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Laser scar marks removal treatments are of various types and you can opt for the one that is needed by you

Laser Treatment For Acne Scars

Acne is one of the biggest issues among all, men and women, which is witnessed

at every age. Acne can be treated using several medicine and homemade

remedies but what about that evidence of the acne? Acne scars, the evidence of

acne is really very disheartening which affect the overall appearance while it also

impacts our self-confidence. Some scars can be removed easily following some

simple tips but the acne scars are really stubborn that do not want to leave easily.

Anyways, several scars mark removal treatments are available in the market that

can be used to get rid of this spot. Laser acne scar removal treatment is one such

very useful technique that has been proved very useful by many. Even though the

name sounds like a surgical method but this is completely a non-evasive method

that can be done during the lunchtime as well.

What is the Laser acne scar removal treatment

This is a non-evasive treatment where a pulse of intense light is used to treat the

acne scars. The light penetrates deep into the skin layer to boost up the cell

regeneration and collagen production process. It also removes the damaged skin

layer and helps in emerging new layer under it. The laser treatment process is not

just helpful for the acne scar removal rather it also helps in tightening the skin,

removing wrinkles and fine lines.

Laser scar marks removal treatments are of various types and you can opt for the

one that is needed by you. Anyways, in case you are not ensured about the right

laser process, the therapists are always there to help you out. The most common

laser treatments for acne scars are listed here.

Different types of laser treatment for acne scars

Frazel laser:

This is definitely a non-evasive process that heats the column of the tissue but the

tissues are not vaporized at all. The heat introduced by the laser energy

stimulates the collagen production on the skin which is really required for a

healthy and flawless skin.

Fractional laser treatment:

This is another very common laser treatment for the acne scars which repair the

deep layer of the skin. This process uses the MTZ or micro thermal treatment

zones which remove the older pigment cells. It also accelerates the cell

regeneration process by penetrating deep into the skin layer. But you can be

assured that the new and healthy tissue will remain unaffected.

Carbon-dioxide laser treatment:

This technique is a bit different than the other two mentioned above. Here the

affected area is first made numb using local anesthesia and then the resurfacing

process is done. You will be provided with required medication to heal the wound

as soon as possible. They will also do the dressing.

Erbium Laser treatment:

This is another popular laser treatment which is very similar to that of the CO2

laser treatment. But this process is even better which offer quick result while the

healing process too is quick.

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