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May 2018<br />

Launch of the<br />

2018 Futurity<br />

How to breed<br />

an eventer<br />

Great British<br />

broodmares:<br />

Rubinsteena<br />

Veterinary insight:<br />

Assisted Reproductive<br />

Techniques<br />

British Riders on<br />

British Horses:<br />

Becky Moody<br />

NEWS: Stallion<br />

show reports &<br />

Studbook update


STUD<br />


Stud<br />

Balancer<br />

à Supplies essential amino acids, vitamins and<br />

Bioplex minerals without the starch or calories of<br />

a mix or cube<br />

à Allows flexible feeding, with or without additional<br />

hard feed, to supply optimum nutrition for even<br />

growth rates while avoiding “over-topping”<br />

à Fed from conception to provide vital nutrition to<br />

help achieve genetic potential<br />

à Backed by sound nutritional expertise and<br />

genuine hands-on experience feeding young<br />

stock of all types<br />


Baileys Horse Feeds Tel: 01371 850 247<br />


INSIDE this issue...<br />

Welcome<br />

As I write this introduction, the rather<br />

wet Spring weather continues and many<br />

of our readers will be wishing for the<br />

reappearance of the sunshine so the<br />

new born foals can get out and stretch<br />

their legs. This time of year is probably<br />

the most exciting for a breeder, as we<br />

start to discover whether our<br />

breeding plans from the previous year<br />

have worked out.<br />

Breeding can be an expensive game and<br />

we have two excellent articles looking<br />

at developments in the technical world<br />

of equine reproduction by Noelle Baxter<br />

from the Sussex Equine Hospital and a<br />

fascinating world exclusive interview<br />

with Tullis Matson, the brains behind<br />

Stallions AI.<br />

Our regular Great British Broodmare<br />

feature is devoted this time to Sarah<br />

Oppenheimer’s Rubinsteena, who had<br />

three offspring competing at the recent<br />

NAF Five Star Winter Dressage<br />

Championships at Hartpury. We also<br />

report on the best British sires at those<br />

Championships and caught up with<br />

leading rider Becky Moody who was<br />

competing two British bred horses at<br />

the show.<br />

Staying at Hartpury, we report on the<br />

2018 Blue Chip Championships and the<br />

successful British bred horses jumping<br />

there. Our breeder’s profile introduces<br />

Charlotte Taylor from Clements Equine<br />

who has her eyes set on breeding<br />

international show jumpers.<br />

The Stallion Spotlight shines on 26 year<br />

old eventing sire Catherston Liberator,<br />

sire of last year’s Badminton placed<br />

Xavier Faer among a number of other<br />

international eventers. We ask a range<br />

of breeders their thoughts on breeding<br />

for the eventing market and the<br />

challenges they face.<br />

This edition introduces you to the new<br />

team behind British Breeding, who with<br />

Legal Notice:<br />

the support of the Olympic Disciplines<br />

and the British Breeders Network will<br />

be working tirelessly to support all<br />

areas of the industry. We are very proud<br />

to announce Baileys Horse Feeds have<br />

returned as headline sponsors for the<br />

Futurity Evaluation series and the<br />

British Horse Foundation have also<br />

generously donated funds to support<br />

the programme. Read Eva-Maria<br />

Broomer’s article on the plans for the<br />

Futurity for 2018 including the full list<br />

of dates and venues. We also look back<br />

on some past stars of the series and see<br />

what they have achieved since.<br />

As usual we have lots of news from<br />

the sport horse and pony studbooks<br />

and images from some of the fantastic<br />

stallion parades that have taken place<br />

this Spring.<br />

In the next edition our invited expert<br />

will be Lynne Crowden, the brains<br />

behind Woodlander Stud, who will<br />

be discussing the merits and pitfalls<br />

of stallion licensing. If you have any<br />

questions on this topic that you would<br />

like answering, please send them in<br />

to admin@breedingbritish.co.uk. The<br />

questions and answers will published in<br />

the next edition.<br />

British eventing breeding has been<br />

showcased at the highest level this<br />

Spring with victory for British<br />

bred Classic Moet at Badminton and<br />

for British sired Colley Master Class (by<br />

Ramiro B) at Kentucky. Read reports on<br />

both these victories in this edition.<br />

In the next edition we will be<br />

examining the impact of Warmblood<br />

Fragile Foal Syndrome and the<br />

implications for the sport horse<br />

breeding industry. The AES have already<br />

issued a statement on the syndrome<br />

and are advising all stallion owners to<br />

test their stallions to see if they carry<br />

the gene and this information will be<br />

added to their database.<br />

Sacha Shaw - Editor<br />

Front Cover Image:<br />

Tony Noble’s AES Stallion Cobra 18<br />

(Cornet Obolensky x Ramiro Z x Usurpator XX).<br />

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55<br />

Dates for your diary.<br />

British Breeding - Meet the team.<br />

Ramiro B son Kentucky Win.<br />

British bred triumph at Badminton.<br />

British Success at the winter Championships.<br />

Blue Chip winter show jumping Championships.<br />

Futurity Graduates.<br />

British Breeding plans.<br />

Studbook updates.<br />

Breeder Profile - Charlotte Taylor.<br />

Great British Broodmares - Rubinsteena.<br />

How to breed an Eventer.<br />

Advances in assisted reproductive techniques.<br />

British Breeders on British Horses - Becky Moody.<br />

Stallion shows roundup.<br />

Stallion Spotlight - Catherston Liberator.<br />

Ask the expert - Tullis Matson.<br />

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DATES for your diary<br />

May<br />

11th May<br />

11-13th May<br />

18th May<br />

18th May<br />

18th May<br />

24th May<br />

25-28th May<br />

26th May<br />

30th May<br />

31st May<br />

- BYEH Qualifier – Floors Castle<br />

– Shearwater Insurance & Hickstead Young Dressage Horse Qualifiers – Addington Manor<br />

– BYEH Qualifier – Rockingham Castle<br />

– Shearwater Insurance Young Dressage Horse Qualifier – Hunters<br />

– Hickstead Young Dressage Horse & Young Pony Qualifiers – Kingswood<br />

– BYEH Qualifier – Houghton International<br />

– Shearwater Insurance & Hickstead Young Dressage Horse Qualifiers – Somerford<br />

– BYEH Qualifier – Hambleton Show<br />

– BYEH Qualifier – Yorkshire Sport Horse Show<br />

– 2nd June – Young Horse SJ Champs – Northcote<br />

June<br />

1st June<br />

6-10th June<br />

8th June<br />

8th June<br />

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25th June<br />

to 15th July<br />

27th June<br />

29th June<br />

29th June<br />

29th June<br />

29th June<br />

– Shearwater Insurance Young Dressage Horse Qualifier – Oldencraig<br />

– Shearwater Insurance & Hickstead Young Dressage Horse & Young Pony Qualifiers – Wellington<br />

– BYEH Qualifier & Stallion Parade– Bramham<br />

– Shearwater Insurance Young Dressage Horse Qualifier – Kings Sedgemoor<br />

– Shearwater Insurance Young Dressage Horse Qualifier – Crow Wood<br />

– Bolesworth Elite Auction<br />

– Shearwater Insurance Young Dressage Horse Qualifier – Onley<br />

– Shearwater Insurance Young Dressage Horse & Young Pony Qualifier – Rockrose<br />

– Shearwater Insurance Young Dressage Horse Qualifier – Cholderton<br />

– Hickstead Young Horse Qualifier - Hickstead<br />

– BYEH Qualifier – Keysoe<br />

– Hickstead Young Dressage Horse Qualifier - Myerscough<br />

– BHHS Mare Performance Test at Fosshey Stables<br />

– Shearwater Insurance Young Dressage Horse Qualifier – Widmer<br />

- AES Elite Foal Auction Selections & Mare and Youngstock Grading.<br />

– Shearwater Insurance Young Dressage Horse Qualifier – Northallerton<br />

– BYEH Qualifier – Chepstow<br />

– BYEH Qualifier – Weston Lawns<br />

– Shearwater Insurance Young Dressage Horse Qualifier – Sparsholt<br />

– 1st July – Shearwater Insurance & Hickstead Young Dressage Horse & Young Pony Qualifiers – Sheepgate<br />

July<br />

2nd July<br />

4-8th July<br />

5th July<br />

5th July<br />

8th July<br />

18th July<br />

19th July<br />

21st July<br />

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24th July<br />

25th July<br />

26th July<br />

26-29th July<br />

27th July<br />

27th July<br />

28th July<br />

31st July<br />

– SHB(GB) Loose Jumping Competition – Addington EC, Bucks<br />

– Shearwater Insurance Young Dressage Horse Semi Final & Young Pony Final– Hartpury<br />

