were bombarded

with 3.9 billion nuisance

phone calls and texts last year.

As it stands, only the businesses

themselves are liable for fines

of up to £500,000, and some

directors try to escape paying

penalties by declaring bankruptcy

– only to open up again under

a different name. The

Insolvency Service can also disqualify

people from boardroom

positions and failure to adhere

to this ruling could lead to a

prison sentence. But new

Government proposals being

consulted on will provide the

Information Commissioner’s

Office (ICO) with the powers it

needs to hold company directors

directly responsible with further

fines of up to £500,000.

Minister for Digital and the

Creative Industries Margot

James said: Nuisance calls are a

blight on society and we are

determined to stamp them out.

For too long a minority of

company directors have escaped

justice by liquidating their firms

and opening up again under a different

name. We want to make

sure the Information

Commissioner has the powers she

needs to hold rogue bosses to

account and put an end to these

unwanted calls. Steve Wood,

Deputy Commissioner (Executive

Director- Policy), Information

Commissioner’s Office, said: We

welcome these proposals from

the Government to make directors

themselves responsible for

nuisance marketing.

We have been calling for a

change to the law for a while to

Karen Bradley toasts success of NI

Commonwealth Games Team

Earlier this evening, the

Secretary of State for Northern

Ireland hosted a reception in

Stormont House to congratulate

the Northern Ireland

Commonwealth Games Team

on their successes in Australia

in April 2018. It is my great

pleasure, as Secretary of State

for Northern Ireland, to welcome

you all to Stormont

House this evening to celebrate

the success of the Northern

Ireland Commonwealth Games

squad. It was a magnificent

achievement on the world stage

and as a passionate supporter of

sport I only wish I could have

been there in person to cheer

you on! You even managed to

bring some of the Australian

sunshine along with you

tonight, even if it is a few

degrees cooler than what you

experienced on the Gold Coast!

For a small country we have

once again excelled and shown

that big is not always best -,

securing a total of 12 medals

across a range of disciplines. It

is fantastic to see some of those

on display here this evening.

This was of course our best

ever medal haul for a Games

hosted outside the United

Kingdom and matched our second

best ever medal tally.

Special mention goes to

Rhys McClenaghan for his fantastic

Gold medal winning performance

in the Men’s Pommel

event – a feat made all the more

remarkable by the fact that he

beat reigning Olympic and

World Champion, Max

Whitlock from England.

Congratulations also goes to

Kirsty Barr and Gareth

McAuley for their respective

Silver and Bronze medals in

shooting and Leon Reid for his

impressive bronze in the men’s

200 metres. And of course, we

cannot forget all of those who

carried on our proud tradition

of medal winning in boxing

with Brendan Irvine, Kurt

Walker, Aidan Walsh, Kristina

O’Hara, Carly McNaul,

Michaela Walsh, Stephen

Donnelly and James McGivern

securing an impressive haul of

eight silver and bronze medals.

Beyond those medal-winners,

let me congratulate every one

of you who were selected to be

part of this team. I want to take

an opportunity to acknowledge

the long years of preparation

and dedication that went into

that achievement. And for those

of who have supported, advised

and trained our athletes every

step of the way, we thank you

too. Above all, your achievements

will help inspire a generation

of young people to follow

their own sporting dreams and

believe that nothing is impossible.

In my former role, I was

Secretary of State for Culture,

Media and Sport – a role which

left me with an enduring passion

for the impact sport has on

individual lives. It teaches

valuable life-lessons, encourages

confidence and self-discipline,

but above all – it encourages

you to be the very best that

you can be. Your achievements

have left a lasting legacy and

you should feel enormously

proud of that contribution to the

wider society. Congratulations

once again on your fabulous

achievements. I look forward to

meeting you all and hearing

about your own individual performances

and experiences

during the course of this


deter those who deliberately set

out to disrupt people with troublesome

calls, texts and emails.

These proposed changes will

increase the tools we have to

protect the public.

The Government has already

made it easier for regulators to

fine those breaching direct

marketing rules, forced companies

to display their number

when calling customers and

increased fines for wrongdoers.

Ofcom data suggests this

action is working. The total

complaints made to the ICO

and Ofcom about nuisance

calls have fallen for the second

year in a row. The Government

has also: Introduced a measure

in the Digital Economy Act

2017 to make it a requirement

for the Information

Commissioner to issue a statutory

code of practice on direct

marketing; Amended the

Privacy and Electronic

Communications Regulations

(PECR) to require all direct

marketing callers to provide

Caller Line Identification.

June 2018


Alleged IS supporter changes

plea in Prince George plot

London : An alleged supporter of the Islamic State group

accused of encouraging attacks on 4-year-old Prince George has

changed his plea from innocent to guilty.

Husnain Rashid was two weeks into his trial at Woolwich

Crown Court when he admitted on Thursday to three counts of

engaging in conduct in preparation of terrorist acts and one count

of encouraging terrorism. Judge Andrew Lees then put two further

charges on hold. The trial, which had been scheduled to last

six weeks, was abruptly ended because of the plea. Sentencing is

set for June 28. The prosecution had argued that Rashid ran a

"prolific" Telegram channel named the Lone Mujahid.

Prosecutor Annabel Darlow had earlier told a jury that Rashid

encouraged attacks on a range of targets, including "Prince

George at his first school".

Women take abortion pills in

Northern Ireland protest

London : Abortion rights campaigners swallowed what they

said were abortion pills outside a Belfast court on Thursday, as

pressure grows to ease Northern Ireland’s strict ban on terminating

pregnancies. Northern Ireland is the only part of the UK in

which abortion is illegal in all but exceptional cases. Last week,

the neighboring Republic of Ireland voted to remove a constitutional

ban on abortions, putting pressure on the north to follow

suit. Campaigners used a small robot to distribute pills outside

Belfast’s Laganside courts complex, before three women flanked

by others dressed in “Handmaid’s Tale” outfits swallowed the

tablets. Police officers seized the pills and robot, and attempted

to lead one woman away. They eventually left without detaining

her. Protest organisers didn’t say whether the women were pregnant,

noting that it would be illegal for them to take the pills if

they were. They said the robot was being operated from the

Netherlands to avoid breaching the law.

Eleanor Crossey Malone, one of those who swallowed a pill,

said she acted “in defiance of the extremely outdated, medieval,

anti-choice laws that exist in Northern Ireland”.

4 June 2018



Two World War 1 Majors have finally

been identified a century later

The resting places of 2 World War 1

Majors have been marked 100 years

after their deaths in the great war.

The resting places of Major

Alexander Henderson Soutar MC,

Corps of Royal Engineers and Major

Octavius Sidney Darby-Griffith MC,

The Loyal North Lancashire

Regiment, have been marked 100

years after their deaths in the great

war. Two rededication services were

held on Wednesday 30 May at the

Commonwealth War Graves

Commission (CWGC) Jonchery-sur-

Vesle British Cemetery and La Villeaux-Bois

British Cemetery, both near

Reims in the Champagne region of

France. The services, organised by the

MOD’s Joint Casualty and

Compassionate Centre (JCCC), part of

Defence Business Services, were conducted

by the Reverend Andrew Earl

CF, Senior Chaplain HQ NW &

Chaplain 2nd Battalion The Duke of

Lancaster’s Regiment.

Rosie Barron, JCCC said: It has

been a privilege and an honour to

organise these 2 rededication services

today. Both Major Soutar and Major

Darby-Griffith were killed during the

Third Battle of the Aisne. It is important

that these courageous men, who

fought tirelessly to halt the German

Spring Offensive in 1918, are remembered.

The Reverend Andrew Earl CF,

said: It is a great privilege to be asked

to rededicate the headstones of these 2

former comrades who paid the ultimate

sacrifice in the service of their

country and to see the ongoing work

of the MOD’s JCCC. It is important

that when we say ‘We will remember

them’, it is more than words, it’s an

ongoing commitment. May they both

rest in peace.

Major Henderson Soutar MC,

Copyright Soutar family, All rights

reserved On 28 May 1918 98th Field

Company, Royal Engineers, were

involved in fighting around

Hermonville. They were forced to

withdraw southwards but had to leave

Major Soutar behind as he was

wounded. It is believed that he succumbed

to his wounds having been

taken prisoner of war. He was 30 years

old. Members of the Soutar family

with military representatives and local

attendees, Crown copyright, All rights

reserved James Soutar, the great

nephew of Major Soutar said: The

Soutar family is extremely moved by

the dedication of David Tattersfield

and the Joint Casualty and

Compassionate Centre of the British

Ministry of Defence in locating the

final resting place of our ancestor,

Major Alexander (Alastair) Henderson

Soutar. Major Soutar sacrificed his life

for his country 100 years ago, and has

lain here unrecognized ever since.

We are all immensely grateful that

we are able to come to France to pay

him our respects and to thank him for

his sacrifice. We are also relieved that

his final resting place is now marked

and may be known unto all who visit

this beautiful place. We feel his soul is

finally at peace.

On 9 September 1914 Major

Darby-Griffith was commissioned

into The Loyal North Lancashire

Regiment. He was awarded the

Military Cross, which was published

in the London Gazette on 25 April

1918. His citation reads:

For conspicuous gallantry and

devotion to duty when in command of

a company which took over a sector

of the line after an unsuccessful

attack. He quickly reorganised the

line, which contained large gaps, and

steadied his men under constant shell

fire. When, after being relieved, 2 of

his platoons were caught by an enemy

barrage he distributed them in shell

holes, and by working from shell hole

to shell hole, got them clear without

many casualties. After getting them

clear he returned through the barrage

and attended to his wounded, remaining

with them till the last had been

evacuated. The final resting place of

these 2 Majors came to light after a

researcher, David Tattersfield, submitted

evidence to the CWGC to suggest

that they had been found.

Further research by the MOD’s

JCCC and the National Army

Museum was undertaken to corroborate

the evidence that Mr Tattersfield

had provided, and the identification of

the ‘Unknown Soldier’ graves were

both confirmed by the JCCC. The

service for Major Soutar was attended

by 10 members of his extended family

who had travelled from as far away

as Canada, the USA and Hong Kong

to pay their respects. Despite the limited

information available, the

JCCCtraced Major Darby-Griffith’s

91 year old granddaughter. As she

lives in British Columbia she was

unable to make the journey.

Members of the Corps of Royal

Engineers and The Duke of

Lancaster’s Regiment were present at

both services.

Mel Donnelly, CWGC said: For

almost a century Major Soutar and

Major Darby-Griffith were commemorated

on the Soissons Memorial to

those with no known grave. They were

both decorated officers who had

served on the Western Front for more

than 3 years and we are honoured to be

able to acknowledge their sacrifice

and re-dedicate their graves today.

Two new headstones bearing Major

Soutar’s and Major Darby-Griffith’s

names have been provided by the

CWGC, who will now care for their

final resting place in perpetuity.

UK to launch first human

trials of Alzheimer’s drug

London, Scientists in the

UK are set to launch the first

human trials of a ground-breaking

drug shown to repair DNA

damage that contributes to

Alzheimer’s, the media reported.

The study, also being

launched this week in hospitals

in France and Spain, will see

the neuro-degenerative condition

treated with an agent

which acts as a DNA repair kit

to restore memory and reverse

behavioural changes such as

aggression and social avoidance,

the express.co.uk reported

late on Sunday. The drug,

known as ORY-2001, contains

a small molecule which inhibits

two enzymes in the brain,

LSD1, and MAOB, which are

responsible for promoting

DNA damage and inhibiting

repair. By blocking their action,

the new drug repairs and prevents

further damage.

The drug also stops inflammation

in the brain, a key factor

perhaps causing mental

decline, the report said.

“Curing Alzheimer’s is now

on the horizon. The mechanism

of this drug may lead to treatments

that protect genetic

material from the influences of

ageing,” Stuart Ratcliffe, chief

scientific officer at St Pancras

Clinical Research in London,

was quoted as saying.

“I believe this is groundbreaking.


diseases are a massive problem

so heading these off is a holy

grail of medicine,” Ratcliffe

added. Tests on mice have

shown that one treatment a day

can reverse the disease, giving

new hope that a cure is on the

horizon. The 26-week human

trial, which will include 90

patients with mild to moderate

Alzheimer’s, could potentially

lead to a “cure” for the disease

affecting nearly 50 million people

worldwide, the scientists

said. “Alzheimer’s is our

biggest killer and is spiralling,”

Ratcliffe said. “It is therefore

paramount that new treatments

are discovered and developed,

otherwise the societal and

health care costs of

Alzheimer’s alone could bankrupt

us,” he added.



June 2018


Observance of Buddha Day


The Federation of Ambedkarite and Buddhist Organisations (FABO) UK observed Buddha Day on the 12th

May at the iconic Ambedkar House in London at 10 King Henry’s Road London by organising a Sangha

Dana. Also known as Buddha Purnima, the day is usually observed during the first moon in May when

Buddhists celebrate the important life stages as identified by Buddha – birth, enlightenment and death.

Dana an act of generosity in

Buddhism, is intended to develop selflessness

and overcome greed and

desires by donating food and essentials

to peace-loving Buddhist monks (bikshus)

who are said to have only a single

meal during noon every day.

The Sangha Dana was attended by

21 revered monks from different parts

of Britain and over 60 participants

from different communities and countries.

The Dana was a conglomeration

of peace-loving individuals respecting

and seeking the simple Buddhist way

of life, positive thinking, peace and

happiness by giving more than receiving.

A hot vegetarian meal was donated

by 11 dedicated families and monetary

Dana was made to the monks by the

families and individuals who were

present and those who were unable to


C. Gautam the Joint Secretary of

FABO UK said “what we give to a

Buddhist monk is the best offering possible,

because you get a lot more merits

by giving. It starts with the blessings

you receive from the Buddhist


“We are very happy to see so many

happy faces of Babasaheb Ambedkar’s

children at this year’s Sangha Dana.

People have travelled with family and

friends from Bedford and as far as the

Midlands – Manchester,

UK faces two years of severe terrorism threat

London : The UK faces a severe threat from

Islamist terrorism for at least another two years and

the danger could increase further, the Home Office

has said. "In summary, we expect the threat from

Islamist terrorism to remain at its current, heightened

level for at least the next two years, and that it may

increase further," the Guardian quoted the Office as

saying on Saturday. "We assess the threat from

extreme rightwing terrorism is growing. "Globally,

terrorist groups and networks of all ideologies continue

to develop organically, exploiting social media,

technology and science to further their aims and

ambitions." The assessments emerged as the government

prepares to unveil a strengthened counter-terrorism

strategy. On Monday, Home Secretary Sajid

Javid will announce a range

of steps aimed at boosting

the authorities' efforts to

stop atrocities. Security

agencies and counter-terror

policing have foiled 12

Islamist and four extreme

rightwing plots since March

last year. MI5 and the police

are running more than 500

live operations involving

roughly 3,000 "subjects of

Home Secretary Sajid Javid. interest".

