2018 Spring SMCDS Mouthpiece Newsletter


➣President’s Message on the benefits of: active SMCDS member participation, volunteer/social events, and engaging/exciting upcoming activities ➣Ettatorials on SMCDS' Governance Structure Update ➣Member Benefits –SMCDS Member Forum & Relationship Building: Community Dental Screenings & Sealant Program, Health Plan of San Mateo Dental Integration Pilot Program, & Geriatric Dentistry Mini-Residencey Program Proposal ➣Acknowledgements –2017 Awards: President's - Katrina Lo & Desiree Liu, Distinguished Service - Al Landucci, Michael Aicardi, & James Aicardi ➣New Dentists –New Dentists Bingo at the Bistro ➣Risk Management –Disability Insurance Awareness Month: Protect your financial future ➣Legislative Grassroots –Take Action: Urge Assembly Member Kevin Mullin to Vote NO on AB 3087 ➣Practice Management –Staffing Update: Front Office Internship ➣Program Evaluation –January-March ➣Events Calendar –update thru November 2018


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First-Year Leadership Training in a Nutshell

Founded 1929 Membership ▪ 660 members ▪ 78% of San Mateo County dentists By-Line Every Member. Every Day.

Mission serve the needs of our members and community by promoting and advancing excellence in the practice of dentistry.

Leadership Goal member practice success

Vision increase active membership and create a successful environment for participation within the society, our community, and

member dental practices. Leadership Goal active member loyalty

Strategic Plan* Goal 1 To thrive, as evidenced by membership growth, retention, and member engagement Goal 2 To build

political capital via community outreach and grassroots advocacy Goal 3 To manifest financial and administrative vitality and

transparency Goal 4 To expand communication strategies to facilitate meeting goals 1, 2, and 3 *14-page plan reduced to a onepage

leadership training tool

Public Relations Strategy To affirm and maintain recognition of the society, our Foundation, and our members as…

▪involved citizens of the community on whom constituents may rely ▪ for continuous advancement of excellence in the practice of

dentistry, focused on improving the dental health of our community ▪ worthy of their trust in caring for individual, family, and

organizational dental health and oral health education needs ▪ providing assistance to the underserved, advocating high quality oral

health care for all residents among local, state, federal agencies; ▪ to collaborate with county health and education institutions to

enhance awareness of importance of oral health and dentistry as a profession / career choice.

Continuing Education for License Renewal Bi-Annual Required CE ▪ CPR Renewal ▪ Infection Control/CA Dental Practice

Act/Cal-OSHA Core CE ▪ 7 to 8 three-CE General Membership Presentations per year ▪ Hands-On Workshops ▪ SMCDS Member

Symposia 20% CE ▪ Practice Management Seminars ▪ Staff Trainings

Networking Opportunities ▪ GM Meeting Social Hours ▪ New Dentist Social Events ▪ Job Fairs ▪ SMCDS Member Forum ▪

SMCDS Member Meet-Ups Calendar ▪ SMCDS Leadership Events / Task Forces / Grassroots Advocacy

Annual Events ▪ Spring Award Presentations ▪ Life Member Acknowledgements ▪ Fall Senior Society Luncheon ▪ Spring and ▪

Fall Shredathons & e-Waste Events popular lunch & entertainment add-on typically in Spring

Volunteer / Philanthropic Opportunities ▪ SMCDS Dental Health Foundation ▪ Classroom / Community Oral Health

Presentations */ Screenings ▪ School Career Days * ▪ Local Health Fairs ▪ CDA Cares events ▪ SMCDS Leadership/Task Forces * Age-

Appropriate Presentation Kits (Script, Visuals/Props, Toothbrush/Paste gift-bags) available upon sign-out

Practice Support ▪ Peer Review ▪ Public Patient Referrals ▪ Job Fairs ▪ Staffing Support ▪ Employment Lists ▪

Job Postings ▪SMCDS 401-K Plan

Free Swiss Monkey

Professional Development ▪ Career / Professional Growth / Retirement Seminars ▪ Financial/Tax Planning Ed ▪ Study Club

Support ▪ Low-Cost Seminar Room Rentals ▪ Advertising / Mailing List Rentals at Member Rates

Collegial Connection ▪ Quarterly Print & Digital Newsletter The Mouthpiece -By, For, About Members ▪ Monthly eNews

Compiled News Bytes ▪ eWeekly broadcast ▪ Quarterly One-Page Mailer

24/7 Availability www.smcds.com mobile-friendly

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