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The Lone Star Pharmacist - June 2018

The Lone Star Pharmacist - June

Volume 3 • June 2018 • Number 4 The Official Publication of the Texas Society of Health-System Pharmacists – Research & Education Foundation Quarterly publication direct mailed to more than 41,000 Pharmacists, Technicians, Students and Members of TSHP. TSHP President’s Letter Thank you for a great 2017-2018 TSHP year! As I look back, it’s hard to believe that a year has already passed. A year ago, we set out with a few focus points which were membership growth, giving back to members, and expanding the TSHP and affiliate local chapter relationships. Tammy Cohen, PharmD, MS, FACHE, FASHP, FTSHP Membership growth: The Local Chapter Challenge was very successful and created quite a bit of competition between the local affiliate chapters. • Two ‘Best of TSHP’ honors were awarded. Congratulations to El Paso Area SHP for winning the Membership Growth Award and to the Austin Area SHP for winning the Exceptional Retention Award! • Additionally, there were two Goal Achiever Sweepstakes awardees. All chapters qualified for the Recruitment Goal sweepstakes by reaching the annual goal and the winner was chosen at random. Congratulations to Lubbock Area SHP for being the Recruitment Goal Sweepstakes winner! Three chapters (EPSHP, LASHP, and MSHP) qualified for the Renewal Goal sweepstakes and the winner was also chosen at random. Congratulations to Metroplex SHP! Congratulations to all chapters on a great inaugural Chapter Challenge and look for the 2nd Annual Local Chapter Challenge to begin this summer! Giving back to members: This year, TSHP leaders have spent the year working with the Pharmacy Summit and our lobbyist, Brad Shields, on preparing for the upcoming legislative session and working to get a health-system pharmacist on Texas State Board of Pharmacy. Expanding the TSHP and local affiliate chapter relationships: This was a little more abstract, but vital to the TSHP and the local affiliates. I am pleased to report that great progress has been made on the local affiliated chapter agreements, which will wrap up this year. Together, the locals and TSHP will continue to grow. Additional areas of focus this past year included developing a new five-year strategic plan and hiring Stacey Mather as the new TSHP Executive Director. A full annual report will be out by the end of the fiscal year to highlight the great activities that the councils and sections worked on over the past year. Thank you to the outstanding TSHP staff, Jenni, Leah, and Katha, for all your work, not only at Seminar but daily throughout the year to serve the members of the organization. This year has been particularly challenging with the changeover of Executive Directors. The staff did an amazing job in keeping the organization moving forward, not letting anything fall through the cracks. This is a unique year in TSHP history for executive officers. As you will recall, TSHP lost Rich Cadle unexpectedly last March. This was a big loss to TSHP and the pharmacy profession. Following the events of Rich’s loss, the Council on Organizational Affairs was convened, and a review of policy was completed. The council recommended that I serve out a second term to the Board of Directors and the Board confirmed. Therefore, I will continue work for a second year as TSHP President and Sidney Phillips will serve a second year as Immediate Past President. In addition to the Presidential officer extensions, the TSHP Secretary officer will be extended. The secretary-elect has chosen to step down to focus on family matters. At which time, the Bylaws were reviewed, and the Board of Directors elected Latresa Billings to stay on as Secretary. Thank you to Sidney Phillips and Latresa Billings for your dedication and commitment to TSHP. In the 2018-2019 TSHP year, the focus will continue with membership growth, giving back to members, and expanding local/state relationships and legislative preparation. The Council and Section Officer members have been appointed and work is already underway to allow a jump start to the upcoming year. Thank you for the opportunity to continue to serve as TSHP President for an additional year. I look forward to a busy and exciting upcoming year. I would like to give a very special thank you to Paul Davis. TSHP was extremely fortunate to have Paul step in part time during the transition of executive directors. I personally feel very lucky to for the opportunity to work with Paul directly and I learned so much from him during our time together. Tammy Cohen, PharmD, MS, FACHE, FASHP, FTSHP TSHP President current resident or Non-Profit Org. U.S. Postage Paid Princeton, MN Permit No. 14 Inside... 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