2011 AnnuAl RepoRt - National Stroke Association


2011 AnnuAl RepoRt - National Stroke Association

2011 AnnuAl RepoRt




On average, someone in the U.S. has a stroke every 40 seconds. Every single day, National Stroke

Association is taking steps to support and educate the at-risk public and the stroke community to

change this startling statistic. As 2012 begins, I am heartened as I reflect back on the growth and

many successes making us the leading national organization committed to reducing the incidence

and impact of stroke.

Over the past year, we adopted “Taking Steps” as a theme to guide us in continued growth and

remind us of the millions that we have yet to reach. It’s fitting because we are always taking steps

to equip the public with the knowledge to prevent strokes and to arm those already impacted with

recovery resources. We need you by our side as we take the next steps toward developing an

empowered network that can influence the public at large to become better protected against stroke.

I encourage you to read more about the programs and offerings that make up who National Stroke

Association is today and how we are positioning for the future. With you as our partner, we can

walk together towards a world free of stroke.



EP Jim Baranski

ST Chief Executive Officer

nAtionAl StRoke ASSociAtion oveR the pASt YeAR+

• Audiences served:

1. 55,000 survivors

2. 12,000 caregivers

3. 60,327 healthcare


StRoke oveR the pASt YeAR+

• 7,000,000+ U.S. survivors

• 795,000 strokes occurred

or 1 every 40 seconds

• Up to 80% of strokes

can be prevented

• 1,361,000 unique website visitors

• 11,000 Facebook “likes”

• 90,000 StrokeSmart issues

• 755 support groups

• 2,954 volunteer hours

• 1,200 direct calls to customer relations

Stroke cost $73.7 billion in the U.S.

• The mean U.S. lifetime cost of ischemic

stroke = $140,048

• U.S. women are twice as likely to die

from stroke as from breast cancer

each year


To reduce the incidence and impact of stroke by developing compelling education and programs

focused on prevention, treatment, rehabilitation and support for all impacted by stroke.

Brief History

Founded in 1984, National Stroke Association is the only national organization in the U.S. that

focuses 100 percent of its efforts on stroke. National Stroke Association is based in Centennial,

Colo., and sustains itself through individual donations, sponsorships, memberships and grants.

We work diligently to carry out the organization’s strategic plan. In congruence with our mission,

we collaborate with our local and national partners to ensure:

• All people have access to life-saving stroke care no matter their socio-economic status or

geographic location.

• The general public is aware of stroke warning signs and is able to act FAST and save lives.

• Knowledge of controllable stroke risk is part of regular healthcare professional and patient


• Access to post-stroke resources is readily available.

Stroke survivors and caregivers have a peer-to-peer community that evokes dignity and

provides support to all people affected by stroke.

• The stroke community has a voice on a national and state level to advocate for improved

access, stroke care and rehabilitation resources.

“June 23: Lobby Day gave us a chance to make a difference for

7 million survivors. We shared our stories, our challenges and

hopes that funding would be maintained for researching stroke

and other neurological diseases.” – Maurine, Stroke Survivor

Stroke ADvocAcy NetWork

The Stroke Advocacy Network provides a venue for stroke champions to communicate directly

with elected officials, all so they better understand how healthcare and policy changes can not

only prevent strokes, but also improve lives.

In just over a year, our member advocates have grown from a modest 117 participants to more

than 5,000. Advocates have ignited their communities, leveraged 60 congressional meetings in

Washington, D.C., and sent more than 10,000 communications to Congress.

We are tackling big issues like awareness of high-level stroke risks, implementing stroke care

guidelines, federal funding for stroke research and access to rehabilitation coverage. It is still a long

road ahead to bring stroke to the forefront of a national conversation. But we can, and will, get

there together.

“i got to ask questions no one else

would answer. I learned so much

about stroke from many experts.

It made me a much better

caregiver and I wanted to

share that with other

caregivers I know.”

– Caregiver

viRtuAl heAlth FAiR

On Jan. 19, 2011, National Stroke Association hosted its inaugural Virtual Health Fair. To ensure

accessibility for all people across the country, this stroke educational event was hosted online

using interactive virtual technology. The online setting enabled attendees to learn at their

own pace and gain live, exclusive access to stroke experts and free downloadable education—

all at no cost.

