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Summer Newsletter 2018

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Summer Newsletter

WWW.NORDICNORTHWEST.ORG 503.977.0275 80 YEARS OF FOGELBO & 90 YEARS OF MIDSUMMER! A YEAR OF MOMENTOUS ANNIVERSARIES Nestled in the trees along Oleson Road is an unassuming cabin called Fogelbo. In Swedish, fogelbo means “bird nest,” derived from the Fogelquist family name, which means “bird on a branch.” A Swedish couple, Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Olson, had the log structure built between 1938- 1940 by Henry Steiner, one of the chief carpenters on Timberline Lodge. The concept of "the log house" was brought to America by the first Swedish colonists who settled in New Sweden (present day Delaware, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania) in 1638. This building knowledge was disseminated throughout the original colonies and eventually the entire United States. The next owners of the home, Charles and Jessie Fogelquist, who had roots in the town of Mora, in Dalarna, Sweden, did extensive work on the estate and, in 1989, Fogelbo was designated as a historical site by Washington County. Their son, Ross, was a German teacher and foreign student adviser in the Evergreen School District in Vancouver, Washington. Carl the XVI, the King of Sweden, knighted Ross in 1985 with the title of the Knight of the Royal Order of the Polar Star, first class, due to Ross’s achievements on behalf of Sweden and Scandinavia. Ross served as Acting Swedish Consul for Oregon in 1993, and again between 1999 and 2001. He has received many other awards, both locally and nationally, and Ross had his 80 TH birthday this year! In fact, we recently celebrated Ross's and Fogelbo's 80 TH birthdays; the featured background image features the very Swedish color story from some of these festivities! At Fogelbo, which houses one of the largest private collections of Scandinavian artifacts and antiques in the United States, Ross has hosted many guests from all parts of the world. In 2015, Ross deeded Fogelbo to Nordic Northwest. The estate grounds are currently being reshaped into a park for use by the Nordic community and beyond! • TURN THE PAGE TO READ ABOUT 90 YEARS OF MIDSUMMER › › › ISSUE: SUMMER 2018 #NORDICNORTHWEST #NORDIAHOUSE

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