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Prejudice is a great time

saver. You can form opinions

without having to get

the facts. — E. B. White


Friday June 15 Eid ul-Fitr

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Kenya carpenter

sues over presidential



Smiles for mentallychallenged

patients in Upper






everybody –



GWBF calls off

Friday’s demonstration



No show at

Afoko’s trial



THERE WAS no show in the

case in which Gregory

Afoko is standing trial for

the death of the Upper East

Regional Chairman of the

New Patriotic Party (NPP), Adams Mahama,

because his lawyer, Mr Osafo

Buaben, was sick.

In court yesterday, prosecution was

expected to have called the 11th of the

15 witnesses it intended to call, but the

court was forced to adjourn the matter

to June 18, 2018.

The court, presided over by Justice

L.L. Mensah, said the court had a letter

from lawyer Buaben informing the court

about his ill-health and subsequently adjourned

the matter.

At the last adjourned date, a Forensic

Toxicologist and Chemist at the Ghana

Standards Authority, Peter Quartey Papafio,

told the Accra High Court hearing

the case that the substance that was

poured on the late NPP chairman was

sulphuric acid.

According to Mr Papafio, the tenth

prosecution witness who analysed the

substance as well as other samples submitted

by the police for testing, also told

the court that the substance tested positive

for sulphuric acid with 16.89 molar

with 90 to 95 percent purity.


Under cross-examination by defence

This the witness

refuted, saying “it is

highly improbable to

cause those burns

but as to whether

they are burns from

the motorcycle I

would not know.

counsel, Mr Buaben said the sulphuric

acid could not burn the suit because it

was a rain coat and the acid could only

cause stains because of the texture. But,

the witness responded by saying the suit

was a nylon polyester suit, hence the


This the witness refuted,

saying “it is highly improbable

to cause those burns but

as to whether they are burns

from the motorcycle I would

not know.

“I am putting it to you

that there were no traces of

sulphuric acid on the suit of

the accused. It tested positive

for traces of sulphuric acid

and upon further test it was

confirmed to be sulphate

ions, indicating that the

residues are from sulphuric

acid,” the witness maintained.

Mr Papafio also refuted

claims from the lawyer that

he went beyond his terms of

reference from the police by

indicating that all the exhibits

had traces of the acid in the


The case has been adjourned

to June 18, 2018.

• Dr Stephen Kwabena Opuni

Court to fix

date for Opuni

trial tomorrow



THE COMMENCEMENT of the full trial

in the case in which the former Chief Executive

Officer (CEO) of COCOBOD, Dr

Stephen Kwabena Opuni, and two others

are facing trial for wilfully causing financial

loss to the state is expected to be fixed tomorrow,

Wednesday, June 13.

The Criminal Division of the Accra

High Court will also rule on the application

made by the accused persons’ lawyers for

the accused persons to be given all documents

the prosecution intends to rely on for

the trial.

It would be recalled that on April 11,




Court to fix date for Opuni trial tomorrow


2018 the court, presided over by

Justice Clemence J. Honyenugah,

put the case on hold until a case

referred to the Supreme Court

involving former heads of the

National Communications Authority

(NCA) and the State had

been ruled on.

The question of whether or

not suspects are legally entitled to

documents the state intends to

rely on in prosecuting them

forced two high profile cases -

one involving former COCO-

BOD CEO and another involving

four former NCA officials

and a businessman, both at an

Accra High Court - to be put on

hold as the Attorney General and

defence lawyers disagreed on

which documents should be

made available.

On the motion moved by

lawyers of Dr Opuni, which was

premised on Article 19(2) (e) and

(g) of the 1992 Constitution, the

court said its attention had been

drawn to a similar matter before

the Supreme Court and therefore

held on its ruling until the apex

court ruled on the matter.

When Dr Opuni appeared in

court for the first time after the

Supreme Court ruling on Article

19(2) (e) & (g), the court said it

had not received the true certified

ruling of the Supreme


Justice Honyenugah adjourned

the matter to June 13 to

rule on the matter and subsequently

fixed a date for the commencement

of the full trial.

