Hopulist issue 5


Welcome to issue 5 of Hopulist. We bring you the latest news, brews and intrigue from the craft beer universe and we hope you will enjoy reading it as much as we enjoyed putting it together. This month we feature Hop Hideout, Home Brew Club, Writer's of Craft, our World Cup 2018 Special and much more...

As brewers chat and debate on the evening we attend,

they are also all trying out each other’s efforts for the

monthly brewing challenge and scoring the entries

on their phones via a QR code. Another nice touch is

the sharing table – a table set aside for people to bring

other brews they’ve created along to swap and share

with fellow members. Everyone we speak to thinks this

a great way to get better as feedback is always honest.

“The standard of brewing has gradually improved –

no matter what people’s starting point,” he explains.

“We have a few people who are naturally good at it,

of course. Simon is prolific and has brewed around

75 beers since the Club started. I also, along with two

other club members, managed to come second in

a national competition, having only been all-grain

brewing for around six months at the time. I think that

shows that this club is really helping people, as well as

having a great community feel.”

Brewing club’s like this one, with good organisation,

interesting themes and support of a brewer are showing

that brewing can be something everyone can try their

hand at without fear of things going wrong. More

of these types of clubs are springing up around the

country, and we can only see that continuing.


| N F O


Unit 11, FarGo Village

Coventry, CV1 5ED UK


Charles G|ll:

“I actually run a nearby beer

festival in Leamington Spa,

Warwickshire and I got

to know Frank from HBC

when he won the brewing

competition we have there

in 2017.

“My day job is a science

teacher and I was actually

asked by Frank to do a talk

about the science behind

brewing, which was really

fun. I’m not the best or most

regular brewer in the world,

but this club has been a great

learning experience for me.

The feedback you get from

everyone is very honest

– but it’s firm but fair.”


“Twisted Barrel Ale exploded onto

the Coventry beer scene on 29th

March 2014. After months of hard

work developing a small selection of

beers that would appeal to Coventry’s

patrons thirsting for our unique mix of

modern and classical styles and methods

we launched our beers at Coventry’s

number 1 bottle bar, Inspire, and it was a

huge success.

“Originally brewing on a 60 litre kit,

we described ourselves as ‘the UK’s first

Pico-brewery’. At the time we were the

smallest commercial brewery in the UK,

although we are aware of many more

that have sprung up in the months since

our launch. With a brewing capacity of

approximately 120 bottles demand very

quickly caught up and our supply was

way too small.

“Fast-forward to 20th June 2015, and

we held another launch. This time in

our brand new Brewery and Tap House

at FarGo Village. With a new 1000 litre

brewing kit installed by Brewing Vessels

and an entirely new brand design from

Stewart Easton, we’ve finally become the

brewery we always set out to be.

“And now after almost 2 years, we

have grown again! Transferring our bar

and brewing kit into a space about 5

times larger than before, we’re still

serving the best beer at FarGo Village.

In addition to the larger space, which

can hold up to 300 people, we also

now have the largest selection of beers

in Coventry, with 23 beers on tap, and

between 15 and 25 bottled beers at any

one time.

“With our brewing kit we have

expanded our fermenting capacity adding

an additional 3000 litres. This, coupled

with the additional brewing space, has

enabled us to increase our cask output

and we have also started packaging in

cans for the national and international


“We continue to review and revise our

core beers, and currently offer 5 regular

beers constantly throughout the year,

with a special edition one off beer each

and every month making it’s way into

can. Seasonal favourites continue, with

Wake Up Juice, Brobdingnagian and Dark

Night Rises, being brewed in Summer,

Autumn and Winter respectively.”