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“If I can do it, you can do it! Looking

back on 25 years of PM-International,

I want to encourage the readers

to take their fate into their own

hands. It may not always be easy,

but it is always worth it,” says Rolf

Sorg, Founder and Chairman of the

Board of PM-International AG, on

the occasion of his company’s 25th

anniversary. It will be celebrated

with a huge party with more than

13,000 distribution partners from

all over the world at the SAP Arena

Mannheim on June 9, 2018.

Top management representatives

will experience an additional

top-class event on the day

before: An evening gala which is

unprecedented in the history of PM-

International, featuring breathtaking

show elements in historic surroundings

that are too marvelous for

words – the Schwetzingen Palace.

According to Rolf Sorg, “there

won’t be an event like this


only set out for a few years, and

then leave their partner no choice

but to realign. At the moment, many

of our distribution partners are creating

a new generation of leaders in

our family business by introducing

their adult daughters and sons. This

is a prime example of how stable and

long-term our business is considered

to be by our distribution partners.

Today, the average age is less than

35 years. The second generation has

already arrived.

Another reason for this development

is the high customer satisfaction.

Direct selling depends on the product

and not on marketing

strategies. A



of time. Back when PM-International

still had an annual turnover

of 100 million USD, he announced

confidently and determined that the

company will have a turnover of 1

billion in the next years. In 2017, PM

announced 632 million USD in turnover.

Growing at this rate, the company

could reach the 1 billion turnover

milestone by 2020.

“Today, PM has a total development

potential of 36 billion customers

world wide. In the next 20 years, this

affluent group will grow by 60 percent,

resulting in a total potential of

50 billion customers.”


Keeping the Role of the Market


Not only the products are premium,

also PM-International as a company

grew in a very positive direction during

the last 25 years. It is solvent

and profitable, showing two-figure

growth rates year after year. In the

sector, Rolf Sorg is considered a

market innovator regarding both product

development and international


Now, it’s important to turn this positive

development into a sustainable

one and to keep strengthening it.

Rolf Sorg doesn’t lack phantasy: “If

you can achieve 500 or 600 million

in turnover, you can also achieve

one billion in turnover!,” that’s his

simple calculation. The phantasy became

a vision. The vision became a

clear goal: One billion in turnover!

PM-International is well on its way

to reaching this goal.

But what’s the secret to 25 years of

success? Rolf Sorg: “We are a family

business that allows all our distribution

partners to grow sustainably

according to their skills and ambitions.

PM is different from many network

marketing businesses that are


ving a

high customer

satisfaction and market leadership

by providing good and effective products,

will grow automatically – and

together with the company, the sales

structure will grow.

The younger generation grows up

with us and our products because

their parents live and breathe PM.

Once the younger generation realizes

that the products their parents

are using are also good for them, that

their parents are financially independent,

and have fun working, they will

follow automatically. To avoid an aging

sales organization, it’s crucial to keep

the role of the market innovator by

releasing new products and real innovations

all the time. You always

need to be three to five years ahead

of your competitors and face the

future. Which role will supplements

play in 30 years? Will we still need

supplements by then? What could

the alternatives look like? We have

asked ourselves these questions and

answered them too. Even today, PM-

International is well prepared for the

next decades.”

25 Years PM-International:

The Vision of the Future

Rolf Sorg is a visionary, thinking and

planning in large numbers and long

25 Years PM-International: The Milestones

1993 Rolf Sorg founds PM-International and lays the 2005 Limited company changed into a non-listed jointstock


foundation for one of the most innovative and

successful network marketing companies in 2008 Achieving monumental goals


1995 First product patents registered

1994 Parent Company is founded in Luxemburg Opening

of the first subsidiary in Poland

nual turnover

2009 PM-International achieves 100 million EUR an-

1995 Launch of the first food supplement product 2011 New Logistic and Administrative Center opened

(Q10) Worldwide presence begins

in Switzerland

1995 Cooperation with network legend Lawrence 2012 Second administrative block opened at the Logistics

Center Europe in Speyer, Germany.