Supreme Court ruling on Article


The apex court last Tuesday

ordered the Attorney-General,

Gloria Akuffo, to hand over all

documents to former top officials

of the NCA and a businessman

standing trial for causing

financial loss to the state.

The seven-member panel,

chaired by Justice William

Atuguba, also gave the Attorney

General the discretion to hold on

to some documents on the basis

of relevance and public interest.

This discretion will, however, be

subject to a review by the trial

judge or the Supreme Court.

The Supreme Court, in its decision

read by Justice Sophia

Adinyira Thursday, June 7, 2018,

stated that the current restrictions

in Ghana's laws impede justice

delivery and, therefore,

ordered that all documents be

handed over to the suspects and

their lawyers except where there

is justification not to.

Maize shortage to hit Ghana



SOME FARMERS have predicted

that there would soon

be dire shortage of maize in

Ghana due to devastating

worm infestation and rodent

activities as well as consistent heavy

rains in the three northern regions and

irregular rainfall in the southern sector.

According to the distressed farmers

in the northern regions, they are unable

to predict the number of times the

rains would fall between June and July

to strategise and are also uncertain if

their farms would survive two days of

torrential rains while in the southern

parts of the country farmers are worried

about irregular rainfall.

Some of the farmers who spoke to

the DAILY HERITAGE yesterday

said currently a bag of maize cost GH¢

150.00 unlike the old prices between

GH¢ 90.00 and GH¢ 100.00 because

maize is scarce.

Mr Mohamed Adam, a farmer at

Vinti in the Northern Region, explained

that commercial farmers are

now getting ready to farm since it is

their season.

But, he said the farmers would have

to plant the maize on rocky lands to

prevent the heavy rains up north from

washing away the seedlings.

According to him, due to heavy rains

in April and May, most of the farmers

could not plough their land.

• As prices shoot up

• But govt blames

middlemen for hoarding

“We are now planting our crops on the

rocky lands so that even if it rains heavily

between June and July we will be able to harvest

something, maybe in September,” he


Mr Adam added that they are now planting

the ‘three-month variety’ maize, popularly

known as ‘Obaatanpa’ because when

they plant the ‘long variety’ it would not mature

even after five months.

Western Region

In the Western Region, some of the

farmers told the DAILY HERITAGE

that army worms had infested the little

maize they were able to harvest.

“We are so much devastated because

there is nothing we can do. The worms are

now used to the chemical we use in spraying

them so when we spray they do not die,” Mr

Inusah Nartey stated.

The farmers added that they were not

sure if they could harvest more of the maize

this year because the situation had rendered

most of them jobless.

Central Region

At Kasoa and Nyanyano in the Central

Region, the farmers said last year by this

time they had started harvesting some fresh

maize, but this year their seedlings could

not grow because army worms destroyed

them before they could shoot up.

Mr Kweku Tawiah, a

farmer at Enyan Denkyira, in

the Central Region, told the


from the look of things

shortage of maize next year

would be worse than this


According to him, planting

of maize on dry lands

usually starts in March, when

the rainy season starts, “but

the rains did not come at the

right time and those who attempted

planting had most of the seedlings

removed and eaten by rodents, with the few

that germinated suffering stunted growth.”

He said failure to start planting the maize

in March due to shortage of rains that enables

the maize to grow well could result in

poor harvest and subsequently shortage of


“By this time the maize should have

grown well within two months but I could

plant mine in my second attempt about a

month ago and the height of the plants is at

an average person’s knee level,” he noted.

Agric Ministry’s reaction

When contacted, the Agric Ministry explained

to the DAILY HERITAGE that

there was no shortage of maize and that

•Dr Owusu-Afriyie-Akoto,

Minister of Food and Agriculture

middlemen were to blame because they were

hording the maize.

He explained that though there were

challenges farmers were facing on their

farms, the sector is working very hard to

bring things under control.

Mr Dagbara Tanko, Public Relations Officer

of the Agricultural Ministry, said the

ministry had done some works in all the 10

regions in the last two months, which indicated

that the country would not witness

any shortage of maize.