– BYEH Qualifier – Barbury<br />

– BYEH Qualifier – Richmond EC<br />

- Hickstead Young Dressage Horse Qualifier - Hartpury<br />

– Shearwater Insurance Young Dressage Horse Semi Final – Port Royal<br />

– BYEH Qualifier – Field House EC<br />

– BYEH Qualifier – Tattersalls July Show<br />

– BEF Futurity - Xanstorm Equestrian, Scotland<br />

– BEF Futurity - Richmond Equestrian, Yorkshire<br />

- BEF Futurity - Derby College, Morley, Derbyshire<br />

- BEF Futurity - Kings Equestrian Centre, Herefordshire<br />

– Hickstead Young Dressage Horse Finals – Hickstead CDIO<br />

- BEF Futurity - Catherston Stud, Hampshire<br />

– BYEH Qualifier – Burgham<br />

- BEF Futurity - Tall Trees Arena, Cornwall<br />

– BYEH Qualifier – Ryedale Show<br />


British Breeding<br />


A group of five individuals from different spheres of the<br />

equine world came together in 2017 to form the new British<br />

Breeding Partnership. In collaboration with the Olympic<br />

Disciplines and the British Breeders Network, they will be<br />

responsible for delivering the key elements of the equine<br />

development programme previously undertaken by the British<br />

Equestrian Federation.<br />

These five elements are:<br />

· The Stallion Event<br />

· The Futurity<br />

· The British Breeder magazine<br />

· The Burghley Horse Trials Stallion Parade<br />

· The Equine Bridge<br />

This magazine will provide coverage of all these areas,<br />

keeping breeders at home and abroad up to date with what is<br />

happening in the world of breeding. This is the team who will<br />

ood experience of watching the all time greats competing<br />

at Aachen. Eva runs an equine photography and PR business,<br />

and some of you will have seen her and her camera at various<br />

breeding and dressage events, or know her from her work<br />

with the AES, Stallion AI Servcies and Woodlander Stud. In<br />

her spare time, Eva writes a blog for Eurodressage.com. Eva<br />

says “I look forward to working on new initiatives to support<br />

breeders everywhere in the UK and to blowing the trumpet<br />

for British breeding!”<br />

Jane Skepper<br />

NEWS<br />

Jane founded Horse IT Ltd in 1999 – which runs the online<br />

equestrian directory www.equibusiness.com and the<br />

information site www.horseit.com. In 2012, she fulfilled<br />

a long ambition of creating a one stop shop for British<br />

Competition stallion owners; creating the first edition of<br />

the Competition Stallion Guide in print and online at www.<br />

competition-stallions.com. She is the 4th generation of a<br />

family breeding flat Thoroughbred race horses, pure Arab race<br />

horses, and Anglo and Part-bred Arabs for show jumping and<br />

eventing. Jane also competed to CCI*** Eventing as a Young<br />

Rider before spending a time producing young homebreds.<br />

“I also manage the family stud, Heritage Coast Stud on the<br />

beautiful east coast of Suffolk. It is a family affair as my<br />

husband, Piers Marson, is a designer and brings everything to<br />

print! Our daughters both actively compete most weekends.<br />

Joris van den Oetelaar<br />

Joris has been breeding horses all his life, and runs one<br />

of the largest equestrian show venues in the South of the<br />

Netherlands where he organizes great events from concerts<br />

to big competitions. He has also loved Britain and British<br />

horses – “without the English Thoroughbred, there would be<br />

no modern sport horse breeding! This is why I am passionate<br />

about helping breeders in Britain get the national and global<br />

recognition they deserve through my work with the AES and<br />

beyond.”<br />

Rachael Holdsworth<br />

Rachael has worked in the equestrian industry for many years<br />

as a PR and marketing consultant. She has been involved in<br />

the promotion of the BEF Futurity Evaluations and British<br />

Breeding since 2009 and has also worked with British Young<br />

Breeders, developing a passion for British bred horses during<br />

this time. “I have owned and ridden horses all my life and<br />

consider myself fortunate to combine my love of all things<br />

equestrian with my career. I am excited to be a part of this<br />

team.”<br />

Sacha Shaw<br />

Sacha has been involved with the breeding industry her whole<br />

life, starting with Thoroughbreds and now breeding sport<br />

horses under the Volatis prefix and standing a WBS-UK graded<br />

stallion. From small crops, Volatis stock have been successful<br />

at Royal International, Royal Windsor and many other major<br />

county shows. In 2016 Sacha was the HOYS coloured horse<br />

Breeder of the Year and has also bred horses competing<br />

successfully BD, BS and BE as well as Premium graded mares.<br />

Sacha writes the Breeding British blog and has written for a<br />

number of leading equestrian publications. She worked for a<br />

number of years for Paul Schockemohle in Germany and was<br />

Equestrian Manager for Horse of the Year Show. Sacha also has<br />

a background in accountancy having previously been the Head<br />

of Management Accounts for a large acute NHS Trust.<br />

The team can be contacted through the<br />

www.britishbreeding.com website.<br />

Joris<br />

Eva-Maria, Sacha, Jane & Rachael at the 2018 Stallion Event<br />


NEWS<br />

RAMIRO B son - Cooley Master Class<br />

Wins The Land Rover Kentucky<br />

Three-Day Event<br />

It was celebrations all round for the team at Harthill Stud<br />

after the Ramiro B sired Cooley Master Class and Oliver<br />

Townend took the 2018 Land Rover Kentucky CCI 4* title.<br />

The British based stallion is currently number four on the<br />

WBFSH sire rankings for eventing stallions, and is highly<br />

placed in the BEF Futurity sire rankings including siring the<br />

2017 BEF Futurity Eventing Foal Champion. Cooley Master<br />

Class is the first 4-star victor for the popular sire who is<br />

owned by Harthill Stud and stands at Stallion AI Services in<br />

Shropshire. After a clear round cross country, Oliver stood in<br />

third position overnight.<br />

It was a tense finish as Oliver took the lead from Michael<br />

Jung, with a foot perfect fault-free show jumping round with<br />

Cooley Master Class, to finish on his dressage score of 28.7<br />

penalties. Nina Barbour of Harthill Stud: “We are delighted<br />

for Oliver and Cooley Master Class, he is a hugely talented<br />

horse who has risen through the eventing ranks and has<br />

proven that Ramiro B is capable of producing event horses<br />

capable of winning at the very highest level of the sport.”<br />

Oliver was delighted to win, as this victory is his second leg<br />

of the Rolex Grand Slam of Eventing. To secure the title the<br />

rider must win the Mitsubishi Motors Badminton, Land Rover<br />

Burghley and Land Rover Kentucky Horse Trials consecutively<br />

in any order. Oliver won Burghley last September with<br />

Ballaghmor Class, so will be contesting the vital third leg at<br />

Badminton along with Cooley SRS, another prolific Ramiro B<br />

son.<br />

Article by Sacha Shaw<br />

Oliver Townend on Cooley Master Class<br />

Baileys Moving Forwards<br />

with the Futurity<br />

Baileys Horse Feeds are delighted to confirm renewal of<br />

their support for the British Breeding Futurity Young Horse<br />

Evaluations for 2018. After a period of uncertainty, this year’s<br />

dates have been finalised and the Baileys team are looking<br />

forward to attending each of the days to offer<br />

no-obligation nutritional advice.<br />

and development of any youngster so we’re delighted<br />

to have the opportunity to continue to help and advise<br />

those who bring their horses to the Futurity,” says Baileys<br />

Nutrition Director, Liz Bulbrook. Baileys have collected data,<br />

throughout their involvement, and this has been analysed to<br />

identify links between body condition and premiums awarded.<br />

Marketing Manager, Jane Buchan says, “We’ve invested a lot<br />

into the Evaluations, over the years, so it’s good to be<br />

able to continue our involvement and move<br />

forward with the Futurity over the<br />

coming years.”<br />

Having supported the Futurity since its inception, Baileys<br />

started a more “hands-on” involvement in 2011 and, ever<br />

since, their nutritionists have assessed youngsters’ body<br />

condition and muscle development as each horse is examined<br />

by the vet. “Correct nutrition is so important to the growth<br />



British Bred<br />



British breeding made the headlines for all the right reasons<br />

at the 2018 Mitsubishi Motors Badminton Horse Trials. The<br />

British bred mare Classic Moet and Jonelle Price give a<br />

masterclass in cross country riding to storm into the lead<br />

after day two, and clinched victory with a clear over a tough<br />

show jumping track on the final day.<br />

It was a first 4-star victory for Jonelle and Classic Moet. They<br />

have previously won the best British bred prize at Burghley<br />

in 2015 and 2016 and were 4th at the World Equestrian<br />

Games in 2014. On holding ground Jonelle made full use of<br />

her gallant mare’s class and relentless gallop to post the<br />

fastest round of the day over Eric Winter’s track, just 1<br />

second over the optimum time. Classic Moet is a daughter<br />

of the late Thoroughbred sire Classic (Alzao x Simbir) out of<br />

the advanced event mare Gamston Bubbles who is again by<br />

a Thoroughbred sire Bohemond. Bohemond is also the dam<br />

sire of the Olympic eventer Winsome Adante and directly the<br />

sire of the regular Belgian Championship team horse Withcote<br />

Nellie.<br />

Breeder Elaine Hepworth also bred a full brother to Classic<br />

Moet, Classic Piper who is competing at CCI*** level. Although<br />

Classic passed away a few years ago, Beechwood Stud still<br />

have frozen semen available.<br />

Runner up Oliver Townend was aiming for the third leg of<br />

Rolex Grand Slam having won Burghley in 2017 and Kentucky<br />

just a week ago. However 5.2 penalties stood between him<br />

and victory. His 2017 European Championship mount Cooley<br />

SRS showed real class throughout and although Irish bred,<br />

is a son of super sire Ramiro B, who stands at Stallions AI in<br />

Shropshire.<br />

Irishman Padraig McCarthy finished in 8th place on Mr Chunky,<br />

a 13-year-old British-bred SHB(GB) registered gelding. He is<br />

by the incredibly successful sire Jumbo. Jumbo was fairly<br />

unique among eventing sires in that he competed to advanced<br />

level himself (including winning at Lion D’Angers), in a sport<br />

that stallions tend not to dominate in.<br />

Jonelle Price and Classic Moet - Photo Kit Houghton<br />

By the Irish Draught sire Skippy out of the showjumper Betty,<br />

who was by the thoroughbred Seven Bells, Jumbo sired<br />

45 advanced horses, including Avebury ( 3 times Burghley<br />

winner), Henry Tankerville (Bramham winner), Skylight<br />

(European Young Rider Gold Medallist) and Allercombe Ellie<br />

(short list Rio Olympics) and graded stallion Philanderer II<br />

(European Young Rider Team 2017). Mr Chunky is out of the<br />

thoroughbred mare Avin Fun Bar by Sergeant Drummer. He<br />

was bought from his breeder Sue Trump by Padraig’s wife Lucy<br />

Wiegersma and produced by Lucy to four-star level – the pair<br />

completed Burghley in 2015 – and Padraig took the ride at the<br />

beginning of 2016.<br />

A top 20 finish for the ever consistent Coopers Law and Emilie<br />

Chandler rounded off a great weekend for British bred horses.<br />

Coopers Law is one of seven offspring for the mare Miss<br />

Cooper who was by the Irish Draught stallion Kildalton Gold<br />

(the damsire of Ballincoola). He was bred by owners Nicola<br />

Dickson and Sally Wiliams and was bred to be a family horse.<br />

Coopers Law is a son of the late Mill Law, a stallion who<br />

produced a number of advanced eventers and was also a<br />

leading sire of BEF Futurity entrants. Mill Law was purchased<br />

as a yearling by his owner Sue Browne, was by the HIS<br />

stallion Samiel out of a part Arab mare. He was known for his<br />

wonderful temperament and evented himself to advanced<br />

level with Sue’s daughter Nicola. Outside of the main event<br />

there was more to celebrate. Both sections of the Dubarry<br />

Burghley Young Event Horse qualifier were British bred. The<br />

4 year Myspires Another Star is a daughter of breeder Lianne<br />

Verity’s own stallion Myspires Revolution out of Another<br />

Gamble. The 5yo victor was the 2017 SHB(GB) Stallion<br />

Grading Champion A Moment in Time. Bred and owned by<br />

Carolyn Bates, he combines two of the best stallions from her<br />

Grafham Stud – Wish Upon a Star and Jumbo.<br />

Finally the Mitsubishi Motors Cup 90<br />

winner was Lauren Burton’s 8 year<br />

old D Akieda, by the AES Elite graded<br />

stallion Treliver Decanter.<br />

Padraig McCarthy and Mr Chunky - Photo Kit Houghton<br />

Article by Sacha Shaw<br />



British Success<br />

At the Winter Champs<br />

The 2018 NAF Five Star Winter Dressage Championships saw<br />

British bred horses claim 19 titles stretching from under 18<br />

Area Festivals to the gala evening highlight, the Intermediate<br />

I Freestyle. With household names such as Charlotte Dujardin,<br />

Alice Oppenheimer, Paul Friday and Becky Moody, all<br />

campaigning horses bred in this country, the tide appears to<br />

be slowly turning in favour of British breeders.<br />

A number of those British bred champions were sired by<br />

stallions that stand in Germany, Holland or Denmark, but UK<br />

resident stallions can also boast of some excellent results at<br />

the championships.<br />

The standout sire both in terms of number of offspring<br />

qualified and final results was the late, great Dimaggio.<br />

With no fewer than 17 individual offspring qualified for 29<br />

Championships, he then sired three champions: Keystone<br />

Dynamite in both the Superflex Intermediate I Championship<br />

on the Friday and in the Freestyle and Headmore Davina<br />

heading up a Dimaggio 1,2 in the Advanced Medium Freestyle<br />

Gold.<br />

T-Movistar and Cardinar both had 5 progeny qualified.<br />

The Hanoverian Cardinar only passed away in 2015 at the<br />

age of 29. His owner Paul Friday bred a number of good<br />

competition horses from him and two of those secured top<br />

five placings – Callum Himself (out of a Florestan mare) and<br />

Cavallina Herself ( out of a Welches Gluck mare). T-Movistar,<br />

who stands with The Dressage Company in East Anglia, sired<br />

the Area Festival Medium Silver Champion Movinight, who<br />

had also qualified for the Elementary equivilant. Jo Stoyell<br />

purchased him as a 2 year old from breeder Sarah<br />

Tyler-Evans. Movinight’s dam Lanoeska is a daughter of<br />

the great jumping sire Voltaire and hails from the same<br />

motherline as top young stallion Grey Flannell.<br />

Keystone Dynamite and Sadie Smith.<br />

Image courtesy of Kevin Sparrow/BD<br />

Keystone Dynamite is owned and ridden by Carl Hester’s<br />

stable jockey Sadie Smith, and the pair have previously<br />

taken titles at the National Championships at Stoneleigh.<br />

Keystone Dynamite was bred by Suzanne Lavandera, who<br />

competed Dimaggio to success in the 2000 World Breeding<br />

Championships in Verden, Germany. What makes Dimaggio<br />

even more of a success story for British breeding, is how<br />

popular he has been with German breeders, standing at stud<br />

there for a number of years with sons graded into all the main<br />

studbooks.<br />

To demonstrate how dominant Dimaggio was at these<br />

championships, the most represented non- British stallion was<br />

Belissimo M who had 8 offspring contesting 14 championships.<br />

With just one representative less is the British stallion<br />

Showmaker. His most successful get was Nemo VII, owned and<br />

bred by Katie Roberts, who qualified for the championships<br />

on a wild card. The pair had hit a really consistent vein of<br />

form this Spring, culminating in 3rd place in the Novice Silver<br />

Final.<br />

Jo Stoyell and Movinight.<br />

Image courtesy of Kevin Sparrow/BD<br />

Four British stallions each had four offspring competing:<br />

Amour G, Donnersohn, Flayne Don Don Daiquiri and Pro-Set.<br />

Amour G is a graduate of the Futurity series (earning two<br />

Elites in 2008) and his offspring secured 3 top five placings,<br />

with the best place achieved by his daughter EV Amore Mia<br />

who was Vice Champion Novice Freestyle Gold. EV Amore Mia<br />

was bred by Lindsay Moffat out of a Samber mare and won<br />

two Scottish Championship titles in 2017 before taking the<br />

Novice Gold and Freestyle Winter Regional titles on the way<br />

to Hartpury.<br />

Grafham Stud resident Wish Upon A Star, may be better known<br />

as an eventing sire, but he is a son of the World No 2 Dressage<br />

Sire (2016) Gribaldi. Wish Upon A Star had two offspring<br />

qualified for the Prelim Silver Area Festival and it was Amy<br />

Daye riding Prince William MBS won took the title, heading a<br />

top eight clean sweep for British bred horses in that class.<br />

Another stallion sadly no longer available to breeders is the<br />

ex-Catherston Stud resident Deanes San Ciro Hit (Sandro Hit<br />

x Dutch Courage) who produced the Under 18 Medium Area<br />

Festival Champion Delhurens Sunshine who was also 4th in the<br />

Advanced Medium Bronze Area Festival.<br />



The pony stallions really kept British sires<br />

to the fore with victories in the Under<br />

18s Preliminary Area Festival for Haybells<br />

Cinderella sired by Cefyn Playboy and<br />

Edendawn William Wombat by Honeypot<br />

Stromboli winning the Elementary Silver.<br />

Welsh Section C Twyford Salamander (by<br />

Persie Renown) won the Elementary Silver<br />

Freestyle ridden by Nicola Byam-Cook.<br />

The next crop of British superstar riders<br />

were evident in the Under 18 Elementary<br />

Area Festival. 13 year old Emilia Nelson<br />

was victorious on Sarah Steggall’s WFS Top<br />

Red (by the late Elite SPSS graded stallion<br />

Top Yellow out of Bernwode Poppy Red).<br />

WFS Top Red and Emilia added a 3rd place<br />

in the following day’s Medium section.<br />

Top Yellow was an international dressage<br />

pony and Westphalian licensing champion<br />

before moving to the UK and has a number<br />

of exciting British bred offspring coming<br />

through. Even though he was bred in<br />

Germany, both his grandsires were British,<br />

one a British Riding Pony (Rosedale Tiberius)<br />

and one a Welsh Section B (Kirby Cane<br />

Bugler). British riders have accepted they<br />

can find the quality they are looking for at<br />

home, now more British breeders need to<br />

start considering British based stallions when<br />

making their breeding plans.<br />

Emilia Nelson and WFS Top Red.<br />

Image courtesy Kevin Sparrow/BD<br />

Article by Sacha Shaw<br />

Reproductive Services<br />

Dedicated Reproductive Unit<br />

Approved by the British Equine Veterinary Association<br />

to provide Artificial Insemination<br />

Competitive AI packages<br />

Embryo Transfer<br />

Individual attention<br />

Mare Infertility Examinations<br />

Uterine Cyst Laser Ablation<br />

Neonatal Intensive Care<br />

Supervised Foaling<br />

Emergency Caesareans<br />

On-site Laboratory<br />

HBLB approved for processing of CEM samples<br />

Semen Analysis<br />

For further information please contact:<br />

Sarah Gent or Huw Griffiths, who both lead out AI Team:<br />

Telephone: 01428 723594<br />

Email: post@theleh.co.uk / www.theleh.co.uk<br />

Liphook Equine Hospital, Forest Mere, Liphook, GU30 7JG<br />




Winter Show Jumping<br />

Championships<br />

Every April, the Hartpury Arena is filled with competitors<br />

targeting the many National titles on offer over 5 days at the<br />

Blue Chip Winter Championships.<br />

Varco II was beaten in the Discovery by another exciting<br />

young British bred - Kimba Uttah.<br />

He is a son of a previous Blue Chip champion in Uttah van<br />

het Indihof, a Heartbreaker daughter who is turning into a<br />

very smart broodmare for owner Kim Barzilay. She is also<br />

the dam of 2016 Foxhunter finalist and 2016 Blue Chip<br />

Karma Performance winner Kimba Flamenco (by Je T’Aime<br />

Flamenco). Kimba Uttah’s sire is the homebred stallion Kimba<br />

Kannarko, who as his name suggested combines Kannan and<br />

Arko bloodlines. Kimba Uttah followed up his championship<br />

win, with a 1m restricted winter classic victory.<br />

The Blue Chip Grand Prix is always the highlight and British<br />

breeding came close to securing victory over Paul Connor’s<br />

track. Instead they filled second and third places thanks<br />

to Harry Wainwright, who opened the 13 horse jump off<br />

with Pinheiro Beech and Miles Pearson riding his homebred<br />

Castiel. Pinheiro Beech is a son of Geoff Glazzard’s former<br />

International horse and AES Elite graded stallion It’s the<br />

Business out of the Cantero daughter Ragua. Ragua is quite<br />

closely related to the 3-star eventer Calcourt Landline<br />

(Pan-Am Games, Event Rider Masters). Third placed Castiel is<br />

an eight year old son of Larino.<br />

The breeding stallion Varco II, bred by Claire Miller and<br />

ridden for Di Fairclough by Ryan Page, took the Horsequest<br />

UK Novice title and was also runner up for the Joshua Jones<br />

Winter Discovery title. A son of Winstein V (Voltaire) out of<br />

a Darco mother, the six year old has his first foals on the<br />

ground.<br />

Although not a main championship class, Bryan Smith<br />

recorded a victory in the 1.25m qualifier on the Ragazzo<br />

son Osprey Hookster, bred by Pauline Williams. Ragazzo<br />

was a Hanoverian grandson of the great Ramiro, and stood<br />

at Hartpury for a number of years. Ragazzo was known as<br />

a producer of Grand Prix dressage horses as well as show<br />

jumpers.<br />

A British bred mare who has CSI* wins under her belt, took<br />

the 1.20m open supporting class. Naomi 55 was bred by<br />

Sven Platt whose daughter Charlotte competes many of the<br />

families homebred youngsters.<br />

Naomi 55 was ridden by Nicola<br />

Wilson and is a daughter of<br />

international star Verdi (European<br />

and WEG team gold medallist)<br />

out of the Heartbreaker mare Windine.<br />

registration tour 2018<br />

including a national final and a £40,000 prize fund<br />

a new opportunity for british breeders<br />

easy & simple foal registration with inspectors from<br />

aes kwpn bhhs shbgb wbs rhineland spss breeders elite oldenburg weser ems<br />

01837 880100 ♦ ELITEFOALS.CO.UK ♦<br />

♦<br />

Untitled-1 2 01/05/2018 10:08<br />





Paddock Cleaners -<br />

for a healthier herd.<br />

Clean Paddocks as part of<br />

routine parasite control can<br />

reduce worm egg counts and<br />

the need for chemical<br />

wormers for your mares and<br />

youngstock.<br />

Easy to operate | Strong,<br />

lightweight design | Push button<br />

hydraulic emptying | Versatile<br />

multi-use<br />

Designed for paddock cleaning -<br />

also for leaves, acorns, fallen<br />

fruit, drinking troughs and<br />

much more.<br />

KYLIX<br />


tel: 01799 542137<br />

email: sales@kylixuk.co.uk<br />

www.kylixuk.co.uk<br />



PaddockCleanerAd_BritishBreeder_May_134x190<br />

09 May 2018 19:24:41<br />




As the Futurity enters it’s 11th year, we look back at some<br />

of the graduates of the series who have gone to achieve<br />

international and national success, flying the flag for British<br />

breeding. With no central database of competition and<br />

breeding results, and differing levels of information<br />

available across the disciplines, keeping track of Futurity<br />

graduates is no easy task. But when we can, we want to take<br />

every opportunity to celebrate our breeders, stallion owners<br />

and riders success.<br />


LE Chiffre – (Caeser 171 x Donnerwetter) Higher First<br />

(8.81) as a foal in 2007 British Team Member at the Pony<br />

European Championships 2016, 8th in the Freestyle & 11th<br />

individually. Graded SPSS stallion. Bred by Bev Brown of<br />

Leamside Equestrian<br />

Ella – (Caeser 171 x Santano ) Elite (9.04) as a foal in 2009<br />

Member of the Irish Dressage Team at the 2016 Pony<br />

Europeans who is now competing internationally for GB<br />

ridden by Sophie Williams. SPSS Elite graded mare. Bred<br />

by Julie Lockley of Bramley Stud<br />

Ella - Myerscough Futurity 2009 - Photo www.michaelgarton.co.uk<br />

Trevoulter Ladies Man – (Gorsfraith Brenin) First Premium<br />

(8.35) as a foal in 2007 and (8.29) as a 3 yo. Jumping<br />

internationally (CSIP), Winner of the JA Title at the 2016<br />

Pony of the Year Show. SPSS graded stallion. Bred by<br />

Kerensa Pluess-Cobbledick.<br />

Catherston Bit of Gold – (Littledale Bright Star x<br />

Catherston Gold Eagle) Elite (9.36) as a foal in 2009 After<br />

slightly outgrowing the pony section, has graduated to<br />

CIC** level eventing. Bred by Catherston Stud.<br />


Ella & Sophie Williams representing GB in 2017 - Photo Julie Bramley<br />

Woodlander Farouche - (Furst Heinrich x Dimaggio)<br />

Higher First (8.72) as a 2yo in 2008. Double World Young<br />

Horse Champion, International Small Tour Winner. Bred by<br />

Woodlander Stud.<br />

Don Dante - (Dancier x Salvano) Higher First (8.65) as a<br />

yearling in 2008. National Medium Champion 2014. Placed in<br />

all 4yo,5yo and 6yo young horse championships. Now Winning<br />

Inter 1 at Premier Leagues. BHHS and WBS Graded Stallion.<br />

Bred by Wendy McKay.<br />

Woodlander Donna Summer - (Del Amitri x Consul) Elite<br />

(9.38) as a 3yo in 2008. Made her International debut at small<br />

tour in 2016. Bred by Woodlander Stud.<br />

Woodcroft Kristabelle - (Le Rouge x King Arthur) Elite (9.11)<br />

as a 3yo in 2009. Winning PSG with her amateur owner. Bred<br />

by Woodcroft Stud.<br />

Romanno Rafiel - (Rubin Star N x de Niro) First Premium<br />

(8.46) as a 2yo in 2009. Novice National Champion 2014.<br />

Regional PSG Champion 2018. Bred by Jennifer Gilchrist.<br />

Woodlander Wild Child - (Wavavoom x Furst Heinrich).<br />

Elite (9.79) as a foal in 2011. Licensed stallion and sire of 3<br />

sons graded in Germany (Hanoverian and Oldenburg) and UK<br />

(BHHS and WBS) in 2017. Winning Elementary 2018. Bred by<br />

Woodlander Stud.<br />

Flamingo - (Flemmingh x Harvard) Elite (9.54) as a 2yo in<br />

2009 Regional Medium Freestyle Champion 2018. Bred by<br />

Christine Trendell.<br />

Woodlander Forever Amadeus - (Fidertanz x His Highness)<br />

Elite (9.54) as a foal in 2009. Winning PSG. Bred by<br />

Woodlander Stud.<br />


Woodlander Farouche - Futurity<br />

2008 - Photos Kevin Sparrow<br />

Woodlander Farouche winning<br />

the National PSG Title



Coopers Law - (Mill Law x Kildalton Gold) – High First (8.75)<br />

as a 3yo in 2007. International 4-star competitor, 14th at Pau<br />

2017 year and completed Burghley 2015. Entered Badminton<br />

2018 as one of the best hopes for a British bred result. Bred<br />

by Nicola Dickson and Sally Williams.<br />

Parkfield Quinessential - (Quicksilber x Carino Sun) Elite<br />

(9.08) Dressage section and Elite (9.23) SJ section as a foal<br />

in 2008. Ridden by Holly Woodhead, won the CNC** at Tyrella<br />

2018 following from a 3rd place at Belton CIC**. 2017 3rd in<br />

the CIC***8/9Yo at Blenheim. In 2014 had x 2 CIC* victories.<br />

Bred by Parkfield Breeding.<br />

Pencos Crown Jewel – (Jumbo x Rock King) Elite (9) as a foal<br />

in 2009. Competing Advanced with Rosalind Canter. CIC**<br />

placed, winner CCI*, competed at Le Lion D’Angers World<br />

Championships 2016. Bred by Pennie Wallace.<br />

Spring Ambition - (Handel II x Spinway Prosperity) - Higher<br />

First (8.71) as a foal in 2009. Competing Advanced with Ros<br />

Canter. CIC**Bred by Ian Scott.<br />

Tregilder - (Royal Concorde x Hand in Glove xx) – Higher First<br />

(8.75) as a foal in 2010. Placed CCI ** now with Oli Townend.<br />

Bred by Preci Spark Event Horses.<br />

Parkfield Quintessential and Holly Woodhead Blenhim CIC***<br />

Image courtesy of Parkfield Breeding<br />


Renkum Centre Star<br />

Futurity 2009 - C. Payne<br />


Renkum Centre Star<br />

Photo AES<br />

MFS Dandyman - (Marlon x Holland) Elite (9.21) as a<br />

yearling in 2009. Exported to Germany and winning at<br />

1.40m level. Bred by Morayfirth Stud.<br />

Handels Classic – (Handel II x Splitau) Elite (9.32) as a<br />

3yo in 2009. Has been jumping 1.50m at CSI****, now<br />

winning with a young Norwegian rider. Bred by Viki<br />

Norman.<br />

Renkum Centre Star - (Renkum Off Centre x Quick<br />

Star)- Elite (9.07) as a 3yo in 2009. Has been jumping<br />

1.50m at CSI****FEI 4 star shows. Bred by Renkum Stud.<br />

Arrietty - (Armitage x Esteban) Elite (9) as a foal<br />

in 2010 Just started international career with Alex<br />

Thompson. Breeder Geraldine Ward.<br />

Grenacres Diadoro - (Diarado x Vigaro Z) Higher<br />

First (8.61) as a foal in 2010 Best British bred 7 year<br />

old of 2017, qualified for the Talent Seekers Final at<br />

HOYS ridden by Mark Williams. Bred by Ella Taylor,<br />

Greenacres Stud.<br />

Kaalif – (Silver Zaanif x Pevensey Safari) Higher First (8.53) as a 2yo in 2012 The winner of the AHS Sports Horse class at the<br />

British National Championship show as a 3 year old and was ridden champion at the Crabbet Arabian show as a 5 year old.<br />

