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H&J Food last english version1 (5)

H&J Food last english version1

Ours I Baltic herring 310 Red cabbage purée, cranberry, cilantro, pickled beet, hazelnut, cottage cheese Salmon tala 490 Baikal omul bottarga, peach, Leningrad stratitella Voronezh marbled beef tartare 420 Mushroom broth, goat cheese, canned cowberry Siberian venison carpaccio 480 Onion marmalade, summer herb pesto, sea buckthorn, spruce oil Local burrata 640 Scallop consomme, fried spinach, algae oil Murmansk halibut 980 Black caviar, toast, fermented baked milk, mint Sugudai: 960 Sakhalin smoked scallop, pickled Jerusalem artichoke, fermented apple juice, pike caviar, scallion oil, horseradish II Chicken consommé 290 Parsnip, poached eggs, smoked duck Cornmeal porridge 390 Murmansk smoked wolffish, crab bisque, porcini mushrooms III “The White Sea” 690 Confit Cod, mussel sauce, fish broth, slow-cooked celeriac and leek Pork neck on fire 520 BBQ sbiten, whipped ricotta, green peas, ramson Rostov duck breast 740 Beetroot Mole sauce, parsnip, crispy duck Gently cooked turkey 690 Buckwheat flour lasagna, homemade smoked cottage cheese, whipped Hollandaise sauce Murmansk salmon fillet 50° 870 Cauliflower and caramelized cream purée, sorrel and spruce sauce Dry aged Rib eye (36+days) 2400 Malt sauce, Jerusalem artichoke purée, porcini mushrooms, pecan IV “The Springtime buzz” 350 Sorrel jelly, rhubarb, cream cheese, malt crumble, Jerusalem artichoke, herbs “From Roots to Cake” 370 Beetroot cheesecake, gingerbread crust, baked potato ice cream, candied carrot ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- We do not cook the dishes that are not on the menu If you have any food allergies or food intolerance, please inform the waiter Tips are not included If you are in a group of 7 or more, we add a service fee of 10% to your bill