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➣President’s Message on the benefits of: active SMCDS member participation, volunteer/social events, and engaging/exciting upcoming activities ➣Ettatorials on SMCDS' Governance Structure Update ➣Member Benefits –SMCDS Member Forum & Relationship Building: Community Dental Screenings & Sealant Program, Health Plan of San Mateo Dental Integration Pilot Program, & Geriatric Dentistry Mini-Residencey Program Proposal ➣Acknowledgements –2017 Awards: President's - Katrina Lo & Desiree Liu, Distinguished Service - Al Landucci, Michael Aicardi, & James Aicardi ➣New Dentists –New Dentists Bingo at the Bistro ➣Risk Management –Disability Insurance Awareness Month: Protect your financial future ➣Legislative Grassroots –Take Action: Urge Assembly Member Kevin Mullin to Vote NO on AB 3087 ➣Practice Management –Staffing Update: Front Office Internship ➣Program Evaluation –January-March ➣Events Calendar –update thru November 2018

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Spring 2018



President s Message ’

John M. Acosta, DDS President

I'd like to begin by stating what an honor it is to be your 2018 president. We have a history of amazing presidents, dating

back to 1958 when Dr. Arthur A. Dugoni became our first duly elected president. My hope is to honor the legacy they

established by continuing their remarkable work as part of an incredible organization that cares not only for its members

but our patients and – by default – non-members as well.

SMCDS is one of thirty-two components comprising the California Dental Association. As a component, we have one of the highest

percentages of membership across the state – 78% of dentists in our jurisdiction are members. BUT a majority of our members do not

participate in programs being offered. Many of you know the obvious benefits of being associated with the tripartite [SMCDS, CDA, ADA];

i.e., peer review, liability insurance coverage, and an organized body to watch over the interests of our patients and member dentists. Yet,

there are many more less tangible benefits.

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Acknowledgments ................................... 6-8

Etta L. Kinney, Executive Director

Ettatorials Spring 2015 foretold a changing board landscape …which has come to pass. The SMCDS Board of Directors

engaged for the better part of 2-¼ years (starting October 2015) in developing a reorganization of our governance structure

to better fit today's member needs and lifestyles, especially younger members for whom time / commitment constraints and diverse

interests often limit or rule out participation in volunteer leadership. Briefly, with the exception of Peer Review, Ethics, and CPR Renewal,

committees had been disbanded and replaced by increased staff or task forces called into existence as-needed. This was not due to a failure

of our particular dental society but the nature of today's reality recognized throughout the volunteer and association worlds.

As a matter of practicality, staff and Board members – both At-Large and Executive Committee – were our most readily available resources –

from which we formed task forces to develop, plan, and execute projects to support us in achieving strategic plan goals and objectives. In

that process, we learned that At-Large board members ▪ found task force work more fulfilling than routine board work; i.e., business

management review / oversight ▪ developed a more realistic and critical understanding of our strategic plan objectives ▪ working directly

with staff, contributed substantively to refining and achieving strategic plan goals / objectives ▪ more spontaneously identified and made

recommendations addressing member communication and engagement issues.

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Governance Structure Update

New Dentists ............................................... 9

Business Member Wall of Fame ................. 11

Risk Management ..................................... 12

Practice Management ............................... 13

Legislative Grassroots ................................ 15

Program Evaluation ................................... 16

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s Message

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Take a moment to reflect on the past… a time not so long ago, when living in the Bay Area meant it

was okay to have a single income for the family. This allowed more dentists and spouses to

volunteer and made SMCDS an active, thriving organization that fostered much-needed

camaraderie. Dentists no longer felt alone in their confined dental offices – they created

friendships resulting in combo ski/CE trips, outdoor pool parties, motorcycle rides, dinner dances,

golf outings, Giants baseball games, and family picnics. There was a strong sense of community

that sustained – and continues to sustain our most senior members even today … B U T times have


Double income families are more often the norm, the expense of living in the Bay Area has

increased astronomically. Dentists are working longer hours. Time seems scarce and the idea of

volunteering / socializing with colleagues has been pushed aside. What we don't realize is that our

lack of activism hurts our profession. Larger insurance companies and dental supply firms can take

advantage of our not spending time together. The stress of practicing without collegial support can

make us feel more stressed and alone. We can change this. It doesn't have to be this way.

I have a vision …a vision of a vibrant dental society – a force to behold, with a robust membership,

social events (including family activities), growth opportunities, a place where young dentists find

mentorship from more seasoned dentists and those same veteran dentists find mentorship from

new grads on topics like technology and social media.