UK observes London

Bridge attack anniversary

London : The UK on Sunday

marked the first anniversary of the

deadly London Bridge terrorist attack

which killed eight people. Prime

Minister Theresa May said Britain's

determination to overcome the threat

of terrorism "has never been

stronger", Xinhua news agency

reported. "Today we remember those

who died in the London Bridge attack

and the many more who were injured,

as we pay tribute to the bravery of our

emergency services and those who

intervened and came to the aid of others,"

May tweeted. Eight people died

when three men drove into pedestrians

on the London Bridge and then

stabbed people in Borough Market.

London Mayor Sadiq Khan said he

was "proud" of the way the city had

responded to terror attacks, by "standing

united in defiance and staying true

to our values and way of life".

Scientists offer hope

for genetically

determined obesity

London : Unable to maintain

weight loss due to your genetic predisposition

to obesity? Take heart,

an injectable drug widely used to

lower blood sugar levels can help

you fight overweight, suggest a

study. Around two to six per cent of

all people with obesity develop

obesity already in early childhood

because they are genetically programmed

to do so. Obesity-causal

mutations in one of their "appetite

genes" gives them a strong genetic

predisposition for developing obesity,

also called monogenic obesity.

Their experience of hunger is overruling

and their feeling of satiety


Researchers discovered that

this group of people with obesity

can lose weight with the help of

the medicine liraglutide -- a modified

form of the appetite-inhibiting

hormone GLP-1 naturally

secreted from the intestine when

we eat.

Wolverhampton and Birmingham to

attend the event.”

FABO UK has been observing

Buddha Day by organising Sangha

Dana every five years. The first was

observed in 2008 in a similar fashion.

The second one observed in 2013 was

a significant year, with Rama

Ambedkar, the granddaughter of

Babasaheb Ambedkar and her husband

Dr Anand Teltumbe participating at the

Buddha Vihara in Southall.

Although dana commonly refers to

the offering of a meal, it can also refer

to an offering of other basic necessities

to a monk or a nun. According to

Buddha Shakyamuni, “if beings knew,

as I know, the results of giving and

sharing, they would not eat without

having given, nor would the stain of

miserliness overcome their minds.”

Venerable Dr Kashyapa gave

Dhamma Desna and Venerable. Vimala

Bhikkhu from Letchworth presided

over the Sangha Dana. Ram Pal Rahi,

Vice President, FABO UK conducted

the whole function.

This was the first time that the Dana

Sangha has been organised at the iconic

Ambedkar House, where Babasaheb

Ambedkar lived from 1921-1922

whilst studying at the London School

of Economics and Grays Inn. . The

house was bought by the Government

of Maharastra in 2015 following a proposal


Ancient tooth reveals

Mesolithic man ate fish, plants

London : In a first, scientists

have discovered evidence that

humans from the Mesolithic period

consumed fish and plants and also

used their teeth for descaling


The evidence was

based on the analysis of

microfossils entombed in

the dental calculus --

commonly known as

tooth plaque or tartar -- of a young

male skeleton from Mesolithic period

found in a cave on a Croatian

island. It revealed fish scale fragments

and fish muscle fibres. "Our

data provides a novel perspective on

forager diet in the Mediterranean

region by revealing the role of

marine organisms during the

Mesolithic," said lead researcher

Emanuela Cristiani from Sapienza

University of Rome. "Whilst fishing

during the Mesolithic period has

been demonstrated by fish remains

as well as fishing related technologies

in the past, here for the first

time we have direct evidence that

humans consumed these resources

or used their teeth for de-scaling

activities, which is

very unique," added

Harry Robson, from

Britain's University of

York. However, the

team was unable to

identify the fish scales,

although they were thought to be

very similar to tuna, mackerel and

gilthead sea bream. The study, published

in the journal Scientific

Reports, also showed microfossils

of plants in the dental calculus,

which has not been identified in

skeletal remains in this part of the

Mediterranean before. "The recovery

of starch granules from two wild

grass groups in the dental calculus

of the analysed individual, suggests

that energy-rich plants were a part of

the Holocene forager dietary habits

in the region," Cristiani said.

6 June 2018



Summers bring Shimla’s water woes to a boil

Shimla, As north India’s summer heat

makes hordes of tourists flock to Himachal

Pradesh capital Shimla, the season also

brings bucketloads of trouble for its residents

— a majority of localities are facing

a water supply crisis, getting potable water

only once a week.

While the residents are grappling with

water woes — not exactly for the first time

— civic body Mayor Kusum Sadret of the

Bharatiya Janata Party, which is helming

the Municipal Corporation for the first

time in three decades since June 2017, is

away to China on an official tour.

City residents say the problem has

aggravated ever since the mercury shot up

and a notable spike was witnessed in

tourist footfalls to Shimla, which otherwise

is getting adequate funds under the

Atal Mission for Rejuvenation and Urban

Transformation (AMRUT).

Planned by the British for a maximum

16,000 populace, the ‘Queen of Hills’ now

houses nearly 200,000, requiring 42 million litres

per day (MLD) of water. Officials say the city is

getting 23 MLD on an average every day. “But

where is the water flowing?” asks a hassled resident

Deepak Thakur. “We are getting supply only

once a week these days and that too just for a few

hours, mostly late in the night when we are sleeping,”

he griped. Municipal Corporation’s former

leftist Mayor Sanjay Chauhan blamed the BJPruled

civic body for the mess. “Shimla is getting 23

MLD water daily, which is sufficient to quench the

thirst of half of the city. So, on every alternate day,

water can be easily supplied,” he said.

So, do the water woes of Shimla residents spout

more from bad management?

“Several VIP localities housing residences and

offices of Ministers, top bureaucrats and senior

government functionaries get daily water supply,

both through tap and tankers. A massive theft of

water is aggravating the problem,” Chauhan, who

remained at the helm of MC from May 2012 for

five years, told IANS. The water shortage has left

the tourism industry also high and dry. The stakeholders

are worried as Shimla gets 20,000-30,000

tourists on an average every weekend during the

peak summer season — from May to June.

“Most hotels are meeting their daily water

demands through private suppliers by paying hefty

amount,” D.P. Bhatia, liaison officer with the

Oberoi Group of hotels in Shimla, told IANS.

Private suppliers bring water from natural

sources located on the outskirts to sell to the hotels.

Civic authorities say water shortage has become

more acute after supply from the Ashwani

Khad was stopped in 2015 following an

outbreak of jaundice, which claimed over

20 lives, due to mixing of sewage from a

nearby treatment plant with the natural

water supply scheme that catered to

Shimla residents. At a meeting here last

week, Chief Minister Jai Ram Thakur

directed officials to speed up the repair of

the Giri water supply scheme to ensure

additional water supply to the city. He also

said that water tankers should be pressed

into service so that tourists and locals were

not inconvenienced. “Water sources in

Shimla vicinity have depleted owing to

less snow and rain last winter,” Municipal

Commissioner Rohit Jamwal said. “We

are trying to get extra water from Guma

and Giri water supply schemes and are

also repairing leaking pipes,” he added.

Residents rue that Shimla is now synonymous

with water scarcity — both in summers

and winters. The civic authorities

blame leaks in the distribution network, a significant

portion of which came up in the British days,

and diminishing water resources due to overexploitation.

A report by the Comptroller and

Auditor General, which highlights the inadequacies

of the Shimla Municipal Corporation, says the

quantity of water supplied is less than the prescribed

limit of 135 litres per capita per day.

From 2009 to 2014, the corporation could supply

only 110 litres of water per capita per day, leaving

many fretting and fuming.



June 2018



Islamabad : Pakistan’s former

chief justice Nasirul Mulk was on

Monday named as the country’s

caretaker prime minister for a twomonth

period, ending the political

wrangling between ruling PML-N

and the Opposition ahead of the

General Election on July 25.

The announcement was made by

Leader of the Opposition Khursheed

Shah at a press conference here

which was also attended by incumbent

Prime Minister Shahid Khaqan

Abbasi and National Assembly

Speaker Ayaz Sadiq. Mulk, 67, is

likely to be sworn in on Friday, June

1. The present government will

complete the tenure on May 31 and

the caretaker government will

remain in office until a new government

is set up through elections.

Shah expressed hope that Mulk will

successfully conduct free, fair and

impartial elections in Pakistan on

July 25. The announcement came

after weeks of deadlock between the


PML-N and the

former foreign secretary

Opposition over the

Jalil Abbas Jillani

name of the caretaker

and former Pakistan

prime minister.

Cricket Board chairman

It took the government

Zaka Ashraf were

and the opposition

reportedly discusse by

six meetings to decide

the two sides.

on a name for the position.

Mulk was born on

Though, Abbasi

August 17, 1950 in

spoke first but he let

Mingora, Swat, in

Shah announce the

Khyber Pakhtunkhwa

name of the caretaker

province. He worked


as lawyer and judge for

Abbasi described the

several years before his

agreed-upon candidate

appointment as the

for the caretaker prime

22nd Chief Justice of

minister as someone

Pakistan in 2014.

“who no one can object

President Mamnoon

to”. “His role as a caretaker

Hussain on Saturday

PM will be in favour of the prime minister is to keep the country approved July 25 as the polling date

country and the democratic running between the dissolution of for general and provincial elections.

process,” he said.

parliament and the new government Cricketer-turned-politician Imran

Announcing the name, Shah said being sworn in. Earlier, several Khan’s Pakistan Tehrik-e-Insaf is

the NA speaker had played a major names including retired Justice expected to be the main challenger

role in both parties reaching an Tassaduq Hussain Jillani, former to the ruling party in the General

agreement. The job of the caretaker State Bank governor Ishrat Hussian, Election.

After SC order, Mayawati vacates

official bungalow in Lucknow

Lucknow, In wake of a

Supreme Court order cancelling

allotment of government

residences to Uttar

Pradesh’s former Chief

Ministers, Bahujan Samaj

Party (BSP) supremo

Mayawati vacated her palatial

official bungalow on

Wednesday, her aide


In a letter to the state Estate

Department, the four-time UP

Chief Minister’s personal secretary

Mewa Lal Gautam said

while the department’s chief

was informed that the house –

bungalow number 6 on Lal

Bahadur Shastri Road – has been vacated, his

office had refused to receive the letter which was

then sent to a junior engineer looking after the

region but it was refused yet again.

Gautam said finally the keys of the house

have been sent to the officials concerned through

registered post. The Estate Department had, following

the order of the apex court, ordered six

former Chief Ministers –

Kalyan Singh (now Rajasthan

Governor), Rajnath Singh

(now Union Home Minister),

Mulayam Singh (currently Lok

Sabha MP from Azamgarh),

Mayawati, Samajwadi Party

chief Akhilesh Yadav and N.D.

Tiwari (currently hospitalized

in Delhi) to vacate their official

bungalows within 15 days.

Kalyan Singh has already

begun moving out from his

Mall Avenue house and is likely

to move in to the residence

of his grandson who is a state

minister in the Yogi Adityanath

government. Rajnath Singh has

already declared that he is shifting to his personal

house in Gomtinagar. With renovation going

on there, he had, on a recent visit, checked into a

state-owned VVIP guest house here. Akhilesh

Yadav and his father Mulayam Singhm who live

in adjacent houses on the Vikramaditya Marg,

however have sought two years time from the SC

to relinquish their present residences.

Is magistrate's court above SC, asks top court

New Delhi, The Supreme

Court on Thursday wondered

whether a magisterial court was

"above" it, after it came to

know that a lower court in

Mumbai has refused to release

an accused on bail despite the

top court granting him the

relief. The peculiar situation

arose before a bench comprising

Justices L Nageswara Rao

and Mohan M Shantanagoudar

when it was informed by the

counsel for the accused that the

trial court had refused to grant

him the relief on the ground

that the bail amount was not

mentioned in the apex court's

May 17 order. "We (apex court)

have granted him (accused)

bail. Is the ACMM (Additional

Chief Metropolitan Magistrate)

above us? Is the ACMM an

appellate court of the Supreme

Court? We have passed the bail

order and the magistrate is saying

the Supreme Court does not

know how to grant bail," the

bench observed. It said the

ground noted in the ACMM's

May 21 order that bail amount

was not mentioned in the top

court's order was "not justified".

"The Additional Chief

Metropolitan Magistrate...

should have realised that once

an order is passed by the

Supreme Court directing

release of the petitioner on bail

and there is no mention about

the bail amount, it is incumbent

on the trial court to fix the

amount for the bail bond," the

court said. "The order dated

May 21, 2018 of the Additional

Chief Metropolitan Magistrate

.... refusing to release the petitioner

on bail on the ground

that bail amount has not been

mentioned in our order, is not

justified," it noted in its order.

July 25 election to usher in

second-ever democratic transition

General Election on July 25 is expected to

usher in the second-ever democratic transition

in the nuclear armed nation of 208 million

people. President Mamnoon Hussain on

Saturday approved July 25 as the polling date

for general and provincial elections In its 70-

year-long history, the country experienced its

first democratic transition of power in 2013,

when Pakistan Peoples Party handed over the

power to Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz

(PML-N), which had won General election

The interim administration does not usually

make any major decisions until the new

government is elected, though it may be

forced to act to shore up the economy amid a

worsening macro-economic outlook

Monday’s appointment, announced by premier

Shahid Khaqan Abbasi, comes amid

growing political and economic instability,

and ends weeks of wrangling between

Abbasi’s ruling Pakistan Muslim League-

Nawaz (PML-N) party and the opposition.

8 June 2018



What Congress can learn from the mistakes of Rajiv Gandhi

There is no doubt that Rajiv Gandhi was a

modern looking young leader of the country yet

we must not miss out the fact that his party paid a

heavy price for the mistakes he committed. In

1989, he started his campaign from Ayodhya

promising Ram Rajya. The doors of the Babari

mosque were opened under his government curtsy

Arun Nehru. Rajiv Gandhi had the huge mandate

with him when he came to power immediately

in the aftermath the assassination of his

mother Indira Gandhi in October 1984. The mandate

was totally a communal one when an entire

community of Sikh was made to look as terrorists

and anti-national. In fact, the quick learner from

Rajiv’s this mandate was Sangh Parivar, which

replicated this in Gujarat in the year 2002. It is

easier to make the Muslims villain for every problem

in India and then come to power. Hindutva

learn it and continue to experiment with this at

various levels.

That was a huge mandate. Imagine 405 seats in

Loksabha which no party could ever achieve. All

the stalwarts of opposition got defeated that time.

Rajiv promised for a new India but caught napping

between Shahbano and Ayodhya. That mandate

somehow was completely wasted as arrogance

and flattering created a feeling that the government

was not interested in public good. Rajiv's

Mr Clean image was dented when he refused to

stand by his finance minister Vishwanath Pratap

Singh who had unleashed a campaign against the

corrupt industrial houses including the Reliance

Industries. The powerful corporations joined hand

and got VP removed from the cabinet. Rajiv had

no strength to do that so he carefully planned the

exit by sending VP to defence Ministry. There too

VP Singh did what he was doing. He unearthed a

whole lot of corruption in defence deals. Finally,

he was thrown away from the Congress Party.

