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Where blockchain<br />

and music meet.

The problems<br />

with the music<br />

industry today<br />

(And how <strong>FENIX</strong> is going to fix them).<br />

There are more than eight millions bands in the<br />

world, with less than 2% of them having the luxury<br />

of being signed to a label, and the support and<br />

infrastructure that this provides.<br />

Notwithstanding this fact, unsigned artists are<br />

using technology and social media to get better<br />

distribution than they ever could have historically.<br />

“Finally, a platform for bands with only<br />

a few hundred fans, not the millions that<br />

the industry require”.<br />

- Lance Ford, Founder & President of <strong>FENIX</strong><br />

In principal, life should be better for these artists<br />

than ever before.<br />

However, the advent of streaming music has meant<br />

that, signed or unsigned, artists simply aren’t being<br />

paid enough to survive from fans listening to their<br />

music.<br />

As they have always done, artists are trying lots of<br />

other ways to make a living - playing gigs, selling<br />

merch and other innovative ways.<br />

While the vast majority of artists are good at their<br />

craft, it is a daunting task to make money given the<br />

current industry compensation structure.<br />

Setting up an e-commerce offering, managing a<br />

variety of social media channels and providing their<br />

fans with what they really want is often more than<br />

they signed up for. Using the benefits of blockchain<br />

technology allows <strong>FENIX</strong> to offer musicians a simple<br />

plug and play solution for these problems.<br />

“You need to find other ways to make<br />

money if you want to be an artist”.<br />

- Sandy Monteiro, Former President of Universal Music SE Asia<br />

Fans are as passionate about their favourite bands<br />

as they have ever been and are more than happy to<br />

pay generously for access to their favourite bands.<br />

This access is often hard, with fans forced to use<br />

multiple channels to keep on top of what their<br />

favourite bands are doing.<br />

A single point of contact between fans and their<br />

favourite artists is the natural next step. Artists get to<br />

make the most of their fan base and fans get direct<br />

access in one place.<br />

“Musicians deserve to get paid fairly<br />

for their craft - <strong>FENIX</strong> allows them to do<br />

exactly that”.<br />

- Allan Klepfisz, Founder & CEO of <strong>FENIX</strong><br />

Having established that single point of contact, a<br />

means by which artists can provide their fans with<br />

what they want, as well as a way that those fans<br />

can simply pay, creates an ecosystem where both<br />

stakeholders are properly satisfied for the first time.<br />

Importantly, this ecosystem does not require a<br />

fundamental change of the economic model<br />

governing streaming music. It simply allows<br />

musicians to do what they are doing today better.

Fenix - A<br />

revolutionary<br />

music platform<br />

<strong>FENIX</strong> provides a platform for artists<br />

and fans to interact directly.<br />

Through <strong>FENIX</strong>:<br />

• Artists will earn more through multiple revenue streams.<br />

• Artists will have access to new fans globally.<br />

• Artists can access third party services focused on making<br />

their lives better.<br />

• Fans will have better access to their favourite bands.<br />

• Fans can access all their music needs in one place.<br />

The Result?<br />

• Something that is simple enough for bands to really use.<br />

• Better access for fans to their favourite bands than ever<br />

before!<br />

• And better access to new fans globally for bands.<br />

The <strong>FENIX</strong> App<br />

Central to the <strong>FENIX</strong> Platform is a customizable App.<br />

The simple App interface acts as a single point of<br />

contact for everything a music fan needs.<br />

Music - Video Content - Products<br />

Social Media - Fan chat - Ticketing.<br />

And bands are able to create a highly customized<br />

version of the <strong>FENIX</strong> App in minutes - giving them<br />

control of what they offer and how they offer it.<br />

New revenue streams?<br />

• Better income from merchandise/tickets/<br />

access sales<br />

• A percentage of overall income generated on<br />

an artist’s customized <strong>FENIX</strong> App.<br />

• Token grants through the Artist Manifesto.<br />

• In time, income from elimination of “breakage”<br />

• As well as normal income from music streaming<br />

Artist Dashboard<br />

Bands regain control over<br />

everything they offer<br />

through the <strong>FENIX</strong> Artist<br />

Dashboard.<br />

A single point for artists that:<br />

• is simple to use<br />

• allows full customization<br />

• is fully transparent<br />

• allows comprehensive<br />

analytics<br />

Fenix.Rising<br />

The talent platform that<br />

allows artists access to<br />

new fans globally.<br />

Through a combination of live<br />

showcases, charts, playlists and<br />

featured artists, unsigned acts<br />

are given access to new fans<br />

that they simply won’t have<br />

elsewhere.<br />

Fans also have great access to<br />

new talent both globally and<br />

locally.<br />

Artist Manifesto<br />

We’re serious about<br />

making artist’s lives<br />

better…<br />

<strong>FENIX</strong> is committed to putting<br />

120 million <strong>FENIX</strong>.CASH Tokens<br />

in the hands of deserving artists.<br />

We have created our Artist<br />

Manifesto to achieve this,<br />

which will be administered by<br />

independent industry leaders -<br />

people who really understand<br />

about being an artist….

Overview of the <strong>FENIX</strong> ITO<br />

Token Name<br />

<strong>FENIX</strong>.CASH Tokens (QTUM-based)<br />

Symbol: <strong>FENIX</strong><br />

Pre-sale Date 21 March 2018 to 9 April 2018<br />

Pre-sale Concluded on 9th of April, 2018.<br />

15,088,797 <strong>FENIX</strong>.CASH Tokens sold.<br />

Token Price<br />

Crowd Sale ITO Date<br />

Total Token Supply<br />

Tokens in Crowd Sale ITO<br />

Treasury<br />

1 QTUM : 50 <strong>FENIX</strong>.CASH Tokens<br />

To be determined.<br />

1.35 billion <strong>FENIX</strong>.CASH Tokens<br />

Up to 720 Million <strong>FENIX</strong>.CASH Tokens<br />

430,722,313 <strong>FENIX</strong>.CASH Tokens.<br />

Principal uses:<br />

• Reward Programs and Other Marketing: 15 million<br />

• Artists through the Artist Manifesto: 60 million<br />

• Other treasury: 355,722,313<br />

Use of Proceeds • Band Promotional Support - 25%<br />

• Distribution - 23%<br />

• V2.0 and ongoing app development - 14%<br />

• Marketing - 10%<br />

• Legal - 4%<br />

• Other promotions- 4%<br />

Currency accepted<br />

Hard cap<br />

Official website<br />

QTUM, ETH, BTC and by special arrangement, Fiat<br />

US$50 million<br />

www.fenix.cash<br />


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