2018 Spring SMCDS Mouthpiece Newsletter


➣President’s Message on the benefits of: active SMCDS member participation, volunteer/social events, and engaging/exciting upcoming activities ➣Ettatorials on SMCDS' Governance Structure Update ➣Member Benefits –SMCDS Member Forum & Relationship Building: Community Dental Screenings & Sealant Program, Health Plan of San Mateo Dental Integration Pilot Program, & Geriatric Dentistry Mini-Residencey Program Proposal ➣Acknowledgements –2017 Awards: President's - Katrina Lo & Desiree Liu, Distinguished Service - Al Landucci, Michael Aicardi, & James Aicardi ➣New Dentists –New Dentists Bingo at the Bistro ➣Risk Management –Disability Insurance Awareness Month: Protect your financial future ➣Legislative Grassroots –Take Action: Urge Assembly Member Kevin Mullin to Vote NO on AB 3087 ➣Practice Management –Staffing Update: Front Office Internship ➣Program Evaluation –January-March ➣Events Calendar –update thru November 2018


2017 President's Awards presented to

Katrina P. Lo, DMD and Desiree Liu, DDS

For contributing valuable perspectives and youthful vitality

to the 2017 Board of Directors

Leadership has been in a transitional phase the past few years. One of

the positions we implemented for the first time last year was auxiliary

board member to allow new dentists the opportunity to join the board

without having to meet the minimum 2-year membership requirement.

The new position paid off. As our first auxiliary board members,

Desiree Liu and Katrina Lo were extraordinary - both stepped up,


the ground running, and actively contributed to our meetings and

events. I am very proud of them. As 2017 President, I took the

opportunity of my position to acknowledge them. Keep their names in

mind, I'm sure you will see them serving higher leadership positions in

the future. Benson H. Wong, DDS – 2017 President and John M. Acosta, DDS –

2018 President at the 2/22/18 General Membership Meeting

ALBERT O. LANDUCCI, DDS – UCSF 1968, San Mateo Orthodontist until he sold his practice 2016 is loyal - an

SMCDS member for 50 years, having joined in 1968; served in leadership – on the board twice – 1969 and again

2012; is an incessant cheerleader – As Carliza Marcos says, 'Al is always the first to raise

his hand to support this society, our events, our community causes.' Over the 16 years

I've known Al, he has figured most prominently in our Membership and Dental Careers

endeavors. In particular, he IS our Dental Team Careers Champion! The guy who puts

his money where his mouth is, providing financial, political, and moral support to the

County's Dental Assisting and proposed Dental Hygiene Education Programs - at Skyline,

CSM, ROP, and CTE – as well as scholarships to graduating high school students enrolling in these programs.

Unofficially, Al is our staff photographer. Day or night, he'll take time to show

up and take pictures. The vast majority of photos you see in The Mouthpiece

and on our website can be attributed to Al. Historian and Welcome Wagon –

Between Al and Dave Moore, virtually no member –especially if you're over

the age of 40 –was or is a stranger. Whenever I need to know who's who in an unidentified photo or

someone's particular claim to fame, Al and Dave are my go-to guys. Past award recipient – Board of

Directors Award -2003; Distinguished Service Award - 1993, 1997, and tonight… John M. Acosta, DDS

2018 President and Etta L. Kinney, Executive Director at the 3/22/18 General Membership Meeting

2017 Distinguished Service Award presented to

Albert O. Landucci, DDS

For his tireless devotion and outstanding contributions

to the dentists of San Mateo County, the dental profession, and

the community he's served for half a century.

Al's Honored Guests aka “Fan Club”

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