The event featured a webcast series with live expert Q&A across diverse stroke issues, virtual

educational booths and access to hundreds of free educational downloadable materials, prizes,

coupons and video. The live day was recorded and available on demand for three months.

Exceeding all expectations and beating industry standards, more than 2,000 individuals attended,

spending an average of 2.5 hours in the event. People came to learn about stroke but more

importantly, the event led to positive behavior change—31 percent of surveyed participants took

action to better their health based on their experience.

“knowledge is power. the more you spread

information about stroke to the people, the

more they can prevent what happened to me.”

– Mark McEwen, Event Emcee

the rAISe AWArDS

Most people in the U.S. are unable to identify any stroke warning signs. That’s why raising stroke

awareness is a top priority at National Stroke Association—we know that knowledge can save


The RAISE Awards was instituted in 2011 as a national awards program that recognizes

individuals and groups for taking stroke awareness to new and creative heights. The program

features several categories and encourages people engaged in community-level awareness-

raising activities directly supporting National Stroke Association’s mission.

Nominations opened in May during National Stroke Awareness Month. On Oct. 28, 2011, the

inaugural RAISE Awards dinner event brought together 92 attendees to recognize five winners—

delightfully presented by our celebrity guests Henry Winkler and Mark McEwen.

The goal of recognizing the stroke community for their awareness activities is to encourage others

to either begin or continue their creative awareness outreach, because everything matters—no

matter the size or reach. By supporting the many already engaged in unique and effective ways,

the RAISE Awards program aims to establish a long-term devoted and organized community.

“I tell my story to raise

awareness that stroke can

happen to anyone at any

age.” – Shari

FAceS oF StRoke

Faces of Stroke is a multimedia public awareness campaign that aims to show the personal side of

stroke and educate the public about important stroke facts by sharing personal stories of stroke

champions. The campaign launched in 2011 and hundreds stepped forward to share their

experiences and take on a vital role in the act of raising awareness.

These stories are a great way to prove that no one has to face the aftermath of stroke alone.

From a teenager grappling with her new identity as a survivor to a 52-year-old man who beat a

diagnosis that he would never walk again, the people participating in this campaign have become

a community of inspiration.

As Faces of Stroke continues to grow we expect powerful outcomes, such as building a large,

engaged community of stroke champions educating others by sharing their stories and refining

how the public views stroke. We believe there is much power in being aware and sharing—it will

create a much-needed and powerful role for the stroke community in the act of raising awareness.



Millions of people seeking stroke information and up-to-date education have visited National

Stroke Association’s website over the years. We understand the importance of easy access to

stroke education and awareness, which is why we provide that free information on our website.

In a concerted effort to make our website more accessible and user-friendly, National Stroke

Association overhauled www.stroke.org and launched an updated version in late 2010. Coupled

with a new strategic outreach plan, our website received 1.2 million visitors this last year—a 23

percent growth over 2010.

Unique visitors from across the globe came seeking education for themselves and downloadable

stroke information for distribution in their families, workplaces and communities. In fact, a vast

majority of site visitors were seeking information about stroke warning signs—information that

can save lives.

With the demand so high for stroke education, we are compelled to perpetually update our

comprehensive online resources to help us and the communities we serve take steps toward life

without stroke.

May is a time for those involved in stroke to

be a proud and empowered community.

NAtIoNAL Stroke AWAreNeSS MoNth

National Stroke Association received a presidential proclamation in 1989 to honor each May as

National Stroke Awareness Month. In May, we amplify stroke awareness efforts by offering tools,

resources and encouragement to everyone—no matter their reach or abilities—to raise awareness

in their own ways. We also ask everyone to join our national efforts through multimedia

campaigns like Faces of Stroke, so that we reach the public in an integrated fashion.