Advanced Endurance competitor with Susan Hawes. Bred by Anne Brown.<br />


NEWS - 2018 FUTURITY<br />

British Breeding<br />


Hocus Pocus - Photo Kevin Sparrow<br />

With much work having gone on behind the scenes, we are<br />

absolutely delighted to announce the dates and plans for<br />

our 2018 British Breeding Baileys Futurity evaluations. As<br />

always, the aim of the Futurity is to identify talented horses<br />

that will go on to compete successfully in the future, but it<br />

will also offer much more!<br />

A Wider Choice of Locations and Dates<br />

In order to make the Futurity accessible to as many breeders<br />

as possible, the series will be held over two separate weeks<br />

this year, one in late July and one in late August, to give you<br />

a choice to present foals and young stock at the peak of their<br />

development. As in previous years, the Futurity will be open<br />

to foals, yearlings, 2 and 3 year olds in the disciplines of<br />

Dressage, Endurance, Eventing and Show Jumping.<br />

The 2018 series will take place across 11 locations:<br />

23rd July - Xanstorm Equestrian, Lanarkshire, Scotland<br />

24th July - Richmond Equestrian, North Yorkshire<br />

25th July - Derby College Equestrian Centre, Derbyshire<br />

26th July - Kings EC, Herefordshire<br />

27th July - Catherston Stud, Hampshire<br />

28th July - Tall Trees Arena, Devon<br />

20th Aug - Writtle College, Essex<br />

21st Aug - The College EC, Keysoe, Bedfordshire<br />

22nd Aug - Swallowfield EC, The Midlands<br />

23rd Aug - Tushingham Arena, Cheshire<br />

24th Aug - Northcote Stud, Lancashire<br />

This marks an increase in the number of Futurity venues from<br />

last year in order to make the series attractive and accessible<br />

to more breeders. Familiar venues have been joined by some<br />

new locations, and all offer a safe, indoor environment that<br />

breeders have come to expect at Futurity evaluations.<br />

Enhanced Benefits<br />

Woodlander Woodstock - Photo Kevin Sparrow<br />

While maintaining the same entry price for the Futurity, we<br />

are working on numerous added benefits to you, to ensure<br />

that the Futurity provides not only excellent value for money,<br />

but also a great return on the time and effort invested by all<br />

participants.<br />

Discussions with veterinary practices are on the way to offer<br />

a wider range of veterinary services on the day, including<br />

marking sheets and microchipping, which you can then send<br />

to your relevant breed societies for registration of your foals.<br />

Studbooks are also invited to use the Futurity events as an<br />

opportunity to connect with their breeders. The Futurity<br />

has always been a great vehicle for public recognition for<br />

British breeders, as Futurity reports are picked up widely<br />

by regional, national and international media. There will be<br />

an opportunity to expand this by using the Futurity website<br />

and the presence of excellent professional photographers<br />

and videographers to provide additional sales and marketing<br />

opportunities to our breeders in the form of online classifieds<br />

and social media exposure.<br />


NEWS - 2018 FUTURITY<br />

By enhancing the sales and marketing potential of the<br />

Futurity, we want to attract larger audiences to become<br />

interested in British breeding. The series offers anybody an<br />

ideal opportunity to enjoy a great day of looking at beautiful<br />

horses and meeting their breeders.<br />

Anybody looking to buy a young horse can use the series as<br />

an opportunity to see a wide range of horses. The added<br />

benefit to buyers is the reassurance that each foal and horse<br />

has been seen and assessed by a reputable veterinarian and<br />

by a panel of highly qualified judges, making it a go-to place<br />

to find future talent. The Futurity is also a great opportunity<br />

for young breeders and riders to come and learn about young<br />

horse development. We are planning to work with the British<br />

Young Breeders and equine students and apprentices to widen<br />

participation and accessibility of breeding.<br />

We are also collaborating with the British Breeders Network<br />

to organise an end-of-season Futurity Championship,<br />

which will provide a great opportunity for celebration and<br />

recognition of the outstanding achievements of British<br />

breeders across the country.<br />

World-Leading Evaluation System<br />

The Futurity provides excellent continuity in a consistently<br />

high level of integrity and quality of its assessment systems.<br />

We are investing in state-of-the-art systems and inviting<br />

world-leading experts to fulfil the Futurity’s potential<br />

as a vehicle for national and global recognition for the<br />

achievements of British breeders.<br />

Above all, the Futurity offers what no other evaluation<br />

system can, and this is what makes it unique across the<br />

world: An objective and detailed feedback system based<br />

on performance potential for everyone in Britain breeding<br />

sport horses and ponies from licensed or approved stallions,<br />

irrespective of studbook or breed. We will maintain the<br />

holistic approach of the Futurity evaluation system, including<br />

a specialist veterinary assessment and a linear description by<br />

highly respected evaluators with international experience.<br />

New for 2018 will be an enhancement of the linear score<br />

sheets to make them easier to understand and more<br />

meaningful as a useful feedback mechanism for you, with a<br />

physical copy available for breeders to take home on the day.<br />

The Futurity will be going back to the system of having all<br />

evaluators together in the ring, so that each horse is assessed<br />

by the full panel.The panel will also include highly regarded<br />

international judges, which will give a wider perspective and<br />

help to fulfil the remit of the Futurity as a way of identifying<br />

future FEI prospects.<br />

The veterinary assessment at the Futurity evaluations is<br />

central to providing confidence in the quality of British<br />

bred young stock and presents a highly useful feedback<br />

opportunity. It covers key indicators of long term soundness<br />

and suitability for the sport, as well as giving valuable<br />

guidance on the correct management of young horses. The<br />

correct management of broodmares, foals, and young horses<br />

is crucial to ensuring the best long-term outcomes for British<br />

bred horses. We are therefore delighted that the Futurity<br />

continues to be supported by Baileys Horse Feeds who will be<br />

our headline sponsor again for 2018, and who will continue<br />

to provide their highly valued and popular nutritional advice<br />

to all participants. We are also putting in place a veterinary<br />

advisory panel of national and international experts in<br />

the field to ensure the quality and consistency of the<br />

assessments.<br />

State-of-the-Art Data Collection & Management<br />

New for 2018 and beyond will be that linear score data will be<br />

collected and recorded in a way that enables future analysis<br />

on the heritability of traits and the connection between<br />

characteristics observed in foals and future performance<br />

results.<br />

Linear score data are not only a great feedback opportunity<br />

for breeders on their existing foals and young horses. They<br />

are a way of collecting objective data that will allow British<br />

breeders to identify trends in breeding and hone their future<br />

breeding decisions. As we go forward, the Futurity database<br />

will turn into a great resource for everyone involved.<br />

Crucially, it will be important for British Breeding to work<br />

with the Olympic disciplines to share performance data. In<br />

order to make all this possible, the Futurity will benefit from<br />

a purpose-built data management system and related IT<br />

software sponsored by the Anglo European Studbook.<br />

Our new Futurity database is already set up to link to FEI<br />

performance records. However, there has always been a gap<br />

in terms of traceability of Futurity graduates in National<br />

competitions. By setting out to map national performance<br />

records onto our Futurity database, we will be able to see<br />

how the traits we observe in foals and young horses may – or<br />

may not – translate into performance attributes later on. We<br />

will also begin to see which British stallions and mare families<br />

are passing on particular performance attributes.<br />

Getting More People Involved<br />

To foster a wider understanding of the assessment of young<br />

horses, and of the evaluation system and its implementation,<br />

several training events are being organised across the UK<br />

that will be open to breeders and interested parties to come<br />

and judge a range of young stock alongside the Futurity<br />

evaluators. This will give breeders an opportunity to learn<br />

more about what the judges are looking for, and to become<br />

closely acquainted with the information and detail the<br />

evaluation system can provide. Transparency is important<br />

to us, and we want people to become more involved in the<br />

Futurity process and in breeding more generally. We are<br />

grateful to the British Horse Foundation for their continued<br />

support of the Futurity this year, which has allowed us<br />

to introduce informative activities designed to widen<br />

engagement and fulfil the Futurity’s potential as a place to<br />

learn and encourage.<br />

Beyond the Futurity: The Equine Bridge<br />

We all recognise the importance and potential of the Equine<br />

Bridge as a pathway for British bred horses into the sport.<br />

With representation on our board from the three Olympic<br />

disciplines, we will foster a greater connection between<br />

breeder, riders, and owners, and offer a new and far reaching<br />

approach to making the Equine Bridge an integral part of the<br />

sport and a mechanism for the discovery and recruitment<br />

of talent. This requires a fresh approach, and the British<br />

Breeding Futurity Bridge will therefore be re-launched in<br />

2019. Horses that have already qualified for 2018 will be able<br />

to join the programme next year.<br />

How to get in Touch: British Breeding are setting up<br />

an online entry system for the series, links to which will be<br />

provided in due course via the www.britishbreeding.com<br />

website. Anybody interested in the Futurity can get in touch:<br />

Eva: 07834 194821, horsepowercreative@gmail.com<br />

Rachael: 07850 017587, rachael@holdsworthpr.co.uk<br />



News from the<br />


It is a pleasure to introduce this British Breeder issue’s<br />

cover boy, the AES Approved stallion Cobra 18 who jumped<br />

internationally at 1.50m before retiring from the sport due to<br />

a severe injury. As a result, Cobra is now able to concentrate<br />

fully on his career as a breeding sire with bloodlines that<br />

present a great addition to the AES stallion portfolio, offering<br />

a great combination of the legendary Cornet Obolensky and<br />

Ramiro Z with that all important thoroughbred injection<br />

behind through Usurpator XX.<br />

It is going to be another busy summer for the Anglo European<br />

Studbook, as we are looking forward to selections for our<br />

third AES Elite Foal Auction on 17th August at Addington<br />

Manor EC and to our increasingly popular AES mare gradings<br />

and foal evaluations tours. As we are seeing AES horses<br />

compete at the very top of their game in all three Olympic<br />

disciplines, it is exciting to meet this year’s crop of foals<br />

among whom we are sure to find the next generation of<br />

international stars.<br />

To support the important work done by British Breeding<br />

and the Futurity Evaluations to identify and nurture young<br />

talent, we are delighted to support the new company by<br />

providing it free of charge with our purpose-built state-ofthe-art<br />

database management and IT system and software.<br />

We envisage that this great initiative will go from strength<br />

to strength, holding the key to ensuring a prosperous and<br />

successful future for British breeders.<br />

AES Horses in the Sport<br />

Congratulations to Danielle Goldstein and her fabulous mare<br />

Lizziemary (Cabri d’Elle x Acord II) who won the $384,000<br />

CSI5* Rolex Grand Prix at Wellington in February. This is<br />

another outstanding result for Danielle Goldstein and her<br />

plucky mare who was bred in Britain by Mike Dawson. To<br />

take the win, Danielle and Lizziemary had to beat five other<br />

pairs in the jump-off from an original field of 40. They were<br />

one of only two clear rounds in the jump off, and finished an<br />

impressive 10 seconds ahead of their nearest competitor.<br />

This year’s sunshine tour saw a plethora of wins for AES<br />

horses, including a Grand Prix victory for Billy Twomey<br />

with Kim Barzilay’s Kimba Flamenco (Je t’aime Flamenco x<br />

Heartbreaker) at Vejer de la Frontera. Another pair going<br />

from strength to strength are Michael Whitaker and JB’s Hot<br />

Stuff (Locarno x Cavalier Royale), who is owned by her<br />

FHS Diamond in the Rough<br />

breeder Jayne Bean. The two counted among their successes<br />

this year a victory in the Göteborg Grand Prix.<br />

Closer to home, it has been all about girl power, with two<br />

fabulous AES mares going from strength to strength in<br />

British Dressage among tough competition. At the BD Winter<br />

Nationals, River Rise Escarla (Lord Leatherdale x Ferro), now<br />

half owned and ridden by Charlotte Dujardin, won both the<br />

PSG and the Magic PSG Freestyle. Another up-and-coming<br />

star is Charlotte’s River Rise Nisa (Negro x Amsterdam), also<br />

bred by Sarah Tyler-Evans, who claimed the Charles Owen<br />

advanced medium honours and the Albion medium gold title.<br />

AES Elite Foal Auction<br />

Now in its third year, the AES Elite Foal Auction is<br />

experiencing a phenomenal growth and presents an<br />

outstanding opportunity for breeders for whom the auction is<br />

a shop window to exhibit their stock to worldwide audiences.<br />

As in previous years, the selection of foals and their<br />

promotion will be handled by us at no cost to you. We will<br />

spend late June and the first two weeks in July to travel<br />

across the country to see and assess the best foals bred in all<br />

three Olympic disciplines.<br />



We are proud of our linear scoring system, which provides a<br />

description of the entire horse and all its gaits. To make sure<br />

that we are completely up-to-date in our assessments, we<br />

attend the annual WBFSH International Workshops on Linear<br />

Scoring in the Warmblood Horse, where colleagues from all<br />

international studbooks come together and compare their<br />

scoring systems and evaluate a range of horses.<br />

This gives us a great opportunity to set a global standard for<br />

studbook assessments, something that we think is crucial<br />

This gives us a great opportunity to set a global standard for<br />

studbook assessments, something that we think is crucial<br />

when it comes to supporting our breeders in producing future<br />

FEI horses.<br />

Filly bred by Sally Forster<br />

We will take photographs and video footage to help with<br />

the online promotion, as well as with the production of a<br />

high quality catalogue that will be sent out to thousands of<br />

contacts. For the auction itself, we are again teaming up with<br />

Brightwells who will handle the business side, enabling us<br />

to use the popular Young Horse Championships at Addington<br />

Manor EC as the perfect backdrop to the event.<br />

We look forward to seeing your auction entries, if you want to<br />

find out more, please contact Eva:<br />

eva@angloeuropeanstudbook.co.uk who will book you in for<br />

your auction assessment. Please make sure you get in touch<br />

in good time for the selections to avoid disappointment.<br />

AES Mare Gradings and Foal Evaluations<br />

Mare gradings do not have to be daunting. Our evaluators<br />

are very friendly, and it is important to us that you find the<br />

experience useful and enjoyable. We organise several grading<br />

tours alongside our various activities over the summer, as<br />

well as stand-alone tours. You can come to one of our grading<br />

venues, or we can come to you.<br />

We are also very pleased to be supporting the Elite Foals<br />

Registration Tour this summer, which will be a great<br />

opportunity for British breeders. To find out more, why not<br />

contact Eva or Lucy: eva@angloeuropeanstudbook.co.uk and<br />

lucy@angloeuropeanstudbook.co.uk.<br />

AES Stallion Gradings Spring Series<br />

The AES team of national and international evaluators<br />

enjoyed another successful and inspiring series of public<br />

gradings this spring. Public stallion grading tours take place<br />

twice a year, in the spring and in the autumn, using a series<br />

of venues across the UK.<br />

The AES mare grading system is an opportunity for you to<br />

receive detailed and helpful feedback about your mares<br />

and their offspring, and an opportunity for us to get a good<br />

idea about the quality of all the AES broodmares and the<br />

foals produced by the stallions licensed or recognised by the<br />

studbook.<br />

Cornet’s Pleasure<br />

Stallions are given a detailed linear score feedback, which is<br />

also accessible via our public database, thus giving breeders<br />

useful information for their stallion choices. It is a pleasure<br />

to introduce some of the new additions and welcome them to<br />

our studbook:<br />

At Northcote Stud, we licensed two different and very<br />

promising young dressage stallions who will be available to<br />

breeders on their initial license:<br />

Mandy Sanderson of Longacres Stud presented a young<br />

coloured stallion bred by Suzy Mainprice called First<br />

Impression (UCS Flawless x Udo van Padhuis x Rubin Royal).<br />

First Impression showed three good, correct gaits and a<br />

powerful hind leg, as well as having very attractive markings<br />

that will be of interest to many breeders of coloured horses.<br />

First Impression<br />



First Impression provides a great mix of coloured breeding<br />

DNA with outstanding proven dressage blood from Floriscount<br />

in the sire and Rubin Royal in the dam. Recently, Mandy very<br />

tragically lost her much loved stallion Samara Fly, and we<br />

know that she will do a wonderful job with this promising<br />

young stallion who has some very big boots to fill.<br />

Caroline Leigh of Stretton Hall Stud presented her own bred<br />

stallion King Leatherdale SHS (Lord Leatherdale x Negro x<br />

Sadenio) who convinced the evaluators with three excellent<br />

elastic and expressive gaits. King Leatherdale is the full<br />

brother to the multiple licensed stallion Chapter Leatherdale<br />

who is standing on the Continent, thus giving breeders in<br />

this country direct access to some of the best continental<br />

breeding lines. From the same pairing came also the Elite<br />

mare Dreamer. King Leatherdale’s mother is a sport Elite<br />

mare with a successful competition record in the UK and the<br />

USA.<br />

We then paid a special visit to Future Sport Horses in<br />

Yorkshire where we caught up with Julia Hodkin and her<br />

beautiful stallions and their offspring. Both Future Illusion<br />

and Future Gravitas were awarded a highly deserved lifetime<br />

approval. Future Illusion had to cut short his very promising<br />

competition career due to a severe injury, but has since more<br />

than proven himself as a breeding sire of outstanding and<br />

versatile offspring. He has a way of really stamping his stock<br />

with his beautiful type, which he combines with passing on<br />

excellent performance ability and temperament, making<br />

him a popular choice with those seeking to breed a serious<br />

event horse, as well as for wider purposes, including showing.<br />

Future Gravitas is enjoying a successful competition career,<br />

and we were able to catch up with him at the winter dressage<br />

nationals at Hartpury earlier in the month. His main domain<br />

is eventing, and he brings an exciting cocktail of bloodlines<br />

via his outstanding sire Grafenstolz and a good dose of more<br />

blood through the dam sire Bohemond XX. He is another<br />

stallion with great athleticism and wonderful type.<br />

We finished the day at Foxisle Stud where we enjoyed<br />

meeting a few fantastic broodmares, as well as a beautiful<br />

son of the AES stallion Quinlan Z called Foxisle Olympus<br />

(Quinlan Z x Handel Elite x Guidam) who was bred by Steve<br />

Fagg and presented by Tina Grey. Quinlan Z is a young stallion<br />

competing internationally with Emily King, by Quinar out of<br />

a Contender mare from the famous Holsteiner Stamm 18A2.<br />

Handel Elite and Guidam require no further introduction.<br />

Foxilse Olypmus’s grandmother Run and Go van Thornesele<br />

has competed internationally at 1.40m and is half-sister to<br />

the 1.50m international showjumper Lexus van Thornesele Z<br />

and Rebel van Thornesele, as well as the stallion Centolys Z.<br />

The last day of our stallion grading tour took us to Catherston<br />

Stud where we saw a range of very interesting young show<br />

jumping stallions. Edward Bleekman presented a very<br />

attractive son of Tangelo van de Zuuthoeve out of a Lux x<br />

Calvados x Ramiro Z mare. He convinced the evaluators with<br />

three outstanding balanced gaits and an excellent attitude in<br />

the loose jumping assessment.<br />

On behalf of Gerda Weston of Weston Warmbloods, Edward<br />

also presented Cornets Pleasure WW (Cornet Obolensky x<br />

For Pleasure x Nimmerdor) who convinced with three very<br />

good gaits, beautiful type and an enormous amount of<br />

scope. Cornet Obolensky needs no introduction, nor does<br />

For Pleasure, however, what makes this such an exciting and<br />

unique opportunity for breeders is that the mother, Jella<br />

Ariane vd Bucxtale is the full sister to none other than Scott<br />

Brash’s 1.60m horse Hello Forever and the international<br />

1.50m stallion Vaillant.<br />

Future Gravitas<br />

We finished the day off on another high with Maddie Gardner’s<br />

lovely stallion FHS Diamond in the Rough who carries the<br />

influential blood of Solitair (Voltaire x Libero H) combined<br />

with a full thoroughbred mother by Strong Gale XX who sired<br />

successful international eventers such as Moonfleet XX. This<br />

beautiful stallion has outstanding type and convinces with<br />

great trainability and temperament, which he passes on to<br />

his offspring. The team saw the stallion jumping, as well<br />

as showing his dressage training. He is now working at PSG<br />

at home and recently qualified for the BD Winter Nationals<br />

at Advanced Medium. The stallion was awarded lifetime<br />

approval based on his presentation on the day, as well as his<br />

own competition record and the quality of his offspring.<br />

Kambarbay<br />

Earlier in the Spring we were also delighted to catch up with<br />

Solaris Sport Horses’ stunning stallion Kambarbay at the<br />

Northern Stallion Showcase. Kambarbay was awarded lifetime<br />

approval in recognition of the outstanding quality of his<br />

offspring. He passes on a wonderful type, and his foals have<br />

impressed across the board, and from a wide range of mares,<br />

achieving excellent futurity scores, winning at foal and breed<br />

shows, and being selected for the AES Elite Auction. He is a<br />

truly unique horse who is making his mark on breeding in this<br />

country and across the world.<br />

Congratulations to all the breeders and owners involved in<br />

this successful spring gradings series. We would like to thank<br />

all the venues who so generously supported our tour and we<br />

look forward to working with you all again. To find out more<br />

about our next round of stallion gradings, which will take<br />

place in the late autumn this year, please do not hesitate to<br />

contact Eva: eva@angloeuropeanstudbook.co.uk<br />



Elite Foal Auccon<br />

17th August Addington Manor EC<br />

UK-wide Seleccons 25 June - 15 July, including video and photograpy<br />

Free passports for auccon foals<br />

Promooon of auccon foals worldwide<br />

Foal Passports<br />

Free passports for foals from AES Elite Stallions<br />

All other passports from £25<br />

Easy and convenient online registraaon using marking sheets and covering cerrficates<br />