It can be realized. Our Leadership Council (aka Board of Directors) is working hard to plan more

engaging social events and exciting activities in upcoming years. Events worth bringing your

spouses and kids / grandkids - starting with our May 5 Shredathon which included a petting zoo and

a bar-b-que food truck with free lunch for the first 70 attendees. Another Leadership Council task

force is working hard to put together a formal event, giving members and their significant others a

reason to dress up and socialize with colleagues at an evening ball or a cruise on the Bay. And, of

course, there will be more and better continuing education, with top speakers in the dental field.

Being active doesn't have to be painful. A

little of your time goes a long way. Yes, we

can continue meaningful traditions

established by previous generations of

dentists. Yes, we can create a stronger

and more vibrant dental society. And, no I

can't do it alone. I am one voice. Change

happens when each of us steps out of our

comfort zone …A N D – perhaps more

importantly – when a new generation rises to become the change they want to see.

John M. Acosta, DDS | dracosta@paccoastdental.com

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As of December 2017 Board Elections and Annual Planning, the SMCDS Board of Directors identified the following key

changes in governance structure for implementation, refinement, and commitment to our By-Laws in 2018:

Ø Relieve At-Large board members of routine fiduciary responsibilities, allowing them to focus on task force projects

designed to achieve strategic plan goals by delegating Business Management and Execution of Annual Scheduled

Agenda Items to the discretion of the

Executive Committee.




Maintain Executive Committee transparency in executing Business Management and Annual Scheduled

Agenda Items by keeping the full governance structure informed via detailed all-inclusive Meeting Agendas

with subsequent Meeting Minutes and requesting consultation of the at-large Board in decision-making asneeded.

Formalize Board candidate recruitment, review, and nominee selection by taking measures to insure

candidates are informed of expectations by conversational interviews conducted via email with the

Executive Director and subsequently vetted / selected by Executive Committee review of those email


Recognize the value of bringing in fresh thinking and new energy by appointing to the board

new/younger members demonstrating interest in leadership but who do not meet the minimum twoyear

membership requirement. We added two one-year Auxiliary board (non-voting) positions

appointed by the Executive Committee; upon exemplary completion of a one-year Auxiliary board

position, these individuals may be nominated by the Executive Committee to fill open At-Large board


Though naming to reflect these changes in governance has not yet been finalized, you will see

references in this issue and will have heard at the last few general membership meetings what I expect

will eventually be adopted…



Executive Board

7-8 members

Leadership Council

7-8 members







Senior 3

Junior 3

Auxiliary 1-2

At least one purpose of the changes in structure is to make the prospect of joining

SMCDS Leadership more appealing / feasible to a broader swath of members. With

that thought in mind, if YOU are the least bit intrigued, wondering what it might be like

to be a Junior or Auxiliary member of the Leadership Council, I refer you to my article


members have been required / scheduled to meet at only four full Council in-person

meetings in 2018 (that's down from old structure eight meetings) in addition to

General Membership meetings where they preside over member dinner tables

and practice their leadership skills zeroing in on their primary mission:

Leadership Goal member practice success

Mouthpiece | Spring 2018 | 3

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Member Benefits

SMCDS membership makes joining the MEMBER FORUM super easy via the

SMCDS website www.smcds.com Simply login as a member and select from

the left navigation panel Message Center > Member Forum. You will be redirected from our website page to the SMCDS MEMBER

FORUM which resides on the Facebook site as a “secret group” accessible* only to members who have been invited. You will be

asked to read and agree to follow the FORUM’S Rules of Engagement pinned to the top of the Discussion section (as well as on the

smcds.com website's MEMBER FORUM page). Adherence to the Rules of Engagement is not only required for continued

participation but also acts as a guide for anyone not accustomed to chatting in a private forum environment. We researched similar

Rules for our favorite forums, put these to use in our own discussion sessions, and believe you'll find these – as we did – sensible and

easily doable. IF NOT, we are open to discussion …on the SMCDS MEMBER FORUM. *Facebook Secret Group – What makes it

secret? Only invited members can find the group and see posts.

So – if you're wondering – “we” are the SMCDS MEMBER FORUM Task Force, members of 2018's Leadership Council assigned the

'task' of realizing the idea of a 'member forum' initially conceived by the 2017 Board as a member benefit worthy of development.

Desiree Liu, DDS – Task Force Lead | desi.liu@gmail.com

SMCDS Member Forum

We think there will be at least a few of you – like us – who will be enticed by

SMCDS' latest attempt to provide members with something new you'll want to

use. The SMCDS MEMBER FORUM – a private, SMCDS Member-Only forum

created expressly to facilitate a safe, friendly environment in which SMCDS

colleagues – like us – may ask questions, offer suggestions, discuss / politely

debate topics of interest – be they clinical, business, or leisure in nature.