We should nor forget the fact that when VP

Singh was expelled from the Congress Party, the

loudmouths and chamchas of the Congress party

and its leadership did everything to humiliate

him. K K Tiwari, Veer Bahadur Singh, Ratnakar

Pandey and many others like them actually created

all kinds of obstacles wherever V P went to

address public meetings or organizing rallies. But

as the Congress went on creating the hurdles, VP

Singh used all these opportunity to make his

point that the government has lot to hide and in

fact is totally corrupt. He did not say things that

way but the public had made up its mind that

Rajiv government was corrupt.

The 1989 elections actually happened in the

backdrop of all this.

That was the time when political parties would

say there is no leader in the opposition. It is not

united and so many things. Thankfully, that time,

it was VP Singh who focused more on building up

a grassroots mobilsation against the corrupt government,

build up narratives beautifully. That

apart, VP was able to bring diverse opposition

parties at one platform that gave Congress a one

to one fight in most of the constituencies. The

result was the fall of mighty Rajiv Gandhi. V P

Singh became prime minister but Rajiv could

never adjust to this new reality of his time that his



By Vidya Bhushan Rawat

social and human rights activist


was the

leader of

the country.

The National Front Left Front alliance was at

Center and the BJP had supported it. Obviously,

that time Congress was the biggest threat to

democracy and need was to bring all the parties

together. After some initial hick ups, the government

started working and the first major

announcement was Dr Ambedkar centenary celebrations

and announcement of Bharat Ratna to

him. That apart on August 7th, V P Singh government

announced the acceptance of Mandal

Commission Recommendation for 27% reservation

for OBCs in the central government jobs.

The Mandal announcement was met with

vociferous protest by all. This was the time when

India’s ‘secular’ elite too got totally exposed. The

hub of the protest became Delhi University and

various other cities in the north. RSS got worried

and Advani amounted Somnath to Ayodhya yatra

to ‘unite’ Hindus but

in fact deviate from

the real issue of the

reservation for


BJP withdrew its

support when Lalu

Yadav arrested Lal

Krishna Advani

Samastipur, Bihar

and did not allow him to continue his yatra. The

Congress immediately supported the break away

faction of Janta Dal under Chandrashekhar and

after some time withdrew support from him. Rest

is history. Congress could never recover the jolt

VP Singh gave to it and that is the reason why

despite all his effort VP Singh was not respected

by the high command of Congress Party despite

his overtures for reconciliation later.

Today, when the Congress is down and

attempting to unite the opposition, it needs to

learn a few mistakes that Rajiv Gandhi did.

Congresses attempt to play soft Hindutva card

will not work now. Congress tried in Gujarat as

well as in Karnataka. The party does not have

any credible faces from other communities in

Uttar Pradesh and Bihar. If Rajiv Gandhi had

saved V P Singh government that time and supported

his Mandal initiative, Congress would not

have gone into virtual oblivion despite being in

government for long. The lack of faith in

Congress among the OBCs, Muslims and Dalits

have long reasons and can not be just adjusted

through a few seats here or there. Congress need

to shed its brahmanical coat and become a party

of India’s diverse people from North to South. In

Karnataka, it tried to lure Lingayat ignoring

Dalits and Muslims and the result is that it lost

their trust. Neither Vokalingas nor Lingayat

voted for it but at the same point of time, the

Dalits and Muslims too did not vote for it.

Congress want to grab soft liberal Hindu space

and therefore it is unable to take a strong position

like telling the people that it stand for modern values,

respect for constitution and celebrate diversity.

It does not talk about representation of all sections

in our nation building.

It is time it accepts the past mistakes and move

ahead. We don’t live in past. It is great that Rahul

Gandhi has learnt all this and has been trying to

make the party diverse. It is also heartwarming to

see him apologizing for the some of the mistakes

and not responding in hate for hate agenda of the

Hindutva trolls.

It would be better for the Congress to work on

a long term agenda which include bringing different

secular parties together as well as also engage

with civil society organizations and social movements.

It is equally important for the Congress to

dismantle the brahmanical hegemony inside the

party and open its door for India’s diverse identities

who have been denied space and representation

at various level in political parties.

Vidya Bhushan Rawat is a social and

human rights activist. He blogs at

www.manukhsi.blogspot.com twitter @freetohumanity

Email: vbrawat@gmail.com

Khajuraho remains

India’s hottest

Bhopal, Madhya

Pradesh on Sunday

remained smothered

in heat, with the temperatures


rising and famed

tourist spot of

Khajuraho the

hottest in the country

at 47.2 degrees

Celsius, the weather

office said. Life in

the state capital as

well as most parts

was also affected by

the strong hot winds,

or “lu”, which began

blowing early.

According to the report by the local meteorological office, this was the second time in May that

Khajuraho recorded a maximum of over 47 degrees. Apart from this, quite a few other places, including

Gwalior, Ratlam, and Rajgarh, recorded temperatures in excess of 46 degrees.

Rajasthan issues advisory on Nipah virus

Jaipur, In the wake of the several deaths

reported in Kerala due to Nipah virus, the

Rajasthan government on Saturday issued an

advisory, asking people not to travel to affected

parts of Kerala and

for officials to maintain


Presiding over a

meeting, Chief

Secretary D.B.

Gupta said that

Nipuh virus has

marked its impact in

the northern districts

of Kerala including

Mallapuram and

Kozhikode and

hence people should

avoid travelling in

these places.

It was decided all

medical officials in

the state will be kept updated on the information

regarding the Nipah virus via video conferencing.

Although there has been not a single case of

nipah virus registered in the state till date,A but

Health Department needs to remain extra cautious

on the issue, Gupta said. He also asked officials

to provide right information to people and

to ensure they reman extra alert. Additional

Chief Secretary, Medical and Health, Veenu

Gupta said that all joint directors and chief medical

officers have

been directed to

take special measures

in this regard

including setting up

rapid response

teams in the districts,

but requested

people not to panic.

If there are people

who have returned

from the places

where infection was

reported and they

are suffering from

fever or headache,

they should contact

nearby hospitals,

she said. Public Health Director V.K. Mathur

said that Nipah virus spreads to humans after

direct contact with infected bats or pigs or even

humans. Its symptoms are headaches, fever,

bodyache, cough, problems in breathing, vomiting,

diarrhoea, laziness and others.

www.theasianindependent.co.uk ASIA June 2018 9

Punjab, Haryana

wheat procurement

over 214 lakh tonnes

Chandigarh : With a bumper crop,

food grain states Punjab and Haryana

have procured over 214 lakh tonnes of

wheat in this season, food and supplies

officials said here on Tuesday. In Punjab,

over 126.75 lakh tonnes of wheat has

been procured so far. Over 99 per cent of

the wheat has been procured by government

agencies in the state.

The Punjab government has disbursed

nearly Rs 18,500 crore to farmers and

arhtiyas (commission agents) for the

wheat procurement in this Rabi season.

Officials in Punjab said that out of the

wheat procured, over 124.66 lakh tonnes

have been lifted from grain markets for

storage. In Haryana, nearly 87.3 lakh

tonnes has been procured so far this season.

The procurement is higher than the

entire procurement done last year when

74.25 lakh tonnes wheat was procured.

The Reserve Bank of India had sanctioned

nearly Rs 4,900 crore to the

Haryana government for wheat procurement

this season. Procurement of wheat

in both states started on April 1.

BJP`s falter at the finishing line and a teary

exit of Yeddyurappa is ignominious for Mr. Modi

and Mr.Amit Shah. No doubt, the BJP/RSS made

last minutes efforts to garner numbers to prove the

majority on the floor but the Congress and JDS

MLAs did not defect despite allurements. The

wisdom and aggressive politics of Congress leaders

including Gulam Nabi Azad, and experienced

and renowned Supreme Court lawyers` Abhisekh

Singhvi, Kapil Sibal, and Ashwani Kumar are


Sh. Rahul Gandhi, President of the Congress

party rightly said: “No institution is immune to

BJP`s assault in India”. The BJP/RSS has

destroyed all democratic and educational institutions

in the country. All democratic institutions in

India are captured by the BJP/RSS. It indicates

that the people are fed with the empty rhetoric of

Mr. Modi and Mr.Amit Shah.

The BJP/RSS leaders are a bundle of lies. All

the BJP spokespersons are experts to twist the historical

facts. Most of the TV channels are captured

by the BJP/RSS. For example, Ms. Navika Kumar,

Managing Editor(Politics) with the Times Now

was unhappy over the news of the resignation of

Yeddyurappa before the trust vote. I watched the

whole Times Now news coverage from morning

till the resignation. I noted that Ms. Navika

Kumar`s face turned sad and gloomy after inputs

from her colleagues from Karnataka about the resignation

of Yeddyurappa. Her body language indicated

as if she has lost a Chief Minister of her own

party. This is how TV anchor like Ms. Navika

Kumar propagating against the clean image of Mr.

Rahul Gandhi. There are other TV challenges also

which are performing the same task.

Commercialized media is helping those who wanted

to disintegrate the country and polarize the society.

Journalism is the fourth estate and it is the duty

of a journalist to present the facts irrespective of

political party affiliation or commercial interests.

The common man is bleeding. The skyrocketing

oil prices have broken the back of a common

man. Local business is in a bad shape; export on

the decline; interest on the bank Fixed Deposits

reduced; jobs disappeared; salaries are not paid on

Pakistan seeks economic lifeline

with fresh China loans

Islamabad : Pakistan expects

to obtain fresh Chinese loans

worth $1-2 billion to help it avert

a balance of payments crisis,

Pakistani government sources

said, in another sign of

Islamabad’s growing reliance on

Beijing for financial support.

Lending to Pakistan by China

and its banks is on track to hit $5

billion in the fiscal year ending

in June, according to recent disclosures

by officials and

Pakistan finance ministry data

reviewed by Reuters.

The ramp up in China’s lending

comes as the United States is

cutting aid to Pakistan following

a fracture in relations between

the on-off allies. In February,

Washington led efforts that saw

Pakistan placed on a global terror

financing watchlist, drawing

anger in Islamabad amid fears it

will hurt the economy.

The new Chinese loans that

are being negotiated will help

bolster Pakistan’s rapidly-depleting

foreign currency reserves,

which tumbled to $10.3 billion

last week from $16.4 billion in

May 2017. The talks come only

weeks after a group of Chinese

commercial banks lent $1 billion

to Pakistan’s government in

April. The reserves decline and a

sharp widening of Pakistan’s

current account deficit have

prompted many financial analysts

to predict that after the general

election, likely in July,

Islamabad will need its second

International Monetary Fund

(IMF) bailout since 2013. The

last IMF assistance package was

worth $6.7 billion.

Beijing’s attempts to prop up

Pakistan’s economy follow a

deepening in political and military

ties in the wake of China’s

pledge to fund badly-needed

power and road infrastructure as

part of the $57 billion China-

Pakistan Economic Corridor

(CPEC), a key cog in Beijing’s

vast Belt and Road initiative.

“I think this month we will

get that $1-2 billion,” said a senior

Pakistan government official,

saying the funds will come from

Chinese state-run institutions.

A second government official

confirmed Pakistan was in “sensitive”

talks with Beijing over

extra funding for up to $2 billion.

Pakistan finance ministry

officials did not respond to a

request for comment.

China’s finance ministry and

central bank, who were faxed

questions about the loans, did

not immediately respond to

requests for comment.

Although Pakistan’s economic

growth has soared to nearly 6

percent, the fastest pace in 13

years, the structural problems

with the economy are coming to

the fore. It is similar to 2013,

when foreign currency reserves

dwindled and Pakistan narrowly

escaped a full-blown currency

crisis. “The current situation

appears to be a replica of what

we experienced in 2013, albeit

on a slightly larger scale,” said

Yaseen Anwar, who was the governor

of the central bank, the

State Bank of Pakistan (SBP),

back in 2013. The darkening

macroeconomic outlook prompted

the IMF earlier this month to

downgrade its economic growth

forecast for Pakistan to 4.7 per

cent for the next fiscal year ending

in June 2019, way below the

government’s own ambitious target

of 6.2 per cent.


Congress in Karnataka

time; farmers are committing suicide in the BJP

ruled state; Dalits are mercilessly killed in every

part of the country; no black money came back to

India. All flagships programmes like Skill India,

Starts-up India, Stand-up India, Make in India

failed because of wrong policies of the central

government. The situation for Indian diaspora in

the US changed after Donald

Trump declared “America First”.

Rahul Bali

Senior Correspondent,

the Asian Independent, UK

Mr. Modi claims that India has

gained eminence and reputation in the international

arena after he took reign of the government.

Again, he has been proved wrong. Indian migrated

to the British colonials during the colonial period.

From South Africa to Australia Indian were

known for their hard work and social harmony so

the country – India. Here again, Mr. Modi is seen

manipulating the historical facts to befool the people

of India.

Is this Mr. Modi`s and Mr. Shah`s good governance?

Earlier the BJP/RSS were opposing the

entry of the multinational brands in India under

the pretext of “Swadeshi” but in four years and

three months regime under Mr. Modi and Mr.

Shah hundreds of foreign companies were given

official permission muzzling local businessmen.

Let us ask: where is the Bhartiya Mazdoor Sangh

(BMS)? Has BMS run by the RSS ever protested

against the entry of the foreign companies? The

people of India must evaluate such questions

before going to the polling booths in 2019.

Death toll in Sri Lanka monsoon rains hits 19

Colombo, The death toll in

Sri Lanka monsoon rains

reached 19 on Saturday while

over 128,000 people have been

affected, the country’s

Disaster Management Centre

(DMC) said.

DMC Spokesperson

Pradeep Kodippili said two

people were reported missing

in the south while over 55,000

people had been evacuated to

safer areas, Xinhua news

agency reported.

With the threat of more rains

in the coming days, Kodippili

said those living in low areas,

close to rivers and lakes were

advised to evacuate and the

police along with tri forces had

been deployed in the affected

districts for relief assistance.

Till date, over 4,000 houses,

mainly in the south and north

central Sri Lanka have been fully

or partially damaged. Kodippili

also warned the naval and fishing

communities to be vigilant as

the wind speed could increase up

to 60 to 70 km per hour.

President Maithripala

Sirisena and Prime Minister

Ranil Wickremesinghe earlier

this week instructed relevant

authorities to immediately provide

relief to the people

affected by floods and landslides.

The Meteorological

Department said that “heavy

falls above 100 millimetres

can be expected at some

places in Sabaragamuwa,

Western, Central and North-

Western provinces and in Galle

and Matara districts”. Over 200

people were killed and 78 people

went missing when the monsoons

caused severe floods and

landslides across Sri Lanka in


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SriLankan Airlines flight hits runway

lights at Cochin, passengers safe

New Delhi/Cochin,


Airlines on Sunday said that all 228

passengers on board its flight UL 167

were safe after the aircraft, while

landing at Cochin airport. “veered

toward the runway edge and caused

damage to some ground lights”.

According to the airline, the flight en

route from Colombo to Cochin landed

during an intense rain shower caused by

the onset of the monsoon at 3.30 p.m.

on Sunday. “Due to the ambient conditions,

strong winds and heavy rain, the

aircraft veered toward the runway edge

and caused damage to some ground

lights,” the airline said in a statement.

“The flight landed safely with no

injuries to passengers or crew… There

was minor damage to two lights on the

runway.” The flight was ferrying a total

228 passengers and 12 crew members.