“My AES” log in to state-of-the-art database<br />

Friendly, fast and efficient service<br />

Mare, Foal & Youngstock Evaluaaons<br />

Prices from £50 per mare<br />

Detailed Linear Feedback covering all three gaits, jumping opponal<br />

Upgrades through Sport Performance<br />

Breed to Succeed!<br />

get in touch:<br />

Eva: 07834 194821, eva@angloeuropeanstudbook.co.uk<br />

Lucy: 07772572461, lucy@angloeuropeanstudbook.co.uk<br />

Office: 01293 871701, info@angloeuropeanstudbook.co.uk<br />

www.angloeuropeanstudbook.co.uk<br />



The Arab Horse Society celebrates its Centenary this<br />

year and to mark this is hosting a range of events<br />

during the year. The first was a Parade of Performance<br />

horses held on Saturday 28th April at the Sir Peter<br />

O’Sullevan Arena at Palace House, Newmarket. It<br />

showed the full diversity of the Arabian influence on<br />

the modern day competition horse with pure Arabs from<br />

Racing, Showing and Endurance being paraded, but also<br />

Part-Breds and Anglo Arabs representing Eventing, Show<br />

Jumping, Dressage and Showing.<br />

Some of the Stallions paraded included:<br />

Tomatillo (Tarnik x Mellita) the 5yr old Part Bred Arab Stallion<br />

Clone of the Olympic Eventing Gelding, Tamarillo. Tamarillo<br />

was a hugely successful Event horse being long term member<br />

of the British Eventing team and winner of Badminton and<br />

Burghley CCI****.<br />

Mukhtar Ibn Eternity (Eternity Ibn Navarrone D x Monsson)<br />

NaStA Graded and AHS Premium performance Arab stallion<br />

who is truly dual purpose having successfully competed BE,<br />

SJ,D as well as being a multi-champion show horse in hand<br />

and under saddle. He qualified for the BE Arena Eventing<br />

Champs in 2016/17 and earlier this was awarded the WAHO<br />

Trophy.<br />

Incognito (Indoctro (KWPN) ex Turkish Candle (Anglo Arab)–<br />

Part Bred Arab 8yr old Gelding who moved up to Intermediate<br />

in 2017 completing last season with a double clear in the 7yr<br />

old Championships. He has frozen semen stored.<br />

Yawl Hillbilly (Dhruv x Burrowshot Lass) – NaStA Graded &<br />

AHS Premium Elite Stallion competing in Advanced Endurance<br />

rides. He completed 4 FEI 160km 3* rides. He also competed<br />

at BE100.<br />

Fifty Shades of J & Abi Shaw<br />

Silvern Prince (Prince Sadik x Silvern Image) AHS Premium<br />

Stallion. Won all four of the most coveted titles in<br />

Ridden Showing; The British National Championships, UK<br />

International Championship, Royal International Ridden<br />

Arabian Championship and the Horse of the Year Show<br />

Supreme Championship.<br />

Fames Dakota (Dakota Ink Spots x MS Fames Jubilee) Tobiano<br />

part bred arab AHS Premium Stallion and also graded with<br />

the Sports Pony Studbook . Qualified for the 2016/2017 BD<br />

summer regionals and for the 2018 BD winter regionals.<br />

CF Winter Amadeus (Rumak x Winter Persephone) Won 2014<br />

Endurance GB Novice Championships. Member of the EGB<br />

Inter Regional Championships winning team, was the 2017 AHS<br />

Performance Horse Awards Reserve Champion. He was 5th in<br />

the EGB Senior Champs.<br />

Arabian blood has long influenced many sports horse<br />

bloodlines but has particularly had influence in Eventing. Top<br />

International Event riders have long found Anglo-Arab blood<br />

an essential ingredient in the world class eventing horse. The<br />

Anglo Arab is the prefect base for breeding a horse that has<br />

stamina, courage to tackle 4 star tracks, speed, paces for<br />

dressage and the desire to jump clean.<br />

Fifty Shades of J (Chilensky x Phyches Precious Gemm R) 5yr<br />

old Grey Part-Bred mare (51% Arab). In her first season BS<br />

has already amassed 123 BS Points qualifying for the British<br />

Novice Regionals, Horsequest Winter Champs.<br />

Treenhill Aristotle (AH Cheshmak x Treenhill Shillelagh)<br />

Premium Graded Stallion with SHB(GB), received a higher first<br />

at the 2014 Futurity. Aristotle is also a registered as a Sports<br />

Horse Pony and AHS Premium Stallion. Anglo Arab British<br />

National Champion in 2016, AHS Reserve Supreme in hand<br />

champion 2016. Under saddle he was reserve British National<br />

Champion Anglo Arab. British Arabian Championships Supreme<br />

Overall Champion among other titles. He was also 2nd in the<br />

BD Arab Dressage Champs.<br />


Fames Dakota


Top horses carrying such bloodlines include:<br />

Tamarillo (Tarnok x Mellita) Three Day Event Multi Champion<br />

Badminton & Burghley CCI**** winner as well as multiple<br />

GB Team member and Olympic Event Horse, Surocco du<br />

Gers (Dorsay x Anglo Arab mare Jalienny) 7yr old World<br />

Young Horse Eventing Champion in 2013 who then went onto<br />

compete for France in the 2014 European Championships.<br />

Upsilon (Canturo out of Anglo Arab mare O’Vive) won two<br />

CCI** in 2016 and then went onto win Blenheim CCI***<br />

Michael Yung’s European Champion fischerTakinou (Jaguar<br />

Mail out of Anglo Arab mare Gita)<br />

Tenareze (Jaguar Mail out of Anglo Arab mare Utopie du<br />

Maury) Double Young Horse World Champion winning both<br />

the 6yr old and 7yr old Championships. He completed his<br />

first season with Harry Meade in the UK winning four events<br />

consecutively.<br />

Silvern Prince - Caroline Sussex<br />

The Arab Horse Society uses the NaStA Performance Test with<br />

an additional conformation examination for Stallions, Mares<br />

and now Geldings to become Premium Horses for Breeding.<br />

The AHS Premium Scheme offers bursaries and awards.<br />

Other Events coming up include:<br />

From 22nd March to the 13th July there is an Arabian Horse<br />

Exhibition ‘From Desert to the World’ running at the National<br />

Horseracing Museum, Newmarket.<br />

CF Winter Amadeus + Pat Guerin<br />

Endurance champions PHA.<br />

West End Photography<br />

Silvern Prince<br />

HOYS Ridden champion Arab<br />

2010<br />

The Arab Horse Society National Show 26th – 28th July at the<br />

Three Counties Showground, Malvern Racing throughout the<br />

season with the International meetings at Windsor racecourse<br />

on 28th May & Dubai International Meetings at Newbury on<br />

14th June, 12th July and 29th July. Endurance Competitions<br />

throughout the season but highlights in the Spring calendar<br />

are FEI CEI1* & CEI** Ride Royal Windsor 11th May, Golden<br />

Horseshoe 19/20 May, FEI CEI*, CEI**, CEIYR**, CEI***Euston<br />

Park 23rd/24th June.<br />

www.ahsshowandevents.com | www. endurancegb.co.uk<br />

www.aroracing.co.uk | www.arabhorsesociety.org<br />



Has had a fantastic start<br />

to the New Year.<br />

British Hanoverian horse owners collected an<br />

array of awards at the British Breeders Award<br />

Ceremony, held in January, at the Grange City<br />

Hotel, London.<br />

The British Dressage Young Horse Awards went to<br />

four-year-old Waverley Dante (Dimaggio out of<br />

Floria by Furst Heinrich) who is owned by Greg<br />

Sims and bred by Sara Longworth. The five-yearold<br />

award went to Hawtin’s San Floriana who is<br />

owned by Carl Hester and Charlotte Dujardin,<br />

bred by Judith Davis of Hawtins Stud.<br />

The British Equestrian Federation Award which<br />

was presented to the highest place British<br />

Bred Horse at the 2017 Longines FEI Senior<br />

European Championships went to Dior UKH, who<br />

is by Dimaggio out of St Premium Mare Hetta,<br />

(Hitchcock). The breeder is UK Hanoverians<br />

Suzanne Lavandera and owned by Annabel<br />

Whittet. The best dressage foal was awarded<br />

jointly to Lisa Greenhill’s Who’s that Girl<br />

(Wavavoom x Manhatten) and Lynne Crowden’s<br />

Woodlander Regatta De Blanc (Revolution x<br />

Zandra).<br />

The joint winners, once again were British<br />

Hanoverians. Following on from this huge<br />

success, British Hanoverians were out in full<br />

force at the NAF Five Star Winter Dressage<br />

Championships at Hartpury in April. The Winter<br />

championships were a great success for British<br />

breeding as many of the titles and top placings<br />

went to British bred horses.<br />

Charlotte Dujardin and Hawtins San Floriana<br />

(San Amour I x Florestan) claimed two<br />

championship titles at the show, in the novice<br />

and elementary classes. Sam Rahmatallah and<br />

her own Hawtins Falerno (Furst Romancier out<br />

of Hawtins State Premium Mare World’s Finest)<br />

improved on their position in the advanced<br />

medium to gain a top ten place in the very hot<br />

medium gold class.<br />

Breeder Judith Davis and Hawtins San Floriana<br />

Bridget Tate and Hawtins Werona (Wolkentanz II x Sherlock Holmes) were<br />

already qualified for three classes at the championship and then added a<br />

fourth class by qualifying for the PSG freestyle in Friday’s gala evening.<br />

It was a great experience for this young pair with a lot of promise for the<br />

future.<br />

Bryony Goodwin and Hawtins Soave (by Sir Donnerhall out of Hawtins<br />

Belladonna by Belissimo M) were a close second in the novice gold. Judith<br />

Davis of Hawtins Stud said; “This was the mare’s first championship. We<br />

were so proud of how she coped with the atmosphere and are very excited<br />

about her future. Bryony and Hawtins Duchessa (Decamerone out of Hawtins<br />

Donna Lisa by Don Frederico) finished fourth in the medium gold with 9s for<br />

some of the trot work and the walk, but a few green moments which were<br />

costly. Although having done well in the young horse championships over<br />

the past couple of years, Hawtins Duchessa is relatively inexperienced in<br />

competitions.”<br />

Alice Oppenheimer, another British Hanoverian rider, rode eleven tests<br />

during the Championships. Eight year old, British Hanoverian Headmore<br />

Davina (Dimaggio X Rubenstein x Donnerhall) gave Alice the Advanced<br />

Medium Freestyle title. This mare was consistent through the five days and<br />

was also third in the Albion medium, fifth in the Charles Owen advanced<br />

medium and sixth in the medium Spillers freestyle. Jo Gummer and her<br />

twenty year old Gironde (Garcon x Glucksfall) was thrilled to have qualified<br />

for the Nationals at Inter I, having bought him as a foal and trained him all<br />

the way herself. Jo Blood bought her mare Felicia (Flammengold x Elroon x<br />

Donnerhall) as a two year old and she came second in the Novice Silver.<br />


Sam Rahmatallah and Hawtins Falerno. - Image courtesy of owner


The BHHS has a very busy year planned to start was our<br />

Annual General Meeting was held at Horwood House, Milton<br />

Keynes, on Sunday 24 March 2018 at 1pm.<br />

We have a large number of Hanoverian Day’s planned for the<br />

year, with this year’s Annual Show taking place at Keysoe on<br />

Thursday 27th – Friday 28th September 2018.<br />

We have many more classes planned for this year and will be<br />

holding our Gelding Performance Test again.<br />

British Hanoverians and British Rhinelands are also pleased<br />

to announce that, subject to members demand, it will be<br />

supporting Elite Stallions during their series of Foal Shows<br />

during the summer.<br />

We would like to reassure our members that our regular<br />

Hanoverian Tour will continue as normal and will follow the<br />

same format as in previous years.<br />

Our British Rhineland studbook accepts mares and stallions of<br />

most major studbooks.<br />

There are many cases where it will be possible to register<br />

foals with the Rhineland studbook who are by stallions who<br />

are not approved for the Hannoveraner breeding programme.<br />

What is British Rhineland?<br />

• It is a Breeding programme allowing a broader base of horses<br />

• The same philosophy is employed – following a strong and<br />

well-established Breeding Programme<br />

• Rhineland is a quality brand representing the process –<br />

maintaining the rules and integrity of the process<br />

• The Rhineland brand is global – with the same standards in<br />

UK as internationally<br />

• Stallions come from approved populations and must<br />

achieve a pass in both the testing standards – licensing and<br />

performance.<br />

Felicia – Image courtesy of Jo Blood<br />

Hanoverian venues and dates. (NOTE: These are in addition to the Elite Tour)<br />