In 2011, a new online Stroke Awareness Resource Center was launched, resulting in the fifth most

trafficked webpage on www.stroke.org during May. The Center features an awareness e-kit, tools

for how to host events, the Faces of Stroke campaign and much more.


liFestyle | recovery | research | prevention

Fall 2010







Take CHaRGe

of apHasia

ReCoveRy p12


StrokeSmart StrokeSmart











Speak Up About

Aging and Stroke

Do Not



Stroke SIgNS p10





Helpful Tips

for Parents of

Young Stroke














StrokeSmart StrokeSmart

lifestyle | recovery | research | prevention

summer 2010



Mom’s Struggle

Inspires Actor

to Take Action

Young SurvivorS

Bond ASSiSting


Helping Hands

Through Helpful


Know the

SignS of



Outreach Important

to Parents of Survivors

Gear & GaDGeT: inCrease moBiliTy, CommuniCaTion on The Go

StrokeSmart StrokeSmart

lifestyle | recovery | research | prevention

winter 2010



Former ‘Early Show’

Star Shares Insights

After Stroke

‘Love Me

for Who

I am Now’

Dr. Jill Bolte


Finding Strength

in Weaker Limbs


fooTfalls for

a GreaT Cause




life or DeaTh






















HigH cHolesterol and atHerosclerosis can lead to stroke



lifestyle | recovery | research | prevention www.stroke.org summer 2011


dogs help





shares his

Blueprint for

recovery p12

stroke survivor

completes her

doctorate p6

L!V Cards

GiVe aphasia


a VoiCep10





Virtual reality technology benefits stroke surViVors p13

lifestyle | recovery | research | prevention

Winter 2011



fOR 36 YEARS p6



Afib AnD STROkE p10



“Handbook of Hope”

Inspires Survivors p14








StrokeSMArt MAgAzINe

This free publication is published five times a year and filled with inspirational real-life stories of

people impacted by stroke, as well as caregiver experiences. The magazine updates readers on

new science and helpful products and tips for recovery and lifestyle. A 2011 survey revealed that

93 percent of readers look forward to reading each issue.

National Stroke Association strives to raise stroke awareness and become a partner in stroke

recovery to survivors and caregivers. StrokeSmart helps us take the necessary steps to reach

even further into the communities we serve. By providing free subscriptions to individuals, support

groups, hospitals and rehabilitation centers, each issue of the magazine reaches 100,000 who

need it across the U.S.

“outstanding presentation in

support of telestroke; gave

me data to support improving

our system” – Participant

pRoFeSSionAl educAtion

National Stroke Association has always taken steps to ensure that the at-risk public and stroke

survivors have access to the best possible stroke care. During the last year, we conducted 28

professional education programs touching nearly 10,000 healthcare professionals in an effort to

assure they have the most up-to-date information on best practices and research breakthroughs.

Our 2011 programs focused on important medical topics such as how to reduce the impact of

in-hospital strokes, improving recurrent stroke prevention methods, optimizing clinical and

fiscal stroke center performance, how to build and sustain a telestroke network, best practices

for patient care focusing on nurse education and much more.

“As a nurse practitioner working with stroke

survivors and their families, I consider

National Stroke Association a partner in this

endeavor.” – Marta

pRoFeSSionAl MeMbeRShipS

National Stroke Association has made excellence in stroke care our passion. Through three

key membership programs, we are reaching healthcare professionals across the continuum of

stroke services.

Stroke Center Network was developed 25 years ago for health organizations committed to

developing centers of excellence for stroke care. In 2011, National Stroke Association boasted

more than 200 participating organizations.

Stroke Rehabilitation and Recovery Network is an association of organizations committed to

quality stroke rehabilitative care and supporting survivors and their families through the

challenges of recovery. At the end of 2011, we had recruited more than 50 centers.

Professional Society is our individual membership program for individual healthcare professionals

seeking stroke training. Nurses, physicians, rehab staff and even students have found great

benefits in this membership.

Representing more than 4,500 of the healthcare professionals we touch nationwide, these

memberships are a testament that we are making a real difference in reducing the impact and

incidence of stroke.

“If the hospital my father went

to did not have telestroke

technology, I could have lost

him forever. When you’re treating

a stroke every minute counts.”

– Dr. Aaron Heide, Neurologist


According to the American Medical Association, there is only one neurologist for every 25,000

people in the U.S. Telestroke is an innovative technology that uses Internet video and electronic

information sharing to connect hospitals to a remote neurologist, thereby bringing faster stroke

diagnosis to rural and underserved areas. In 2011, National Stroke Association began investing in a

study to improve and increase the use of telestroke that will vastly increase the reach of expert

doctors and neurologists.

grAND rouNDS

We offer up-to-date education on emerging science and best practices through many channels,

including live education programs called grand rounds. Healthcare facilities across the country

offer grand rounds opportunities as a way to provide staff with continuing education credits while

focusing on important topics. Our program outcomes reveal that on average, 95 percent of

participants see improvements in stroke knowledge. More than 80 percent of participants claimed

they would immediately implement and update their practice to improve patient outcomes.