Petrol prices rise for 14th straight

day; cross Rs 78 mark in Delhi

New Delhi, Domestic petrol prices

increased for the 14th consecutive day

on Sunday, with the key transportation

fuel being sold at Rs 78.12 per litre in

the national capital. According to the

data from oil marketing major

IndianOil, petrol price rose to Rs

78.12 in Delhi from Rs 77.97 a litre on

Saturday. Along with Delhi, prices in

Mumbai and Chennai have already

reached record levels. In Mumbai and

Chennai, petrol was sold at Rs 85.93

and Rs 81.11 a litre, respectively, up

from Rs 85.78 and Rs 80.95 per litre

on Saturday. In addition, price in

Kolkata inched up to Rs 80.76, against

80.61 per litre on the previous day.

The surge in petrol prices is largely

attributed to the recent rise in crude oil

cost and the high excise duty levied on

the particular fuel type in the country.

Diesel cost, which is already at

record levels across the major cities,

rose to Rs 69.06, Rs 71.61, Rs 73.53

and Rs 72.91 a litre on Sunday in

Delhi, Kolkata, Mumbai and Chennai,


IndiGo, Air India Express

among top 5 cheapest

airlines in the world

New Delhi : Low-cost carriers IndiGo

and Air India Express have been ranked

among the top five cheapest airlines in

the world in providing international connectivity.

Air India Express, the whollyowned

subsidiary of state-run carrier Air

India has been ranked second and the

budget carrier IndiGo placed at fifth

position in a Global Flight Pricing

Report prepared by Melbourne-based

Rome2rio—a multimodal travel planning

site. Two other Indian carriers also

figured in the list. Jet Airways gained the

12th place followed by Air India at 13th


The report compared 200 major airlines

across continents by the average

price per kilometer with Air Asia X taking

the pole position. Air India Express,

mostly connecting Gulf countries and

Singapore, has an average cost of USD

0.08 per km and IndiGo USD 0.10 per

km. The latter connects Indian cities

with Gulf countries besides Bangkok,

Colombo and Kathmandu.

Mercedes-Benz rolls-out

100,000th car in India

Pune, Luxury car manufacturer Mercedes-Benz

India on Sunday rolled-out its

100,000th car — an E-Class

sedan — for the Indian market

from its manufacturing facility

at Chakan, near Pune.

“With the growing demand

of Mercedes-Benz products, a

spiralling aspiration among

young successful Indians, our

extensive and expanding local

portfolio, combined with an

unparalleled network and

innovations in customer service;

we are positive that the

next production milestone will be attained even earlier,”

said Roland Folger, Managing Director and

CEO, Mercedes-Benz India.

The company was the first

luxury automotive brand to

enter the Indian market in

1994. The “W 124 E-Class”

was the first luxury car in

India’s modern era which

rolled out of the assembly

plant of Mercedes-Benz India

in Pimpri, Pune.

Presently, Mercedes-Benz

India’s production facility is

based in Chakan near Pune. It

has been set up with an investment

of more than Rs 1,000 crore.

AirAsia X at the top has an average

of USD 0.07 per km. The data

was analysed by taking into account

the economy class airfares displayed

by Rome2rio during the first two

months of this year, totalling some

1.5 million price points. The outcome

of the report was released this month.

According to the report, four out of

the top five cheapest airlines are in


Indonesia AirAsia and the Primera

Air are the other two to have been put

in the top five. Etihad, Ryanair,

Qantas, Wow Air and Virgin Australia

were among the top ten affordable

airlines. Wow Air had recently

announced to connect Delhi with

Europe and US cities through its hub

in Reykjavik in Iceland from

December 7 onwards, with the base

price starting at Rs 13,499.

None of the airlines from the UK

or US found a place among the top 10

affordable airlines in the report.

Microsoft building tool to

spot bias in AI algorithms

San Francisco : After

Facebook announced its own

tool to detect bias in an algorithm

earlier this month, a new

report suggests that Microsoft

is also building a tool to automate

the identification of bias

in a range of different

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

algorithms. The Microsoft

tool has the potential to help

businesses make use of AI

without inadvertently discriminating

against certain groups

of people, MIT Technology

Review reported on Friday.

Although Microsoft’s new

tool may not eliminate the

problem of bias that may

creep into Machine-Learning

models altogether, it will help

AI researchers catch more

instances of unfairness, Rich

Caruna, a senior researcher at

Microsoft who is working on

the bias-detection dashboard,

was quoted as saying.

“Of course, we can’t expect

perfection — there’s always

going to be some bias undetected

or that can’t be eliminated

— the goal is to do as

well as we can,” he said. The

issue of bias will become crucial

as more customers make

use of these algorithms to take

important decisions.

Samsung told to

pay $533 m to

Apple in patent case

San Jose (US) : A federal court jury on Friday

ordered Samsung to pay Apple $533 million for

copying iPhone design features in a patent case

dating back seven years.

Jurors tacked on an additional $5 million in

damages for a pair of patented functions. The

award appeared to be a bit of a victory for Apple,

which had argued in court that design was essential

to the iPhone.

The case was sent back to the district court

following a Supreme Court decision to revisit an

earlier $400 million damage award.

To arrive at a damages award of more than a

half-billion dollars, jurors would likely have

needed to buy into Apple’s reasoning that design

was so integral to the iPhone that it was essentially

the “article of manufacture.”

All 7 ITR forms released for e-filing: I-T Dept

New Delhi : The Income Tax

Department on Saturday launched and

activated all the seven ITR forms for

e-filing by taxpayers, after more than a

month of them being notified.

The Central Board of Direct Taxes

had notified the new income tax return

forms for the assessment year 2018-19

on April 5.

“All ITRs for AY 2018-19 are now

available for e-filing,” the department

said in a statement.

The tax department has launched

the ITR forms gradually since April 5

as the taxpayers have been looking

forward to file their returns before the

stipulated deadline of July 31. All

seven ITRs are to be filed electronically

on the official web portal of the

department -


- except for some

category of taxpayers, the

CBDT had said.

The new ITR forms mandate

the salaried class assesses

to provide their salary breakup,

and businessmen their GST

number and turnover. The

ITR-1 called ‘Sahaj’ is largely

used by the salaried class of

taxpayers with income up to

Rs 50 lakh from salary, one

house property only and additional

income such as interest earned

from fixed deposits and recurring

deposits. This time, the ITR-1 form

seeks an assessee’s details in separate

fields such as allowances not exempt,

profit in lieu of salary and value of

prerequisites among others. This form

was used by three crore taxpayers during

the last financial year.

Similarly, the ITR-2 form is used

by individuals and Hindu Undivided

families (HUFs), who have income

from any sources except

income from profits and

gains of business or profession,

including NRIs.

Individuals and HUFs

having income under the

head business or profession

can file either ITR-3 or ITR-

4 in presumptive income

cases. The rest of the forms

are for different category of


The CBDT, which makes

policy for the tax department,

had said that some fields have been

“rationalised” in the latest forms and

that there is no change in the manner

of filing of the ITRs as compared to

last year. In case of non-resident taxpayers,

the requirement of furnishing

details of “any one” foreign bank

account has been provided for the purpose

of credit of refund. The requirement

of furnishing details of cash

deposits made during a specified period

(in the wake of the note ban of

2016) as provided in the ITR form for

the AY 2017-18 has been “done away

with” this time. The field to either

mention the 12-digit Aadhaar number

or the 28-digit enrolment Aadhaar ID

has been retained in the new forms.

The CBDT had said individual taxpayers

of 80 years or more at any

time during the previous year or an

individual or HUF, whose income

does not exceed Rs 5 lakh and who

has not claimed any refund, can file

ITRs in the paper form, using the ITR-

1 or ITR-4.



June 2018


Tea leaf extracts

can destroy 80% of

lung cancer cells

A new study has shown how nanoparticles derived from tea

leaves can inhibit the growth of lung cancer cells, destroying up to

80% of them. Tea leaves contain a wide variety of compounds,

including polyphenols, amino acids, vitamins and antioxidants.

Nanoparticles derived from tea

leaves can inhibit the growth of lung

cancer cells, destroying up to 80% of

them, a team of Indian and British scientists

has found. The study, published

in the journal Applied Nano Materials,

outlines a new method of producing a

type of nanoparticle called quantum


"Our research confirmed previous

evidence that tea leaf extract can be a

non-toxic alternative to making quantum

dots using chemicals," said

Sudhagar Pitchaimuthu from Swansea

University in the UK, who led the study.

"The real surprise, however, was that

the dots actively inhibited the growth of

the lung cancer cells. We had not been

expecting this," Pitchaimuthu said.

Quantum dots can be made chemically,

but this is complicated and expensive

and has toxic side effects. The

Yogurt may help dampen chronic inflammation

team, including researchers from KS

Rangasamy College of Technology and

Bharathiar University in Tamil Nadu,

explored a non-toxic plant-based alternative

method of producing the dots,

using tea leaf extract. Tea leaves contain

a wide variety of compounds, including

polyphenols, amino acids, vitamins and


The researchers mixed tea leaf

extract with cadmium sulphate (CdSO4)

and sodium sulphide (Na2S) and

allowed the solution to incubate, a

process which causes quantum dots to

form. They then applied the dots to lung

cancer cells. They found that tea leaves

are a simpler, cheaper and less toxic

method of producing quantum dots,

compared with using chemicals, confirming

the results of other research in

the field.

The study found that quantum dots

produced from tea leaves inhibit the

growth of lung cancer cells. The

researchers penetrated into the

nanopores of the cancer cells and

destroyed up to 80% of them. The CdS

quantum dots derived from tea leaf

extract showed exceptional fluorescence

emission in cancer cell bioimaging compared

to conventional CdS nanoparticles.

Quantum dots are therefore a very promising

avenue to explore for developing

new cancer treatments, researchers said.

Regular exercise can keep your heart young

While any form of exercise reduces the

overall risk of death from heart problems,

the new study, published in The Journal

of Physiology, shows different sizes of

arteries are affected differently by varying

amounts of exercise.

Two to three days a week of 30 minutes'

exercise may be sufficient to minimise

stiffening of middle-sized arteries,

while exercising four to five days a week

is required to keep the larger central arteries

youthful. "This work is really exciting

because it enables us to develop exercise

programmes to keep the heart youthful

and even turn back time on older hearts

and blood vessels," said Benjamin Levine

from the Institute for Exercise and

Environmental Medicine (IEEM) in

Dallas, US. "Previous work by our group

has shown that waiting until 70 is too late

Eating yogurt may help reduce ing into the blood stream. "I wanted

chronic inflammation, a factor in to look at the mechanism more

bowel disease, arthritis and asthma, closely and look specifically at

according to a study.

yogurt," said Brad Bolling, an assistant

professor at the University of

The research, published in the

Journal of Nutrition, explored the Wisconsin-Madison in the US.

hypothesis that yogurt may help While anti-inflammatory medications

like aspirin, naproxen, hydro-

to reverse a heart's ageing, as it is difficult

reduce inflammation by improving

the integrity of the intestinal lining. cortisone and prednisone can help

to change cardiovascular structure even

This could help prevent endotoxins - mitigate the effects of chronic

with a year of training," said Levine.

pro-inflammatory molecules produced

by gut microbes - from cross-

own risks and side effects.

inflammation, each comes with its

As people age, arteries--which trans-

Smoking pot in early teens ups drug abuse risk later

port blood in and out of the heart--are

prone to stiffening, which increases the

risk of heart disease. The researchers performed

a cross-sectional examination of

102 people over 60 years old, with a consistently

logged lifelong exercise history.

Detailed measures of arterial stiffness

were collected from all participants, who

were then categorised in one of four

groups depending on their lifelong exercise

history. The team found that a lifelong

history of casual exercise (two to

three times a week) resulted in more

youthful middle-sized arteries, which

supply oxygenated blood to the head and

neck. However, people who exercised

four to five times per week also had more

youthful large central arteries, which provide

blood to the chest and abdomen, in

addition to healthier middle-sized ones.

People who start smoking

marijuana in the beginning of

their teens are at a higher risk of

having a drug abuse problem by

the age of 28, a study has found.

Researchers from by

Universite de Montreal in

Canada suggest that found that

children in primary school need

to be educated about the risks of

starting pot smoking, especially

now that the potency is much

greater than it was in decades

past and that public acceptance

is being spurred by legalisation

in many places. The study found

that those who started smoking

pot between the age of 15 and 17

were at 44 per cent higher risk of

developing a drug abuse problem.

However, the risk was higher

at 68 per cent for those who

started at an earlier age. "The

odds of developing any drug

abuse symptoms by age 28 were

reduced by 31 per cent for each

year of delayed onset of

cannabis use in adolescence,"

researchers said.

For the study published in the

Canadian Journal of Psychiatry,

researchers looked at data for

1,030 boys from some of the

city's impoverished neighbourhoods

begun in the early

1980s. Those who started

drinking at 17 also were at

higher risk of having an alcohol

problem at 28.

The finding that starting

pot smoking between ages

13 and 15 increases the odds

of developing a drug problem

later on makes it all the

more important to prevent or

reducing cannabis use as

early as possible, researchers

said. "It may be important to

implement these programmes by

the end of elementary school to

prevent early onset of cannabis

use," said Charlie Rioux, doctoral

student at Universite de

Montreal. "Since peer influence

and delinquency were identified

as early risk factors for earlier

cannabis onset and adult drug

abuse, targeting these risk factors

in prevention programs may

be important, especially since

prevention strategies working on

the motivators of substance use

have been shown to be effective,"

said Rioux.

14 June 2018



Sexual intimacy in old age not

linked with MEMORY LOSS

Getting naughty under

the sheets as well as remaining

emotionally attached to

romantic partners in old age

may not be linked to decline

in memory skills, finds a


Although lifestyle factors,

level of education,

smoking and drinking habits

and physical activity all play

a role in the rate and extent

of age-related cognitive

decline, the study now

shows that there is no link

between sexual activity and

rate of cognitive decline.

"Decline in memory performance

over time was

unrelated to sexual activity

or emotional closeness during partnered

sexual activity," said Mark Allen of the

University of Wollongong in Australia.

For the study, published in the journal

Archives of Sexual Behavior, the team

Are you in a relationship with

a manipulative person?

Here are a few

telltale signs

If you are in a relationship where you feel that you are

being taken for a ride, chances are, your partner is manipulating

you. Dealing with such a partner is tricky, because

it's often hard to detect this manipulation. Here, relationship

experts Dr Anil Sethi and Shivani Misri Sadhoo give

us points to call out a such a relationship.

The guilt trip

If they send you on a guilt trip after

every argument, even when it's not

your fault, it's a high probability that

you are being manipulated. They try to

manipulate your emotions by making

you feel as if you don't care, even when

you do.

Undermining your confidence

Manipulators want to control you,

which means that they don't want you

to be confident. They try to destroy

your confidence by making you doubt

yourself and making you self-conscious.

And, they do this by constantly

criticising you or nagging you, sometimes

even in the littlest of ways.

It's never their fault, obviously

Does your

partner send

you on a guilt

trip too

often? Does

he or she try

to destroy

your confidence?