Date<br />

Sunday 24 June 2018<br />

Saturday 4 August 2018<br />

Sunday 5 August 2018<br />

Monday 6 August 2018<br />

Friday 10 August 2018<br />

Saturday 18 August 2018<br />

Sunday 19 August 2018<br />

Sunday 19 August 2018<br />

Saturday 25 August 2018<br />

Sunday 26 August 2018<br />

Thursday 27 September 2018<br />

Friday 28 September 2018<br />

Event<br />

Mare Performance Test – Fosshey Hanoverian Stud, Cheshire<br />

Regional Foal Show Windmill Dressage - Buckinghamshire<br />

Regional Foal Show Witcham Farm Stud – Cambridgeshire<br />

Regional Foal Show Glossoms Farm Stud – Leicestershire<br />

Regional Foal Show Brownscombe Stud – Devon<br />

Regional Foal Show Court Farm Stud – Herefordshire<br />

Regional Foal Show Hawtins Stud – Gloucestershire<br />

Regional Foal Show Woodlander Stud – Gloucestershire<br />

Regional Foal Show Westoak Stud – Northumberland<br />

Regional Foal Show – Fosshey Stud, Cheshire<br />

Annual Show – Keysoe,<br />

Annual Show – Keysoe<br />

We have still to confirm dates in Ireland, Wales and Scotland<br />

so please visit the website and Facebook pages for up to date<br />

information.<br />

British Hanoverians are also pleased to announce that there is<br />

no price increase this year for grading and registration. British<br />

Hanoverians are also pleased to announce that there is no price<br />

increase this year for grading and registration. For further<br />

information on: Membership, Stallion Registration & Licensing/<br />

Assessment, Mare Grading, Mare Upgrading, Foal Registration etc<br />

contact:<br />

Kate Eaton, Studbook Manager, The British Hanoverian Horse Society:<br />

Email: bhhsuk@gmail.com - Telephone: +44 (0) 7479 366 046<br />



Kimba Uttah<br />

Breeders Elite<br />

progeny have<br />

had an excellent<br />

start to the<br />

season both at<br />

home & abroad.<br />

The five year old Tiptoe C.E produced some super results on<br />

the Atlantic Tour in Vilamoura, Portugal this Spring, ridden<br />

by Colin Keeling. He was placed in eleven classes, including<br />

three equal firsts, jumping 12 clears out of a total of 13<br />

rounds contested over the four week tour - the most clears<br />

jumped in the five year old section. He also jumped a treble<br />

clear over the two days of the prestigious European Cup to<br />

finish in fifth place.<br />

Tiptoe is by the Breeders Elite licencsed stallion, Renkum<br />

Radetzky, and is owned by his breeders, Clements Equine,<br />

where Radetzky also stands at stud.<br />

Tiptoe CE<br />

Both Radetzky and Tiptoe’s dam Otesse Rouge have several<br />

other younger progeny registered with Breeders Elite,<br />

including a full sister to Tiptoe C.E.<br />

Meanwhile Breeders Elite horses have also been flying the flag<br />

in the UK. Kimba Uttah, owned by his breeder Kim Barzilay,<br />

and ridden by Emma-Jo Slater claimed the Joshua Jones<br />

Discovery Championship at the Blue Chip Championships, held<br />

at Hartpury.<br />

Uttah is by Kimba Kannarko, Kim’s home-bred stallion with<br />

Kannan and Arco lines. His dam Uttah van het Indihof had a<br />

successful showjumping career herself, and is also the dam of<br />

Kimba Flamenco, currently competing in top level sport with<br />

Billy Twomey.<br />

Breeders Elite will be supporting the Elite Foals Registration<br />

Tour held at studs around the UK between 11th – 22nd August.<br />

We look forward to catching up with many of our breeders<br />

here and seeing this year’s crop of foals.<br />

If you are interested in presenting a stallion<br />

for grading, and for foal registration or other<br />

queries please call the office:<br />

tel. 01684833714<br />

email. office@breederselite.co.uk<br />




Sport Horse Breeding<br />

of Great Britiain<br />



Sport Horse Breeding of Great Britain (SHB-GB) is one of the<br />

oldest studbooks in the UK – our registrations go back to 1885<br />

when we were then called called the Hunter Improvement<br />

Society (HIS) and the majority of horses were bred for<br />

hunting. Today SHB(GB) registers horses from all disciplines<br />

into the studbook and offers owners a wide choice of stallions<br />

suitable for all types of mares.<br />


Others to grade<br />

• PSH Twilight (PSH Overture-Rotspon); the seven-yearold<br />

bred by owner Gary Power has successfully competed<br />

in dressage up to advanced medium.<br />

• Bathleyhills Justified (Garuda K-Andes XX); a sevenyear-old<br />

bred by Penny Walster of Bathley Hill Farm near<br />

Newark and now owned by Penny and rider Jake Fowles.<br />

Justified has also competed in dressage and has started<br />

eventing. He sired the reserve champion foal in the light<br />

horse section at last year’s British National Foal of the<br />

Year Show.<br />

• The After Party (Primitive Proposal XX-Tolan R); bred<br />

and owned by Nick Gauntlett FBHS, the five-year-old by<br />

the SHB(GB) graded thoroughbred Primitive Proposal is a<br />

half-brother to the 2015 grading champion Party Trick.<br />

• The thoroughbred Mullionmileanhour (Mull of<br />

Kintyre-Royal Applause). Formerly of Batsford Stud this<br />

lovely stamp of a thoroughbred is now standing at Great<br />

Brockhamhurst Stud near Betchworth in Surrey.<br />

• Shadwell Stud’s Group 1 winning Arab Handassa<br />

(Madjani-River Mist) is possibly a first for The Society. This<br />

lovely, tough and sound Chestnut Arab stands 16hh and<br />

would be suitable for those looking to refine mares and<br />

ideal for anyone looking to breed an Anglo-Arab. He is<br />

standing at West Kington Stud.<br />

‘The newly graded Ashwey Laurenzo’ © Carole Mortimer<br />

SHB(GB) has recently added seven new stallions to the<br />

studbook. At the recent stallion grading at West Wilts EC<br />

judges Jennie Loriston-Clarke, Henrietta Knight and Roland<br />

Fernyhough awarded the highest mark of the day to Rebecca<br />

Gordon’s six-year-old Ashwey Laurenzo. Bred by Lucy<br />

Sheldrake of the Delaroche Stud, he is a son of Lauriston out<br />

of a mare by Ircolando. Although jumping bred Laurenzo will<br />

soon be out eventing.<br />

• New Priory Stud’s young showjumping stallion NPS<br />

Supernova (Casall-Carthago) is also now SHB(GB)<br />

approved.<br />

Badminton SHB-GB<br />

Stallion Parade<br />

The thoroughbred Mullionmileanhour has been graded into the<br />

studbook - Image © Hoofbeats and Pawprints.<br />

Chilli Morning takes centre stage in the main arena last year<br />

(© Mitsubishi Motors Badminton Horse Trials/Kit Houghton)<br />



The Mitsubishi Motors Badminton Horse Trials offers a unique<br />

opportunity to see some of our graded stallions in the<br />

SHB(GB) Stallion Parade that takes place in the main arena<br />

after the end of dressage on Friday. Stallions in the parade<br />

this year:<br />

1) Jaguar Mail 1997 (Hand in Glove xx-Laudanum xx) This<br />

three-quarter-bred former Olympic showjumper is the<br />

number two sire in the World Breeding Federation for<br />

Sport Horses (WBFSH) eventing sire rankings. Contact Elite<br />

Stallions.<br />

2) Chilli Morning 2000 (Phantomic xx-Kolibri) The 2015<br />

winner of Badminton with William Fox-Pitt also competed at<br />

the Rio Olympic Games in 2016 and now has winning progeny.<br />

Standing at West Kington Stud.<br />

3) Party Trick 2012 (Chilli Morning-Tolan R) Bred by his<br />

owner/rider Nick Gauntlett FBHS, he was champion of the<br />

2016 SHB(GB) spring grading and was 3rd in the Burghley<br />

Young Event Horse final. Available through Chescombe Farm<br />

near Chipping Sodbury.<br />

4) A Moment in Time 2013 (Wish upon a Star-Jumbo). Bred<br />

by owner Carolyn Bates this five-year-old has the bloodlines<br />

of two champion stallions and was himself champion of the<br />

SHB(GB) 2017 spring grading.<br />

Exciting new loose jumping<br />

competition<br />

On the evening of Monday July 2 at Addington EC we<br />

will be holding a brand new loose-jumping competition.<br />

The Sculpture to Wear Performance Horse class, open to<br />

three-year-olds, not only offers a first prize of £500 to<br />

the owner of the winning horse but also a £500 prize to<br />

the breeder and member of SHB(GB) whose horse is the<br />

highest placed British-bred in the top five.<br />

The competition will be held the night before the start<br />

of the two-day SHB(GB) Supreme Championship show.<br />

Another new lucrative championship will be the ‘Breeders<br />

Cup’ which offers a first prize of £1000 to be divided<br />

between the owner and the breeder. The breeder will<br />

also receive a framed oil painting by Rebecca O’Dwyer,<br />

of their winning horse. The winner of every SHB(GB)<br />

affiliated in-hand class held at shows prior to the<br />

Championships will qualify.<br />

Conformation Clinics<br />

5) Tiger Attack 2012 (Dolphin Supreme AA -The Outlaw)<br />

Bred by owners Joanne and William Moran this six-year-old<br />

is a winner in dressage and eventing, has qualified for this<br />

year’s Mitsubishi Motors Cup and bred young stock champions.<br />

Stands at Catherston Stud.<br />

6) Britannia’s Mail 2008 (Jaguar Mail-Jumbo). A son of Jaguar<br />

Mail out of the former Badminton winner Headley Britannia<br />

by Jumbo bred by Lucinda Fredericks. ‘Marley finished last<br />

season at two-star level.<br />

7) Sir Shutterfly 2002 (Silvio I-Forrest) A full brother to the<br />

internationally successful showjumper Shutterfly ridden by<br />

Meredith Michaels-Beerbaum. Standing at Fairlight Stud in<br />

Somerset<br />

8) NPS Supernova 2012 (Casall-Carthago) This six-yearold<br />

has jumping in his blood being a son of the world class<br />

champion Casall out of a mare by Carthago. He stands at New<br />

Priory Stud near Chippenham.<br />

9) KL Mac 2011 (Larduc-Graf Quidam) – standing at Kington<br />

Langley Stud brings the jumping lines of the famous stallion<br />

Quidam de Revel. Has been competing in dressage and is<br />

a regional novice champion and qualified for summer and<br />

winter championships. Bred and owned Kington Langley Stud<br />

(near Chippenham) where he stands.<br />

10) Timolin 2011 (Totilas-Sion) Catherston Stud’s British-bred<br />

son of dressage star Totilas was Champion of his grading, is<br />

a champion in the show ring, and is winning in dressage and<br />

eventing and siring young stock winners.<br />

11) Glencarrig Dolphin 2010 (Coosheen Stormboy-Coral Star)<br />

– Connemara stallion has been placed in affiliated eventing.<br />

His first offspring out of sport horse mares have been<br />

winners in the showring. Walks in at the Hockerwood stud in<br />

Nottinghamshire<br />

12) Hallmark DS 2010 (West Coast Cavalier-Fourstars Allstar<br />

xx) Irish Sport Horse stallion graded in 2015. Now competing<br />

in eventing. Has already sired winners in the show ring.<br />

Last year we introduced a series of practical clinics<br />

designed to help recognise the importance of<br />

conformation. They proved a popular innovation and we<br />

will be continuing them this year.<br />

The clinics, that are open to all, offer a unique<br />

opportunity to discuss the conformation of several horses<br />

during a one-to-one session with a listed judge. Or bring<br />

a friend – pairs welcome if you would prefer company.<br />

These clinics are especially useful for those hoping to<br />

attend a judge’s assessment.<br />

We aim to run the clinics throughout the summer at<br />

venues around the country; keep an eye on the website<br />

and our FaceBook page for future dates.<br />



Mare Grading<br />

Equine Reproduction Centre<br />

Annie Clover was last year’s leading graded mare<br />

SHB(GB) believes that mare grading is as equally important<br />

as stallion grading and we are delighted that B&W Equine<br />

Vets will again be sponsoring the prizes at the end of our<br />

mare grading series. B&W Equine Vets have a dedicated<br />

stud and reproduction team based at the Willesley clinic,<br />

nr. Tetbury, in Gloucestershire where they also stand the<br />

SHB(GB) graded stallion Royaldik.<br />

We are happy to grade mares of all types as long as they are<br />

at least three-years-old and stand 14.2hh (148cm) or more,<br />

with or without foal at foot and in-hand only. Depending<br />

on the mark and pedigree, mares that pass will be graded<br />

accordingly into one of our studbooks. While we will soon<br />

be arranging venues around the country although we are<br />

also happy to come to you on the proviso there are six<br />

mares and a safe outdoor arena or small enclosed paddock.<br />

• The leading mares of the year, sponsored by B&W<br />

Equine Vets will receive a generous Service Voucher (valid<br />

for 2 years) to be used against the cost of an SHB(GB)<br />

graded stallion, registered for the current year.<br />

• All mares that are graded into the Head Studbook will<br />

receive a £100 voucher for the cost of the registration<br />

(including DNA testing) of her foal.<br />

• Progeny foaled in the UK out of an SHB(GB) graded mare<br />

by an SHB(GB) graded stallion (or a stallion standing abroad<br />

that fulfills the SHB(GB) criteria), will be eligible<br />

for registration in the Main studbook.<br />

If you would like to bring your mare forward for<br />

grading, or arrange a mare grading, contact the<br />

office. Marian will be pleased to answer any of your<br />

breeding queries especially those relating to passports,<br />

registration or grading rules and regulations.<br />

All information pertaining to stallion and mare grading<br />

can be down-loaded from the website. Stallion and<br />

mare grading dates will be advertised on the front<br />

page and on our FaceBook page:<br />

T: 01732 866277<br />

W: www.sporthorsegb.co.uk<br />

FB: Sport Horse Breeding (GB)<br />

· Artificial Insemination · Embryo Transfer ·<br />

· Ovum Pick-Up · Transported Embryo Service ·<br />

· Resident Stud Vet · Foaling Unit ·<br />

· Stud Reproduction Courses ·<br />

Twemlows Stud Farm, Whitchurch, Shropshire , SY13 2EZ, UK<br />

Tel: +44(0)1948 664966<br />

Email: edwardmatson@twemlows.co.uk<br />

www.twemlows.co.uk | www.facebook.com/twemlows<br />



• BEVA approved practice for AI<br />

• Embryo transfer<br />

• Defra-approved semen<br />

laboratory<br />

• Semen collection & analysis<br />

• Semen freezing<br />

• Mare & Stallion infertility<br />

investigations<br />

• Neonatal & Older Foal<br />

Intensive Care Unit<br />

Discuss your requirements<br />

with Lorraine Palmer on<br />

01638 663150<br />


High Street, Newmarket, CB8 8JS<br />

www.rossdales.com<br />




George Clooney BS<br />

Silken Creme<br />

The Sports Pony Studbook Society<br />

SPSS Update<br />

Spring is here and as well as being a busy<br />

time for members with stallions and those<br />

expecting and planning for foals, the Sports<br />

Pony Studbook Society (SPSS) committee<br />

are hard at work planning another UK-wide<br />

grading and evaluation tour.<br />

Success Breeds Success<br />

The SPSS has always promoted grading and evaluation as<br />

key to improving the quality of British-bred sports ponies<br />

and we are delighted that each year more British-bred SPSS<br />

passported or registered ponies with SPSS graded sires and/or<br />

dams are coming through to top level competition.<br />

So far in 2018, we have seen SPSS registered George Clooney<br />

B.S. & Sophie Taylor in the top placings in international pony<br />

dressage. George was bred by Julie Lockey of Bramley Stud<br />

and is by Godrics Stud’s SPSS Elite graded senior stallion,<br />

Caesar 171, out of SPSS registered Ballarena F.H. (Santano<br />

x Democrat). George and Sophie were in the top 3 in all the<br />

classes at the Keysoe CDIP in March, winning the Individual<br />

Class. Then in April they went to Belgium for the Sint-Truiden<br />

CDIP and excelled against strong opposition from top German<br />

& Dutch riders to be 2nd in the Team Test and only beaten<br />

by the experienced combination of Jana Lang & 12 year old<br />

NK Cyrill (FS Champion de Luxe x Power Man) whose previous<br />

international competition was the 2017 Pony European<br />

Championships - where they won the team test – a huge<br />

contrast to 7 year old George on his first trip overseas.<br />

Others doing well and representing GB in international pony<br />

dressage this year have been George’s full sister, SPSS Elite<br />

graded Ella (SPSS Elite Caesar 171 x Santano) who, ridden<br />

by Sophie Williams, competed for GB at the Keysoe CDIP<br />

and in the Netherlands at the Nieuw en Sint Joosland CDIP<br />

(where they were 3rd in the individual consolation class).<br />

Photos - www.Qorum-photos.com<br />

Then Maddy Whelan and SPSS passported Beaurepaire Frodo<br />

(SPSS Elite Littledale Bright Star x Florencio I) were 4th at<br />

the Keysoe CDIP – which meant that 3 of the top 4 ponies in<br />

this class were British-bred, a major step forward from the<br />

situation a few years back when to be competitive a<br />

German-bred pony was perceived as essential.<br />

The 8 year old Beaurepaire Frodo was bred by Penelope<br />

Makins out of her small horse Beaurepaire Florence (Florencio<br />

I x Sandro Hit), whose pedigree also includes the legendary<br />

Hanoverian sire Weltmeyer. Frodo’s sire, SPSS Elite graded<br />

Littledale Bright Star (aka “Titch”), who is just 127cms tall,<br />

has frequently been used by Catherston Stud and others on<br />

horse mares to reduce their size while maintaining the quality<br />

with two of his other progeny also competing at international<br />

level, one in Eventing and one in Showjumping.<br />

Beaurepaire Frodo and Maddy Whelan - © qorum-photos.com<br />

These successes led to Titch being awarded the prestigious<br />

2017 SPSS Pony Performance & Breeding Award at the 2018<br />

British Breeders Dinner. The award was collected by Philly<br />

Adams (his co-breeder along with her grandmother, Mrs<br />

Littledale) and Jennie Loriston-Clarke of Catherston Stud,<br />

Littledale Bright Star’s home for many years.<br />



Some exciting 2018 sports pony foals whose sire and dam are both SPSS graded – Connemara Barrowby Virtue, by SPSS graded<br />

Killour Star, and his dam Quelle du Netz (left); Ghabar Magic Flute, by Speyksbosch Diablo and out of Craiglea Flute (centre) and<br />

MM Sweet Sass by Chartstürmer WE and out of Sweet Fancy (right).<br />

British Passports for British<br />

Sports Ponies<br />

As a DEFRA recognised Passport Issuing Organisation, the<br />

SPSS issues pedigree passports to enable<br />

British-sports pony breeders to clearly identify their foals<br />

as British-bred for sport. Hence, the SPSS will not only<br />

issue passports the progeny of SPSS graded mares<br />

and/or stallions (regardless of expected adult height) but<br />

will also passport foals by EU-based licensed sports pony<br />

(and horse) stallions and other licensed stallions where<br />

the breeder’s intent is to breed a sports pony or small<br />

horse. To encourage breeders not to leave passporting<br />

their foals too late (by law it must be done by the end<br />

of the year of birth), there is a £25 discount off the cost<br />

of an SPSS foal passport if it is applied for by the 1st<br />

November in the year of birth. If you have any questions<br />

regarding passporting a foal with the SPSS, please contact<br />

the Studbook Office and ask to speak to the Studbook<br />

Secretary, Phil Cole.<br />

Pony European Championships<br />

The ultimate achievement for any sports pony is being picked<br />

to represent GB at the annual Pony European Championships<br />

and the next few months will be a tense time for all the top<br />

ponies and riders as they compete for the team places under<br />

the watchful eyes of their discipline’s selectors. This year, it’s<br />

very exciting that the Championships are being held in the<br />

north of England, from 7-12 August, at Bishop Burton College,<br />

near Beverley, East Yorkshire. SPSS representatives once again<br />

plan to be there to cheer on Team GB and report back on<br />

what is the ultimate achievement for any dressage, jumping<br />

or eventing pony. As well as the British-bred dressage ponies<br />

mentioned above, we are looking forward to seeing Britishbred<br />

jumping and eventing ponies, like the 2015 SPSS Reserve<br />

Supreme Champion mare, Sarah Rook’s homebred Stambrook<br />

Miss D’Mena (FS Don’t Worry x Tsing Lite) and Mollie Harris<br />

who are contesting the Eventing Pony Trials – as well as the<br />

Mitsubishi Motors Cup at Badminton.<br />

Select to Succeed - Mare Grading<br />

Alongside it being clear that success breeds success, it is also<br />

evident that the grading of mares is a key aid to breeders, be<br />

they a large stud or someone with just one beloved mare. So<br />

as well as recommending that mare owners carefully select a<br />

stallion to suit their mare, the SPSS encourages all breeders<br />

to present their mares for grading and we are happy to see<br />

mares from 2 years old upwards, including those in-foal and/<br />

or with a foal at foot or any which may be bred from in the<br />

future. All breeds of mare are welcome to attend, including<br />

ones with missing or unknown pedigree as the primary focus<br />

is on the conformation and movement required to produce<br />

athletic and sound sports pony progeny. The SPSS grading<br />

process is the perfect opportunity to have an assessment<br />

by expert and unbiased eyes – and, as a bonus, any foals at<br />

foot will be evaluated for free as will 2 or 3 year old mares<br />

without a foal at foot so that they also have the chance<br />

of gaining an SPSS Premium (for scoring 70% or more) or<br />

Gold Premium (for those that score 80% or more) to further<br />

enhance their credentials as quality sports ponies or small<br />

horses.<br />

NEW for 2018 Mare Performance Testing<br />

For the very first time in 2018, the SPSS will be holding Mare<br />

Performance Testing at every SPSS Tour venue, alongside<br />

our Stallion & Mare Gradings and Youngstock Evaluations.<br />

This will be open to all SPSS graded mares who are 4 years<br />

of age or older and it will be possible for the mare to be<br />

graded earlier on the same day. We will very much follow<br />

the continental model for this, with the mares initially being<br />

ridden by their own rider in small groups (3 or 4) of similarly<br />

aged mares. They will be assessed in walk, trot & canter on<br />

both reins for their way of going, their gaits & temperament<br />

with ridden and loose jumping as an option (no mare will be<br />

disadvantaged for not jumping). Then all mares which pass<br />

this initial assessment will be ridden by our test rider who<br />

will score their rideability. The overall performance test mark<br />

out of 10 for each mare is then calculated by averaging all<br />

the judges’ scores given to a mare, with 7 or above being<br />

considered a pass. All successful mares will get a certificate<br />

and a rosette and, at the end of the year, the highest scoring<br />

mares will be announced as the 2018 Mare Performance Test<br />

Champion and Reserve Champion.<br />

We very much anticipate that this addition to our Grading<br />

& Evaluation schemes will offer a very valuable extra<br />

method for breeders to evaluate and promote their breeding<br />

programme, whilst also allowing sports pony producers to an<br />

opportunity to add a quantified achievement to their ponies<br />

and small horses (up to an expected mature height maximum<br />

of 158cm).<br />



SPSS 2018 TOUR<br />

Stallion & Mare Grading, Mare Performance Testing & Youngstock<br />

Evaluations at ALL venues (max height 158cms at maturity).<br />

Entries close 13th August - Late entries may be accepted if<br />

space (late entry fee applies).<br />

Monday 3rd<br />

September<br />

Sidewood Dressage<br />

Sidewood Farm,<br />

Forth, Scotland, ML11 8ET<br />

1pm – 4pm<br />

Tuesday 4th<br />

September<br />

Leamside Equestrian Centre<br />

Leamside, Houghton-le-Spring<br />

Tyne & Wear, DH4 6QJ<br />

9am - 4pm<br />

Wednesday 5th<br />

September<br />

Wellow Equestrian<br />

The Old rectory, Kirton,<br />

NR Newark, Notts, NG22 9LP<br />

9am – 4pm<br />

Thursday 6th<br />

September<br />

Kings Equestrian Centre<br />

Sturts Farm, Winslow<br />

Bromyard, Herefordshire, HR7 4SR<br />

9am – 4pm<br />

Friday 7th<br />

September<br />

Catherston Stud<br />

Croft Farm, Over Wallop, Stockbridge,<br />

Hampshire, SO20 8HX<br />

9am – 4pm<br />

Stallion Guide<br />

The 2018 Stallion Guide, which features over 40 of the<br />

wonderful SPSS graded stallions who are available to mare<br />

owners in 2018, is now available and can be obtained by<br />

sending an A5 stamped (£1.26 postage) addressed envelope to<br />

SPSS Booklet, SPSS Studbook Office, The Last House, Keysoe<br />

Row West, Keysoe, Bedfordshire MK44 2JJ. Information about<br />

all the SPSS graded stallions for 2018 is available on the<br />

Stallions page of our website – www.sportpony.org.uk.<br />

For more information<br />

For more information about the SPSS<br />

please look at our website:<br />

www.sportpony.org.uk or contact the Studbook Office on<br />

Tel. 07703 566066<br />

Email. sportsponies@gmail.com<br />

WBS Stallion Grading<br />

The annual WBS Stallion Grading is booked for the weekend of the 29th & 30th September at Moreton Morrell,<br />

Warwickshire. The judges will be Hans Heinrich Bruening and Katy Holder Vale.<br />

Entry forms are now available from the website www.bwbs.co.uk<br />


The versatility<br />

of the<br />

Trakehner<br />

horse.<br />


As a breeder, I know what I am striving to<br />

achieve. I am looking to breed a talented,<br />

strong athletic sport horse who can turn<br />

his hand to any discipline.<br />

An intelligent horse, quick to learn with a<br />

desire to please. I also want a good-looking<br />

horse with elegance. I want a kind horse,<br />

good to handle and even tempered. This<br />

accurately describes a typical Trakehner.<br />

They are too intelligent to be messed<br />

about and expect to be treated fairly. Once<br />

you have one on your side he will give<br />

everything and more that you ask.<br />

At the recent BD winter championships<br />

held at Hartpury College last week, the<br />

culmination of many breeder’s producer’s<br />

trainers and riders hard work. There was a<br />

good showing of Trakehners both pure bred<br />

and part bred amongst the qualifiers.<br />

It was interesting to see a part bred offspring of the stallion<br />

Sponek by Kassiber competing, a stallion rarely used in the<br />

UK. There were two full bred horses by Elite Holme Park Krug,<br />

three by Holme Grove Prokofiev and four by Grafenstolz.<br />

Grafenstolz offspring are more likely to be seen Eventing, he<br />

was voted eventing stallion of 2016, so it was good to see four<br />

of his youngsters in the dressage arena.<br />

Esquire<br />

They are physically and temperamentally well equipped to<br />

be successful in the field. This jumping aptitude comes to the<br />

fore in eventing where Trakehners have such a strong track<br />

record and we look forward to the results of the forthcoming<br />

season. I stumbled upon the Trakehner horse by accident. I<br />

discovered the breed has all the qualities I was striving to<br />

achieve by crossing breeds, but someone else had done<br />

Hermione & Vita<br />

Photo - “Holme Park Hermione (by Holme Park Krug) by and<br />

Holme Park Vita (by Grafenstolz), Champion and Reserve at<br />

the 2017 Breed Show” - Image courtesy of Tanja Davies.<br />

Hannah Knight’s Esquire is a previous BEF Equine Bridge<br />

candidate by Le Rouge out of the Elitaer daughter Elysia<br />

who has just moved up to BD Novice this Spring and will be<br />

aiming for Regional qualification. Apart from the very famous<br />

showjumper Abdullah, there have been very few successful<br />

Trakehner show jumpers. I don’t know why.<br />

all the hard work a couple of hundred years ago and it is now<br />

up to present day breeders to make sure we maintain the<br />

standards set when the horse had to plough a field, hunt, go<br />

to war, pull the aristocrats carriages and still look beautiful.<br />

For more information on Trakehners UK please visit the<br />

website www.trakehners.uk.com or follow us on<br />

FaceBook www.facebook.com/Trakehners.UK<br />

Marion Fuller<br />


Stud Services at Oakham Veterinary Hospital<br />

New, purpose built stud barn with lab, semen collection<br />

area, mare scanning facilities and large foaling/mare<br />

and foal stables<br />

Competitive pricing structure to minimise ‘per cycle’ costs<br />

On site foaling facilities with 24 hour supervision provided<br />

by an experienced and highly trained team specialising<br />

in care of the new born foal<br />

Embryo transfer and transported embryo service<br />

BEVA approved practice for AI with fresh, chilled and<br />

frozen semen<br />

DEFRA approved semen collection and distribution<br />

centre for walk in stallions<br />

Close working relationships with agents representing<br />

Europe’s leading dressage, showjumping and eventing<br />

stallions<br />

On site semen freezing service available year round<br />

For more information please contact Matt Hecking, Stud Manager on:<br />

01572 722647 or 07976 822903<br />

matthew.hecking@oakhamvethospital.co.uk<br />


BRED<br />

Spring’s<br />

Spirit<br />

Eventing, show jumping and<br />

Eventing, show jumping and<br />

sport horse Stallion<br />

sport horse/all round Stallion,<br />

16.2hh 2009<br />

Spring’s Spirit is an exciting<br />

This<br />

young<br />

classy<br />

stallion<br />

British<br />

possessing<br />

bred stallion<br />

a<br />

fabulous possesses jump, a fabulous athletic jump, paces,<br />

super athletic temperament paces and and a super beautiful<br />

looks. temperament. He has a He fabulous benefits attitude from<br />

the to his finest work Dutch and Warmblood has proven and to<br />

National be extremely Hunt lines trainable providing and this the<br />

perfect is reflected balance in his of competition<br />

TB and Selle<br />

Francais record. He breeding. has a big, This bold makes careful him<br />

75% jump TB, and adding rises refinement to each new and<br />

challenge athleticism when to your he is mare. asked.<br />

Juliet Juliet 07971 07971471175<br />

John juliet.chambers123@gmail.com<br />

07717 432814<br />

john.chambers191@gmail.com<br />

www.springfieldstud.com<br />


• Qualified Finalist British on 1st Show Attempt Jumping for 2014 Scope 5yo British<br />