According to him, the middlemen store

the maize in fear of shortage and then take

advantage of the situation to increase the


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•The attack on Zardana was one of the deadliest in

rebel-held Idlib province this year

Syria war: UN seeks inquiry into 'Russian' Idlib air strikes

THE UN'S secretary general

has called for an investigation

into deadly air strikes in Syria

last week that were allegedly

conducted by Russian jets.

António Guterres expressed

deep concern about Thursday's

attack on the rebel-held town

of Zardana, which activists

said killed at least 47 civilians.

The dead included a rescuer

who was allegedly targeted.

Russia, which backs Syria's

government in the civil war,

has said the reports have

"nothing to do with reality".

The attack on Zardana was

one of the deadliest in the

mainly rebel-held northern

province of Idlib so far this


The Syrian Observatory for

Human Rights, a UK-based

monitoring group, said it killed

at least 51 civilians, including

nine children and 11 women.

The Syria Civil Defence,

whose rescue workers are

widely known as the White

Helmets, reported that at least

47 people were killed. BBC



World news in 4 stories

Kenya carpenter sues

over presidential chairs



has sued the

government for

about $2m

(£1.5m) for failing

to pay him for two presidential

chairs he had made 26 years

ago for then-President Daniel

arap Moi, Nairobi News reports

on its website.

Solomon Njoroge Kiore said

he had delivered the chairs to the

Agricultural Society of Kenya

(ASK) offices in Nairobi for a

three-day presidential function.

Mr Moi used the chairs for a

year, before they were returned to

•Daniel Arap Moi was in power from 1979 to 2002

him, Mr Kiore was quoted as saying.

He had not been paid for the

chairs, despite appeals to the Department

of Defence, which issued

the tender, and State House,

Mr Kiore said.

The two chairs have occupied

a huge amount of space in his

workshop, and his business has

crumbled, Mr Kiore added.

It is an instrument of power.

It was used by the president for a

year. It is treasured and, therefore,

no one is supposed to touch it.

My business has suffered immensely

because of this seat since

I cannot allow ordinary wananchi

[citizens] to tamper with an instrument

of power."

The news site reports that the

government lawyers had indicated

in February that it was prepared

to reach an out-of-court settlement

with Mr Kiore, but he has

not heard from them since then.

Mr Kiore said he would like

the chairs to be kept at Kenya's

recently created State House Library

and Museum. BBC

Spain 'takes in hundreds

of drifting migrants’

SPAIN HAS offered to take in

a rescue ship drifting in the

Mediterranean with 629 migrants

on board after Italy and

Malta refused to allow it to

dock, Reuters news agency reports.

The Aquarius ship picked up

the migrants, including 123 unaccompanied

minors, 11 other

children and seven pregnant

women, from inflatable boats

off the coast of Libya at the


•Many Africans are on the boat

The minors are aged between

13 and 17 and come

from Eritrea, Ghana, Nigeria

and Sudan, according to a journalist

on the ship, Anelise


Span's Prime Minister Pedro

Sanchez, who assumed office

just over a week ago, has given

instructions for the boat to be

allowed into the eastern Valencia

port, his office said in a

statement quoted by Reuters.


US says North Korea talks moving 'more quickly than expected’

THE US says its discussions with

North Korea are moving "more

quickly than expected" ahead of

the joint summit in Singapore on


The preliminary talks between

officials have been taking place

ahead of the highly anticipated first


The White House also confirms

that President Donald Trump and

Kim Jong-un will hold a one-onone

meeting, with only translators


Earlier, North Korean state

media talked about a "new relationship"

with the US.

And the US has said it will

offer North Korea "unique" security

assurances in return for denuclearisation,

according to

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo.

He insisted the US would accept

nothing less than complete


Singapore's Foreign Minister

•President Donald Trump

Vivian Balakrishnan, who met

Mr Trump and Mr Kim separately

on Sunday evening, told

the BBC that both leaders were

feeling "supremely confident”.