If this

is the case,

chances are,

you are in a



Every time there is a fight or an argument, it's never their

fault. They will always blame you. And when this is the

case, you often end up feeling like a helpless victim. When

you feel like a victim, you feel powerless, which makes it

easier to manipulate you.


Manipulators are clever as they can rationalise their behaviour

and give justifications, which means that they are able

to make it seem like that they are right. Hence, there is no

end to arguments and fights in the relationship.

used data from more than 6,000 adults

aged 50 and over.

Participants completed an episodic

memory task and a questionnaire where

they reported the frequency of intimate

Kidney stones in children,

popping antibiotic

pills increases the risk

This is the first time that these

medicines have been linked to this

condition. The strongest risks

appeared at younger ages and

among patients most recently

exposed to antibiotics. Children

are prescribed antibiotics at a higher

rate than adults. Oral antibiotics

are associated with a diagnosis of

kidney stone disease.

You may want to avoid popping

those antibiotics as according to a

recent study, they can up the risk

of kidney stones. This is the first

time that these medicines have

been linked to this condition. The

strongest risks appeared at

younger ages and among patients

most recently exposed to antibiotics.

"The overall prevalence of

kidney stones has risen by

70%?over the past 30 years, with

particularly sharp increases among

adolescents and young women,"

said study leader Gregory ETasian,

of Children's Hospital of

Philadelphia (CHOP). Tasian noted

that kidney stones were previously

activities such as

kissing, sexual

touching and intercourse.

Allen found an

overall decline in

all participants'

score on the memory

test over time.

Further, the

study builds on

previous experimental

work that

showed sexual

activity enhances

elderly rodents'

ability to recognise

objects and, therefore,


their episodic

memory workings and overall brain

health. It stimulated the growth of neurons

in the hippocampus, a part of the brain

that is activated when episodic and spatial

memory tasks are performed.

rare in children. Study co-author

Michelle Denburg added, "The reasons

for the increase are unknown,

but our findings suggest that oral

antibiotics play a role, especially

given that children are prescribed

antibiotics at higher rates than

adults." The study team drew on

electronic health records from the

United Kingdom, covering 13 million

adults and children seen by

general practitioners in the Health

Improvement Network between

1994 and 2015. The team analysed

prior antibiotic exposure for nearly

26,000 patients with kidney stones,

compared to nearly 260,000 control

subjects.They found that five classes

of oral antibiotics were associated

with a diagnosis of kidney stone

disease. The five classes were oral

sulfas, cephalosporins, fluoroquinolones,

nitrofurantoin, and

broad-spectrum penicillins. After

adjustments for age, sex, race, urinary

tract infection, other medications

and other medical conditions,

patients who received sulfa drugs

Prenatal coffee consumption

can make your child obese

were more than twice as likely as

those not exposed to antibiotics to

have kidney stones; for broad-spectrum

penicillins, the increased risk

was 27%?higher. The strongest

risks for kidney stones were in children

and adolescents. The risk of

kidney stones decreased over time

but remained elevated several years

after antibiotic use. Scientists

already knew that antibiotics alter

the composition of the human

microbiome--the community of

microorganisms in the body.

Disruptions in the intestinal and urinary

microbiome have been linked

to the occurrence of kidney stones,

but no previous studies revealed an

association between antibiotic

usage and stones. Tasian pointed

out that other researchers have

found that roughly 30%?of antibiotics

prescribed in office visits are

inappropriate, and children receive

more antibiotics than any other age

group, so the new findings reinforce

the need for clinicians to be careful

in prescribing correct antibiotics.

Are you expecting? If so,

refrain from drinking coffee, as

babies born to women who drank

coffee during pregnancy were

found to be at a higher risk of

being overweight, claims a study.

Consumption of

even one or two

cups of coffee per

day by expectant

mothers can put

their babies into a

higher risk of being

obese at school age.

"There may be good

cause to increase the

restriction of the recommended

maximum of three cups of coffee

per day. Caffeine is not a medicine

that needs to be consumed,"

said Verena Sengpiel, Associate

Professor at the University of

Gothenburg's Sahlgrenska

Academy in Sweden. However,

the clear link between caffeine

and the cause of obesity is not yet

proved, the study showed.

Published in BMJ Open Journal,

the team included 50,943 expectant

mothers. The children born to

women who had consumed caffeine

during pregnancy were studied

till they were eight years old.

During the study, children aged

five years old, who were overweight

or obese

were five per

cent greater in

the group whose

mothers had the

highest caffeine

consumption in

the study, compared

to those

whose mothers

had the lowest caffeine consumption.

The risk of child obesity due

to prenatal caffeine consumption

was also seen among women who

followed the recommended

amount as according to the

National Food Agency, i.e. three

cups of coffee every day. Even

though further studies are needed,

it is better to reduce the consumption

or completely refrain from

caffeine intake during pregnancy,

Sengpiel advised.

Mass vaccination

may not prevent

Ebola outbreaks

Researchers from

University of Kent in the UK

analysed the prospects for various

Ebolavirus vaccines and

found that, for the foreseable

future at least, Ebolavirus outbreak

control depends on surveillance

and the isolation of

cases. The findings come as

the World Health Organisation

has announced a new Ebola

virus outbreak in the

Democratic Republic of

Kongo. The study revealed

that very high proportions of

potentially affected populations

would need to be protected

by vaccination to establish

herd immunity, which prevents

virus transmission within

a population. The study

identified that, in the critical

phases of many Ebola virus

outbreaks, the average infected

individual infects four or

more other people, which

enables the virus to spread rapidly.

At this level, 80 per cent

of a population would need to

be immunised to prevent outbreaks,

even if a highly effective

vaccine that protects 90

per cent of individuals after

vaccination was available.

Such vaccination rates are currently

unachievable. In a vaccination

trial during the West

African Ebola virus epidemic,

only 49 per cent of individuals

who had been in contact with

Ebola virus patients could be

vaccinated. Thirty-four per

cent of contacts refused vaccination

although they had been

exposed to the disease.


China badminton team regain

glory with Thomas Cup win


June 2018


China, which boasts some of the world’s best badminton players, was the Thomas

Cup favourite despite not having secured the championship since 2012.

Bangkok : China men’s badminton

team took home the Thomas Cup on

Sunday, clawing back to beat Japan 3-

1 and compensate for their early exit

from the previous tournament in 2016.

China, which boasts some of the

world’s best players, was the tournament

favourite despite not having

secured the championship since 2012.

But its players faced added pressure

when the national women’s team

failed to make the final of the concurrent

Uber Cup for the first time ever.

Both competitions were held in

Bangkok at the Impact Arena, which

filled up on Sunday in anticipation of

a tough battle between top seed China

and a scrappy Japanese team.

The contest did not disappoint.

Japan’s flashy left-hander Kento

Momota stunned world number five

Chen Long 21-9, 21-18, giving the

underdog team crucial early momentum.

It was the second time Momota, 23,

had stunned Long this year after beating

him at the Asian Championships in

April in a continuing comeback. He

was barred from the sport in 2016 after

being caught gambling in an illegal

casino but returned to action last year.

China’s deep bench rallied after the

stunning loss, with world number

three doubles pair Liu Cheng and

Zhang Nan levelling the contest.

The 22-year-old singles star Shi

Yuqi then stayed one step ahead of

Japan’s Kenta Nishimoto, jumping in

the air for a smash winner to reach a

match point which Nishimoto then

netted to give Yuqi a 21-12, 21-17

win. Clinching the third and deciding

match was the world number four doubles

pair Li Junhui and Liu Yuchen,

who sprang back from a set down to

achieve a nail-biting win over Keigo

Sonoda and Yuta Watanabe 17-21, 21-

19, 22-20.

Their teammates rushed the court

afterwards in celebration. The tall and

imposing Li Junhui told reporters

afterwards that part of the week-long

competition had left him so worn out

he was too tired even to change his

shirt. After failure to excel in the past

two tournaments, head coach Xia

Xuanze said he was relieved to move

on. “It’s a big relief and I can have a

drink now,” he said. Japan had been

eyeing a clean sweep after the

women’s side clinched the Uber Cup

with an easy 3-0 victory against

Thailand on Saturday. But it was not

to be, even though men’s coach Park

Joo Bong said his players had exceeded


“It was a very good fight (but)

finally we could not finish the win,”

he said.

Loris Karius unable to sleep after

Champions League final nightmare

as police investigate death threats

Kiev : Liverpool goalkeeper Loris Karius told fans he was

“infinitely sorry” for his two catastrophic errors in the side’s 3-1

defeat to Real Madrid in the Champions League final and said he

had struggled to sleep after Saturday’s game.

The German keeper gifted Karim Benzema the first goal by

accidentally throwing the ball against the Real forward, and then

watching it trickle into his net, and he allowed a shot by Gareth

Bale straight through his hands for Madrid’s third goal which

ended any hopes of his side getting back in the game.

“Haven’t really slept until now, the scenes are still running

through my head again and again. I’m infinitely sorry to my team

mates, for you fans and for all the staff. I know that I messed it up

with the two mistakes and let you all down,” Karius wrote on

Twitter on Sunday. “As I said I’d just like to turn back the time but

that’s not possible. It’s even worse as we all felt that we could have

beaten Real Madrid and we were in the game for a long time.

“Thank you to our unbelievable fans who came to Kiev and

held my back, even after the game. I don’t take that for granted

and once again it showed me what a big family we are. Thank you

and we will come back stronger.” Karius received the backing of

his coach Juergen Klopp after the game but some fans on social

media were less forgiving and British media reported that

Merseyside Police were investigating death threats made towards

the goalkeeper. “Merseyside Police would like to remind social

media users than any offences including malicious communications

and threatening behaviour will be investigated.”

Sania Mirza

looks forward to

her comeback

New Delhi, Tennis ace

Sania Mirza is thrilled to feature

on the ESPN’s World

Fame 100

list for

2018, and

says it motivates


work hard

and achieve

more. “I am

thrilled and

excited to be with along side

such great athletes of the

world and obviously honoured,”

Sania said in a statement

to IANS. The tennis

ace is suffering from a condition

called jumper’s knee,

which has kept her off the

game for over six months.

She even missed the

Australian Open earlier this

year. Sania, who is married

to cricketer Shoaib Malik, is

currently expecting their first

child. They have decided to

give the child the surname

Mirza-Malik, an amalgamation

of their own last names.

“It motivates me to come

back stronger and work harder

to achieve more and strive

towards being the best I can

be. Also, I am excited to be

in the list again,” she added.

She is ranked at the 100th


16 June 2018



CSK beat Sunrisers Hyderabad

by 8 wickets to win third IPL title

Mumbai : Seven finals in nine

attempts, Chennai Super Kings sure

know how to handle the big stage.

Coming into the 2018 Indian Premier

League with a bruised ego due to the

ignominy of a two-year suspension,

the seasoned warriors proved they

retain the same aura of invincibility

that made them the most successful

team in the first eight editions.

Completing a fairytale script, the

yellow brigade dismissed the challenge

of Sunrisers Hyderabad to lift

the IPL title for the third time, cantering

to an eight-wicket win, eating up

the target of 179 in just 18.3 overs.

They effectively won in 16.3 overs

as SRH bowled two maiden overs.

Cheered on by a sea of yellow at the

Wankhede Stadium, Shane Watson

chose the occasion to put on a show.

As if to prove a point on behalf of his

veteran teammates against critics

who had dismissed CSK as Dad’s

Army for picking quite a few in the

30-plus age bracket, the 36-year-old

burly opener smashed an unbeaten

117 off 57 balls (11 fours and eight



The Sunrisers opening bowlers,

Bhuvneshwar Kumar and Sandeep

Sharma, began well, exerting early

pressure by snaking the ball around

on the lively track. Watson was clueless

in that period, taking 11 balls to

get off the mark. But that was the

only period of positive play for SRH

as it proved to be the lull before the


The powerplay overs done with,

Watson lifted his game into a different

zone to make it a no-contest.

He exposed the lack of pace of

SRH bowlers. Siddarth Kaul, hero of

the win over Kolkata Knight Riders,

bore the brunt, conceding 43 runs in

three overs.

It is not every day that Suresh

Raina, highest run-getter in IPL history,

gets eclipsed. On Sunday, he was

left to play second fiddle as Watson

traded in sixes. In their 117-run second

wicket partnership, Watson’s

contribution was 82 off 33 balls,

Raina’s 32 off 24 balls.

It was Watson’s second hundred of

the season, having hit one against

Rajasthan Royals, and fourth IPL ton.

At the end of the powerplay overs,

CSK had huffed and puffed to 35/1.

In comparison, SRH had been ahead

at that mark at 42 for one. But when

Raina’s wicket fell at the score of

133, CSK’s target had been reduced

to 46 off 39 balls.

Sandeep Sharma, so incisive with

the new ball, was clobbered for 27

runs in the 13th over of the innings,

Watson scoring 26 of them with three

sixes and two fours.

The 150 off the innings was

reached in 15.3 overs and it was

almost run-a-ball at that point with

eight wickets in hand.

SRH had topped the league table

ahead of CSK but in their one-to-one

battles, it has been complete domination

by the men-in-yellow – this

being the fourth straight defeat of the

season. Sunrisers Hyderabad batsmen

battled their way to 178/6 after being

put into bat with skipper Kane

Williamson scoring a 36-ball 47 and

Yusuf Pathan providing the innings

the much-needed impetus with a

quickfire 25-ball 45 not out.

FIFA announces 2018 World Cup national slogans Red Bull’s Ricciardo sets

pace in 2nd free

practice of Monaco GP

Moscow, The worlds governing football

body, FIFA, published on Thursday a

list of official logos for each of 32 participating

teams in the upcoming 2018 FIFA

World Cup and the logo of hosts Russia is

“Play With an Open Heart.”

“The votes have been counted. The fans

have spoken,” FIFA said in a statement,

reports Tass news agency. “We now have

the 32 slogans that captured the hearts, and

votes, of the global FIFA Club community.”

Before the winning variant of “Play

With an Open Heart” was approved in the

course of the voting the other two variants

in previous top-three had suggestions of

“The Russian Bears Stride to Victory” and

“With a Full Heart the Entire Nation is

Pursuing the Dream.” “The winning slogans

will be displayed on the 32 team

buses at the 2018 FIFA World Cup

Russia,” the statement from FIFA said

adding that each lucky slogan creator will

be awarded with a trip to Russia for the

world football championship. Reigning

world champions Germany will have the

logo saying “Zusammen.

Geschichte schreiben (Let’s Write

History Together), while the 2016 UEFA

Euro Cup Champions Portugal may be

recognized in Russia during the World

Cup under their official logo “O Passado E

Gloria, O Presente E Historia” (The Past Is

Glory, The Present Is History). The 2018

FIFA World Cup kicks off in 21 days with

the opening match in the Russian capital

of Moscow.

Russia selected 11 host cities to be the

venues for the matches of the 2018 World

Cup and they are Moscow, St. Petersburg,

Sochi, Kazan, Saransk, Kaliningrad,

Volgograd, Rostov-on-Don, Nizhny

Novgorod, Yekaterinburg and Samara.

