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Research Paper

Prior to writing your ​capstone research paper​, you need to make sure that

the research you’ve completed is recent and in order. Make no mistake, the task

is rather challenging and will consume quite a lot of your time. That’s why you

should stick to a subject you’re naturally passionate about, otherwise you run

the risk of losing your motivation and drive before reaching the finish line. As

for the specific requirements, these depend on the supervising teacher.

Still, there are some general guidelines and requirements you should keep

in mind, some of which we’ll take a look at today:

1. How to pick the right research topic

Choosing the right ​data science capstone project​, for example, takes quite

a lot of skill. On one hand, you want to be a bit specific and focus your research

on something fresh that no one has researched before… but if you go too deep,

you could run out of research material. On the other hand, going too global

likely means coming across as too generic, so ideally, try to aim for the golden

middle ground.

2. Come up with a rock-solid thesis

A thesis is a solid core of any ​engineering capstone project​. It should be

well thought out and researched, with all the required research instruments. If

you can’t collect a pile of evidence that supports your thesis, you’re probably

going to be better of by simply choosing another topic.

3. On being objective when writing

Whether you’re writing a ​project management capstone or one on a

similar topic, the basis prerequisite of remaining scientifically objective remains

the same. Having a personal opinion is fine, as long as you point it out and

make sure it’s based on facts.

4. No plagiarism and spelling errors

This one might seem obvious, but it cannot be stressed enough. What

good would a ​mechanical engineering capstone project be if it was found

littered with spelling errors, factual mistakes, or worse… plagiarism? Make sure

your paper does not include these things prior to submitting it. Luckily, there are

plenty of online tools you can use for exactly this kind of purpose.

5. Cite relevant sources

Finally, the sources you used in your ​capstone project nursing or a similar

one must be not only relevant to the topic you’re discussing, but also factually

correct, relevant, and recent. Apart from this, every time you make a citation or

a reference, it should be formatted properly, which is very important to keep in



The above-mentioned principles are rock solid and must be adhered to no

matter what type of capstone project you’re writing or what subject matter

you’re researching. Keep in mind, however, that we’ve only gone through the

basics. The best source of information is your professor, so don’t be shy if

there’s something you don’t understand – asking a simple question can really

help clear up any doubts.

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