The US president and North

Korean leader are staying in separate

hotels, not far from each

other, and will meet on Tuesday

at a hotel on Sentosa, a popular

tourist island a few hundred metres

off the main island of Singapore.

Mr Trump has said he has a

"good feeling" about Tuesday's

much-anticipated summit.

Mike Pompeo, Donald Trump's

top diplomat, said that the president

was fully prepared for his

meeting with Kim Jong-un.

He said the US would be satisfied

with nothing less than the

complete, verifiable and irreversible

denuclearisation of the Korean

peninsula - with verification the key

part of any deal. BBC





Why should sick patients be in queue?

IT IS common to see critically

ill persons in long queues

waiting to be attended to in

major hospitals in the country.

The practice in some hospitals

is that when patients are

rushed there, the first port of

call is the administrative section

where the necessary

cards are obtained before the

commencement of treatment.

Not long ago when there

was cholera outbreak in Accra

which claimed over 100 lives,

it was observed that some patients

kept too long in long

queues before being attended



ITAGE’S monitoring team

observed at the Korle-Bu

Polyclinic, for instance, that

some patients had to wait for

quite some time before being

attended to.

The sickening excuse of no

bed must stop.

We understand that there is

sometimes pressure on the

medical personnel at the various

health facilities, particularly

during outbreak, but the

best strategy in our view is to

provide first aid service to the

vulnerable and not leave them

in long queues.

Women, children and the

critically ill, for example,

should be given all the necessary

attention when they are

rushed to the hospital.

There should also be adequate

emergency preparedness

at the various health

facilities to contain emergency


Health personnel must also

cultivate the habit of reading

various treatment protocols

to get aligned with fast changing

treatment trends.

Many a time some nurses

prefer waiting for the doctor

before a patient who is critical

ill is attended to.

Some deaths could be

avoided if first aid treatment

is administered to patients in

emergency situations.

Don’t deal with

land guards

THE CHIEF of Staff of

the Nungua Stool, Mr

Frank Kofi Lewi, has issued

a statement on behalf

of the Paramount

Chief of Nungua, King Odafio Welentsi

III, to caution illegal developers

and encroachers on Nungua

Stool Lands who are knowingly or

unknowingly dealing or buying

parcels of Nungua Stool lands from

known land guards who parade

themselves as royals and land owners

within the Borteyman enclave and its


Recently when the Ministry of

Food and Agriculture embarked on

demolition exercise to reclaim their

lands at Borteyman, some individuals

who were affected claimed to

have bought their lands from land

guards who live at Nungua.

But, the Chief of Staff of Nungua

has clarified that no land guard

or any other person has any right to

• Land developers at

Borteyman & environs told

sell Nungua land without the consent

of the Paramount Chief or the

Nungua Traditional Council and

therefore businessmen and developers

should be warned in this regard.

The Chief of Staff indicated that

in their recent inspection report, it

became clear that some individuals

had appropriated some stool lands

to themselves whilst others also

showed documents which were

forged and purported to have come

from the Stool only for proper

scrutiny to prove otherwise.

He said apart from some of these

infractions, there were some few

others too who had been taken to

court and the courts had issued specific

orders and judgment against


Mr Lewi stated that those buying

from land guards and fraudsters in

the area should be very careful to ensure

that they have the right documentations

because “the Stool will

not relax any longer and will embark

on a vigorous investigation to expose

all the fraudsters who are duping

unsuspecting estate developers

with fraudulent documents.”

He stressed that “developers

must first submit their land acquisition

documents to the Traditional

Council for validation before they

can proceed further to develop the


“This is not the first time we

have had cause to caution the general

public on

these matters and

even at a point

went further to

notify the Inspector

General of

Police in an official

letter which

was later published

in the

newspapers but

these fraudulent activities appear

to be never ending,” he said.

He further stated that the Lands

Commission should take steps to

stop processing all land documents

or transactions on all stool lands of


He warned that failure to do so

•Frank Kofi Lewi, Chief of Staff (Nungua Stool)

would be interpreted as disrespect to

the authority of the Stool and Council

and the Council will be left with

no other choice than to take legal action

against such persons who have

failed to demonstrate appropriate

legal ownership of the said lands

which they were developing.