Monaco, Australian

Formula One driver Daniel

Ricciardo (Red Bull) on

Thursday had the fastest time

in the second free practice of

the Monaco Grand Prix.

Ricciardo clocked a best

time of 1:11.841, ahead of his

Dutch teammate Max

Verstappen and Germany’s

Sebastian Vettel (Ferrari),

reports Efe. The F1 World

Championship leader and

defending champion, Briton

Lewis Hamilton, came in

fourth place, 0.695 seconds

behind Ricciardo.



June 2018



I'm really great and

doing wonderful:

Jenna Dewan

Actor Jenna Dewan, who recently

parted ways with husband Channing

Tatum, says she is doing good and is

happy with the way things are shaping

up for her.

Dewan, 37, and Tatum announced

their split last month. The duo, who

tied the knot in 2009, said they had

"lovingly chosen to separate as a couple".

"This year has just been a really

incredible year in a lot of ways. A lot of

change, but you go with it and you

make the best with what you can. I'm

really great and doing wonderful and I

thank everyone for their love always,"

the "Step Up" star told People magazine.

Dewan had previously insisted

she will always be "really great

friends" with Tatum, 38.

Rasika Dugal feels 'let down'

by film distribution system


Newly-wed actor Sonam Kapoor Ahuja talks about life after

marriage, says husband Anand is a 'private' person

It would be an understatement to

say that Sonam Kapoor Ahuja has

been 'running around a lot' of late.

After wrapping up Veere Di

Wedding (VDW), the actor wed

Delhibased businessman Anand S

Ahuja, and immediately after that,

flew to attend the Cannes Film

Festival. Now, she is neckdeep in

the promotions of VDW. But despite

a packed schedule, you just can't

miss her happiness and excitement.

"You know, whenever I feel wornout,

chocolates come in really

handy," says Sonam, as she talks

about life and career.

» Firstly, aren't you feeling a

bit exhausted?

Not really, because I am too

excited and happy with what's going

on in my life and things that are happening

in general. I think weariness

will hit me only after VDW releases

but right now, I am feeling great.

» Since Raanjhanaa (2013), you

have had back-to-back successes

including Neerja (2016) and Pad

Man. You must be kicked about it.

Absolutely! And now, I really

hope VDW also does well. A hit

film comes as a validation in some

way or the other because it means [a

certain number of] people have gone

and watched the film. And that's

what matters at the end of the day.

Any kind of art work - be it a painting,

a film or a piece of music - is

meant for people to consume.

» At this stage, you seem content

and happy in your own space…

I am very ambitious and I work

really hard but I am not greedy for

fame and stardom. I yearn for good

work and if that's coming my way, I

am very happy. Also, I like to take

my time when it comes to doing

films and that has always been the

case. So, I do one or maximum two

films in a year. This is the first year

that I have done four films in a year

and it's been so hard and hectic. I

don't know how people do it every

year. I just can't (smiles). I usually

take breaks between films.

» And you have never seemed

to be part of any rat race...

It's completely by design, and I

am very happy about that. I have

created my own path while others

have their own. I don't think I would

be happy any other way.

» After marriage, you and

Anand changed your names (to

become Sonam Kapoor Ahuja and

Anand S Ahuja), which immediately

made news…

I don't know how to explain it.

I'm a little fed up as well because

whatever I do is turned into news. I

am happy that people are so interested

in my life and whatever I wear

and do; what I eat and what my

name is. But I feel bad for my poor

husband (laughs). I didn't even

know that he had changed his name.

My managers informed me... I had

no idea.

» What's a wife's take on it?

I feel it's a very cool and progressive

thing to do. He is an amazing

person and that's why I've married

him. He is what he is and I can't

comment on what all he does as he

isn't a public person. So I don't think

it's fair to discuss him, his choices

and speak on his behalf, especially

since he is a very private person.

Rasika Dugal's film Manto was

recently screened at the Cannes film

festival and the actor is extremely

proud of the film,which is expected to

hit theatres in India, sometime this

year. However, Rasika isn't confident

about the film distribution system in

India and feels some of her projects

deserved a better release than what they

had received.

"I've been fortunate with the kind of

work I've done, in terms of quality. But

a lot of work didn't get the kind of

release and attention that it deserved.

And, I feel little let down by our distribution

system," says Rasika, who has

been part of films such as Hijack

(2008), Tahaan (2008) and Qissa

(2015). After being part of the industry

for a decade now, she feels fortunate to

have done films that other actors might

not get a chance to do during their

entire career. But at the same time she

feels that "there is no sure shot way of

picking up safe scripts."

Elaborating her point, Rasika says,

"The best option that you can have as

an actor is pure instinct and you should

be able to protect your instinct.

Information can either cloud your

instinct or aid it. I always feel that in

the last few years in the industry, I have

tried to protect my instinct and not get

clouded by too much information.

Amitabh, Shweta TRAVEL

in auto rickshaw for 'work'

Megastar Amitabh Bachchan and his daughter Shweta Bachchan-Nanda

took an auto-rickshaw ride to go for work.

"I travel today for the work in the greatly in demand and preferred mode of

travel, the auto, the auto rickshaw... The auto, the rick - call it what you may,"

Big B wrote on his blog. "How on earth did this word rickshaw develop in

India or where the British may have invented it in their Colonial occupation,

but the facts are pretty close there is debate on its origin and Japan, UK, USA

seem to be the forerunners of this invention "Mr GoolgeLoyd the master of all

information claims it to have been invented from the Japanese word - jinrikisha,"

he added. Amitabh also shared a few photographs of himself and his

daughter in the auto-rickshaw. In one image, he is seen sitting next to his

daughter, who is seen wearing a yellow salwaar kameez. In another photograph,

he is seen holding a walking stick and speaking to the driver. "And the

ever smiling driver cum owner, Shareek, is asked by me what he earns in a day

Rs 1500 - 1800, he smilingly informs, when used for shoots a lot more at times

Rs 5000," he wrote. The 75-year-old actor also said that he feels helpless.

"I admire this India. I admire this world. I feel helpless and withdrawn. I

am in gifted birth. I am in blessed existence not all are. So give, give to redeem

to needed. Just give and not ask where whom when and why. Just," he added.

On the film front, the actor will next be seen in "Thugs Of Hindostan" along

with Aamir Khan, Fatima Sana Sheikh and Katrina Kaif.

Priyanka Chopra

visits Rohingya

refugee camps

Actress and global Unicef Goodwill Ambassador

for Child Rights Priyanka Chopra is visiting the

Rohingya refugee camps on a field visit.

Priyanka on Monday tweeted a photograph of

herself from an aircraft looking out of the

window. "Follow my Instagram to share my

experiences as I visit the Rohingya refugee

camps on this Unicef field visit. Children

uprooted, the world needs to care. We need

to care," she captioned the image.

Priyanka, 35, has worked with Unicef

for a decade and was appointed as the

national and global Unicef goodwill

ambassador for Child Rights in 2010 and

2016, respectively. She promotes

causes such as environment, health

and education and women's rights,

among many others.

Almost 700,000 refugees

have fled violence in neighbouring

Myanmar and arrived

in Cox's Bazar since August

2017, according to the UN.

Last year, Priyanka had

met Syrian refugee children in

Jordan. The actress has flown

to Dhaka from London,

where she attended her friend

and actress Meghan Markle's

wedding to British Royal

Prince Harry.

18 June 2018





Says Hina Khan, who is keen on acting in Hindi films, also

talks about actors who she wants to share the screen with

Hina Khan, who is exploring other

sides of her personality, recently acted

in a short film and has also walked the

ramp for various shows. The actor,

who hasn't zeroed in on her next TV

project, is open to anchoring shows as

well as acting on the big screen. "I'm

open to all genres and mediums as

long as what I am doing is something

different from the past and doubles the

challenge. I'd love to experiment in

films, be it Hindi or even regional."

says Hina. Excerpts from an interview.

Have you received any film offers


Yes, there have been movie

offers coming in post Bigg Boss

and I would love to be a part of

them. But again, there's a lot to

consider before picking up a


Does the approach to craft

differ from one medium to


Once you are an actor,

you will always remain an

actor and hence the craft will

never change. It's just the

medium and characters that

keep changing.

Do you have a wish list

of people you want to

work with in movies?

I really want to work

with Naseeruddin Shah

sir, Amitabh Bachchan

sir, Prakash Raj, Manoj

Working with relatives can be

dangerous, difficult: Tanaaz Irani

New Delhi, Actress Tanaaz Irani says

working with relatives can be very dangerous

and difficult. However she says that

sharing stage with actress Delnaaz Irani,

who is her sister-in-law, is a different camaraderie

altogether. Tanaaz and Delnaaz are

working together after 18 years on a play

titled “Wrong Number”. They last worked

together in a play titled “I Do I Don’t”.

“Working with relatives is really dangerous

and working with relatives is difficult

but working with Delnaaz is not like

working with a relative. I think we both are

very mature and senior enough as we do

not let any non-sense get in our way . In

real life we are sisters-in-law but I don’t

think that we have ever displayed that relationship

on set,” Tanaaz said in a statement

to IANS. “Delnaaz and I have always been

friends. I guess it is very rare that you get

to see Parsi’s in the world of Hindi theatre.

Delnaaz and I more or less think the same,

except I presented in a more energetic,

more stormy and in a more naughty manner

whereas, Delnaaz is more calculated

and slightly slow but being a Virgo she is

nice and simple,” she added. “Wrong

Number”, which will be staged here on

June 3 at Rang Sharda Auditorium, is a

play about juggling with time and space to

present the lives and loves, passion and

panic of three married couples. Presented

by production house Felicity Theatre and

directed by Raman Kumar, the play also

features Avtar Gill, Rajesh Puri, Rahul

Bhuchar and Rakesh Bedi.

Web series have opened up

a new market, which caters

more to the urban and international

audience, and

there's some very interesting

content being made in the

digital realm.


Bajpayee, Nawazuddin Siddiqui and

my most favourite, Irrfan Khan. I also

wish him a speedy recovery and pray

for him.

Besides acting, whose style sensibilities

do you admire?

I like Sonam Kapoor and Deepika

Padukone, they both are fashionistas. I

like Kangana Ranaut for her swag, she's

so full of it. I call her the swag lady.

Do you think content on television

still needs to revamp? What according

to you is an underexplored genre

or concept on Indian GECs?

TV is doing just fine catering to the

masses who are in the interior villages.

Web series have opened up a new market,

which caters more to the urban and

international audience, and there's

some very interesting content being

made in the digital realm. We are yet to

see the fantasy or political genres,

shows such as House Of Cards or even

Game Of Thrones on Indian TV or the

digital world here.

Karan Soni wants to make

film with Alia Bhatt

New Delhi, “Deadpool” actor Karan in mind for one part. I wrote the script

Soni says he is working on a script keeping

Bollywood actress Alia Bhatt in write I like to think who would be the

with her voice in mind. Because when I


actor who would play it. And in a dream

Asked about the progress of the script, situation, I would like to have her,” said

Karan told IANS: “I am still trying to get Karan, who got noticed as Deadpool’s

that made. It is taking time but it is definitely

on the list. I want to get it made. It “Deadpool 2” — brought to India by Fox

Indian cab driver Dopinder. After

is slowly moving forward.” In another Star India, Karan will be seen as an angel

interview with IANS, Karan had shared in “Miracle Workers”. He will also feature

in “Corporate Animals”, starring

that he is writing the script with her voice

in the mind. “I wrote three parts with her Sharon Stone.

Nawaz's act compared

to that of Mastroianni

and Anthony Hopkins

Nawazuddin Siddiqui's performance in his upcoming film was recently

compared to that of the Italian legend Marcello Mastroianni by an international

publication. Earlier, his nuanced act in Raman Raghav 2.0 (2016) was compared

to that of Hollywood actor Heath Ledger. Nawaz feels grateful that his

body of work is acknowledged by people from different industries and is recognised

beyond India. "I was compared to [Hollywood actor] Anthony

Hopkins and Heath Ledger for my performance in Raman Raghav 2.0.

Now it's being compared to Marcello Mastorianni's [work]. In fact, he

is one of my favourites. When I was in the National School of Drama,

I'd seen a lot of films. But I never expected that my performance

would be compared to his. Of course, it makes you feel good and

inspires you to do even better when your work is spoken of in the

same breath as these legendary actors. You know that you're on

the right track," says Nawaz. His latest film was in the running

for an award at the Cannes film fest, which ended yesterday.

Talking about what sets those eminent names apart, the actor

says that it's the honesty and ease in their performances. "A lot

of actors can deliver heavy dialogues and probably make

them sound convincing. However, very few can make

scenes look effortless. That's the sign of a true performer,"

says the Badlapur (2015) actor.

It's important to watch other actors' work, he adds, to

understand the craft. "It's not that you take anything

from their performance, but it opens your mind in many

ways. When I saw The Wolf of Wall Street (2013), I

was blown away by Leonardo DiCaprio's performance.

I used to feel he was an average actor, but

then he was beyond imagination in the film," says

Nawaz, who turned a year older yesterday but

spent the entire day shooting for his next film.

"I don't celebrate birthdays, as I don't believe

in it," he says.

I wrote the

script with her

voice in mind.

Because when I

write I like to

think who

would be the

actor who

would play it



GDPR : Here’s how EU data privacy

law will affect Indian companies

Non-compliance of GDPR rules can cost companies a fortune --

20 million Euros or 4%?of annual turnover.

The General Data Protection

Regulation (GDPR) designed to give

citizens in the European Union (EU)

more rights to control their personal

information also applies to an Indian

entity if it monitors the behaviour of

individuals in the EU.

“The scope of GDPR is very wide. It

does not matter whether you are in the

EU or outside,” Supratim Chakraborty,

Associate Partner at the law firm

Khaitan & Co, said. “If you are providing

goods and services through the data

subjects in EU, you will be covered

under the ambit. For example, the outsourcing

services will be covered under

GDPR. Moreover, establishments

which are engaged in tracking data subjects

of the EU through apps or any

other tools will be liable to comply to

the new regulations,” Chakraborty

added. According to the European

Commission, the law applies to a company

or entity which processes personal

data as part of the activities of one of

its branches established in the EU,

regardless of where the data is

processed. Non-compliance of GDPR

rules can cost companies a fortune -- 20

million Euros or 4%?of annual

turnover. It also applies to a company

established outside the EU offering

goods/services -- whether paid or for

free -- which monitors the behaviour of

individuals in the EU. According to

Shree Parthasarathy, Partner, Deloitte

India, Indian businesses are battling

severe issues of data protection and

cyber security that have larger business

implications on productivity and customer


“Embracing GDPR with a strategic

roadmap should be the immediate priority

for Indian CXOs, that would

include creating awareness, training as

well as constitution of a dedicated data

protection framework,” Parthasarathy

said in a statement. “GDPR can be a

competitive advantage for India, if

enterprises understand its relevance and

further bring in a risk-based iterative

mechanism to their business strategy

that is trustworthy secure, and agile in

the digital world,” he added. According

to a Deloitte survey conducted in collaboration

with Data Security Council

of India (DSCI), large organisations

with more than 10,000 employees (21%

of respondents), embarked on their

GDPR readiness journey in 2016 itself.

