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Take a moment to reflect on the past… a time not so long ago, when living in the Bay Area meant it

was okay to have a single income for the family. This allowed more dentists and spouses to

volunteer and made SMCDS an active, thriving organization that fostered much-needed

camaraderie. Dentists no longer felt alone in their confined dental offices – they created

friendships resulting in combo ski/CE trips, outdoor pool parties, motorcycle rides, dinner dances,

golf outings, Giants baseball games, and family picnics. There was a strong sense of community

that sustained – and continues to sustain our most senior members even today … B U T times have


Double income families are more often the norm, the expense of living in the Bay Area has

increased astronomically. Dentists are working longer hours. Time seems scarce and the idea of

volunteering / socializing with colleagues has been pushed aside. What we don't realize is that our

lack of activism hurts our profession. Larger insurance companies and dental supply firms can take

advantage of our not spending time together. The stress of practicing without collegial support can

make us feel more stressed and alone. We can change this. It doesn't have to be this way.

I have a vision …a vision of a vibrant dental society – a force to behold, with a robust membership,

social events (including family activities), growth opportunities, a place where young dentists find

mentorship from more seasoned dentists and those same veteran dentists find mentorship from

new grads on topics like technology and social media.

It can be realized. Our Leadership Council (aka Board of Directors) is working hard to plan more

engaging social events and exciting activities in upcoming years. Events worth bringing your

spouses and kids / grandkids - starting with our May 5 Shredathon which included a petting zoo and

a bar-b-que food truck with free lunch for the first 70 attendees. Another Leadership Council task

force is working hard to put together a formal event, giving members and their significant others a

reason to dress up and socialize with colleagues at an evening ball or a cruise on the Bay. And, of

course, there will be more and better continuing education, with top speakers in the dental field.

Being active doesn't have to be painful. A

little of your time goes a long way. Yes, we

can continue meaningful traditions

established by previous generations of

dentists. Yes, we can create a stronger

and more vibrant dental society. And, no I

can't do it alone. I am one voice. Change

happens when each of us steps out of our

comfort zone …A N D – perhaps more

importantly – when a new generation rises to become the change they want to see.

John M. Acosta, DDS | dracosta@paccoastdental.com

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