In 2011, grand rounds programs included:

• Post–Stroke Spasticity: An Update on

Diagnosis & Treatment Research

• Managing Atrial Fibrillation to

Prevent Stroke

equip yourself with

valuable information to

make informed

decisions about your

post-stroke recovery.

Stroke SurvIvor AND cAregIver eDucAtIoN

There are more than 7,000,000 stroke survivors living in the U.S. But this number does not totally

reflect the scope of stroke. Stroke is often a family event, and millions of spouses, parents and

children live with and care for stroke survivors.

Recovery from stroke can be a lifelong process. For many people, it begins with formal

rehabilitation, which can restore independence by improving physical, mental and emotional

functions. At National Stroke Association, it is important to provide support for individuals and

families affected by stroke and to prove that there is always hope.

National Stroke Association creates programs that target the greatest areas of need: dealing

with the effects of stroke—both how to recover and how to cope, becoming a patient advocate,

returning to work, preventing another stroke, medication adherence, caregiver needs and

much more.

In addition to our free, accessible programs, National Stroke Association also offers a large

support group registry including more than 700 support groups nationwide that constitute a

massive network across the U.S.

“It gave me a lot to think about.”

– Viewer

“the numerous suggestions

on how to help patients

communicate (helped me).”

– Viewer


iHOPE was developed to empower stroke survivors and caregivers by equipping them with the

knowledge to take an active role in promoting post-stroke recovery. iHOPE is a series of webinars

and Ask the Experts Q&A sessions led by experts on stroke recovery issues. The program is designed

for an individual experience—allowing users to learn at their own pace and gain specific knowledge

for personal needs. Content for each event is developed by an expert in the field, offering

information about stroke-related conditions and how to assess, treat and manage them at home.

With more than 2,800 participants, iHOPE is a continuing success. On average, 86 percent of

participants agreed that the programs helped change or improve their perspective and practice

of stroke recovery and rehabilitation.

iHOPE is available free and on demand to anyone interested in learning more about stroke.

The program includes 15 archived webinars, three Ask the Experts sessions and two discussion

guides on topics such as:

• Aphasia

• Atrial Fibrillation

• Depression and Other

Emotional Issues

• Fatigue

• Medication Adherence

• Mobility

• Nutrition Post-Stroke

• Navigating the Nutrition Facts

Label and the Grocery Store

• Pain

• Preventing Another Stroke

• Pseudobulbar Affect

• Rehabilitation at Home

• Spasticity Post-Stroke


• Vision

“this is a great place to

talk and let your

feelings be known.”

– Yolanda


Most stroke survivors are discharged from hospitals to their homes where they are cared for by

a caregiver. A caregiver’s role may start immediately post-stroke or evolve over time—no matter

when the role begins, it can be challenging.

A recent study found that between one-third and one-half of family caregivers reported being

inadequately prepared for the experience of caring for a stroke survivor. National Stroke

Association is committed to assisting caregivers during their journey alongside the survivor.

A 2010 quantitative survey of caregivers found that they want more information and support

when it comes to time management, goal setting, financial issues, self-care and strategies for

caring for the stroke survivor.

Careliving is a program designed specifically to help support the millions of caregivers of stroke

survivors. It features a comprehensive Caregiver Guide and Careliving Community, an online

social network that boasts nearly 1,000 members. Additionally, several caregiving-focused

webinars will be available throughout 2012 with live expert Q&As.

Careliving gives caregivers information and support that enables them to care better for stroke

survivors and themselves, thus helping to reduce the impact of stroke on families and friends.

“I am happy, honored

and proud to be

running the

marathon in honor

of my dad. My mom

recognized the signs

of stroke and acted fast. Not

everyone is as lucky as my

dad. It’s the least I can do to

find the strength within

myself to run 26.2 miles and

raise money every step of

the way to help educate

others about stroke.”