Whereas, 43% of organisations started

their GDPR readiness journey only

in late 2017 or early 2018, the results

showed. “GDPR compliance should not

only be looked at as an effort and

money draining exercise but also as a

business advantage which can be a differentiator

in the market. An entity

compliant with GDPR requirements

would definitely command more confidence

from customers as compared to

those who do not,” Chakraborty said.

June 2018


Facebook wants users

to give nude photos to

stop revenge porn

San Francisco, It may sound audacious

to some but Facebook thinks that

sharing with a trained employee of the

company the intimate images that you

fear might go viral in the social networking

platforms can help it stop their

spread, thereby protecting your privacy.

The social networking giant on

Tuesday said it was testing a reporting

tool so that people who worry that someone

might want to harm them by sharing

an intimate image can proactively

upload it, which will eventually help

Facebook to block anyone else from

sharing it on Facebook, Instagram, or

Messenger. Facebook said it entered into

partnership with safety organisations on

a way for people to securely submit photos

they fear will be shared without their

consent — images that are also referred

to as “revenge porn” or “non-consensual


“This pilot programme, starting in

Australia, Canada, the UK and US,

expands on existing tools for people to

report this content to us if it’s already

been shared,” Antigone Davis,

Facebook’s Global Head of Safety,

wrote in a Facebook post. From anxiety

and depression to the loss of a personal

relationship or a job, the result of having

most intimate moments shared without

permission can be devastating for a person.

And while these images harm people

of all genders, ages and sexual-orientations,

women are nearly twice as likely

as men to be targeted, Davis said.

20 June 2018



Well-prepared to fend off

Chinese competition in

India: Samsung official

New Delhi, Stressing that there has not been

any significant loss of its market share owing to

the rise of Chinese smartphone brands in India, a

top Samsung executive has said the company is

well prepared to fend off challenges from its

competitors. “India being the second largest

smartphone market and the fastest growing globally,

we have extremely aggressive plans for the

country,” Mohandeep Singh, Senior Vice-

President, Mobile Business, Samsung India, told

IANS here. Samsung became the leader in the

Indian flagship smartphone market, garnering

49.2 per cent share in the first quarter of 2018, the

German research firm GfK revealed last week.

In the full financial year (April 2017-March

2018), Samsung registered 55.2 per cent market

share in the Rs 40,000 and above price segment,

said GfK that reports final consumption of the

devices and not only shipments.

In March alone, the South Korean giant registered

a massive 58 per cent market share in the

flagship segment. But in the mid-range and

budget segments, the Chinese brands seem to

have outperformed Samsung. According to the

International Data Corporation’s (IDC)

“Quarterly Mobile Phone Tracker” report,

Xiaomi maintained its lead in the Indian smartphone

market with 30.3 per cent market share in

the first quarter of 2018, while Samsung came

second with 25.1 per cent share. Xiaomi maintained

its lead in the market for the second quarter

in a row, the report said. “More than the competition,

we are focused on the consumers

because that is where we find the inspiration for

the products that we want to launch in the country,”

Singh noted. In an apparent move to counter

the competitively-priced Chinese smartphone

brands, Samsung this week launched four new

smartphones in its Galaxy “A” and “J” series

with “Infinity Display” — a bezel-less screen for

an immersive viewing experience – which are

priced between Rs. 13,990 to Rs. 25,990.

India, Netherlands agree to boost trade,

cooperate across multiple sectors

New Delhi, India and The Netherlands on

Thursday agreed to boost bilateral trade and

investment and strengthen cooperation across

multiple sectors, including agriculture and

food processing, water management and science

and technology, following a bilateral

summit between Prime Minister Narendra

Modi and his Dutch counterpart Mark Rutte.

Jointly addressing the media with Rutte

after attending an India-Netherlands

CEOs Round Table that followed the

bilateral summit, Modi said that hundreds

of Dutch companies have been

operating in India for many years


“The Netherlands is the fifth

largest source of the total foreign

direct investment made in India till

now,” he said. “And in recent times,

it has even risen to become the third

largest source.” Modi said that in the

same way The Netherlands is a very

attractive investment destination for

Indian companies.

“Many Indian companies, which

are active in The Netherlands, are helping us to

build a more successful and more resilient

society,” he stated. According to a joint statement

issued following the summit, Modi and

Rutte acknowledged the role of the private sector

in boosting trade and investment relations

and underlined the opportunities for intensive

Indo-Dutch collaborations under India’s flagship

initiatives such as Make in India and

StartUp India. “Highlighting the role of youth

in enhancing future collaboration in innovation

and startups, the leaders welcomed the launch

of the StartUpLink initiative by Invest India

and the Netherlands Embassy in Delhi,” the

statement said. Stating that The Netherlands

have great experience in these areas, he

expressed happiness that the Indo-Dutch

Centre of Excellence on vegetables has started

functioning in Baramati, Maharashtra.

“We are working on setting up more such

centres,” Modi stated.

Highlighting The Netherlands’ role in urban

development in India, he said water management

projects in Delhi and Vadodara were progressing

well. The joint statement said that

innovation, technology and governance being

key-ingredients in Indo-Dutch water cooperation,

the respective institutions of the two

countries have joined hands in several projects

including a waste2wealth approach to solid

waste and waste water in the Hindon Basin, in

assisting leather industries in Kanpur and

Unnao to adopt eco-friendly technologies, and

in conservation of water through efficient agriculture

practices in the sugarcane industry of

Uttar Pradesh.

“Both sides agreed to intensify their resolve

to enhance cooperation under the aegis of the

MoU (memorandum of understanding) in the

field of water management signed in June 2017

with focus on the Clean Ganga campaign,” it

stated. Modi also said that Indo-Dutch cooperation

in science and technology has completed

10 years and expressed confidence that this

will be further strengthened when The

Netherlands will participate as the partner

country in the Tech Summit to be held in

India in 2019. Following Thursday’s summit,

the Dutch Prime Minister also signed

the framework agreement of the India-initiated

International Solar Alliance (ISA) in

the presence of Modi.

Launched by Modi and then French

President Francois Hollande at the Paris

climate summit in 2015, the ISA was conceived

as a coalition of solar resource-rich

countries to address their special energy

needs and provide a platform to collaborate

on dealing with the identified gaps

through a common, agreed approach. It is

open to all 121 prospective member countries

falling between the Tropics of Cancer

and Capricorn.

Modi said that the benefits of technology,

experience and mastery The Netherlands has

acquired on solar energy should be shared with

the whole world.

According to the joint statement, the two

leaders also reiterated their strong condemnation

of terrorism in all its forms and manifestations.

“They deplored the violence caused by

Al Qaeda, Daesh/ISIS, Jaish-e-Mohammed,

HizbulMujahideen, Lashkar-e-Tayabba, and

their affiliates as well as terrorist groups threatening

peace and security in South Asia and

Europe,” it stated.

Grass fire to blame for that

melted NASA camera

Washington, As photographs of NASA said that only part of the camera’s

Ironically, the four cameras set up

NASA’s “melted camera” spread like

wildfire on the Internet, triggering

assumptions of many kinds, the space

agency has explained that

a grass fire started by the

story has been exposed so far,

stressing that Ingalls, who has been

shooting for the agency for 30 years,

inside the perimeter were undamaged, as

was the other remote, NASA said.

The damaged camera was one of the

furthest from the pad, a

quarter of a mile away.

launch of a SpaceX

Once the fire reached

Falcon 9 rocket this week

toasted the camera.

SpaceX launched two

the camera, it was

quickly engulfed. The

body started to melt.

new Earth-observing

When Ingalls returned

satellites for NASA and

five commercial communications

satellites for

Iridium on a used Falcon

9 rocket in a ride-share

mission from Vandenberg

to the site, firefighters

were waiting to greet

him. Recognising the

camera was destroyed,

Ingalls forced open the

body to see if its memory

Air Force Base in

card could be sal-

California on Tuesday.

The launch went off

without a glitch, but a fire

sparked by the launch

destroyed a camera which

belonged to NASA photographer

Bill Ingalls.

The camera captured

its own demise and people got a chance

to view the images captured by it as the

memory card was found to be intact.

Many people assumed that the camera

was too close to the launchpad and got

burned by the power of the Falcon 9

rocket, CNET reported on Friday.

knows where to set up his cameras.

“I had six remotes, two outside the

launch pad safety perimeter and four

inside,” said Ingalls.

“Unfortunately, the launch started a

grass fire that toasted one of the cameras

outside the perimeter,” Ingalls added.

vaged. It could, which

is why people could see

the fire approaching the

camera. The “toasty”

camera, as Ingalls calls

it, is likely headed for

display somewhere at

NASA headquarters in

Washington, DC, NASA said.

Meanwhile, Ingalls himself will soon

travel to Kazakhstan to photograph the

June 3 landing of the International Space

Station’s Expedition 55 crew. He expects

that will be a completely normal assignment.

Mars rocks from lake beds may

reveal signs of past life

London, Iron-rich rocks —

which formed in lake beds — are

the best place to seek fossil evidence

of life on Mars from billions

of years ago, researchers say. It is

believed that Mars supported primitive

life forms around four billion

years ago and the new study could

aid the search for traces of tiny

creatures — known as microbes –

on the Red Planet.

“There are many interesting

rock and mineral

outcrops on Mars

where we would

like to search for

fossils, but since we

can’t send rovers to

all of them we have

tried to prioritise

the most promising

deposits based on

the best available

information,” said Sean McMahon

from University of Edinburgh in

Britain. The study, published in the

Journal of Geophysical Research,

said that sedimentary rocks made

of compacted mud or clay are the

most likely to contain fossils.

These rocks are rich in iron and

a mineral called silica, which helps

preserve fossils. They formed during

the Noachian and Hesperian

Periods of Martian history between

three and four billion years ago. At

that time, the planet’s surface was

abundant in water, which could

have supported life. The rocks are

much better preserved than those

of the same age on Earth, the

researchers said. This is because

Mars is not subject to plate tectonics

— the movement of huge rocky

slabs that form the crust of some

planets — which over time can

destroy rocks and fossils inside

them. The team reviewed studies

of fossils on Earth and assessed the

results of lab experiments replicating

Martian conditions

to identify the

most promising sites

on the planet to

explore for traces of

ancient life.

Their findings

could help inform

NASA’s next rover

mission to the Red

Planet, which will

focus on searching for evidence of

past life.

The US space agency’s Mars

2020 rover will collect rock samples

to be returned to Earth for

analysis by a future mission.

A similar mission led by the

European Space Agency is also

planned in coming years. The latest

study of Mars rocks could aid

in the selection of landing sites for

both missions. The researchers

hope that their study could also

help to identify the best places to

gather rock samples.



Former Australian deputy PM

takes parliamentary leave

Canberra : Former Australian Deputy

Prime Minister Barnaby Joyce has been

granted personal leave from his parliamentary

duties for one month. Joyce was

allowed to take the leave from Tuesday,

meaning his absence will not affect votes

in the Australian House of Representatives

and will not jeopardise the coalition’s slim

one-seat majority, Xinhua news agency


The Nationals backbencher applied for

leave six weeks after he and his partner

Vikki Campion welcomed a baby boy and

just days after revelations the couple

agreed to a paid interview of 150,000

Australian dollars ($112,500) with Channel

7’s Sunday Night. On Tuesday, Joyce told

the Australian newspaper it was Campion

who had made the decision to accept

money for the interview, because she and

their son Sebastian were being “screwed

over” by constant media attention.

Joyce has not taken extended leave

since his affair with former media advisor

Campion was revealed earlier this year.

The member for New England in New

South Wales, stood down as Nationals

leader in February and lodged a privacy

complaint against the Daily Telegraph

newspaper for reporting on his private life.

Joyce is expected to return to Parliament

on August 13.

June 2018


Zimbabwe to hold

elections on July 30

Harare, Zimbabwean President Emmerson Mnangagwa on

Wednesday announced that the country

will hold its national elections on July

30. He made the proclamation in a government

gazette published in the morning.

The notice fixed “Monday, the 30th

day of July, 2018, as the day of the election

to the office of President, the election

of members of the National

Assembly and election of councillors”,

the BBC reported. It will be the first time

in decades former leader Robert Mugabe

is not standing for President.

Mnangagwa, who took power after Mugabe was ousted in

November, on Tuesday reiterated his commitment to “free and

fair elections”. He also fixed September 8 as the day of the

runoff election to the office of President if there is no clear winner

with 50 per cent plus one vote.

Americans pay tribute to war fallen on Memorial Day

Washington : From President

Donald Trump visiting the main US

military cemetery to parades and

solemn remembrances, Americans

have honoured their fallen war heroes

for the Memorial Day holiday. Across

the country, relatives, friends and

members of the general public placed

American flags and flowers on the

tombs of soldiers who gave their lives

for the country.

During his second Memorial Day

as commander-in-chief, Trump placed

a wreath at the Tomb of the Unknown

Soldier. He was joined by US Defense

Secretary Jim Mattis and Chairman of

the Joint Chiefs of Staff General

Joseph Dunford for the ceremony at

Arlington National Cemetery, whose

rolling hills of greenery just outside

the US capital are the final resting

place for more than 400,000 veterans.

"Our fallen heroes have not only

written our history — they've shaped

our destiny," Trump said.

"They fought and bled and died so

that America would forever remain

safe and strong and free." Los Angeles

Mayor Eric Garcetti was among the

speakers during an observance at his

city's National Cemetery. Besides

Washington, some of the largest

parades took place in Chicago and

New York, with veterans' groups and

bands among the participants.

Chicago's celebrations have taken

place since 1870.

Hurricane Maria kills 4,600 in Puerto Rico

San Juan, Hurricane Maria

killed more than 4,600 people

in Puerto Rico, 70 times the

official death toll of 64, the

media reported on

Wednesday. A Harvard

University study estimated

that a third of

deaths after September’s

hurricane were due to

interruptions in medical

care caused by power

cuts and broken road

links, reports the BBC.

The Harvard

researchers said interviews

conducted in

Puerto Rico suggested a

60 per cent increase in

mortality in the three

months after the storm.

They contacted more

than 3,000 randomly

selected households

between January and

March in 2018 and

asked about displacement,

infrastructure loss, and causes

of death. The experts said that

an accurate count was complicated

by the widespread devastation

wreaked by the storm.

The Puerto Rico government

said it “always expected the

number to be higher than what

was previously reported”.

Carlos Mercader from

Puerto Rico’s Federal Affairs

Administration said he

welcomed the Harvard

survey. “The magnitude

of this tragic disaster

caused by

Hurricane Maria

resulted in many fatalities,”

he said. He added

that the island’s authorities

had also commissioned


Washington University

to study the number of

deaths and these findings

would be released

soon, reports the BBC.

“Both studies will

help us better prepare

for future natural disasters

and prevent lives

from being lost,” he


In contrast to Veterans Day, which

honours all who have served in the

armed forces, Memorial Day pays

tribute to fallen military staff.