Thompson ceremonially celebrated

1995 First FitLine ® weight management products are 2013 Consistent record-breaking sales


2014 No. 43 in the Global 100 of Direct Selling News

1996 Activize launched

2015 Opening of the Headquarters Asia-Pacific in

1997 First edition of the sports catalog


1998 Clear vision for premium health

2016 Product quality tested by the independent external

test laboratory TÜV SÜD ELAB GmbH

1999 Car incentive started

2000 Scientific Advisory Board founded Start of Charity


ters in Luxemburg

1995 Official opening of the International Headquar-

2002 Selected as one of the TOP 100 most innovative 2017 Record-breaking annual turnover of 632 million

companies in Germany for the first time


1995 Launch of the first online shop

1995 No. 41 in the Global 100 of Direct Selling News

2003 Progressive in every aspect.

1995 Collaboration with the Luxemburg Institute of

1995 FitLine Optimal-Set launched

Science and Technology (LIST)

2004 Second warehouse and dispatch hall built at 2018 Anniversary Year: Unstoppable for future success

Logistic Center in Germany

1995 First subsidiary in Asia (Singapore)

1995 Opening of the European Logistic Center in





bution center in Switzerland. As responsible

company, we need a plan

B for every thinkable situation. For

example, when a distributor drops

out, another one needs to step in

directly. But what happens if our Lo-

open another small shipping distrinual

turnover of 800

million this year. We’re

almost there and our course

is set: 1 billion in turn over is

approaching us like a big wave!

We just discussed this in our marketing

meeting too. If you take a visual

approach, I am like a marathon

runner headed directly towards the

finish line. He is determined to finish

his next run with an even better re-

sult. Because

of this, he

is looking beyond the finish line, already

facing the next one on the far

horizon. For me, it’s the same. I am

already facing the next finish line

before reaching the current one.

Some people think I am crazy because

I always see things tenfold. I

already saw us making 10 million

when we made 1, and a 100 million

when we made 10. When you want

to take big steps, you need to think

in big dimensions. I will see 10 billion

when we reach 1. You can’t speed

this process up by force, we are not

PM-International aims at reaching an

annual turnover of 1 billion in the

next two years, but no later than

three years. However, it goes without

saying that my vision goes far

beyond that. I always think in increments

of ten, that’s why “Next Dimension”

is our motto for this year.

A visionary always sees the bigger

picture. Now that we are so close to

1 billion, I expect us to reach an anthere

yet. But every

goal starts with a big vision.

That’s why I also see

us having 1,000 Champions

League members when others

can’t even imagine 100, because right

now we just have 7 or 8. I always

need a central goal, no matter if it’s

realistic or not.

Back in the days, I also said we wanted

10,000 sponsored children on

all continents. Right now, we have

1,300 and people are already seeing

2,000 on the horizon. Our clear ambition

is to commit ourselves to

10,000 World Vision sponsorships.

I see it as my responsibility

towards our

distribution partners and

employees all over the

world to face the future.

An enormous growth

like this needs to be

planned in advance.

We’ll build two new

Headquarters in America

and Asia and a fourth warehouse

in Speyer. We’ll also

expand our Luxemburg Headquarter

with a second building and

gistics Center in Speyer would burn

down? In this case, we need to be

able to deliver anyway. We always

train scenarios like this with an external

partner under realistic circumstances

to have our logistics prepared


However, in a real emergency, I

would prefer an in-house solution.

We have a distribution logistics center

in Switzerland, in the free trade

zone directly at the Swiss-German

border, with tried and tested people

that are ready on call. We have

bought additional property next to

it, which is currently rented out to

the city and used as a parking area.

Until the end of the year, we will reach

our limits with the existing building.

International growth needs space

and back-up resources. And a plan

B that is completely independent of

external partners is in reach.”


25 Years PM-International: The Book:

Rolf Sorg: “If I can do it, you can do it!”

The life of a business man

and big visionary is not all

about new heights and records.