We – Purvi Zavery, Sara Andrews, Zac Held, and me, with

staffer Mike Aicardi's technical expertise – set it up and have

been putting this new forum to the test – discussing things

like ▪ carriers for workers comp ▪ direct deposit vs checks for

payroll ▪ know of a dentist in Reno ▪ ortho case with x-rays of

impacted primary tooth ▪ what's a good place to take out-oftown

guests for dinner with our young kids …and applying

the Rules.

If YOU have a question you'd like to try out or a desire to engage with local colleagues, we're anxiously awaiting your post,

wondering what you'll think of this new thing we've made, and how we can make it better for you.

RELATIONSHIP-BUILDING We're actively exploring with San Mateo County agencies opportunities to maximize use of

mutual resources and influence here and at the capitol to increase dental provider capacity, effect integrated healthcare in SMC to

enhance focus and funding available for dental care among our neediest populations and improve dental provider fees and

collections processes.

COMMUNITY DENTAL SCREENINGS & SEALANT PROGRAM Using 2017 Prop 56 Funds, SMC has purchased portable

dental equipment for use by SMCDS members in providing preventive dental care to needy community members in

collaboration with SMC/SMCOHC outreach activities – in particular school-based dental screenings and application of

sealants. Program details posted at SMCDS website: http://www.smcds.com/filelibrary/Sealant Prog.pdf

HEALTH PLAN OF SAN MATEO DENTAL INTEGRATION PILOT PROPOSAL - a five-year pilot in which Medi-Cal and Denti-

Cal benefits are coordinated through Health Plan San Mateo. HPSM has been working with the state and CDA regarding

a potential pilot focusing on integration. There is an opportunity for passage of permissive legislative language this

session that would allow exploration of a pilot specifically in San Mateo County. Proposal posted at SMCDS website:

http://www.smcds.com/filelibrary/Integrated Dental.pdf

GERIATRIC DENTISTRY MINI-RESIDENCY PROGRAM PROPOSAL to increase provider capacity to care for elderly

patients and improve access to dental care for elderly patients who are homebound or facility bound. Proposal and link

t o i n t e r e s t e d m e m b e r s s u r v e y a b o u t p r o g r a m l o g i s t i c s p o s t e d a t S M C D S w e b s i t e :


Mouthpiece | Spring 2018 | 5


2017 President's Awards presented to

Katrina P. Lo, DMD and Desiree Liu, DDS

For contributing valuable perspectives and youthful vitality

to the 2017 Board of Directors

Leadership has been in a transitional phase the past few years. One of

the positions we implemented for the first time last year was auxiliary

board member to allow new dentists the opportunity to join the board

without having to meet the minimum 2-year membership requirement.

The new position paid off. As our first auxiliary board members,

Desiree Liu and Katrina Lo were extraordinary - both stepped up,


the ground running, and actively contributed to our meetings and

events. I am very proud of them. As 2017 President, I took the

opportunity of my position to acknowledge them. Keep their names in

mind, I'm sure you will see them serving higher leadership positions in

the future. Benson H. Wong, DDS – 2017 President and John M. Acosta, DDS –

2018 President at the 2/22/18 General Membership Meeting

ALBERT O. LANDUCCI, DDS – UCSF 1968, San Mateo Orthodontist until he sold his practice 2016 is loyal - an

SMCDS member for 50 years, having joined in 1968; served in leadership – on the board twice – 1969 and again

2012; is an incessant cheerleader – As Carliza Marcos says, 'Al is always the first to raise

his hand to support this society, our events, our community causes.' Over the 16 years

I've known Al, he has figured most prominently in our Membership and Dental Careers

endeavors. In particular, he IS our Dental Team Careers Champion! The guy who puts

his money where his mouth is, providing financial, political, and moral support to the

County's Dental Assisting and proposed Dental Hygiene Education Programs - at Skyline,

CSM, ROP, and CTE – as well as scholarships to graduating high school students enrolling in these programs.

Unofficially, Al is our staff photographer. Day or night, he'll take time to show

up and take pictures. The vast majority of photos you see in The Mouthpiece

and on our website can be attributed to Al. Historian and Welcome Wagon –

Between Al and Dave Moore, virtually no member –especially if you're over

the age of 40 –was or is a stranger. Whenever I need to know who's who in an unidentified photo or

someone's particular claim to fame, Al and Dave are my go-to guys. Past award recipient – Board of

Directors Award -2003; Distinguished Service Award - 1993, 1997, and tonight… John M. Acosta, DDS

2018 President and Etta L. Kinney, Executive Director at the 3/22/18 General Membership Meeting

2017 Distinguished Service Award presented to

Albert O. Landucci, DDS

For his tireless devotion and outstanding contributions

to the dentists of San Mateo County, the dental profession, and

the community he's served for half a century.