Eventing Championship Young 2016 Horse Championships<br />

• Jumped Finalist Welsh 8 consecutive National double Novice clears in<br />

show Championship jumping and 2015 cross country<br />

• Finalist British Eventing 5YO<br />

Qualified for 2013 4yo British Eventing<br />

Championship 2014<br />

Young Horse Championships<br />

• Finalist British Eventing 4YO<br />

BEF<br />

Championship<br />

futurity 1st premiums<br />

2013<br />

in eventing and<br />

show jumping<br />

• Youngest British bred stallion to have<br />

• Winner youngstock at county competing show in level the 2017 British<br />

Eventing Young Horse Championships.<br />



STUD FEE: Special introductory fees for 2015<br />

STUD of £350 FEE: fresh £500 and chilled fresh, chilled £250 frozen and frozen, all<br />

all including VAT VAT and with with a a LFG live or foal NFFR guarantee<br />

Spring’s Spirit - His youngstock from foals<br />

to<br />


6yo are showing<br />

For<br />

the<br />

proven/performance<br />

same super jump,<br />

temperament,<br />

mares please contact<br />

trainability,<br />

us for<br />

and<br />

details.<br />

athleticism,<br />

jumping double clears at BE, BS and awarded<br />

Spring’s Spirit is an obvious choice for<br />

higher first BEF futurity premiums in eventing.<br />

breeding eventers due to his bloodlines and<br />

Examples<br />

performance<br />

of youngstock<br />

with the pedigree<br />

in the lower<br />

for the<br />

middle<br />

show<br />

picture. jumping He or the is ideal sport for horse most breeder mares and as well. early<br />

booking recommended.<br />

Spring’s<br />

Spirit<br />

Springfield<br />

Symphony<br />

Pobedy<br />

Kings<br />

Composer<br />

Springfield<br />

Jasmine<br />

Calvados<br />

Cabinda<br />

Sousa<br />

Pullandese<br />

Pennwood<br />

Forge Line<br />

Unrecorded<br />

Uriel<br />

Gold Rose<br />

Gagson<br />

Wimborn<br />

Paulien<br />

Advert.indd 1 03/12/2014 10:45



Charlotte Taylor<br />

from Clements<br />

Equine<br />

The British breeding industry<br />

encompasses a wide range of<br />

experience, size and objectives. Some<br />

people are breeding a one off foal for<br />

themselves out of a favourite mare,<br />

some are breeding small numbers to<br />

ensure they have a good supply of<br />

competition horses coming through,<br />

and some are large scale commercial<br />

operations who stand their own<br />

stallions and have access to the very<br />

best bloodlines.<br />

Each issue of this magazine will feature<br />

an interview with a breeder to find<br />

out how they started, what their<br />

philosophy is and to learn more about<br />

the horses they own and have bred.<br />

Charlotte Taylor runs the Suffolk based<br />

family business Clements Equine with<br />

her husband Rob and her parents<br />

Paul and Valerie Clements. As well<br />

as breeding show jumpers, Clements<br />

Equine is also a thriving AI centre, with<br />

both resident stallions, walk ins and<br />

stallions coming in for dummy training<br />

and semen freezing. They specialise<br />

in taking on older problem mares for<br />

AI and ET work and work very closely<br />

with leading Newmarket vet practice<br />

Rossdales.<br />


The Clements Equine Team<br />

Breeding is in the blood. Charlotte’s<br />

grandfather bred Suffolk Punches and<br />

her father bred champion Simmentals<br />

that not only won at every major show<br />

in the country but also allowed the<br />

export of valuable embryos around the<br />

world. The interest in breeding horses<br />

and then show jumpers was a natural<br />

progression from that. Charlotte herself<br />

started out jumping ponies and went<br />

on to be fairly successful up to 1.40m<br />

level. In her late teens her father had a<br />

few good old jumping mares that they<br />

bred the occasional foal from. One of<br />

these was a really good young rider’s<br />

horse called Malaika’s Dream, who<br />

had previously won the British Novice<br />

Final at Horse of the Year Show. When<br />

Charlotte retired Malaika’s Dream the<br />

family started breeding from her.<br />

As the interest in sporthorse breeding<br />

grew, many of the older farm buildings<br />

were converted to accommodate the<br />

horses. The farm has always provided<br />

homegrown hay and straw and it was<br />

a natural progression to take in some<br />

liveries and produce some of the<br />

homebred stock ready for their ridden<br />

careers. After foaling down mares for<br />

friends, their reputation grew and now<br />

they have around 25 mares a year to<br />

foal down.<br />

Things really started to progress<br />

with the purchase of the first stallion<br />

Renkum Radetzky II. He was acquired<br />

after Paul and Charlotte took a mare<br />

to Renkum Stud to be covered by John<br />

Whitaker’s old partner Randi. The then<br />

2 year old Radetzky caught his eye<br />

and he came home to the farm. The<br />

Renkum Valentino son was then joined<br />

by the Irish bred Cavalier Royale son<br />

Shannondale Delta. Both stallions stood<br />

in Ireland for a time but have been<br />

back home in Suffolk for a few years<br />

now. Their addition saw Charlotte &<br />

Paul actively start to purchase some<br />

good mares to support them and there<br />

are now 7 breeding mares on the farm.<br />

As well as producing jumpers,<br />

Shannondale Delta has attracted mare<br />

owners from the eventing world due to<br />

his bloodlines and also the show ring,<br />

including HM The Queen!. Known as<br />

Stuey at home, Charlotte brought the<br />

17 year old stallion to the Competition<br />

Stallions Event in February where he<br />

gained many admirers for his fabulous<br />

temperament and powerful canter and<br />

scope. Stuey was presented there by<br />

Polly Mountford who is a key member<br />

of the team at Clements Equine, riding<br />

many of the young horses and stallions<br />

at home.


stallion choices. She advises all aspiring<br />

breeders not to just look at what works<br />

on paper, but really get know your<br />

mares. She always tries to use really<br />

strong sport proven dam lines.<br />

Delta at the Stallion Show<br />

The third stallion is the 6 year old<br />

Renkum Olinthos. Elvis as he is known<br />

at home was purchased in utero with<br />

his dam Renkum Cobriana who hails<br />

from the Stamm 242 Holstein damline<br />

(famous for producing Ahorn, Liostro<br />

and Coster). She was purchased<br />

for her bloodlines which in the<br />

immediate family include international<br />

competitors Ciano, Campino and<br />

Excelle Z. Elvis is being managed<br />

with the future in mind, and has only<br />

competed lightly and not yet been<br />

pushed against the clock. The focus<br />

has been on age classes. He was placed<br />

in the young horse championships<br />

at Addington last year, jumping<br />

clear in the final. There was further<br />

success in the Weston Lawns 5 year<br />

old championships. He jumped in 13<br />

Newcomer and Foxhunter classes last<br />

year, with 11 double clears.<br />

Charlotte has an Animo daughter due<br />

to him this year and some outside<br />

mares. His half sister Rock n Ruby CE<br />

(by Renkum Rock n Roll) will also be out<br />

competing this year.<br />

Charlotte and Paul have supported<br />

British Sport horse auctions in the<br />

past and 2 years ago purchased a very<br />

smart colt by Levisto at the AES Elite<br />

Auction. His dam is the grandam of<br />

licensed stallion Jackpot TN. The colt<br />

was purchased as a stallion prospect<br />

partly because of his proven pedigree<br />

on both sides and he has developed<br />

into a striking and scopey individual<br />

with a very athletic canter. Being a<br />

rider first has helped Charlotte develop<br />

her own principles with regard to<br />

Renkum Olinthos and Emily Hilton<br />

The current band of young horses are<br />

the first main crop from the mares that<br />

were purchased to support their own<br />

stallions. Previous homebreds were<br />

good amateur horses but the current<br />

crop of 5 and 6 year olds are the most<br />

focused breeding selection for the top<br />

level of the sport.<br />

The star of these so far might be Tiptoe<br />

CE – by Renkum Radetzky out of a<br />

French bred Oldenburg premium mare<br />

who has come through the stables of<br />

Paul Schockemohle and Anthena Onassis<br />

on her way to Suffolk. She has a half<br />

brother by Balou De Rouet jumping<br />

on the World Cup circuit and is by the<br />

International Anglo Arab show jumper<br />

Hermes d’Authieux. Tiptoe was 5th in<br />

European Cup in Vilamoura this Spring<br />

and on the 4 week Atlantic Tour jumped<br />

the most clear rounds out of all the 5<br />

years old (12 out of 13)<br />

Another exciting mare who Charlotte<br />

will be taking embryo transfers from<br />

this year is the 21 year old Atlanta Z,<br />

a winner at 1.50m. She hails from the<br />

immediate dam line of both Global<br />

Champions Tour winner Victoria<br />

(by Tangelo) and the leading Dutch<br />

dressage stallion Chippendale. A family<br />

favourite is the palomino Ard Spun Gold<br />

who was purchased as a foal.<br />

Renkum Olinthos<br />

Known as Barbie for obvious reasons<br />

she has jumped with great consistency<br />

and is now Grade A, winning up to<br />

1.45 and has a number of Puissance<br />

victories. Barbie will also have embryo<br />

transfer foals this year.<br />

If Charlotte doesn’t use her own<br />

stallions on the mares, she often looks<br />

for up and coming young stallions for<br />

her mares. These are often spotted<br />

on the annual trip to the Young Horse<br />

World Championships at Lanaken or on<br />

Ard Spun Gold<br />

the young horse international tours, on<br />

many occasions having followed their<br />

careers since seeing them at licensing<br />

age. It can be a risky strategy but by<br />

really knowing her mares it can allow<br />

Charlotte to use young stallions while<br />

they are affordable, and hopefully<br />

pick a future star. She tends to not sell<br />

foals but prefers to sell once broken<br />

and under saddle. If possible the best<br />

fillies are retained and put into sport<br />

and with the option to then take<br />

embryos, and this will be the preferred<br />

option going forward. This gives the<br />

opportunity to learn more about<br />

their ability and temperament before<br />

breeding from them. Clements Equine<br />

only breed around 5 foals of their own<br />

a year and by not selling till they are<br />

between 4 and 6 years old there is less<br />

pressure to make commercial stallion<br />

choices. The stock can be sold on their<br />

own merits and performances. The stud<br />

has formed great partnerships over<br />

the years with both Colin Keeling and<br />

Emily Hilton who produce for them.<br />

Finally I asked Charlotte what her<br />

advice would be to new young<br />

breeders;<br />

“Buy the best mare you can afford, 1<br />

good mare is better than 3 average<br />

mares. Don’t be afraid to take a<br />

chance on buying an older mare if it<br />

gives you the opportunity to get into<br />

motherlines that might otherwise<br />

be unobtainable. Don’t be afraid to<br />

use a young stallion and trust your<br />

judgement. Really know your mares<br />

and pick the stallion that suits her<br />

personally, not just the one you like<br />

the best. If you need the stallion to fix<br />

too many aspects of your mare, then<br />

perhaps re-evaluate the mare first<br />

and see if she really fits in with your<br />

programme. Know your market as if<br />

you are not keeping the foal you need<br />

to know what job that foal is going to<br />

do. Never aim to breed average, breed<br />

the most talented athletes you can<br />

without compromising on temperament<br />

and rideability.”<br />

This sensible advice is certainly reaping<br />

rewards with the success the young<br />

Clements Equine horses are having and<br />

it will be interesting to follow their<br />

progress on the international stage.<br />

Article by Sacha Shaw<br />



Sport Horse GB Graded Stallion<br />

for Eventing & Showing<br />

• Horse of the Year Show Cuddy In Hand Finalist.<br />

• British Eventing Section winner himself as a 5 year old on his<br />

dressage score.<br />

• Exceptional Showing record, unbeaten at County Level being<br />

Champion on every single outing as a 3 year old.<br />

• Won or Champion at County Level as an In Hunter, Small<br />

Hunter and Sports Horse.<br />

• Shares paternal line with Bramham CCI*** Winner Chico<br />

Bella P<br />

• Dam was 2007 British Equestrian Federation’s Highest<br />

ranked broodmare for dressage in Great Britain.<br />

• His sire was the 2007 British Eventing Breeding PAVO<br />

Champion.<br />

• His sire was the 2007 BEF Futurity Reserve National<br />

Champion for Show Jumping.<br />

• Full brother to the successful eventer The Classic Composer.<br />

• Full sister to Geminis Classic Valentine – Reserve Champion<br />

at NPS Summer Champs<br />

• Used on a Burghley CCI**** mare in his first season at stud.<br />

• Ideal choice to breed Hunters, Riding Horses, Small Hunters &<br />

Hacks<br />

• Perfect sire for those looking to breed for BYEH classes<br />

• Fabulous kind temperament.<br />

• 15hh Dark Brown Stallion, 8 ¾ inches of bone – with<br />

concessions to proven mares from both Eventing & the Show<br />

Ring.<br />

For more information contact Gemini Stud at 01664 454 929<br />

Competitive Success Through World Class Breeding<br />

www.thegeministud.com<br />

Gemini Stud


GREAT<br />



Many of us know that the most<br />

important ingredient in a successful<br />

breeding programme is great<br />

broodmares. But those mares do not<br />

always get the credit they deserve, and<br />

to try and redress the balance slightly,<br />

we are continuing our series profiling<br />

outstanding British broodmares. Sarah<br />

Oppenheimer’s Rubinsteena (Ruby) has<br />

been the cornerstone of the celebrated<br />

Headmore Stud’s success story. The 22<br />

year old mare is the dam of no less than<br />

six 2018 Winter Regional Champions,<br />

which is surely an unprecedented result.<br />

Those champions were:<br />

Headmore Davina (by Dimaggio)<br />

Advanced Medium Freestyle, Medium<br />

Gold and Medium Freestyle Regional<br />

Champion<br />

Headmore Dirubinio (by Dimaggio)<br />

Advanced Medium Gold and Advanced<br />

Medium Freestyle Regional Champion<br />

Headmore Bella Ruby (by Belissimo M)<br />

Novice Freestyle Regional Champion<br />

and qualified for the Novice Gold<br />

Winter Championship.<br />

At the recent British Dressage NAF<br />

Five Star Winter Championships, that<br />

winning run continued, culminating<br />

in a 1,2 in the Advanced Medium Gold<br />

Freestyle where Sarah’s daughter Alice<br />

took the National title on Headmore<br />

Davina and the runner up spot on her<br />

full brother Headmore Dirubinio.<br />

Speaking to Sarah it is clear Ruby<br />

is adored by all the family. Sarah<br />

confirmed Ruby always passes on her<br />

correct conformation, including an<br />

amazing front end to her offspring. She<br />

has always been a fantastic mother<br />

but kept her babies in their place and<br />

knows she is the matriarch of the stud.<br />

In addition to the current crop of<br />

Regional and National champions,<br />

Ruby is also the dam of Half Moon<br />

Frizzante (by Furstenreich) the 2011<br />

Winter Elementary Champion who<br />

is now competing at Small Tour,<br />

Headmore Wimoweh (by Woiwode)<br />

now competing Inter II, Headmore<br />

Wrubinstar (by Weserstar) Advanced<br />

Medium, Headmore Dionysus (by<br />

Dimaggio ) qualified Novice Regionals<br />

and Headmore Valentina (by Vilancio)<br />

BEF Futurity Overall Foal Champion<br />

2016 with a score of 9.7.<br />

Headmore Valentina at the Futurity<br />

Photo Kevin Sparrow<br />

As her name suggests Rubinsteena is a<br />

daughter of the legendary Rubinstein<br />

who hailed from the same granddam as<br />

Reiner Klimke’s star Ahlerich.<br />

Rubinstein became one of the most<br />

important stallions in German breeding,<br />

was a Grand Prix performer himself and<br />

is famous for the ridability he passed<br />

on to his descendants.<br />

Among his most famous offspring are<br />

the breeding stallions Rotspon (State<br />

Stud Celle and in the WBFSH Top Ten<br />

Dressage Sires), Regazzoni (Elite sire<br />

now based in the USA and sire of over<br />

14 approved sons), full brothers Royal<br />

Diamond and Rohdiamant (3rd placed<br />

on the 2010 World Rankings and sire of<br />

Romanov and Rubin Royal) and Relevant<br />

(Silver medallist at the 2002 World<br />

Equestrian Games and Bronze medallist<br />

at the 2004 Olympics)<br />

Ruby’s damsire is possibly even more<br />

famous as the foundation sire of the<br />

D line – Donnerhall. Through his sons<br />

and grandsons, Donnerhall is one of<br />

the most dominant forces in dressage<br />

breeding and his blood is often doubled<br />

up on in pedigrees with no ill effects.<br />

Ruby’s motherline is very interesting<br />

too. Her dam Dujana is full sister to<br />

the international Grand Prix horse<br />

Donna Carrera and the dam line has<br />

produced other Grand Prix performers<br />

such as Harmony’s Fiorano and most<br />

interestingly this is also the damline of<br />

the stallion Donnerwetter, sire of none<br />

other than Donnerhall himself! This<br />

implies the crossing of Ruby’s granddam<br />

with Donnerhall was not an accident<br />

but a careful plan to consolidate these<br />

important genetics.<br />

Ruby might be 22, but it is clear her<br />

influence on British dressage breeding<br />

is really only just beginning.<br />

The Oppenheimers will ensure her star<br />

continues to shine at Championship<br />

level for many years to come.<br />

Article by Sacha Shaw<br />

Rubinsteena<br />


Stud & Reproduction Services<br />

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• Pre-breeding tests<br />

• Embryo transfer<br />

• Mare infertility investigations<br />

• Stallion fertility investigations<br />

• Semen importation service<br />

• BEVA Accredited AI Centre<br />

Willesley Equine Clinic, Tetbury, Gloucestershire GL8 8QU<br />

01666 880501 | stud@bwequinevets.co.uk<br />

Royaldik<br />

Oldenburg, 1999, 171cm<br />

Royal Diamond x Carmel xx<br />

€900 + VAT<br />

Stallions<br />

standing<br />

at the<br />

B&W Willesley<br />

Stud<br />

in 2018<br />

Sorento<br />

Oldenburg, Dark Brown, 2002, 171cm<br />

Sandro Hit x Donnerhall<br />

€900 + VAT<br />

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50 x 40 x 4cm<br />

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Interlocking Design<br />

• High Load Capacity<br />

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Exercise Pens, Feeding<br />