There are also un foreseen

obstacles, disappointments

and unexpected factors

that need to be coped

with. In a 200 page-book

which will be published after

the 25th Anniversary celebrations,

Rolf Sorg speaks

openly about the network

marketing business and his

life so far: “If I can do it, you

can do it!” Looking back on

his childhood, his years as an

apprentice and student, and

25 years PM-International, he

wants to encourage his readers to take their fate into their own hands.

It may not always be easy, but it is always worth it.




25th Anniversary

In the past 15 years, from the first

issue until today, Network-Karriere

has deliberately refused to

feature an entrepreneur, manager,

or top-leader from the field

of network marketing on the

front page. The editor’s decision

was based on avoiding allegations

of favoring particular people

or companies.

This was not an easy decision

to make, by no means. After

all, Network-Karriere is a commercial

enterprise like any other network

marketing company. Every

business needs to generate revenues

and profits. If it doesn’t, jobs

and even the whole business is at

risk, in the long run.

We’ve witnessed enough network

marketing companies fail during the

past years. Like many of their sales

partners, this has also caused us financial

damage. One such instance

is still very much in our minds. Well

informed as always, we warned our

readers about the looming crash of

a particular network marketing company

for jeans. The jeans network

strongly contested this claim. We

were fined, and the company re-

quested a


In disputes

of press law, our publisher

usually doesn’t agree to ceaseand-desist-declarations.

Instead, he

insists on a court ruling. However,

by the time of the oral hearing, the

jeans network had already filed for

bankruptcy – just as Network-Kar riere

had rightly predicted. The network

company was completely stripped,

financially. Although we were clearly

in the right, we ended up covering

the costs of the district court, simply

because the opposing party was


to pay up.


“great and mighty” of

the MLM business would love to be

in the same ranks with leading politicians

who have been featured as

title-interviews on the Network-Karriere

front page in the past. These

include: Angela Merkel, Gerhard

Schröder, Frank-Walter Steinmeier,

Wolfgang Schäuble, Christian Lindner,

Heiko Maas, Sigmar Gabriel,

Martin Schulz, Cem Özdemir, Horst

Seehofer, Sahra Wagenknecht, Ursula

von der Leyen, Gregor Gysi, and

many other celebrities and opinion

leaders. However, editorial regulations

are decidedly against that.

Still, several have attempted to

solve this so-called “Network-

Karriere front page problem,”

with bribes. Offers ranging up to

50,000 Euros (Dollars) weren’t

uncommon. Many hoped to get

their face on the covers, by promising

to pay up immediately. And

this despite the fact that network

marketing companies are incredibly

frugal, at most, when it comes to

advertisings: “Reports? Yes please,

and make them long and very positive,

pretty please! Advertising? We

don’t need ads!” It’s a whole different

story when it comes to editorial

reports! The 180 title pages of the

last 15 years are a testament to our


How Did Rolf Sorg Make it on the

Cover of Network-Karriere?

First of all, Rolf Sorg didn’t even

know that we were making him the

face of our title page, on the occasion

of PM-International’s 25th Anniversary.

He didn’t ask us to do it, let

alone paid for it. Rolf Sorg was born

in the Palatinate. He perfections an

economy that even the Swabians

could learn from. He is incredibly

generous however with regards to

sales partners who continuously

deliver performances that benefit

the business. Dream vacations to the

most beautiful places in the world,

and the grand PM-events are the

best examples. You can also count

on him when it comes to matters of

the PM-charity program., either by

bringing joy to 1,300 sponsored

children or just by helping out the

kids directly whenever it’s critically


We put Rolf Sorg on the front page

of this issue because he has worked

his way up from the humblest of beginnings

to a character who’s exemplary

for the direct selling business.

He also made it to the front page

be cause he leads a successful busi

ness, on which his sales partners,

customers and suppliers can safely

rely on. Despite the tremendous business

growth, he has always stayed

down to earth. That’s why we have

decided to bypass the editorial regulations

for the first time. Rolf Sorg’s

work is of great merit for the national

and international network marketing


Bernd Seitz


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