Al's Honored Guests aka “Fan Club”

6 | San Mateo County Dental Society | smcds.com


MICHAEL E. AICARDI – SMCDS Membership Specialist and JAMES V. AICARDI – SMCDS Operations Specialist Mike

joined our one-person office in 2007. He introduced me to his younger brother Jimmy in 2009, who worked part-time until 2011.

In retrospect, I did not appreciate that what we had was a 'dynamic-duo' in the making. I say this because they are so rarely

referred to as individuals, it's almost always Mike and Jim. The original nomination for these awards from Luisa Diaz read I would

like to nominate Jim & Mike Aicardi for their community services. I am aware of their dedication each time I've volunteered through

the years. Other members chimed in to say:

▪ Mike and Jim are assets to SMCDS. They have matured and shown real dedication through the years. ▪ Even though Mike & Jim

are paid employees, they take their jobs seriously and work hard (in my eyes) to make events run smoothly. They worked so hard on

CDA Cares San Mateo - that was in a way a sign of them going "beyond the call of duty." ▪ I've always been impressed by how much

care Mike and Jim put into the job. They don't just do their job well. They put their hearts into it and it shows.

Mike and Jim do go above and beyond the call of duty, whether it's community service, event planning and execution, CPR Renewal,

or the Shredathon. Anyone who volunteers for our community outreach activities are well acquainted with Mike who organizes

most of the events, grabs Jim to help load up their family's van with supplies, then they both work with you throughout each event,

and pack up at the end of the day. They are a team. They do it better than most co-workers.

I work with Mike and Jim every day and see them as individuals with distinct personalities and skills. I want to be very clear that

these awards are NOT for the dynamic duo but for each of them – as individuals – for going the extra mile to serve our members and

our community. John M. Acosta, DDS – 2018 President and Etta L. Kinney, Executive Director at the 4/19/18 General Membership Meeting

2017 Distinguished Service Award

presented to

Michael E. Aicardi

In recognition of his growth as a team

member and outstanding service to

San Mateo County Society

members and community.

2017 Distinguished Service Award

presented to

James V. Aicardi

In recognition of his growth as a team

member and outstanding service to

San Mateo County Society

members and community.

Mike and Jim with

Honored Guest, Mom Sylvia

Mouthpiece | Spring 2018 | 7


Thank You! to 23 Advertisers Business Members Exhibitors Sponsors Study Clubs

who have generously supported our continuing education, professional success, practice

management, workshop/clinical programs this past quarter.

TDIC Insurance Solutions

Citibank Healthcare Practice Finance

SGC Financial - Tom O’Brien

AG Neovo Dental

Dental Power Placement Service

Fortune Management

Garfield Refining Company


C-Dental X-Ray, Inc. John Boghossian Study Club

Dental & Medical Counsel Kuraray America Dental

Yaeger Dental Supply

Upward Credit Union

Beverly Hills Dental Lab

Carr Healthcare Realty

Computer Technology Group

Crest + Oral-B

Mass Mutual Pacific

Michael Lam, MD

Northern California Practice Sales

US Bank


Now that we've held a few CE courses and you've had an opportunity to

use/visit our facilities at 525 Veterans Ave in RWC, let me take a moment

to answer the most frequently asked questions. #1 This is nice and has

everything we need – why not stay? One, it is not 'for sale' and two, it is

our intent to reinvest sale proceeds in a property we'll own that allows

us to create an ideal C E and resource home for members, leaders, and

staff more centrally located, not quite so far from our northern

members. #2 Why not stay on Twin Dolphin 'til we found a property to

buy? After our first purchase attempt fell through, it became apparent

this might take a while …the 240-A leaseback rate was astronomical, and

the Veterans property (at half the lease rate) fell in our laps. The lower

rent, cleaning out, and packing up gives us some breathing room,

literally and figuratively.

8 | San Mateo County Dental Society | smcds.com

New Dentists

New Dentists Bingo at the Bistro

We returned to The Clubhouse Bistro in March for our first New Dentists Mixer of 2018. We had a nice-sized group of experienced

and new dentists, two of which (Anthony Phan & Prerna Vijan) had never attended an SMCDS event before. John Acosta (SMCDS

President) led a new ice-breaker game called Human Bingo. Everyone was given a bingo card with instructions to find five people

who anwsered “yes” to a question in one of the squares, such as “teach someone your signature dance move and learn theirs.” Five

squares in-a-row made you a winner, at which point you shouted the name of our event sponsor SGC Financial. The first two Bingo

winners (Hiroyuki Arima & Asha Kode) won $25 Amazon gift cards. Hiroyuki was very excited about being first to win and Asha

enjoyed showing her signature dance move! Game players seemed to genuinely have fun and said Bingo helped them meet more

new people than they would have otherwise. Many thanks to our generous and always-approachable sponsor reps, Tom O'Brien &

Aaron Moore of SGC Financial, for offsetting costs, offering resources, and awarding two drawing prizes.