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Our comprehensive<br />

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Emma Jones MRCVS<br />

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HOW TO<br />

BREED AN<br />


Future Illusion, Julia Hodkin’s homebred<br />

AES Approved Stallion.<br />

Eventing has undergone a number<br />

of changes since the long format<br />

was dropped, one of which has been<br />

the increase in non-Thoroughbreds<br />

competing at the highest levels.<br />

Eventing breeders probably have the<br />

hardest job in breeding for the highest<br />

levels of the sport as the best eventers<br />

have to be proficient in so many areas,<br />

and that talent can be harder to spot<br />

at a young age.<br />

An eventer does need dressage talent<br />

with good basic gaits, with essentially<br />

a great canter otherwise they can be<br />

at a distinct disadvantage after the<br />

first day. Very flamboyant paces may<br />

mean high dressage scores, but this is<br />

at the disadvantage of the horse then<br />

usually having the incorrect mechanics<br />

to really gallop, so a balance must be<br />

found.<br />

Then horses must also be careful<br />

enough in the show jumping phase and<br />

have the courage, tenacity and gallop<br />

to shine in cross-country. On top of this<br />

they require soundness and good health<br />

to enable them to get to the top of the<br />

sport.<br />

In addition to trying to combine this<br />

cocktail of skills into one horse,<br />

eventing breeders also face additional<br />

challenges when marketing their stock.<br />

Some riders believe it is not possible<br />

to breed a purpose bred eventer,<br />

or hold on to the view that a 4-star<br />

champion can be picked up for peanuts<br />

as a racecourse reject. To further<br />

complicate matters, most eventers do<br />

not want to take the risk on buying<br />

a foal or a youngster but want an<br />

eventing prospect that is already under<br />

saddle and at least showing an aptitude<br />

for both the show jumping and crosscountry<br />

elements.<br />

If all these obstacles have not put<br />

you off, how does a breeder go about<br />

selecting the right mares and stallions<br />

to breed from. The World Breeding<br />

Federations’ annual publication of<br />

the top sires in eventing, does not<br />

at first glance prove to be as useful<br />

a tool as it might be for dressage or<br />

show jumping breeders. Many of the<br />

stallions at the top of the list are dead<br />

and no longer available to breeders:<br />


some are Thoroughbred, some show<br />

jumpers, some traditionally Irish, and<br />

some Warmbloods with very little blood<br />

in their own pedigrees. There are<br />

even some out and out dressage sires<br />

creeping into the lists.<br />

British Eventing (BE) also publishes data<br />

on the top competing stallions, young<br />

horse sires and overall leading sires.<br />

BE aim to promote and incentivise<br />

knowledgeable breeding of event<br />

horses for all levels. The highest placed<br />

British based stallion in the BE 2017 sire<br />

rankings (BE points only) was Ramiro<br />

B, also currently the world number<br />

4. In the number 2 spot in the World<br />

Rankings belonged to the British based<br />

Jaguar Mail, an Olympic show jumper<br />

with a high proportion of Thoroughbred<br />

blood. Both these stallions are now in<br />

their 20s but are still actively breeding.<br />

We then have to drop down to 32nd<br />

place to find the next British based<br />

active stallion – William Fox Pitt’s great<br />

partner Chilli Morning.<br />

We spoke to a number of breeders,<br />

from small breeders looking to produce<br />

a good competitive ride for themselves,<br />

to commercial studs aiming to produce<br />

4-star competitors - to discover more<br />

about their breeding philosophies and<br />

also the challenges they are facing.<br />

Hannah Iddeson<br />

Hannah Iddeson bred the 2017 BEF<br />

Futurity Champion Eventer, Buddy B<br />

Good (Ramiro B x Hamlet). With a keen<br />

interest in breeding and the heritability<br />

of genetics, Hannah set herself key<br />

benchmarks that had to be met when<br />

selecting a stallion. These included<br />

functional conformation and longevity<br />

plus offspring with a good performance<br />

record in the sport. Choosing to breed<br />

rather than purchase gave Hannah a<br />

distinct advantage; she would know<br />

everything there was to know about<br />

her youngster, and so would not be<br />

inheriting any bad habits caused by<br />

incompetent handling. By starting<br />

with a quality mare with good jumping<br />

genetics, she felt that choosing a<br />

sire who was proven to produce top<br />

eventing stock, would give her the best<br />

chance of breeding that elusive top<br />

level eventer.<br />

Buddy B Good - Photo Kevin Sparrow

Rosie De Courcy<br />

Rosie De Courcy has been breeding<br />

eventers under the Libris prefix for<br />

11 years since she first decided to<br />

breed from her retired 3-star mare<br />

Royal Twist. She is a great believer in<br />

the importance of retaining a good<br />

percentage of Thoroughbred blood in<br />

her stock.<br />

Her mantra is ‘A good sport horse<br />

always carries Thoroughbred blood in<br />

his veins. Without it, it doesn’t work.<br />

The Thoroughbred works best through<br />

the mother, just look at Voltaire or<br />

our younger stallions like Quidaro and<br />

Carambola. They produce very modern<br />

foals because they have Thoroughbred<br />

in their pedigree. The use of a<br />

Thoroughbred stallion does require a<br />

long term vision.’<br />

These are the words of leading Dutch<br />

breeder and vet Jan Greve, who<br />

started his career as team vet to the<br />

Dutch Olympic eventing team before<br />

his involvement in show jumping.<br />

Finding that sought after Thoroughbred<br />

blood is not as easy as it seems even in<br />

this country, the cradle of the breed.<br />

Rosie feels that most of the great<br />

Thoroughbred event sires of the past<br />

had two things in common; they got<br />

at least 1 mile 2 furlongs on the Flat,<br />

and they were good ground specialists.<br />

Shaab, Primitive Rising, Kuwait Beach,<br />

Java Tiger, are examples. From this you<br />

can deduce that stamina is vital - sprint<br />

bred horses are not as effective for<br />

eventing purposes. A top of the ground<br />

specialist is also handy for our summer<br />

sport.<br />

Having said all of that it, is surprisingly<br />

easy to lose the jump - which after all<br />

is necessary in two of the three phases.<br />

So I asked Rosie how she was retaining<br />

enough Thoroughbred blood without<br />

losing the jump.<br />

“My thinking now is to put show<br />

jumping stallions on Thoroughbred<br />

mares. I’m not so enthusiastic about<br />

stallions bred specifically for eventing.<br />

The event horse is by definition an<br />

all-rounder and I would be afraid of<br />

ending up with a run of the mill jack of<br />

all trades - good although such a horse<br />

might be for the middle grades.”<br />

When I asked Rosie what are the key<br />

attributes you will not compromise on<br />

they were “Stamina, engine, soundness<br />

and trainability. The things you cannot<br />

do without, I think. I can’t count the<br />

number of professional riders who’ve<br />

told me they’ll take trainability over<br />

talent all day long.”<br />

Libris Vagabond, a talented homebred<br />

out of a Thoroughbred dam<br />

Julia Hodkin<br />

Julia Hodkin, owner of Future Sport<br />

Horses, sees more obstacles both as<br />

a breeder and a stallion owner. Julia<br />

says financially things are tougher than<br />

ever for breeders. “Breeders get so<br />

little recognition and sales prices have<br />

not improved in the last ten years,<br />

whereas input costs have risen.” She<br />

would really like to see British Eventing<br />

offering breeder’s prizes at the most<br />

visible level (4-star) and then rolled out<br />

to the young horse championships. Even<br />

if not in the form of a financial reward,<br />

breeders still need the recognition in<br />

order to help to unite breeders and the<br />

sport.<br />

“The team that BE send to the World<br />

Young Horse Championship at Lion<br />

D’Angers should be British bred, as<br />

this is the chance for each country to<br />

showcase its breeding stock on the<br />

world stage.”<br />

Julia worries that a lot of stallion<br />

owners have pulled out of that side of<br />

the industry as the financial margins<br />

get ever tighter. If all aspects of the<br />

industry don’t pull together, Britain<br />

will lose its place as one of the premier<br />

producers of eventing stock.<br />

Vin & Liz Jones<br />

Vin and Liz Jones own Preci-Spark<br />

Event Horses, one of the most<br />

successful modern breeders of 4-star<br />

event horses. Stars of their breeding<br />

programme include: Trevidden (by<br />

Fleetwater Opposition), highest placed<br />

British bred horse at Burghley 2017;<br />

Treason (by Hand in Glove xx) winner of<br />

the ERM at Wiesbaden and long listed<br />

for the European Championships; and<br />

4-star mare Trebetherick (by Bolivar).<br />

They have a relatively simple approach<br />

to breeding eventers – take foundation<br />

mares with natural proven ability (as<br />

the importance of the mare cannot be<br />


under estimated), then select a stallion<br />

that compliments their attributes.<br />

This approach has allowed the Jones’<br />

to breed champions all the way from<br />

Futurity evaluations, Young Event<br />

horse classes, through all the grades,<br />

culminating in the toughest 4-star<br />

competitions in the world. Their<br />

stallion selections show a lot of respect<br />

for Thoroughbred and Trakehner blood<br />

as well as use of some more traditional<br />

eventing sires such as Jumbo and<br />

Catherston Liberator. Despite their<br />

success, the Jones’ acknowledge that<br />

this has been an expensive process.<br />

Treason – Picture Courtesy Of Preci Spark<br />

Event Horses<br />

In conclusion, breeding an eventer<br />

is trying to perfect the cocktail of<br />

movement, scope, soundness and<br />

retaining enough blood to ensure<br />

stamina and the ability to gallop. It<br />

is having the resilience to run those<br />

youngstock on until they are under<br />

saddle, and convincing riders to look at<br />

purpose bred stock.<br />

It is certainly not a market for the faint<br />

hearted but, to see a horse you have<br />

bred gallop in front of Badminton House<br />

one day, to watch him or her tackle<br />

the toughest tracks with confidence,<br />

to dream of being presented with the<br />

Richard Matson Trophy as the breeder<br />

of the highest placed British bred horse<br />

at Burghley – those are the dreams that<br />

keep the eventing breeders aiming to<br />

perfect that magic formula.<br />

Article by Sacha Shaw<br />


Modern show jumping stallions<br />

with world-class bloodlines that are proving themselves in the sport<br />

Christian 25<br />

Cartani - Lord Liberty 2006<br />

Carsten<br />

Cassini I - Quinar 2005<br />

Count Codex<br />

Contendro I - Glückspilz 2010<br />

Cristobal<br />

Cristo - Baldini 2005<br />

Semen available from all of our competition stallions for the 2018<br />

breeding season. Visit our YouTube page to see them in action.<br />

Please contact us for further details<br />

Call 01423 339 222 | Visit www.gornallequestrian.com | Email stallions@gornallequestrian.com<br />

@Gornall Equestrian @TeamGornall @team_gornall


Advances In Assisted<br />

Reproductive<br />

Techniques<br />

For many years, artificial insemination<br />

using chilled and frozen semen has<br />

been the most widely used assisted<br />

reproductive technique(ART) in the<br />

horse-breeding industry.<br />

Assisted Reproductive Techniques:<br />

- AI Fresh, Chilled and Frozen<br />

- Embryo Transfer<br />

- Ovum Pickup (OPU) - OT, IVF, ICSI<br />

- & embryo sex determination<br />

- Cloning<br />

- Embryo and Oocyte Freezing<br />

Embryo transfer(ET) in cattle has been<br />

well established for well over twenty<br />

years as a way to increase the number<br />

of progeny per year from a genetically<br />

superior animal. The use of embryo<br />

transfer in horses has been much<br />

slower to develop, partly due to a lack<br />

of commercial/economic incentive,<br />

combined with a much lower yield of<br />

embryos. Cattle can be successfully<br />

super-ovulated (given a program of<br />

drugs similar to women having IVF) ,<br />

producing up to 20-30 embryos per<br />

flush, compared with horses where<br />

only one embryo per flush is expected<br />

unless the mare has ovulated from both<br />

ovaries. The most relevant and useful<br />

application of ET is in the production<br />

of off spring from mares still competing<br />

which increases the ability and<br />

likelihood of improving the genetics<br />

of equine athletes. This seems like an<br />

ideal scenario when previously mares<br />

were only bred once they were older,<br />

retired and less fertile, reducing the<br />

chance of producing many offspring.<br />

This is not always as easy as it sounds,<br />

and sometimes owner expectations<br />

exceed what can be achieved in reality.<br />

Exercise, heat and stress can disrupt<br />

ovarian function while frequent joint<br />

injections have been seen to lower the<br />

overall fertility of mares and stallions.<br />

Furthermore, some disruption to<br />

exercise schedule should be expected,<br />

although every effort is made to plan<br />

breeding around the mare’s work<br />

schedule.<br />

The process of ET involves the donor<br />

mare being bred with either fresh,<br />

chilled or frozen semen; fertilization<br />

takes place within the mare’s fallopian<br />

tube and the developing embryo is<br />

present in the mare’s uterus by the<br />

sixth day following fertilization. Once<br />

the embryo is in the uterus it can be<br />

flushed out using special tubing through<br />

a cup with a filter; this is usually done<br />

on day 7-8 after ovulation depending<br />

on mare age, time of year and type<br />

of semen used. The gaps in the filter<br />

are smaller than the smallest embryo,<br />

therefore the cup will catch and<br />

retain the embryo during the flushing<br />

process. The contents of the cup is<br />

examined under a microscope and<br />

the embryo which is approximately<br />

the size of a spec of dust is located,<br />

washed and held in a special media<br />

until the recipient mare is prepared<br />

for transfer. It is ideal to select a<br />

couple of recipients for each donor<br />

mare flush to increase the chances of<br />

perfect synchronicity, and provides us<br />

which a choice so we can select the<br />

best recipient on the day and therefore<br />

increase the chances of the transfer<br />

being successful. Studies show more<br />

success with transfer when recipients<br />

have ovulated two days after the donor<br />

mare. ET is widely available throughout<br />

the UK although a high level of skill is<br />

needed to achieve high transfer and<br />

pregnancy rates.<br />

Embryos can be frozen using a method<br />

called vitrification to be stored<br />

indefinitely for the preservation<br />

of genetics or until recipients are<br />

available for transfer. It involves<br />

transferring a small, day 6 - 6.5<br />

‘morula’ stage embryo through varying<br />

concentrations of antifreeze, before<br />

submerging it in liquid nitrogen. Size<br />

of the embryo is critical for success,<br />

therefore it is important to have a back<br />

up plan (i.e. a recfipient on stand-by)<br />

if the embryo that is flushed is too<br />

big, as this will probably not survive<br />

the freezing and thawing processes.<br />

A decreased pregnancy rate following<br />

thawing and transfer is expected with<br />

every frozen embryo, however this can<br />

be limited by using an experienced<br />

technician. The next step in breeding<br />

technologies beyond ET needed to<br />

provide many advantages over embryo<br />

transfer to warrant the ensuing<br />

research needed for development and<br />

the extra costs involved in making it<br />

commercially viable. Ovum pick-up<br />

(OPU) ticks all the boxes!<br />

Advantages Of Opu/Icsi Over ET<br />

1. Donor mares can have one-off<br />

visits to collection center when it<br />

suits work schedule.<br />

2. OPU can be done outside the<br />

normal breeding season; in fact<br />

autumn and early spring are often<br />

the best times to get a high yield<br />

of oocytes.<br />

3. Infertility issues in the mare<br />

where no embryos are retrieved<br />

using conventional ET e.g.<br />

inability to ovulate/ poor uterine<br />

environment/ cervical tearing do<br />

not affect the OPU process.<br />

4. Embryos can be produced using<br />

semen from stallions with low<br />

fertility or very limited stocks of<br />

semen using ICSI once oocytes are<br />

collected using OPU.<br />

5. Potentially more embryos can<br />

be produced per year (this will<br />

hopefully improve as the OPU/ICSI<br />

processes improve with practice<br />

and research).<br />

6. Embryos are usually frozen after<br />

OPU/ICSI and can therefore be<br />

transferred into recipients when<br />

desired; synchronizing with donor<br />

unnecessary.<br />

OPU is where the oocytes (ova or<br />

eggs) are aspirated directly from the<br />

ovary, either transvaginally or transabdominally<br />

and identified under a<br />

microscope, washed and transferred<br />

into a special medium ready for further<br />

processing. Trans-vaginal OPU is the<br />

most commonly used technique now; a<br />

long rigid ultrasound probe, held within<br />

the vagina against the ovary, acts as<br />

a visual guide for an attached needle.<br />

Once each follicle is visualized the<br />

needle is advanced and the follicle is<br />

repeatedly flushed with a solution using<br />

a pump. 15-20 follicles may be flushed<br />

from the two ovaries during a single<br />

OPU session, yielding anything from<br />

0-20 oocytes. A large dominant<br />

follicle which is close to ovulation<br />

yields a mature oocyte. As previously<br />

mentioned and similarly to ET, only<br />

1-2 mature oocytes are available per<br />

flush if only dominant follicles are<br />

flushed. However, many immature<br />

oocytes can be harvested from<br />

multiple smaller follicles. Furthermore,<br />

immature follicles are much more<br />

stable and easier to transport for<br />

further processing. A donor mare in the<br />

transitional phase in early spring and<br />

late autumn have the ideal ovaries for<br />

harvesting as many oocytes as possible<br />

each flush. OPU can be carried out<br />

every 2-3 weeks. Oocyte transfer(OT)<br />

has been used in the place of ET for<br />

mares with reproductive issues which<br />

results in no embryo production.<br />


It requires recovery of a mature oocyte<br />

using OPU from the donor mare. The<br />

recipient mare is synchronized with<br />

the donor, her pre-ovulatory follicle is<br />

flushed to remove her mature oocyte<br />

and the donor mare oocyte is placed<br />

in the fallopian tube of the recipient<br />

through a flank incision. The recipient<br />

is inseminated and the fertilzation of<br />

the donor oocyte takes place within the<br />

recipient’s fallopian tube. OT has not<br />

taken off over the years as it holds only<br />

a small advantage over ET and is more<br />

invasive for the recipients involved.<br />

Ten to fifteen years ago, much of the<br />

research effort was concentrated on IVF,<br />

the most widely used ART in humans.<br />

To this day only a couple of foals have<br />

been born using this technique. It<br />

requires the sperm to ‘swim up’ to the<br />

ovum in a petri dish for fertilization to<br />

take place. The equine sperm is usually<br />

unable to fertilize the ovum in these<br />

conditions.<br />

Intra-Cytoplasmic Sperm Injection<br />

1. Immature oocytes matured in<br />

incubator.<br />

2. One sperm selected and<br />

injected into cytoplasm of each<br />

oocyte using micromanipulator.<br />

3. Fertilisation in vitro (in petri<br />

dish).<br />

4. Incubation/ culture for 6-8 days<br />

- result = embryo!<br />

5. Embryo transferred or frozen<br />

and keep our talented mares here.<br />

A very recent development which was<br />

reported in 2014 by Dr C Herrera at<br />

Zurich University is sex determination<br />

using material extracted from the<br />

embryo. Embryos produced by ICSI are<br />

biopsied and the genetic material<br />

Cloning<br />

1. Cells taken from donor animal to<br />

be cloned - can be a gelding<br />

2. Unfertilized oocyte from a<br />

random mare with DNA material<br />

removed therefore not transferring<br />

genetic influence to embryo<br />

produced<br />

3. Cell nucleus from donor<br />

implanted into oocyte and an<br />

electric pulse results in fusion and<br />

the start of cell division<br />

4. Resulting embryo transferred<br />

into recipient as normal<br />

5. Cost around £100000<br />

The practice has the<br />

back up of the RCVS<br />

Accredited Hospital.<br />


undergo genetic analysis using PCR.<br />

More research in this area may<br />

lead to improving our selection of<br />

individuals for phenotype, which is<br />

already commonplace in the cattle<br />

world. Interestingly the collapse of<br />

the embryo following biopsy also<br />

renders it more suitable for freezing<br />

at the blastocyst stage. Somatic cell<br />

nuclear transfer(SCNT) or cloning<br />

is the production of a population<br />

ofgenetically identical individuals.<br />

Dolly, the first animal clone was born in<br />

1996, and the first horse clone born in<br />

2003. Since then, Crestview genetics in<br />

the states has produced over 200 horses<br />

since 2009. Some highly respected<br />

reproductive specialists are concerned<br />

that if we rely too heavily on cloning<br />

we may not be developing and<br />

improving the genetics of our equine<br />

athletes, a sideways step so to speak?<br />

Since 2012, clones have been allowed<br />

to compete FEI, so no matter our<br />

personal view, cloning is here to stay.<br />

Brand-new facilities.<br />

Brand-new name.<br />

The Arundel Equine<br />

Hospital has now<br />

changed to Sussex<br />

Equine Hospital.<br />

It has become very evident at recent<br />

International ART conferences that all<br />

research has shifted towards OPU-ICSI<br />

as the way forward for production of<br />

embryos. An overwhelming amount of<br />

development has taken place in these<br />

areas over the last 6-8 years, and more<br />

equine reproductive clinics and labs<br />

are working towards providing these<br />

techniques commercially around<br />

the world. Intra-cytoplasmic sperm<br />

injection (ICSI) is a really exciting<br />

development in equine breeding, but<br />

requires expensive equipment in a<br />

purpose built lab run by highly skilled<br />

individuals that have dedicated most<br />

of their working life to the processes<br />

involved. However, it is possible for<br />

OPU, which requires less skill than<br />

ICSI and less equipment, to become<br />

available in the UK soon. This will<br />

allow mares resident in the UK to<br />

have oocytes harvested and shipped<br />

to an ICSI lab in Europe. The resultant<br />

embryos can either be transferred into<br />

recipients there and shipped back to<br />

the UK, or the embryos can be frozen<br />

and sent back to the UK, for transfer<br />

into the clients own recipients when<br />

desired. Its really important for the<br />

British equine breeding industry to<br />

keep up with the new developments in<br />

OPU/ICSI to enable us to become more<br />

competitive with our friends in Europe<br />

Sussex Equine Hospital<br />

Billingshurst Road<br />

Ashington, West Sussex<br />

RH20 3BB<br />

w<br />

e<br />

t<br />

Sussex Equine Hospital<br />

www.sussexequinehospital.co.uk<br />

info@sussexequinehospital.co.uk<br />

01903 883050<br />


Sussex Equine Hospital (RCVS Accredited) is still one of the oldest dedicated<br />

equine practices in the UK. A team of 20 experienced equine vets provide both<br />

routine and emergency care 24 hours a day, 365 days of the year throughout<br />

Sussex, Surrey and Hampshire.<br />

• Dedicated team of 5 experienced stud vets with<br />

further qualifications in stud medicine.<br />

• Thoroughbred mares managed for natural service.<br />

• Excellent fertility with AI - frozen and chilled.<br />

• Many years experience with Embryo Transfer.<br />

• Competitive packages available.<br />

• Stud vet only out of hours service - for routine and<br />

emergency work.<br />

• On-site laboratory - HBLB CEM accredited.<br />

• Full hospital backup for dealing with sick mares<br />

and foals.<br />

• Mares can be boarded for all types of breeding work.<br />

• Mare & stallion - poor fertility investigations carried out.<br />

For further information please contact us…<br />



H O S P I T A L<br />

- E S T 1 9 5 1 -<br />

We care for and about horses<br />



In conversation<br />

Becky<br />

Moody<br />

Becky competing at the 2017 National Championships on British bred Intergalatic Aimbry.<br />

Image courtesy 48 | Horsepower BRITISH BREEDER Creative.