– Ilana Semel

“About four years ago, my

sister Alicia found an 85

percent block of her

carotid arteries due to a

regular scan. We felt the

awareness of the causes

of stroke saved our

sister’s life.”

– Jim Suridis


In 1998, the Suridis family lost their mother to complications from a stroke. In 1999, they began

a legacy. To keep their mother’s memory alive, raise awareness and battle against stroke, the

family began the Annual Walk with Dinah. Fourteen years later their walk is still going strong.

On Nov. 5, 2011, the family raised an astounding $14,000 to support stroke awareness outreach

at National Stroke Association. To date, the Suridis Family has partnered with us to raise more

than $150,000 to support our mission.

INg NeW york cIty MArAthoN

Year after year, our endurance team participants raise awareness and funds for stroke while

lowering their own risk. This past year, 26 members of our community stepped up to take the

New York City Marathon challenge and raised $93,000 to help fight stroke.

totAL reveNue — $3,429,084


Professional Memberships


Earned Income


totAL expeNSeS — $2,840,784

Professional Education



Public Education

Per 2010 audited financial statements.








nAtionAl StRoke ASSociAtion boARd MeMbeRS


Michael D. Walker, M.D.

Sue Anschutz-Rodgers

Mollye Block, M.S. Ed.

Howard M. Brenner

Anastasia Coleman

Edward F. Cox

Patricia Nixon Cox

Michael J. Darling

Vice Chairman:

George Davis, Jr.

Philip Gorelick, M.D., M.P.H.

Daniel F. Hanley, M.D.

C. Martin Harris, M.D.

James Peake

Robert Shapiro

Carla Smith

David Sproat

Chairman Emeritus:

Hon. Samuel K. Lessey Jr.

Valerie Ireland

SpoNSorS, FouNDAtIoNS, MAJor DoNorS

The following generous foundations, corporations and individuals have awarded support to National Stroke Association’s stroke education

and prevention services.

Acorda Therapeutics

Allergan, Inc.



Avanir Pharmaceuticals

Boehringer Ingelheim/Pradaxa

Boston Scientific

Frank M. Ewing Foundation


Genentech, Inc.


The Hearst Foundation

Innovative Neurotronics

Janssen Ortho McNeil

Medtronic Foundation

Medtronic, Inc.

Milbank Foundation for






Rehab. Institute of Chicago

Mr. A. Hays

Anthony Moy

Barbara Parker

Dr. Benjamin Davis

Brady Trane Service, Inc.

Mr. Charles Steinkamp

Ms. Christine Visnic

Ms. Claudette Kenmir

Mr. David Johnson

Dearborn Advisors, Llc

Ms. Deborah Pines

Emmet & Toni Stephenson


A champion for stroke, his dedication to stroke prevention, education and awareness was unmatched. Thank you to those supporters who help his legacy live on.

Anne & Chuck Dick

Mrs. Anne Boyd

Arthur Stampleman

Ms. Audrey Mcniff

Barbara Schimberg

Mr. Ben Colvin

Beth Hirschhorn

Mr. Carl Von Bernuth

Carlos Coe

Ms. Carol Amussen

Catharine Deely

Mr. & Mrs. Charles Banks

Charlotte Nad

Clare & Mike Callahan

Clarfeld Financial Advisors, Inc.

Mr. Curtis Anderson

Mr. Dan Williams

Mr. David Maguire

Mrs. Debbie Baughn

Donna Short

Mr. E. Bruce Dunn

E. N. Trogdon

Dr. E. William Davis

Mr. Edward Dupont

Mr. Edward Harshfield

Mr. Edwin Pomeroy

Eleanor Chang

Ms. Faye Kimerling

Gail & Steve Herman

Mr. George Whiteley

Mr. Greig Schneider

Mr. & M Guenther Greiner

Ms. Helen Hovdesven

Hope & P. Clark Hungerford

Mr. J. Tucker Marston

Jacqueline Earle

Mr. James Satterthwaite

Mr. James Stevens

Dr. James Welch


A special thanks to those whose legacies live on through bequests that support National Stroke Association’s ongoing fight against stroke.

