Hopulist issue 5


Welcome to issue 5 of Hopulist. We bring you the latest news, brews and intrigue from the craft beer universe and we hope you will enjoy reading it as much as we enjoyed putting it together. This month we feature Hop Hideout, Home Brew Club, Writer's of Craft, our World Cup 2018 Special and much more...




We like beer and we like

football, there we've

said it. so here is our

unaBASHed, tenuous at

best, World Cup tie in.

if you like SiPPiNG on a

world class iPA whilst

WATCHing the beautiful

game then buckle up for

some top beers, terrible

football puns and ALL

ROUND general Hi-JiNX.

It only happens once every four years, and let’s be honest, even if

football is not your thing, it’s hard not to get swept along in World Cup

fever – or at least show a passing interest. Watching football is a great

way to drink and share beer, and the international flavour of the World

Cup made us think ‘why not try and find a beer from every country?’

Admittedly, it was more of a challenge for some ahead of others. How

many brewers can you name from Panama? But after much hardened

research (hic) we think we have managed to curate a good list of

international beers for you to explore and enjoy during the biggest fiesta

of football there is.

We’ve profiled what we consider to be the most interesting country

from each World Cup group in some detail, then followed with some

additional beer-based knowledge on the other teams. If nothing else,

you will gain some great pub ammo to share with your mates about

the international beer scene (probably don’t share it during England’s

inevitable penalty shoot-out, though).

Get the big screen on, grab some cold ones from your country of choice

and make the 2018 World Cup one to remember for beery reasons.

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