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How much is Anas paid

for fighting corruption?



for a moment, to unproven

claims that

he makes wealth,

enormous wealth

through his undercover

work, and all the questions,

perhaps unnecessary,

about his methods. I am not

asking that you are uncritical or

do not examine the matters

properly and to point out any

wrong or unprofessional conduct

in his corruption project.

My Take is very brief for a purpose.

I have spoken and written

about how the state is only paying

lip service to the corruption

fight and failing to encourage

citizens to help it succeed by

providing protection and reward

for whistleblowers.

Please ask just how much is

Anas rewarded for risking his

life in the manner he does to

expose corruption. The

framers of the 1992 Constitution

realising that the fight

against corruption needed to be

elevated to a constitutional imperative

and impetus, decided

to enjoin the state in article 35

(8) that “[t]he state shall take

steps to eradicate corrupt practices

and the abuse of power”.

In compliance, the state has

established a number of institutions

and schemes to fight corruption.

The constitution

additionally gave citizens the

onerous duty in article 41 (f) of

the Constitution “to protect

and preserve public property

and expose and combat misuse

and waste of public funds and


It is in furtherance of this

goal of getting all hands on

deck in fighting corruption that

in 2006, the country passed the

Whistleblower Act (Act 720). It

provides opportunity and clear

rules for all persons to blow the

whistle on acts of corruption

and get protection and reward

for doing so. I supply Section

12 without commentary:

“(1) A whistleblower shall not be

subjected to victimisation by the employer

of the whistleblower or by a

fellow employee or by another person

because a disclosure has been made.

(2) A whistleblower shall be

•Samson Lardy Anyenini

considered as having been

subjected to victimisation if

because of making the disclosure,

(a) the whistleblower,

being an employee, is (i) dismissed,

(ii) suspended, (iii)

declared redundant, (iv) denied

promotion, (v) transfer

red against the

whistleblower's will, (vi) harassed,

(vii) intimidated,

(viii) threatened with any of

the matters set out in subparagraph

(i) to (vii), or (ix)

subjected to a discriminator y

or other adverse measure by

the employer or a fellow employee,

or (b) not being an

employee, the whistleblower is

subjected to discrimina tion,

intimidation or harassment by

This clearly is a big boost and major incentive to encourage people

to help the corruption fight. The lip service is too much and

not needed. If the state is sincere about winning the corruption

fight, please establish this fund immediately and embark of an

awareness creation and educate people about this law.

a person or an institution.”

The unfortunate thing is that

very little help, if at all, is given

to informants or persons who

comply with this law in seeking

to assist the state expose corrupt

people. The law actually

provides added protection by

giving immunity in Section 18

in these terms“[a]whistleblower

is not liable to civil or criminal

proceedings in respect of the

disclosure unless it is proved

that that whistleblower knew

that the information contained

in the disclosure is false and the

disclosure was made with malicious


But just why has the state

not set up the fund as commanded

by the law to reward

those who successfully expose

corruption leading to the state

recovering money which would

have been lost to the state?

Again, I supply sections 23 and

24 without commentary:

Reward on conviction

23. A whistleblower who

makes a disclosure that leads to

the arrest and conviction of an

accused person shall be rewarded

with money from the


Reward on recovery of


24. A whistleblower whose

disclosure results in the recovery

of an amount of money

shall be rewarded from the

Fund with (a) ten percent of

the amount of money recovered,

or (b) the amount of

money that the Attorney-General

shall, in consultation with

the Inspector-General of Police,


Disbursement of Fund

27. (1) The disbursement of

moneys from the Fund shall be

determined by the Board.

(2) The Board shall within

thirty days on receipt of the

submission of a claim for payment

out of the Fund,

approve (a) payment of a reward

from the Fund, (b) the reimbursement

of expenses

incurred by a whistleblower

hose disclosure resulted in an

investigation for which that

person incurred those expenses,

and (c) the payment of

other relevant expenses that the

Board may determine.

