Hopulist issue 5


Welcome to issue 5 of Hopulist. We bring you the latest news, brews and intrigue from the craft beer universe and we hope you will enjoy reading it as much as we enjoyed putting it together. This month we feature Hop Hideout, Home Brew Club, Writer's of Craft, our World Cup 2018 Special and much more...

This success has got Frank and the team working

on trying to get other top international brewers

involved via Skype – although an idea in the

making at the moment, it’s this kind of innovative

and cutting-edge thinking that have made HBC so

popular this far.

The Club attracts an average of 30 to 40 members

to each meet and that figure is steadily growing. One

reason could be the friendly atmosphere – as we

mooch around chatting to people on the evening we

attend, it’s clear that people have made some very

solid friends at these evenings and love nothing more

than debating and sharing ideas. There’s brewers

at all stages in the journey here – from complete

novices, to those who Ritchie believes have the

potential to make a business out of their skills, and

everything inbetween.

“Speaking personally,” says Frank. “I have got so

much out of being involved with this Club. I walked

in a stranger and left with a handful of friends and

couldn’t wait for the next meeting. It has a really great

community feel and everyone helps each other out.”

One of the key features of the Club is its monthly

brewing challenges – each of which has a theme that

makes it more of a challenge. On the evening we

attend, the theme was budget brew – where members

had to make 23 litres of beer for under £7.50 using

Twisted Barrel’s reduced-price ingredients. But

other challenges have or will include a restricted

ingredients challenge, a Twisted Barrel clone beer

challenge and the innovative Buddy Brew. This

pairs members up so they have to brew together,

encouraging them to learn from each other and share

techniques and knowledge – it is one of the more

popular ones according to Frank.



“I’ve been coming to HBC

since the very first meeting in

August 2015, and I had only

started brewing in the January

of that year. I actually got into

it when I decided to brew a

beer for a friend’s wedding,

which went down really well.

The Club here has evolved

over the last year or so, it’s

now much more structured

as it’s got bigger. We have

great and varied speakers

and a great variety that we

couldn’t have attracted when

we first started.”

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