On Sunday, tens of thousands of

bikers in bandanas, cowboy hats or

gleaming helmets descended on

Washington to parade from the

Pentagon past the military cemetery

and ending at the Vietnam Veterans

Memorial in honour of US soldiers

missing in action in foreign wars, a

now 30-year-old tradition by motorcyclists

who dub themselves Rolling

Thunder. Among them are many

Vietnam War veterans. Some of the

bikers stopped by the National

Cathedral for a "blessing of the bikes"

service before they set about their

humming business.

This year, there was also an effort

to expand awareness of the Korean

War and the Americans killed in that

conflict. A massive display of 645,000

poppies was placed behind glass on

the National Mall — the expansive

grassy esplanade home to many of the

city's monuments — near the Korean

War Memorial.

The display honours fallen military

members and aims to raise awareness

about the impact of war. Memorial

Day originated after the American

Civil War that ended in 1865.

N.Korean official meets Pompeo in New York

New York, Senior North Korean official Kim Yong-chol met

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo in New York, ahead of a historic

summit between the leaders of the two countries.

Kim, the most senior North Korean official to visit the US in

18 years, was seen exiting the Corinthian building in Manhattan

at around 8.30 p.m. on Wednesday, following a dinner with

Pompeo, reports CNN. The meeting came as the two sides look

to revive the prospects of an on-again offagain

summit between US President

Donald Trump and North Korean leader

Kim Jong-un, originally scheduled for June

12 but later cancelled by Trump. A senior

State Department official described

Wednesday’s dinner as an opportunity for

the two men to strengthen their relationship

and discuss preparations. Prior to Kim

Yong-chol’s arrival in New York, White

House press secretary Sarah Sanders said that the officials’ “conversation

is going to be focused on denuclearization of the peninsula

as well as the summit that will take place in Singapore”,

adding that the administration was still aiming for a June 12

meeting. “We are preparing and expect that to take place on June

12 and if not, we’ll be ready on July 12,” CNN quoted Sanders

as saying earlier on Wednesday. Kim Yong-chol is seen as a powerful

surrogate for Kim Jong-un. The vice chairman of North

Korea’s Party Central Committee, he is the top official in charge

of relations between North and South Korea and has been present

in all recent high-level meetings with South Korea.

22 June 2018




follow China’s 6.6%

growth in 2018: IMF

Iran busts terrorist cell

near Pakistan border

Tehran, Iranian security

forces dismantled a terrorist

cell in the southeast province of

Sistan-and-Baluchestan, seizing

a considerable amount of

weapons and munitions, Press

TV reported on Wednesday.

The terrorist cell was disbanded

in Saravan region near

Pakistan border following the

clash between security forces

and terrorists, the police chief

of the province said.

“During this operation, significant

amounts of light and

heavy weapons, several booby

traps and suicide vests, and significant

amounts of ammunition

were confiscated from terrorists,”

Brigadier General

Mohammad Qanbari was quoted

as saying.

The suicide attacker of the

terrorist group was also killed,

but police forces suffered no

casualty, he said. The report did

not specify the time of clash

and the affiliation of the group.

Beijing, The IMF on Wednesday

pegged the growth of the Chinese economy

at a slightly slower pace of 6.6 per cent in

2018, followed by a gradual slow down

over the next five years.

An IMF mission, led by its Asia and

Pacific Assistant Director James Daniel,

was in Beijing and southern business-hub

Shenzhen from May 17 to 30 and presented

the results of an annual report on the

Chinese economy, known as Article IV, in

a press conference on Wednesday. “China’s

economic growth accelerated in 2017 and

is expected to weaken only slightly in 2018

to 6.6 per cent and moderate gradually to

about 5.5 per cent by 2023,” the team said

in a press release cited by Efe news.

The IMF mission met representatives of

the government, the People’s Bank of

China (China’s central bank), private companies

and educational institutions to

exchange views about China’s economic

growth outlook, progress of reforms and

challenges facing the country. They said

that the Chinese economy was performing

well and the reforms were making good


“Reforms progressed in several key

areas: financial sector de-risking accelerated

with a wide range of decisive measures

adopted, credit growth slowed, overcapacity

reduction progressed, anti-pollution

efforts intensified and opening up continued,”

said the press release. The team also

praised the government for shifting the policy

focus from “high-speed to high-quality

growth” adding that the earlier high growth

rates were unsustainable and advocated a

shift from excessive investment to consumption,

which could ensure a cleaner

environment and reduce risks.

The IMF also urged the Chinese authorities

to allow market forces to play a decisive

role in the economy, reduce the power

of the public sector and ensure just competition.

Referring to recent trade disputes

between China and the US, the mission

said trade tensions could be harmful both

Trump replaces steak

with fish to lose weight

Washington :

Dietitians to Donald Trump has replaced

his favourite steak with fish and have also discarded cheeseburgers,

after the US President acknowledged in private that

he needed to lose weight, a media report said.

President Trump had embarked upon a mission

to shed 10 to 15 pounds in January by

altering his diet and with a new exercise plan to

pull back from borderline obesity, CNN said in

the report on Wednesday.

Five months into his regimen, people close

to him said that they have detected small

changes, mostly in how he eats.

But they have not identified a discernible

exercise routine beyond the weekend rounds of

golf the President enjoys with the help of a cart.

Trump himself has continued to downplay the

importance of exercise, even questioning

whether it presents more risk than reward. In January, Ronny

Jackson, the White House doctor, acknowledged to a room

full of reporters that Trump didn’t exercise regularly, CNN

reported. Inside the White House kitchens, chefs have been

by the direct impact of tariffs and due to

uncertainty affecting the confidence of

investors and consumers.

The IMF also supported Beijing’s Belt

and Road Initiative for its potential to

improve connectivity and eliminate trade

barriers, although adding that resources

should be appropriately distributed among

the countries involved.

UN official voices concern over situation in Idlib

United Nations, The top UN official for humanitarian affairs on Tuesday expressed

concern over the security and humanitarian situation in Syria’s Idlib.

“The situation in Idlib is alarming, with airstrikes, clashes between armed groups,

overcrowding and severely stretched basic services deepening the suffering of both displaced

people who have fled there and host communities,” Mark Lowcock, UN undersecretary-general

and emergency relief coordinator, told the Security Council, Xinhua

reported. More than 80,000 newly displaced people have arrived in Idlib since March.

Keeping pace with the increase in needs in the northwestern governorate has involved

redirecting resources from other activities, he said. Many of the most recent new arrivals

in Idlib have come from northern rural Homs. Some 35,000 people were evacuated from

this area in the south earlier this month, after a significant escalation of conflicts, said

Lowcock. An inter-agency convoy — the first in more than two months — is due to go

to northern rural Homs on Wednesday with assistance for nearly 93,000 people, following

receipt of facilitation letters from the Syrian authorities on Sunday.

instructed to find ways to limit fat and calories in the dishes

they prepare for Trump’s meals, including the lunches and

dinners he convenes almost daily with members of his

Cabinet, lawmakers, outside advisers or visiting

foreign dignitaries.

Earlier this year, a registered dietitian was dispatched

from the Walter Reed National Military

Medical Centre to consult with White House

kitchen staff on reducing calories and fat in

Trump’s meals, a person familiar with the matter

told CNN.

Trump’s most recent predecessors were exercise


Former President Barack Obama played basketball

until his knees began troubling him,

switching later to cardio work on machines in

the White House residence. Former President

George W. Bush asked for workout equipment, including an

elliptical machine and dumbbells, to be installed in a poolside

cabana steps from the Oval Office, and a fold-up treadmill

to be placed aboard Air Force One.

Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov

arrives in Pyongyang: KCNA

Seoul : Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov arrived in

Pyongyang on Thursday, North Korea’s state media said, ahead

of a landmark summit between

Donald Trump and North Korean

leader Kim Jong Un. Lavrov’s visit

comes amid a flurry of diplomatic

activity to organise next month’s

summit, with US Secretary of State

Mike Pompeo also meeting Kim’s

right-hand man Kim Yong Chol in

New York late on Wednesday.

“Sergei Lavrov, foreign minister of the Russian Federation,

arrived here today at the invitation of Ri Yong Ho, foreign minister

of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (North

Korea)”, KCNA news agency said in a brief dispatch. It gave

no further details but Russia’s Tass news agency said the two

foreign ministers had begun talks at the Supreme People’s

Assembly building in Pyongyang. The Russian Foreign

Ministry said earlier they were expected to discuss “vital issues

of bilateral relations and key international and regional issues”.

Lavrov is paying a visit to North Korea for the first time since

2009, Tass said. Lavrov spoke to his US counterpart Pompeo

by telephone for the first time yesterday ahead of the Secretary

of State’s dinner meeting with Kim Yong Chol.

Washington is pressing North Korea to quickly give up all

its nuclear weapons in a verifiable way in return for lifting

sanctions and economic relief. But analysts say North Korea

will be unwilling to cede its nuclear deterrent unless it is given

security guarantees that the US will not try to topple the


Russian Parliament invites

Zuckerberg to address lawmakers

Moscow, Russia’s Federation Council, the Upper House of

the Parliament, has invited

Facebook founder Mark

Zuckerberg to speak at one of

its plenary meetings, Speaker

Valentina Matviyenko said on

Wednesday. “We have sent an

invitation and we will try to

organise his arrival,”

Matviyenko was quoted by

TASS news agency as saying.

“Whether he will be able to

come is another question,”

she said. The suggestion to invite Zuckerberg came from

Senator Anton Belyakov, who said that the US billionaire

might appear at one of the parliamentary “Hour of the Expert”

events, in which guests normally address the lawmakers and

hold a Q&A session. Matviyenko said that the Federation

Council may invite other well-known foreign experts to speak

on topical issues.

China says reserves

right to retaliate to

US actions against

its investments

Beijing : The United States’

measures against

China’s investments

are against World

Trade Organization

rules, and China

reserves the right to

take countermeasures,

the commerce

ministry said on Thursday.

China is not willing to see an

escalation in Sino-US trade frictions,

and believes the two countries

have a huge potential for cooperation,

Ministry of Commerce

spokesman Gao Feng told reporters

at a regular news briefing.

After trade tensions between the

two countries appeared to cool following

talks in Washington earlier in

the month, the US on Tuesday said it

still holds a threat of imposing tariffs

and will press ahead with restrictions

on investment by Chinese

companies in the United States.


Taliban, Afghan officials in

ceasefire talks : US general

Washington : Senior Taliban officials have been secretly negotiating with

Afghan officials on a possible ceasefire, the Pentagon

has said, even as US forces killed over 50 Taliban leaders

in a series of strikes. “A lot of the diplomatic activity

and dialogue is occurring off the stage, and it’s occurring

at multiple levels,” General John Nicholson said in a

teleconference with reporters at the Pentagon. He would

not identify the figures involved in the negotiations,

except to say that they included mid- and senior-level

Taliban officials. “I should point out they met in secret.

This is how they were able to advance the talks,” he said,

adding that the success of the effort depends in part on

the “confidentiality of the process.” Afghan President

Ashraf Ghani in late February proposed peace talks with the Taliban, saying

they could be recognized as a political party if they accepted a ceasefire and

recognized the country’s 2004 constitution.

The Taliban have not officially responded, but deadly attacks have proliferated

since then, particularly in Kabul, which has become the most dangerous

place in the country for civilians. On Wednesday, militants launched a gun

and bomb attack on the Interior Ministry in Kabul, killing a policeman in

another demonstration of their ability to strike at the heart of the Afghan capital.

The Taliban also claimed responsibility for a predawn attack on a police

station in the capital of Logar province, about 70 kilometers (45 miles) southeast

of Kabul. Six police officers were killed and eight civilians were wounded,

provincial police spokesman Shapoor Ahmadzai said.


June 2018

New smartphone-based tool may aid patients detect urine blockage

New York, Surgeons are developing

a new smartphone-based tool that can

detect urethral or urine blockage, potentially

making it easier for patients to test

themselves for the condition from the

comfort of their own homes. The novel

technique could take high-speed photography

which could capture subtle

differences between a normal steady

stream of liquid and a stream of liquid

with an obstruction.

Urethral strictures are a slowing or

blocking of the natural flow of urine due

to an injury or infection. It is normally

diagnosed by uroflowmetry, a test

administered at a physician’s office.

“The problem is that patient followup

after we treat this condition

is very poor,” said

Matthew Gretzer,

Associate Professor at the

University of Arizona in

the US. “But we need

patients to come back to

our clinic for a uroflow test

to determine if the obstruction

is still present,” he

added. In order to test

Gretzer’s hypothesis on

high-speed photography,

the team created a model of

a urethral structure using

tubing hooked to a saline

bag that could drain


Saline fluid was passed

through the tubing with and

without blockages, created

using 3D printed strictures,placed

within the tubing.

High-speed photography

captured both the regular

and blocked stream of

liquid exiting the tube.

Gretzer contended that

photos can be a medium to

diagnose blockages and he

hopes that patients could

send him these images to

analyse and make the diagnosis.

He plans to create a


Italy in turmoil as caretaker

PM yet to name govt

Rome : Italy’s caretaker prime minister

is expected to unveil his cabinet

line up on Wednesday in a bid to end

the chaos that has raised fears for the

stability of eurozone after the populist

coalition’s bid to govern collapsed.

Carlo Cottarelli had promised to

deliver the list “as soon as possible”

but the economist discreetly left the

presidential palace after a brief meeting

with President Sergio Mattarella

yesterday afternoon without making

any statement. Shortly afterwards

Giovanni Grasso, a spokesman for the

president said Cottarelli “has informed

the head of state of the situation and...

both will meet again tomorrow

(Wednesday) morning.” Mattarella on

Sunday blocked a cabinet proposed by

the anti-immigrant League and their

allies in the Five Star Movement

(M5S). Mattarella vetoed the League-

Five Star pick for economy minister,

eurosceptic Paolo Savona. The populists

cried foul and abandoned their

joint bid for power. That left

Cottarelli, a former IMF economist

known as “Mr Scissors”, tasked with

naming a technocrat government.

Five Star and the League, who hold

a majority in both houses of parliament,

have vowed to reject Cottarelli’s

proposed technocrat government.

New elections are now considered the

most likely outcome of the political

saga, sparked by an inconclusive poll

in March. Yesterday, Five Star leader

Luigi Di Maio called for a return to the

polls “as soon as possible”. Italian

media said the elections could be

scheduled for as early as July. The

uncertainty in the country and the fear

that the Five Star Movement and the

eurosceptic League could win even

more votes if a fresh vote is held

appeared to spook the financial markets.

Italy’s 10-year bond yields

surged to over 300 basis points higher

than Germany’s—a sign of surging

investor doubts over Italy’s financial

stability. The Milan stock exchange

plunged more than three percent yesterday

morning before closing down -

2.65 percent.

mobile app which can be downloaded

by the patients.

“All patients would need to do is take

high-speed images of their urine flow

using a strobe light,” Gretzer said.

“Strobe light apps are readily available

right now for people to use on their

phones”. According to the researchers,

as fluid exits an opening, a natural

breakpoint occurs where the liquid

stream forms droplets, but with obstructions

in place, it changes. The results

showed that by analysing photos, they

could measure the length to this point of

droplet formation. This length then

directly related to the presence of an

obstruction in the tube.

24 June 2018



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