British Breeders<br />

on British Horses<br />

Interview with<br />

Becky Moody<br />

International Grand Prix rider Becky<br />

Moody is based at the family run<br />

Gunthwaite Dressage in Yorkshire,<br />

where she and sister Hannah run a<br />

top flight training and competition<br />

centre. I caught up with Becky at the<br />

BD Winter Championships were she<br />

had just finished a very creditable 6th<br />

behind the all conquering Charlotte<br />

Dujardin in the Advanced Medium Gold<br />

Championship.<br />

Odwig’s Echo<br />

I asked Becky about her Championship<br />

ride Odwig’s Echo, a British bred 9<br />

year old by Stanhopes Odwig, owned<br />

and bred by Lucy Beckingham, who<br />

also used to compete his sire at small<br />

tour. Becky explained she currently<br />

has the ride as Lucy has recently had<br />

a baby and she will revert back to her<br />

role as trainer once Lucy is back in the<br />

saddle. Although not the biggest mover<br />

in the class, Echo’s trainability and<br />

consistency throughout the test gave<br />

them a very respectable 70% in what<br />

was a very strong championship. The<br />

pair finished the week with a 5th place<br />

in the Medium Gold Final.<br />

Odwigs Echo<br />

Heavenly Kiss BS<br />

Odwig’s Echo qualified for the Winter<br />

Championships at Myerscough, where<br />

Becky qualified another British bred<br />

horse owned and bred by a long term<br />

client – Julie Lockey’s Heavenly Kiss<br />

BS. This huge (over 18hh) gelding is<br />

really trainable and is a serious Grand<br />

Prix prospect. He is a son of Furst Kiss<br />

(Furst Picolo x Lanciano) who was<br />

previously owned by Astrid Bolton and<br />

is now standing in the USA. The dam<br />

was a daughter of the great broodmare<br />

sire Don Schufro (sire of World Number<br />

1 Weihegold).<br />

Heavenly Kiss had secured a top<br />

five place in the Elementary Gold<br />

Championship earlier in the week<br />

and already has his Medium Regionals<br />

qualification under his belt.<br />

Becky really appreciates the<br />

importance of having incredible owners<br />

like Julie, who has sent her a number<br />

of homebreds in the past.<br />

Julie runs Bramley Stud and is also<br />

the breeder of the up and coming<br />

international pony George Clooney BS<br />

(by British based senior stallion Caesar<br />

171).<br />

Heavenly Kiss - Image Julie Lockey<br />

Young Prospects<br />

Another really supportive owner is Jo<br />

Cooper. Jo recently purchased two<br />

young stallions for Becky to produce<br />

including the KWPN licensed and<br />

performance tested stallion James<br />

Bond. He is a son of Desperado out of a<br />

Fidertanz mare from the family of First<br />

Final and Furst Grandios and could be a<br />

very exciting addition to the UK stallion<br />

ranks in the future. Becky says he has<br />

three very correct and trainable paces<br />

and is really one to watch.<br />

Becky is quick to credit her support<br />

team for her success, her parents<br />

Patrick and Ann and sister Hannah plus<br />

trainers David Hunt and Carl Hester.<br />

She also prides herself on being a good<br />

employer, with many of her staff having<br />

been based with the family for years<br />

and they play an invaluable part in the<br />

success of the team.<br />


The Breeding<br />

Industry in the UK<br />

Although Becky has some super British<br />

bred horses in her string, her current<br />

number one is the second season KWPN<br />

Grand Prix horse Carinsio (Painted<br />

Black x Beaujolais). I asked Becky what<br />

are the obstacles she finds prevent her<br />

from buying more British bred horses.<br />

Becky said there are better and better<br />

quality stock being bred in this country,<br />

but in Europe the breeding industry<br />

is run as far more of a business. That<br />

commercial outlook means as a rider<br />

Becky can view and try upwards of 30<br />

young horses in 1 or 2 days in Holland<br />

or Germany, all well prepared. With<br />

such a busy schedule of competing<br />

and teaching, this is time well spent.<br />

In the UK there is not the opportunity<br />

to do this at present, but it is an area<br />

the new British Breeding Partnership<br />

are targeting with new initiatives. A<br />

revamped Equine Bridge programme<br />

will build on the new opportunities<br />

offered by the closer co-operation<br />

between the breeding and sport and<br />

offer riders like Becky the chance to<br />

take on the best young horses in the UK<br />

and Becky was very supportive of such<br />

an initiative.<br />

Becky’s advice to breeders who are<br />

aiming to produce Grand Prix prospects<br />

is to pay particular attention to<br />

temperament and soundness. She is<br />

looking for horses that are a little<br />

sharp and forward thinking but who are<br />

trainable and want to learn. She used<br />

Ogdwig’s echo as a perfect example<br />

of a horse that doesn’t have huge<br />

movement but has the perfect brain for<br />

dressage.<br />

She also wants to train horses that<br />

have a correct foundation and will stay<br />

sound through the years of training to<br />

get to Grand Prix. It is heart breaking<br />

to spend all the time and money to<br />

move a horse up the levels, only to find<br />

he can’t stay sound. If a horse does not<br />

have both these credentials, then all<br />

the flashy movement in the world will<br />

not make up for those short comings.<br />

Very valid points that breeders for all<br />

disciplines should have at the top of<br />

their priority list.<br />

Article by Sacha Shaw<br />





18th February<br />

Photos by Kevin Sparrow<br />

A large crowd attended the inaugural<br />

Competition Stallions Event 2018,<br />

held at Addington Equestrian Centre<br />

on 18th February, and they were not<br />

to be disappointed as Britain’s top<br />

stallions and some of their progeny<br />

demonstrated their talent.<br />

Stallion owners were delighted with the<br />

opportunity to show off a wide variety<br />

of sires across the disciplines, including<br />

some top sport ponies. As well as<br />

watching each stallion put through<br />

their paces in the arena, visitors also<br />

had access to the stables where they<br />

could meet the stallions first hand to<br />

assess their temperament and discuss<br />

their characteristics with connections.<br />

The stallion owners provided a<br />

hospitable welcome by their stables,<br />

as well as displays of photographs and<br />

stallion cards for visitors to take away.<br />

The arena programme started with<br />

the eventing section, and several<br />

stallions were shown with progeny,<br />

an ideal opportunity to see just how<br />

they stamp their stock. The influential<br />

Jaguar Mail demonstrated his ability<br />

with enthusiasm and was followed<br />

into the arena by his son, Lucinda<br />

Fredericks’ Britannia’s Mail, out of the<br />

great Headley Britannia, who showed<br />

great temperament and athletic<br />

ability with Lucinda’s daughter, Ellie,<br />

aboard. Chilli Morning delighted the<br />

crowd demonstrating the movement<br />

and temperament that earned him<br />

impressive competition success.<br />

The showjumpers showed their scope<br />

and ability over a series of fences, and<br />

this star-studded section was a real<br />

crowd pleaser, with John and Michael<br />

Whitaker in the saddle to show the<br />

ability of horses such as Argento, Arko<br />

III, Big Star and Cassionato. As well as<br />

the big guns, there were many exciting<br />

young stallions also demonstrating their<br />

superb ability and temperament.<br />

The knowledgeable audience<br />

appreciated Lynne Crowden’s insightful<br />

commentary on the dressage section,<br />

with stallions demonstrating superb<br />

movement and trainability. Of interest<br />

was Claire Hester’s exciting young<br />

stallion, Integro, out of Weidyfleur<br />

II who is the full sister to Valegro. In<br />

2018, his first breeding season,<br />

John Whitaker on Big Star<br />

Crowd Pleaser - Jaguar Mail<br />

Integro will be available to a limited<br />

number of selected mares.<br />

A highlight was the parade of<br />

Olympians at lunchtime. Argento,<br />

ridden by John Whitaker, Cassionato,<br />

ridden by Michael Whitaker, Arko III, Big<br />

Star, Chilli Morning and Jaguar Mail all<br />

took to the arena again to the delight<br />

of the appreciative audience.<br />

Enthusiastic visitors and participants<br />

have shared their comments.<br />



Tessa Clarke of West Kingston Stud<br />

said, “Wow- what a wonderful<br />

weekend. We were all thrilled with the<br />

professionalism in place. Addington is<br />

a great venue and the drinks party on<br />

Saturday evening was a great start to<br />

the event. There seemed to be plenty<br />

of interested breeders on Sunday - We<br />

certainly felt it was a very worthwhile<br />

event.”<br />

Jo Filmer of Longhalves Stud said,<br />

“I congratulate [the Competition<br />

Stallions] team on running such a<br />

superb event. As the owner of the<br />

smallest stallion there, the friendly<br />

atmosphere and smooth running<br />

made for a very enjoyable occasion.<br />

The commentary provided by Lynne<br />

Crowden on the dressage section was<br />

both informative and easy to listen<br />

to.”<br />

Liz Warr, who visited the event,<br />

said “It was a really great day!<br />

Some wonderful stallions and good<br />

commentary. The hospitality was<br />

excellent, and the VIP experience was<br />

fabulous. It was lovely to chat to the<br />

breeders and stallion owners and I now<br />

have two potential stallions chosen for<br />

my mare”.<br />

Timolin<br />

“It’s been really good. We have the<br />

stallions, now people need to put their<br />

good mares to the right stallions. It<br />

would be good to have more British<br />

bred horses at top level – there’s<br />

no reason why not”, said Michael<br />

Whitaker.<br />

Studbooks and organisations offering<br />

support services for breeders were on<br />

hand with advice in the popular trade<br />

stand area, the VIP hospitality did brisk<br />

business throughout the day.<br />

For a full list of stallions exhibited<br />

at the event plus a fully searchable<br />

database of stallion information, visit<br />

www.competition-stallions.com<br />

Future Gravitas<br />

Washington DC<br />



Yorkshire Sport Horse Parade<br />

11th March 2018 - Richmond Equestrian Centre<br />

All images - Sally P Coles<br />

Glencarrig Dolphin<br />

Buddy B Good - Photo Kevin Sparrow<br />

Primitive<br />

FaerieTale<br />

Volatis Defiant<br />



Northern Stallion Showcase<br />

7th April 2018 - Newton Rigg College, Penrith<br />

All images - Images courtesy Horsepower Creative<br />

Craig<br />

Hocus Pocus<br />

Hocus Pocus<br />

Solaris Buenno<br />

Z Concorde<br />




21st April 2018<br />

All images - Horsepower Creative<br />

Cassionato<br />

Big Star<br />

Finale Arko (centre) and sons Argento (L) and Aristio (R )<br />

Tullis Matson presents Nina Barbour with an award<br />

for Ramiro B’s 4th place in WBFSH Rankings<br />

Woodlander Wild Child<br />

Murkas Gem<br />

Kambarbay<br />






With their large advertising<br />

budgets, wonderful facilities,<br />

and eye catching marketing<br />

videos, it is no wonder many<br />

British breeders are tempted to<br />

only consider stallions standing<br />

at stud in mainland Europe.<br />

There are often many gems to<br />

be discovered here in the UK<br />

and in every edition we will<br />

turn the spotlight onto a British<br />

stallion who deserves to be<br />

centre stage.<br />

An older stallion who has excellent<br />

credentials, but who many eventing<br />

breeders may not have considered is<br />

Catherston Liberator, who stands at<br />

Langaller Stud in Devon.<br />

Now 26, he still looks incredibly well<br />

and shows no sign of any loss of topline<br />

that is normally associated with older<br />

stallions. Liberator was successful<br />

himself as a competition horse in all<br />

spheres, winning up to Intermediate<br />

BE (with advanced points), and Prix St<br />

George dressage. He also show jumped<br />

to Foxhunter level. Liberator is really<br />

producing some top eventing stock<br />

including:<br />

Xavier Faer ( x Catherston Dazzler) CSI****<br />

and 3rd Badminton 2017<br />

Tout de Suite ( x Welton Crackerjack)<br />

Multiple CIC*** winner in the USA<br />

Borough Free Flight ( x Dutch Gold)<br />

Winner CCI* and placed CCI** & CSI***<br />

Mr Fahrenheit ( x Java Tiger xx) CIC**<br />

including Lion D’Angers 2017<br />

The Earl of Belvedere ( x The Chocolate<br />

Bean xx) Placed CIC**<br />

Trelotte ( x Fine Blade xx) Competing CIC**<br />

Xavier Faer - Courtesy Nico Morgan<br />

Besides the eventers he has found<br />

success as a sire in the showring with<br />

offspring winning sporthorse and hunter<br />

breeding classes at major county shows<br />

across the country.<br />

Liberator’s sire Liboi was a very tough<br />

racehorse, running 71 times and<br />

retiring sound. As well as siring county<br />

level winning hunters and hacks he is<br />

also the sire of Grand Prix dressage<br />

stallion Catherston Humbug.<br />

Liberator’s dam was the HOYS Grade<br />

C and Foxhunter finalist Catherston<br />

Jetstream. The direct motherline is<br />

exemplary producing among others<br />

Catherston Dazzler (sire of Olympic<br />

and 4 star eventers), Welton Louis<br />

(advanced eventer and sire of European<br />

champion Welton Romance) and<br />

Yarlands Summer Song (WEG Silver<br />

Medalist). This means Liberator offers<br />

a rare combination of Thoroughbred<br />

blood crossed onto a stellar eventing<br />

damline. The importance of the<br />

damline cannot be underestimated as<br />

this gives any breeder the reassurance<br />

that the genetic potential is there<br />

waiting to be unlocked. All the most<br />

successful breeders of both sporthorses<br />

and racehorses recognise how crucial<br />

this is.<br />

Article Sacha Shaw<br />

Catherston Liberator<br />

Tom Rolfe<br />

Ribot<br />

Pocahontas<br />

Catherston<br />

Liberator<br />

Liboi xx<br />

Catherston<br />

Jetstream<br />

Latin Walk<br />

Jashin<br />

Catherston Dutch Silka<br />

Romantread<br />

Stall Walker<br />

Le Faquin xx<br />

Era<br />

Dutch Courage<br />

Welton Gazelle<br />




Ask the Expert<br />

Tullis Matson<br />

For this issue of British Breeder,<br />

we invited our readers to<br />

send in their questions for<br />

Tullis Matson, founder and<br />

owner of Stallion AI Services in<br />

Shropshire, who does<br />

pioneering work in the field of<br />

AI and reproduction, applying<br />

the latest research and<br />

technologies not only sport<br />

horse breeding, but also to help<br />

the survival of some of Britain’s<br />

most endangered heritage<br />

breeds.<br />

Should I be checking semen<br />

that arrives in the post prior<br />

to insemination?<br />

Certainly, for chilled semen deliveries<br />

it’s not a bad idea to check the quality<br />

of the sperm when it arrives, at least<br />

for some peace of mind that the<br />

sperm are still motile and that nothing<br />

deleterious has happened to it during<br />

its transit.<br />

The same applies to frozen thawed<br />

semen, however, because of the<br />

semen extender used to process<br />

cryopreserved sperm, there are more<br />

pitfalls associated with frozen sperm<br />

analysis and it is also worth bearing in<br />

mind that, once thawed, frozen sperm<br />

needs to be inseminated immediately,<br />

so don’t waste too much time with preinsemination<br />

checks.<br />

Semen analysis prior to insemination<br />

should be performed according to a<br />

very strict protocol by a practitioner<br />

trained in this area, just to avoid any<br />

falsely negative results.<br />

The conventional method is to observe<br />

sperm under a microscope fitted with a<br />

heated stage. However, not only does<br />

this require a suitable microscope with<br />

good quality optics (phase contrast<br />

is best), a heated surface, pipetting<br />

equipment and consumables including<br />

clean slides and coverslips. You also<br />

need a power supply and a clean<br />

working environment, which is often<br />

easier said than done in the field.<br />

There is now a simpler way. We’ve<br />

recently been helping to develop and<br />

validate a new piece of kit for equine<br />

semen analysis. It’s a great tool to<br />

be used out in the field or even for<br />

veterinary clinics. It’s called ‘iSperm’<br />

and is essentially a set of miniature<br />

optics that attach to your iPad camera<br />

paired with a downloadable app.<br />

Using it couldn’t be simpler and only<br />

takes a few seconds to obtain an<br />

accurate result. You simply place a<br />

drop of semen into a small disposable<br />

plastic vial that snaps on to the<br />

camera attachment. The app will then<br />

automatically analyse sperm motility<br />

Murka’s Gem, clone of Gem Twist<br />

and concentration and even calculates<br />

how many mares you could successfully<br />

inseminate with each shipment of<br />

semen.<br />

In addition, the software can also<br />

capture a video of the semen sample<br />

enabling you to store a historic record<br />

of all the samples inseminated,<br />

organised by date and time.<br />

If you would like some further<br />

information about iSperm or about<br />

further training in semen analysis,<br />

please do give me a call on<br />

telelphone 01948 666295<br />

or email me at tullis@stallionai.com<br />



When will it be possible to<br />

use sexed semen for equine<br />

breeding?<br />

Sperm sexing techniques were<br />

perfected in the late nineties and<br />

subsequently commercialised for cattle<br />

breeding, with the first calves born<br />

on the Duke of Westminster’s Eaton<br />

estate in Cheshire in 2001. Since then,<br />

sperm sexing has been used prolifically<br />

within the dairy industry but with a<br />

few adaptations we know the same<br />

technology works equally well for other<br />

mammals, including equids. Stallion<br />

AI Services have been following the<br />

development of sperm sexing with<br />

great interest since its outset and feel<br />

that we are now in a good position to<br />

apply it to stallion semen.<br />

How is it done?<br />

The technology uses a method called<br />

‘flow cytometry’ which basically<br />

involves tagging every individual<br />

sperm cell with a fluorescent DNA<br />

marker and sorting them based on the<br />

amount of DNA, one at a time, in a<br />

very fast-moving stream of fluid. We<br />

can use the fact that X-bearing sperm<br />

(the ones that will give rise to a filly)<br />

have about a 3% increase in mass of<br />

DNA compared to the Y-bearing (colt)<br />

sperm, so they fluoresce brighter and<br />

can be differentiated and sorted using<br />

hi-tech light sensing equipment. The<br />

sorting part is especially clever because<br />

female sperm can be given a positive<br />

electrical charge compared to the male<br />

sperm that are given a negative charge.<br />

Then it’s simply a case of passing them<br />

between a magnetic field. The fillies<br />

jump to the left, and the colts jump to<br />

the right!<br />

Does it work?<br />

Because the difference between X and<br />

Y sperm is relatively tiny, this presents<br />

a number of challenges, especially for<br />

equine compared to bovine because<br />

stallion sperm have very flat heads<br />

(like a canoe paddle) so each one has<br />

to be orientated into the correct plane<br />

as they pass through the fluid stream<br />

otherwise the light sensors won’t be<br />

able to tell them apart. We also need<br />

to sort the sperm quickly to maintain<br />

sperm quality and protect the sperm<br />

as they pass through the machine, so<br />

they remain fertile at the end of the<br />

process.<br />

After much research we are however<br />

pleased to report success in overcoming<br />

these challenges and have arrived with<br />

a process that we believe will work.<br />

Are there any other<br />

challenges?<br />

The second main challenge for us<br />

was one of numbers. Compared to<br />

bovine AI, stallion sperm needs to<br />

be inseminated in a much larger<br />

dose, around 50 million in the mare<br />

compared to only 2 million that are<br />

required to achieve normal pregnancy<br />

rates in a cow. There are ways of<br />

getting away with much lower numbers<br />

(it only takes one after all!), however<br />

unless we use intracytoplasmic sperm<br />

injection (that is injecting a sperm<br />

directly into an egg inside a petri dish)<br />

we still need to use a large enough<br />

number to make the perilous journey<br />

through the reproductive tract of the<br />

mare.<br />

Using a specially designed nozzle and<br />

a with a few other tweaks we can<br />

now orientate around 80% of sperm<br />

correctly through the sexing machine<br />

which means we can yield upwards<br />

of 20000 sperm of the correct sex<br />

every second! This means it should<br />

take roughly 40 minutes to sort an<br />

insemination dose with an accuracy of<br />

around 90%.<br />

Is frozen sexed semen<br />

available?<br />

At this stage we don’t anticipate<br />

freezing the sperm, we plan to<br />

inseminate it shortly after sorting<br />

to maximise its fertilising potential.<br />

However, cryopreservation would be<br />

of huge benefit for preserving and<br />

transporting the sperm and this will<br />

be the next step. We have already<br />

identified some exciting new methods<br />

for long term storage, some of which<br />

we are developing ourselves.<br />

When will it be available?<br />

Work is underway on this exciting new<br />

venture for Stallion AI services and<br />

we fully expect to begin preliminary<br />

insemination trials in the current<br />

breeding season.<br />

Do you ever worry about<br />

“messing with nature”?<br />

Assisted reproductive technologies have<br />

developed at a rapid pace, particularly<br />

over the last decade. This is largely<br />

due to the commercial pressure of<br />

breeding domestic species for large<br />

scale export and a sharp rise in the<br />

treatment of infertile or aging couples.<br />

These technologies include those I have<br />

spoken about and those that we are<br />

employing in equine breeding already,<br />

but also includes massive advances in<br />

IVF techniques, pre-genetic screening,<br />

cloning, time-lapse imaging of<br />

embryos, conversion of stem cells into<br />

sperm and eggs and even freeze-drying<br />

of sperm and embryos.<br />

It may sound like ‘weird science’ but<br />

we are certainly not taking a maverick,<br />

irresponsible approach, this isn’t<br />

Jurassic Park! All of the techniques we<br />

are now using are carefully scrutinised,<br />

checked for safety and ethically<br />

approved. These advanced techniques<br />

merely involve improving outcomes<br />

and do not involve any form of genetic<br />

modification. My personal view is that<br />

many of the techniques are merely<br />

assisting breeders to improve their<br />

overall efficiency and I believe this is a<br />

great thing.<br />

It was only a few years ago that<br />

embryo transfer was perceived as<br />

cutting edge, almost science fiction,<br />

certainly pushing the boundaries not<br />

only in terms of technologies, but<br />

also ethically. Now ET has become<br />

very much part of the mainstream in<br />

breeding, and we are beginning to see<br />

increasingly successful results in the<br />

next level of breeding technologies<br />

from egg harvesting and ICSI methods.<br />

Remember Dolly the sheep, and the<br />

reservations and concerns many of<br />

us had about the ethics of producing<br />

a clone of a living being? Here I am<br />

today with a perfectly healthy clone<br />

in Murka’s Gem standing at my own<br />

facility adding to the many thousands<br />

of other equine clones around the<br />

world.<br />

By harnessing these technologies, we<br />

can potentially preserve genetics and<br />

bloodlines that would otherwise be lost<br />

forever. That is why I am so passionate<br />

about our work with the Rare Breeds<br />

Survival Trust and have even extended<br />

my work into helping conserve other<br />

species by collaborating with charities<br />

like Chester Zoo. This is an initiative<br />

that although not profitable for us<br />

is hugely rewarding and incredibly<br />

interesting.<br />

Article by Eva-Maria Broomer<br />



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