Ms. Jane Zimmy

Ms. Jean Hamilton

Jeffrey Infusino

Mr. Jeffrey Yang

Jennifer Mitchell

Joanne And Thomas Creighton

John & Sandra Beeman

Mr. John Grammer

Mr. John Kennedy

Mr. John Moss

Ms. Judith Koblentz

Ms. Juliane Bailey

Kate, Michael & Rose Kennedy

Mr. John Bensen Ms. Margaret Saks Ms. Ruth Goodman Ms. Stella Wilder Leneker

Mr. Eugene Grant

Mr. & Mrs. Gerald Kolschowsky

Gordon H. & Karen M. Millner

Family Foundation

Mr. Gregory Koch

Mrs. Greta Faigen

Gross Family Charitable


Mr. James Hutchins

Ms. Kathryn Wriston

Kitty & Bill Moeller

Ms. Laura Carpenter

Ms. Laura Saunders

Laura Slump

Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence Glenn

Mr. Lawrence Small

Ms. Leah Mullin

Lisa White

Mr. Livingston Ulf

Marlene & Harry Skilton

Dr. Mary Genkins

Mrs. Mary Goldberg

The Sylvia Dellar Survivor’s Trust

Ms. Jane Collen

Ms. Jennifer Sall Brooks

Mr. Jim Miller

Mr. John Ricks

Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Petrone

Ms. Linda Chilian

Lycon Llc

Mark & Katherine Anzalone

Dr. Mark Weston

Mrs. Mary Kay Del Giacco

Maureen Quinn

Michael Lowry

Mr. Nicholas Graves

Pastora San Juan Cafferty

Ms. Patricia Caldwell

Mrs. Patricia Carmichael

Mr. Peter Thorp

Philip Bergan

Mr. Philip Kozloff

Ms. Phyllis Weisberg

R. Max Gould

Raynelle & B.S. Heidrick

Mr. Marvin Shapiro

Mrs. Mary Beth Read

Mr. Michael Grillo

Natalie Toler

Mr. Philip Kozloff

Mr. And Ms. Ray & Charlene


Richard & Ann Organisciak

Mr. Richard Leder

Mr. Richard Thomas

Robert & Lorraine Paglia

Dr. Robert Bard

Mr. Robert Meyjes

Mr. Robert Stucker

Roberta Schmidt

Hon. Samuel Lessey

Ms. Sarah Frearson

Ms. Sarah Taylor

Miss Sharyn Flanagan

Sleepy Hollow Country Club

Stender Sweeney

Mr. Steve Murray

Ryan Allis

Sheridan Kates

Ms. Sue Serino

William Hickey

Ms. Sue Anschutz-Rodgers

Susan & John Mozena

Susan Markert

Valerie And Jay Ireland

Washington Republican Town


William & Susan Bennett

Dr. William Gee

Mr. William Guardenier


We give special recognition to the generous donors who invest more than $100 annually to support our mission. Thank you for your continued support.