(3) An amount payable

under paragraph (a) and (b) of

subsection (2) shall be paid

within a period of not more

than fourteen days from the

date the payment of the money

is approved.

(4) Each payment issued

from the Fund shall be signed

for by the chairper son of the

Board and the Inspector-General

of Police.

This clearly is a big boost

and major incentive to encourage

people to help the corruption

fight. The lip service is too

much and not needed. If the

state is sincere about winning

the corruption fight, please establish

this fund immediately

and embark of an awareness

creation and educate people

about this law. The AG, IGP

and CHRAJ are major players

in the implementation of this

law. Question is what have they

done? Let’s get serious!

It is in furtherance of

this goal of getting

all hands on deck in

fighting corruption

that in 2006, the

country passed the

Whistleblower Act

(Act 720). It provides

opportunity and

clear rules for all persons

to blow the

whistle on acts of

corruption and get

protection and reward

for doing so. I

supply Section 12

without commentary:

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Simple tips for healthy eyes

Know your family’s eye

health history

Talk to your family members

about their eye health history. It’s important

to know if anyone has been

diagnosed with a disease or condition

since many are hereditary. This will

help to determine if you are at higher

risk for developing an eye disease

or condition.

Eat right to protect

your sight

You’ve heard carrots are good for

your eyes. But eating a diet rich in

fruits and vegetables, particularly dark

leafy greens such as spinach, kale, or

collard greens is important for keeping

your eyes healthy, too.

Maintain a healthy weight

Being overweight or obese increases

your risk of developing diabetes

and other systemic conditions,

which can lead to vision loss, such as

diabetic eye disease or glaucoma.

Wear protective eyewear

Wear protective eyewear when

playing sports or doing activities

around the home. Protective eyewear

includes safety glasses and goggles,

safety shields and eye guards specially

designed to provide the correct protection

for a certain activity.




Smiles for mentally-challenged

patients in Upper East



passage of

Ghana’s Mental

Health Act

in 2012, one

would have

thought that people with mental health

issues would be treated with the utmost

respect and dignity as stipulated

in Act 846 of the Mental Health Law.

Unfortunately, the situation has not

changed for the mentally-ill patients in

our part of the world.

Again, the Sustainable Development

Goal (SDG) Three seeks to promote

healthy lifestyles and ensure

well-being for all persons without discrimination.

This clearly places emphasis on the

need to also consider mentally-ill persons

when it comes to the issues of

health yet they are being marginalised

in Africa. Ghana cannot be exempted

from this. For instance, available statistics

indicate that Ghana has a treatment

gap of about 98%.

It is very obvious that the government

alone cannot address the health

needs of mental patients in Ghana and

would, therefore, need the support

from non-governmental organizations

(NGOs), development partners, corporate

bodies and the individuals to


It is, however, very regrettable to

note that only a few of the NGOs in

Ghana are into supporting mentally-ill

patients. Notable among them is the

Basic Needs Ghana, which has its head

office in Tamale and its sub-offices in

Accra and Bolgatanga and works

through partners in delivering its Mental

Health and Development Model in

nine regions of Ghana, including the

Northern, Upper East and Upper West


As a mental health and development

advocacy organisation whose

core target is men and women with

mental disorders, their family members

and the communities in which they

live, the purpose of Basic Needs

Ghana is “to enable poor people with

mental disorders to live and work successfully

in their communities”.

One of the recent interventions

that was implemented by Basic Needs

Ghana in the Upper East Region and

has brought smiles and excitement to

persons affected with mental disorders

in the region is the ‘Building productive

skills of women, men and youth

affected by mental disorders in northern

Ghana for enhanced recovery and

income project’.