Huge thanks to Al Landucci of Orthodontics of San Mateo for taking pictures!

If you know a fun ice-breaker game or a great location for our next mixer, please get in touch. Mike Aicardi - SMCDS Event Planner


Sedation and Anesthesia for the Dental Office


Board Certi ed Physician Anesthesiologist




Mouthpiece | Spring 2018 | 9

Being a service leader in the Bay Area since 1977, we strive to provide you with excellent equipment selec on and the best technicians you

can find for support. Offering compe ve prices and a task-oriented team is always a daily improvement goal for us here at Yeager Dental,

which always means that our customers' well-being is constantly being watched over. We offer the personal care not always found in the

big corpora ons of our field, but here we believe in being “Not the biggest, just the best.”

So, why choose Yaeger Dental?





We offer a full one year parts and labor warranty (compare to compe tors' 90-day warranty policy).

We also offer free installa on in most cases. On top of that, we can offer you free removal of your old equipment, with the purchase of

new equipment from us, at no extra charge.

Ÿ Our prices are among some of the most compe ve in the industry. Our knowledgeable and thoroughly trained technicians carry many

common, and uncommon, parts in the service vehicles, usually meaning we can get your equipment up and running in a single visit. In

the off chance that our techs don't have the parts you need, they can order them for you in a mely manner.

We carry a mul tude of different designer friendly and stylish equipment lines, which means we can tailor a new unique look for your

office renova on or remodel.

Our first and foremost goal is to make our customers happy! Even in the current digital age, we understand that word-of- mouth

recommenda ons are our most important and effec ve endorsements so we strive to make sure we don't let our clients down.

Yaeger Dental Supply

517 Marine View, Suite J • Belmont, CA 94002

Tel: 650.593.5100 • Fax: 650.593.1331

yaegerdental@gmail.com • www.yaegerdental.com

Just because you pay less, doesn't mean you have to sacrifice good service.

See what Yaeger Dental can do for you!



10 | San Mateo County Dental Society | smcds.com

Wall of Fame

SMCDS Business Member

Premier 2017 - 2015

SGC Financial &

Insurance Services


® ® ®

Tom O’Brien, CFP , CLU , CHFC



Platinum 2017-2016


Ali Oromchian, Esq.



Premier 2017

Citibank Healthcare

Practice Finance


Brandon Diaz

Retail Business Banker



Platinum 2018


Daniel Tsao

Sales Manager



Platinum 2017 - 2015 | Silver 2014

C-Dental X-Ray


Julia Peck

Operations Manager



Silver 2018


Jason Mertz-Prickett

Business Development Officer

650.231.1300 ext. 2100


Platinum 2017 - 2016 | Silver 2015

Yaeger Dental Supply


Tim Yaeger, Jr.




Endorsed 2017 - 2010

TDIC Insurance Solutions


Blair Tomlinson

Sales Manager



SMCDS Business Members acknowledged on this

contribute in meaningful ways* throughout

each year of their membership to our society’s fiscal health, industry intelligence, and community presence. *Event sponsorships,

educational seminars / workshops, table clinics with timely dental industry / small business information, special product offers /

pricing discounts, products and services relevant to your professional success and the oral health of our community. Business

Memberships are an important source of non-dues revenue that has helped SMCDS to increase and improve

member programs without raising SMCDS dues for more than a decade. We count on Business Members to engage professionally

with members - as consultants focused on identifying and fulfilling your needs. In exchange, we encourage you to consider

SMCDS Business Members as preferred providers when in the market for products and services.

Membership Levels: Premier $5,500 Platinum $4,000 Gold $2,900 Silver $2,100




Mondays & Fridays

are very short on help.

To volunteer, contact:

Rosie Coleridge, Volunteer Manager



8 | San Mateo County Dental Society | smcds.com

Mouthpiece | Spring 2018 | 11

Risk Management

Disability Insurance Awareness

Month: Protect your

financial future

May marks Disability Insurance Awareness Month, and as disability insurance is the

most overlooked of the major insurance types according to the nonprofit Life

Happens, now is an important time for dentists to ensure that their financial futures

are protected.

The Dentists Insurance Company encourages dental professionals to take steps to protect their earnings and their practices should

a disabling event occur. Understanding the important role that disability insurance plays in personal financial security is a good

place to start.