Abby Lovett

Mr. Abram Nalibotsky

Mr. Al Mark

Mr. Alfred Gerni


Dr. Alvin Mushkatel

Amy Yost

Ms. Ana Atkinson

Mr. Andrew Cook

Andrew Gutowski

Mr. Andrew Peterson

Miss Anna Tangi

Mr. Anthony Schnurr

Antonee Thomson

Ms. Arlene Pons

Arnold Foundation

Ayman Seder

B David Lennert

Bank Of America Charitable


Barbara Berry

Ms. Barbara Konecny

Dr. Benjamin Davis

Bill & Debbie Walsh

Mr. Bill Barksdale

Ms. Brenda Kurlansik

Dr. Bridglal Ramkissoon

Mr. Bruce Anderson

Mr. & Mrs. Carlton Tucker

Ms. Carolyn Johnston

Ms. Caroyl Miller

Ms. Cecelia Lance

Mr. And Mrs. Newman


Chester Krokoski

Mrs. Chloe Sundberg

Ms. Chrissie Carlin

Christian Bradley

Ms. Christina Chepel

Clarion Partners, Llc

Cme Group

Mr. D. Michael Jones

Daniel Barnes

Mr. Daniel Jowdy

Darren Cline

David & Lynne Ambrose

Mr. David Farer

Mr. David Hukari

David Michaeli

Mr. David Moretti

Mr. David Nathans

David Otts

David Rose

Mr. David Shaw

David Stokes

Mr. David Valiulis

Mr. Dean Oyler

Mrs. Deborah Lombardi

Ms. Deborah Rudder

Debra Lobel

Mr. Dennis Russ

Devin Williams

Mr. Don Evans

Donald & Carmen Conlin

Mr. Donald Malone

Mrs. Donna Richardson

Mrs. Dorothy Bill

Dr. Douglas Aspros

Mr. & Mrs. Douglas Case

Dr. Douglas Griffith

Mr. Duane Boning

Mr. Dwayne Middleton

Mr. Dwayne Reber

Edward & Andrea Cohen

Mrs. Eileen Dykeman

Elizabeth & Norm Peloquin

Sisters Of Alpha Kappa Phi

Mr. Eric Kemmerer

Erwin Juda

Ms. Evelyn Watson

Frank Dompe

Mrs. Gail Davis

Gail Overby

Ms. Gail Westervelt

Garth Pearce

Gary Daly

Mr. Gary Rick

Mrs. Gayle Demers


Generous contributions have been made to create these keepsake tributes in memory and honor of individuals who have touched our lives.

Ada Sue Baker

Adilia Sujo

Albert Eitsert

Alice Maria Wong

Alice St. Hilaire Stein

Anita Kabara

Anne Shaner

Arnold Young

Asuncion (Cora)


Bettina Kapp

Betty L Phelps

Beverly Gean Clair Jahraus

Bill Hyland

Bill Pellegrini

Bobby Gene Lyons

Brenda Rogerson

Carl C. Hillgren

Charles E. Palmer, Jr.

Charles R. Chubb

Christian G Keller

Christopher Conrad

enduRAnce teAMS / FundRAiSeRS

Congratulations and thank you to our fundraisers and endurance teams!

ING New york City


Amanda Brodbeck

Chris Frederick

Craig Bitter

Dan Sutton

Donna Whitney

Geraldine Carroll

Greg Mateja

Ilana Semel

Jon & Colleen Herskovits

Kasandra Edge

Kelly Hill

Kristine Spano

Claire Regini

Clinton Don Bailey

Colton Jack Parker II

Crisanto Pinero Bicol

David Whaley

Delbert Woodworth

Delores Peart

Diane Rein

Dick Mansfield

Dick Wells

Dolores Baker

Larry R. Jones

Lenice Hogan

Lew Enns

Marie Ciardella

Mark Williams

Maureen O’Connor

Michael Darling

Donald Uhls

Donna Lee Hurley Rock

Donna Silverman

Doreen Eby

Dorothy Brew Miller

Dr. Zakkula Govendarajulu

Elizabeth Lorick Smith

Elsie Mackay

Ernest H. Pronske

Ester Peterson

Evelyn Sanford

Michele Perkins

Michelle Bell

Phil Moskowitz

Shanamai Cover

Shaye Moskowitz

Summer Shaw

Todd Smithson

Mrs. George Saati

Mr. Gerald Carruth

Mr. Gerald Lavery

Mr. Gerald Matisoff

Gifford Foundation

Mr. Glenn Sontag

Grady Crahan

Grover & Joyce Anderson

Hans & Carol Storr

Mr. Harvey Clayman

Mrs. Heather Vandegrift

Mrs. Helen Welling

Mrs. Holliday Hurd

Ms. Holly Izant-Mcsharry

Immaculate Conception

Catholic Church

Mr. Ira Russcol

Ms. Iris Jones

Mr. Irving Fenster

Jacqueline White

James & Stephanie Bologa

James Burke

Fern Kromelbein

Frances Whitman

Frances Zuchowski

Franklin E. Howard

G.W. Risner

Gary Wayne Cotrell

George Virgil

Gerald J. Reid

Gertrude G Fischer

Giusippe Berardi

Gladys Berger

Nautica New york


Antonio Suarez

Blair Ettles

Brendan Garvey

David Buckler

Eric Sarno

James Hyatt

Dr. & Mrs. James & Elizabeth


Mr. Jamie Smagula

Ms. Jane Humphrey

Janet Panzer

Mr. Jason Feuerman

Jayne Abshire

Ms. Jean Latham

Mrs. Jeanne Gerson

Mr. Jeffrey Alexander

Jeffrey Kessler

Mr. Jeffrey Newsome

Jeremy Cooper

Mrs. Jerome Berko

Jerry & Joan Wright

Jerry Hedrick

Jerry Truex

Jesper Jensen

Jim & Terri Cook

Ms. Joanne D’Onofrio

Mr. Johan De Roos

Gloria Jean Becton

Gloria Krebs

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Inna Mihailovna Filevskaya

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Paul Wright

TD Bank Five Boro Bike


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Beth DelGiacco

Mr. John Becker

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Leader Communications Inc.

