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Welcome to issue 5 of Hopulist. We bring you the latest news, brews and intrigue from the craft beer universe and we hope you will enjoy reading it as much as we enjoyed putting it together. This month we feature Hop Hideout, Home Brew Club, Writer's of Craft, our World Cup 2018 Special and much more...









Sun 17th JUNE

Costa Rica v Serbia

Brazil v Switzerland

Fri 22nd JUNE

Brazil v Costa Rica

Serbia v Switzerland

Wed 27th JUNE

Serbia v Brazil

Switzerland v Costa Rica

Braz|l might not strike you as an obvious brewing nation, but as with

most places, you’d be pleasantly surprised just how much it is practised.

Naturally, as it’s hot a country, temperature control is an issue, as is

growing hops – but this is not counterintuitive, it actually leads to

Brazilian brewers having to be more creative rather than relying on

hoppy punches to deliver great beer.

The industry here is still in its infancy, however it is growing at a

rapid rate – both in terms of importing foreign beer and brewing its

own. Brazil is certainly a country with more footballing pedigree than

brewing. Having said that, there is room to grow, and growth is just what

is happening with a reported 50 new artisinal breweries opening each

year in the country. Whether the market here is developed or not, one

thing you simply cannot argue with is that Brazilians love their beer.

Some recommended names to look out for include Salvador Brewing

Co, Croma, Cervejaria Octopus, Hocus Pocus and Cerverjaria EverBrew.

Our pick from this lot is Salvador Brewing Co’s Macau Mocaccino Stout.

Named after the Patrol Ship Macau, the first ship to bear this name in the

Brazilian navy, this milk stout has a rich blend of coffee and cinnamon

notes compined with a dense body, complex flavour and thick mouthfeel.

It’s not a session beer by any means, but its complexity is something to be

admired, as it the way it balances fairly overpowering flavours.

If you are ever lucky enough to make your way to Brazil, but want to

enjoy craft beer, then don’t head for the obvious places like Rio or Sao

Paulo – instead try the city of Curibita, just south of Sao Paulo.


Despite their

isolationist tendancies


has seen an explosion

in the number of new

microbreweries opening

in recent years, although

much like their national

football team they seem

to be more about quiet

efficiency than star


CoSTA R|CA is a

familiar story to that of

other central American

nations. Dominated

by macro lagers they

are slowly cultivating

a craft beer scene with

a small number of

microbreweries popping

up around the country.

SERB|A has a small

but flourishing scene

with breweries Crow,

Kabinet, Zebrew and

a handful of others

producing familiar

beer styles. If you are

travelling to the Balkans

then keep your eyes




style: STOUT

abv: 7%

volume: 330ml

untappd: 4.1

FOOTY pred|ct|on:

Group W|nners: BRAZ|L

Group Runner’s Up: SERB|A

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