“As a dentist, your income is your most valuable asset,” said Julia Moore, TDIC director of sales. “And while many dentists do well

with getting insurance to protect all their other assets — like cars, houses, dental offices, dental supplies, etc. — they often

overlook protecting their most valuable asset with disability income insurance.”

While disability is a prospect that no dentist wants to face, having disability coverage ensures that in the event it's needed, a dentist

has the freedom to focus on healing without the financial stress.

“TDIC's disability insurance provides income when you can no longer earn it practicing dentistry. It relieves the financial burden of

paying personal bills,” said Moore.

TDIC offers policyholders true “own occupation” coverage, which is disability coverage that pays benefits to the policyholder when

he or she can no longer perform all the day-to-day duties of his or her current “own” occupation. Benefits are paid even if a dentist

can still work but cannot practice dentistry.

“With May being Disability Insurance Awareness Month, now is a good time for dentists to take steps to protect their future,” said

Moore. “Plus, the earlier in your career you obtain insurance, the lower the cost. Reach out to a trusted insurance advisor at TDIC

Insurance Solutions to review all of the options available and choose the plan that's best for you.”

In addition to own occupation benefits, dentists should also seek comprehensive coverage that includes the following features:

· Designed specifically for dentists · Choice of benefit periods and maximum benefits

· Noncancellable · Future increase options

Call TDIC Insurance Solutions at 800.733.0633 to speak directly with a dedicated agent about disability coverage or visit

tdicinsurance.com to learn more. For more information about Disability Insurance Awareness Month, visit lifehappens.org

TDIC Insurance Solutions markets Disability and Business Overhead Expense insurance as an agent or broker by agreements with partner insurance carriers. Available

coverage limits and discounts vary by carrier and are subject to carrier underwriting. The information provided here is an overview of the referenced products and is not

intended to be a complete description of all terms, conditions and exclusions. TDIC Insurance Solutions, California License No. 0652783. Reprinted with permission of

12 | San Mateo County Dental Society | smcds.com

Practice Management

Staffing Update

Front Office Internship

HS Student Front Office Internship Pilot Program Fortifies DA Pipeline While Serving SMC High Schools



11 and 12 grade San Mateo County high schools students are applying for the Front Office Internship Pilot Program cosponsored

by SMCDS and San Mateo County Office of Education [COE]. The Pilot Program approved by the County mid-March is



defined as: paid on-the-job front office training scheduled after-school 2-3 hours/day in a dental office near an 11 -or 12 -grade

student's home; recommended minimum placement 4 weeks. Applicants qualify for referral to a participating SMCDS dentist for

an interview by successfully uploading to the COE website all information requested ▪ Application ▪ Teacher Recommendation ▪

Resume ▪ Cover Letter

By participating in this Pilot Program, it is our belief is that you will not only serve our schools by exposing students to dentistry as a

desirable professional career path but also create positive relationships with young people who have family ties to San Mateo

County and are more likely to seek employment here before, during, and after they've completed their higher education despite the

high cost of living – unlike so many graduates of our local Dental Assisting Programs who leave the area within a year or two seeking

more affordable living environments.

Qualified applicants are matched for interview and consideration by participating SMCDS members based on proximity of their

practice to the student's home zip code. Once you've notified etta@smcds.com of your wish to participate in the Pilot Program as a

potential student intern employer, I will forward a candidate's application package to you via email as soon as I've got a match.

May 1 was the target date for getting the Pilot Program off the ground. Mid-May, applicants are trickling in a few a day. The flow

may pick up after exams. COE will continue to promote at high schools across the county and SMCDS will continue matching



qualified 11 and 12 graders with participating SMCDS members until we run out, possibly well into the summer! A couple of the

matches have expressed interest in keeping their intern on for the summer.

Guidance materials are provided by both SMCDS [Intern Duties List, Trainee Performance Report] and COE [Practical Information

About Working with Teens, guidelines to ensure students –in addition to performing front office duties– are learning desirable


work ethics and 21 century skills] after you hire. Given the “pilot” nature of the program, we welcome your comments, feedback,

additions, or deletions to the program and/or materials at any time.

To participate in the Front Office Student Internship Pilot Program, email etta@smcds.com

If you have questions or suggestions, email etta@smcds.com or my COE partner-in-crime, CTE Director Dr. Vera Jacobson-Lundberg

at vjlundeberg@smcoe.org


For the 14 year in a row, we have held the line

on membership dues, maintained low

registration fees for quality C E programs, and

strived to bring you superior levels of service in

all our endeavors

Mouthpiece | Spring 2018 | 13


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First-Year Leadership Training in a Nutshell

Founded 1929 Membership ▪ 660 members ▪ 78% of San Mateo County dentists By-Line Every Member. Every Day.

Mission serve the needs of our members and community by promoting and advancing excellence in the practice of dentistry.