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Family Foundation

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Miss Lisa Wilson

Lone Star Kemah Ventures LP

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Loretta Haneberg

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Laura Moss Steubing

Lee Reed

Leroy Smith

Boston Marathon

David Bosch

Jeffrey Greenberg

Maria Schwarz

Ms. Marilyn Aspesi

Marlita Doone

Mr. And Mrs. David Crowley

Ms. Martha Neugebauer

Mr. Martin Cohen

Mrs. Mary Carden

Dr. Mary Golden

Ms. Mary K. Conwell

Dr. Mary Mccaine

Ms. Mary Priebe

Ms. Mary Ryan

Ms. Mary Schroeder

Ms. Mary Walsh

Ms. Mary Wilson

Mr. Mauricio Penagos

Ms. Maxine Mindel

Michael Wherry

Dr. Michel Mouravieff

Miss Michele Pierdinock

Molly Schiller

Mrs. Nancy Halamar

Linda and Todd Lund

Lorene Hendon

Lorraine Mollin

Louis Papetti

Margaret S. Zulager

Margaret Shab

Marilyn & Bruce Fricke

Marion Novicki

Mary Cipriano

Mary Ikeda Chin

Melvin Albert

Honda LA Marathon

Andrea Keife

Elaine Sanchez

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Shannon Landers

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Ms. Nancy Salkover

Ned & Jane Barthelmas

Northwestern Memorial


Oxford Pharmagenesis, Inc.

Mrs. Pamela Doman-Petlick

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Ms. Patricia Mcnabb

Patricia Titus

Ms. Paula Keller

Pete Cerqua

Mr. Peter Leonard

Ms. Pilar Butterworth

Ms. Pj Richards

Mr. Quin Harris

Randal Macdonald

Renee And Dan Fosbenner

Mrs. Rhoda Fineman

Richard & Joan Nathans

Dr. Richard Widder

Robert & Gail Loveman

Michael Reed’s Father

Michaline Godzicki

Moses Lee Robinson

Mr. Albert Aaron

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Mr. Kimberly Bush Jr.

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Myron Sorkin

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Nina Tucker

Oliver J. Abbonizio

Event Fundraisers

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Mr. Roger Daughtry

Roland Zimatore

Mr. Ron Kircher

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Mr. Sandeep Kochhar

Sarah Shambaugh

Satnam Singh

Scott Hornyak

Mr. Shawn Thompson

Mrs. Sheila Champa

Sherri Coursey

Ms. Sherrie Woodring

Mrs. Stephanie Banach

Stephen & Roberta Sejda

Patricia A. Staff

Paul Heimkes

Raymond W. Rose

Rhiannon Williams

Richard Paul Suffel

Robert Betz

Robert W Keller

Roman Organisciak

Ronald N. Simon

Rosa May Boswell Nomikos

Rosalie Kessler Reiser

Lavenda Taylor Goun

Libby Schnabel

Lupe Mercado

MariaElena Hernandez


Melissa Faith Chalfant

Stephen Lopez

Mr. Stephen Pratten

Steven Rea

Stuart Epstein

Mr. Stuart Gelfond

Dr. Surendra Singhvi

Ms. Susan Houston Lacy

Mrs. Susan Mayfield

Sydney Levenson

Ted And Louise Gould

Ted Baxter

Mr. Terence O’Brien

Mr. Terry Sherban

Themistoclis Parodos

Ms. Theresa Kelly

Thomas Baranski

Mr. Thomas Fay

Mr. Thomas Napoli

Mr. Thomas Sleeman

Timothy & Mary Sheehy

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The Suridis Family

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Suzanne McMeans


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