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Selwyn Times: June 13, 2018

16 Wednesday

16 Wednesday June 13 2018 Latest Christchurch news at High school production will be a cascade of colour and overwhelming sound Lincoln High student Ollie Roozen writes about the school’s upcoming production SELWYN TIMES SCHOOLS SCHOOLS Tae kwon do medals WHEN YOU hear ‘high school theatre production’, what do you imagine? I must confess to never have attending any of Lincoln High School’s previous productions – regretfully, not even the previous year’s Footloose – but this year has to be an exception, for I have seen a glimpse of what is to come – Guys and Dolls. Did you picture a cast of 80 performers? Did you imagine their dedication, practicing and rehearsing day-in and day-out, sometimes locking themselves in the hall for hours on end to refine the performance as much as possible? Those days are appropriately called “mega-rehearsals,” and I have had the pleasure of attending one of them. When your Friday class has left the teacher wondering why it’s partially empty, and half your friends don’t turn up to the lunch break, you know something big is happening. I had to see it for myself. I, at least, didn’t picture a cast of 80 performers. I didn’t expect the sheer scale of it; a pure cascade of colour and motion. But I was even less prepared for the sound. Eighty mighty voices filled the hall, overwhelming in their harmony and spontaneity, yet distinctly imperfect, owing to the fact that they are people; here, now, live. No computers, no autotune. See, that’s the curious thing. Basking in the endless connections of the internet age, we’ve forgotten what it’s like to feel the waves of sound from an in-house orchestra flow through you. The cymbals, the kick-drums, the violin, the clarinets and trumpets . . . they permeate the skin, they startle you. They awakened me to PERFORMANCE: Lincoln High School’s Guys and Dolls production starts next week. what we’ve been missing all this time. Being there. Listening, in the flesh, to the instruments. I spoke with some of the cast of Guys and Dolls, and while they were concerned with me unearthing any major spoilers prior to the premiere (in spite of it being an adaptation). However, I digress, I did manage to wrestle a tantalising premise to tide us over until then. Set in the 1950s, Guys and Dolls follows a small-time and morally-questionable gambler by the name of Sky, who when challenged with a bet he cannot possibly win, accepts anyway. He is to take the notoriously pious and uptight Sarah Brown, leader of the Save-a-Soul Mission, to dinner in Havana. As Sky digs himself deeper and deeper into this hopeless challenge, we’re led to ask ourselves what a guy would do for a doll, and if people might change for who they love. I was surprised to hear that Guys and Dolls is a comedy. But I guess not too surprised; you can just sense the unusual pretenses and exaggerated characters from that outline. And yet I have seen that this production is still emotionally powerful, still narratively gripping. High school theatre production is but the skeleton of a time machine that will not only transport you back 70 years, but to a place you’ve likely only ever seen in the movies – Broadway. •Lincoln High School will be performing Guys and Dolls from June 20 to 23. Book your tickets at West Melton School pupils Henry and Tasman recently competed in the Taekwondo Union New Zealand South Island Championships in Dunedin. After a 12-hour day in the stadium, Tasman won a silver medal and Henry, a bronze. The pupils belong to the Rolleston Taekwondo Club which took home five medals including two gold. ACTIVE: West Melton School sent its intermediate pupils to participate in the Selwyn primary schools weekly winter sports, held at different venues in Rolleston recently. Each week pupils participate in a chosen sport, where they are coached in the appropriate skills. Pupils are involved in basketball, judo, rippa, indoor bowls, squash, netball and ultimate frisbee. ​ TONIGHT 5PM - 7PM SIT OPEN NIGHT CHRISTCHURCH CAMPUS 60 Waterloo Road, Hornby, Christchurch CHECK OUT MID YEAR STUDY OPTIONS Come and discuss your study options with our staff For more info email 0800 TO STUDY

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