Leadership Goal member practice success

Vision increase active membership and create a successful environment for participation within the society, our community, and

member dental practices. Leadership Goal active member loyalty

Strategic Plan* Goal 1 To thrive, as evidenced by membership growth, retention, and member engagement Goal 2 To build

political capital via community outreach and grassroots advocacy Goal 3 To manifest financial and administrative vitality and

transparency Goal 4 To expand communication strategies to facilitate meeting goals 1, 2, and 3 *14-page plan reduced to a onepage

leadership training tool

Public Relations Strategy To affirm and maintain recognition of the society, our Foundation, and our members as…

▪involved citizens of the community on whom constituents may rely ▪ for continuous advancement of excellence in the practice of

dentistry, focused on improving the dental health of our community ▪ worthy of their trust in caring for individual, family, and

organizational dental health and oral health education needs ▪ providing assistance to the underserved, advocating high quality oral

health care for all residents among local, state, federal agencies; ▪ to collaborate with county health and education institutions to

enhance awareness of importance of oral health and dentistry as a profession / career choice.

Continuing Education for License Renewal Bi-Annual Required CE ▪ CPR Renewal ▪ Infection Control/CA Dental Practice

Act/Cal-OSHA Core CE ▪ 7 to 8 three-CE General Membership Presentations per year ▪ Hands-On Workshops ▪ SMCDS Member

Symposia 20% CE ▪ Practice Management Seminars ▪ Staff Trainings

Networking Opportunities ▪ GM Meeting Social Hours ▪ New Dentist Social Events ▪ Job Fairs ▪ SMCDS Member Forum ▪

SMCDS Member Meet-Ups Calendar ▪ SMCDS Leadership Events / Task Forces / Grassroots Advocacy

Annual Events ▪ Spring Award Presentations ▪ Life Member Acknowledgements ▪ Fall Senior Society Luncheon ▪ Spring and ▪

Fall Shredathons & e-Waste Events popular lunch & entertainment add-on typically in Spring

Volunteer / Philanthropic Opportunities ▪ SMCDS Dental Health Foundation ▪ Classroom / Community Oral Health

Presentations */ Screenings ▪ School Career Days * ▪ Local Health Fairs ▪ CDA Cares events ▪ SMCDS Leadership/Task Forces * Age-

Appropriate Presentation Kits (Script, Visuals/Props, Toothbrush/Paste gift-bags) available upon sign-out

Practice Support ▪ Peer Review ▪ Public Patient Referrals ▪ Job Fairs ▪ Staffing Support ▪ Employment Lists ▪

Job Postings ▪SMCDS 401-K Plan

Free Swiss Monkey

Professional Development ▪ Career / Professional Growth / Retirement Seminars ▪ Financial/Tax Planning Ed ▪ Study Club

Support ▪ Low-Cost Seminar Room Rentals ▪ Advertising / Mailing List Rentals at Member Rates

Collegial Connection ▪ Quarterly Print & Digital Newsletter The Mouthpiece -By, For, About Members ▪ Monthly eNews

Compiled News Bytes ▪ eWeekly broadcast ▪ Quarterly One-Page Mailer

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14 | San Mateo County Dental Society | smcds.com

Legislative Grassroots

AB 3087 would create an expensive and undefined appeals process. Providers may challenge the price caps, however many

dentists are sole proprietors or practice in small groups, making this process prohibitively inaccessible or expensive for all but the

largest providers.

AB 3087 would harm our economy. It would cause an estimated 175,000 health care workers to lose their jobs as well as limit

capital investment in communities throughout the state.

AB 3087 would take California backwards. It would destroy what Californians like about their health care and move us to an

antiquated, “volume-over-value” model that discourages contracting and stifles innovation.

CDA is committed to expanding access to care and containing rising costs. However, AB 3087 is a short-sighted, simplistic regulatory

scheme that would create massive disruption across the entire health care system.

Questions Marissa Allen, CDA Public Affairs Specialist marissa.allen@cda.org or 916.554.7349

Take Action! Use form https://www.cda.org/advocacy/legislation/ab-3087 to contact

Assembly Member Mullin and urge him to VOTE NO on AB 3087

Take Action: Urge Assembly Member Kevin

Mullin to Vote NO on AB 3087 CDA is part of a large

coalition of organizations opposing AB 3087 which seeks to regulate

and cap commercial payment rates for health care providers.

AB 3087 puts a new government bureaucracy in charge of health

care. It would create a state government commission of 11 political

appointees to set provider payments based on a percentage of

Medicare rates.

AB 3087 would decimate California's health care delivery system

and limit patient access to care. It does not address underlying health care cost drivers, will lead to further consolidation of the

health care industry and will harm patient access by reducing the number of providers willing to practice in the state.

AB 3087 would not solve the fundamental problems of the health care payment system. It does nothing to address the s t a t e ' s

low Medi-Cal reimbursement rates. Capping prices that providers can charge commercial payers will make it nearly

impossible for Medi-Cal providers to balance their patient mix adequately to continue treating Medi-Cal patients at significantly

lower reimbursement rates.

AB 3087 is self-serving. The commission would have to pay consumer advocates who come before the commission, diverting

precious health care dollars away from patients.

Mouthpiece | Spring 2018 | 15

Event Calendar

Go to www.smcds.com save precious resources –

register and pay online – Event Calendar


16 | San Mateo County Dental Society | smcds.com

Program Evaluation

Mouthpiece | Spring 2018 | 17



Patient Referrals!

Leadership Development!

Community Connection!

Networking Events!

And More!

Are you making the most of

your membership?

Lawrence K.Y. Pon, CPA/PFS, CFP®, EA, USTCP,

Back by popular demand! Lawrence Pon, CPA will

discuss the effect of the 2018 Tax Update on tax filers of

all types. Lawrence's 2017 event was very well a ended

and based on the high a endance of our March

luncheon on this subject, the Tax Update is clearly a very hot topic!

Event Agenda 1. What Happened: Overview of the reasoning behind

the 2018 Tax Update 2. What does this mean for me? A. Individuals

♦ Tax rate changes ♦ Standard Deduc on changes ♦ Effect on AMT

filers B. Business Owners ♦ 199A Exemp on ♦ Entertainment

deduc on 3. Specific Areas of interest A. Charitable Planning B.

Rental Real Estate C. ROTH IRA changes D. 529 Plan Changes E.

Estate Tax changes

Thursday, May 24, 2018 ▪ 6:30 pm - 8:30 pm

Viognier ▪ The Restaurant at Draeger's ▪ San Mateo

Complimentary Lunch & Parking

Co-Hosted by SMCDS & Tom O'Brien

SGC Financial & Insurance Services

RSVP: jayvee.santos@sgc-financial.com

18 | San Mateo County Dental Society | smcds.com


Fully functional dental office for

lease in San Carlos. Please email

at priyam1999@yahoo.com or

call 408.393.5236

Medically forced retired dentist

available to consult and offer

limited volunteer procedures on

a fill in basis in San Mateo

County. Call 415.990.7496 or


Full time general dentist position

available for quality and referral

based peninsula practice. 3-4

days a week, eg Monday, Friday &

Saturday plus another weekday.

Please respond with a detail

resume including all previous

employment and compensation

expectation. Email address:


Seeking a Retiring Dentist Practice

to Buy in Redwood City, 2 mile

radius from Whipple and El

Camino. If you are thinking of

retiring in the near future, please

call 650.454.0023

Dental Space For Lease Available

Tuesday & Wednesday Fast

growing area near downtown San

Carlos Caltrain. Private practice

for 23 years. Four operatories,

digital x-rays, Pano, Dentrix.

650.508.0903 or Email


General Dentist looking for a Front

Desk who is comfortable with

scheduling. The candidate must be

energetic, team player and

multitasker. This is a full time

position. Call at 650.368.6333 or

email at info@roydental.net with

resume and salary expectations.

Would you like to reduce your rent

by 50%? General Dentist of 20 years

seeking an opportunity to sublease

in a practice in Foster City, San

Mateo or Burlingame. Contact Dr.

Victor Sobrepena 650.619.6250 or


For Lease Mountian View Shell

condition. 1211 SF available for

lease. Excellent location between

Shoreline Blvd & Castro St.

Ideal for specialist or GP.

Contact Christina Yang



for details

Currently providing Bay Area Dentists

with quality temporary and permanent

• Dental Assistants

• Dental Hygienists

• Receptionists

• Dentists


(415) 781-2909


Mouthpiece | Spring 2018 | 19


525 Veterans Blvd., Suite 102 • Redwood City • CA • 94063

650.637.1121 • fax 650.649.2980 • info@smcds.com

2018 Executive Committee

President: John M. Acosta, DDS

President Elect: Sara Andrews, DDS, MS

Treasurer: Benjamin A. Yount, DDS

Secretary: Purvi K. Zavery, DDS, MS

Immediate Past President: Benson H. Wong, DDS

CDA Trustee: Carliza A. Marcos, DDS

Executive Director & Editor: Etta L. Kinney

on Event Calendar



3 20% CE

Annual Joint Meeting

with MPDS

Ideal Topic & Atmosphere

for a Well-Spent

Evening with Staff

Mbrs $75 Staff $65

Pre-RSVP Date

SMCDS-subsidized pricing

so you can bring more of your staff

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