Basic Needs-Ghana, in the year

2016, with funding from the Korean

International Development Corporation

Agency (KOICA), implemented

the one-year project in nine districts in

the region, namely the Kassena-

Nankana West, Bolgatanga Municipal,

Kassena -Nankana Municipal, Bawku

Municipal, Builsa North, Binduri,

Bawku West, Talensi and the Bongo


The project intervention, which

sought to support poor and vulnerable

persons living with mental illness or

epilepsy and their caregivers with sustainable

livelihood ventures to enable

them to attain food and income security,

includes dry season gardening,

skills training, particularly tailoring and

dressmaking, and small ruminant support.

Tailoring/dressmaking and

sewing machine


The Project paid special attention

to stable mental patients who were

into tailoring and dressmaking but

could not complete due to their conditions

by training a total number of 93

made up of 20 males and 73 females

in dressmaking.

Before that, the Project organised

training programme for the master artisans

to train the beneficiaries whom

the project provided with sewing machines

free of charge for the training.

Besides, the Project also paid

GH¢300.00 for each of the beneficiaries

to the master artisans as fees for

the training, bringing the total cost of

the 93 beneficiaries to GH¢


The Project Officer

of Basic

Needs Ghana, Mr Bernard Azuure,

explained that the training was designed

purposely to equip the master

artisans with the requisite knowledge

•The project also provided support to 28 beneficiaries including

service users and caregivers

and skills on common mental disorders

or epilepsy, causes, signs and

symptoms and management of these

conditions so as to ensure that the

beneficiaries who are undergoing the

apprenticeship training are not discriminated

or stigmatized against by

their colleague apprentices in the

shops where they are being trained.

Livestock support

In addition to the above support,

during the period under review the

project further conducted vigorous

consultation and needs assessment exercise

in the Bolgatanga Municipality,

Talensi and Bongo districts to assess

the needs of the various group members

and ascertain those who were interested

in going into livestock rearing.

Upon further assessment, Basic

Needs-Ghana, with funding from

KOICA, responded to this request by

facilitating the purchase of 124 animals

for the 62 beneficiaries, with each

of them taking two female goats, and

receiving advice from veterinary officers.

Beneficiaries were encouraged to

vaccinate their animals against diseases

to prevent death, which most of them

complied with.

Dry season gardening


Furthermore, the Project also provided

support to 28 beneficiaries, including

service users and caregivers, all

comprising 13 males and 15 females, at

the Baare community in the Talensi

District of the region to go into dry

season gardening with the aim of empowering

them to undertake vegetable

gardening as a means of improving

upon their nutritional status and income

generation activities as well as

occupational therapy.

They were also provided with two

hand-dug wells fitted with rope pumps

to provide water for irrigation of the

vegetable infield as well as supplied

with vegetable seeds, watering cans,

wellington boots, and wheel burrows

among others to cultivate vegetables,

including okra, pepper, tomatoes,

kenaf and bean leaves.

Project impact

After seven months of the implementation

of the interventions, the

staff of Basic Needs Ghana, including

some journalists, undertook a monitoring

visit to the garden at Baare community

to assess the impact of the

project and saw bumper harvests of

vegetables, including okra, pepper,

tomatoes, kenaf and bean leaves harvested

by many of the beneficiaries.

“I make at least GH¢ 35.00 every

month from the sale of the okra and

the leafy vegetables I often harvest

from my field. I can now buy medicines

for my daughter every month. I

also prepare fresh vegetable sauce

which we enjoy with ‘TZ’ meals all the

time,” Mr Mammyoya Baan, a caregiver

of Lahare Buliktee remarked.

It was established that averagely, a

beneficiary harvested at least two

buckets of okra within every three

days and sold each for fifteen Ghana

cedis (GH¢ 15.00). This implies that a

beneficiary could make at least Thirty

Ghana cedis (GH¢ 30.00) every three

days and a total of nine hundred

Ghana cedis (GH¢ 900.00) every

month for at least three months.

In effect, the twenty-eight beneficiaries

made an average of GH¢

25,200.00 in a month from the sale of

vegetables produced in their fields.

This was very significant and went a

long way to improve their socio-economic

status and general wellbeing.

Additionally, the Project has

equipped the master artisans with

knowledge on common mental disorders

and epilepsy as well as the causes

and management of persons living

with such disorders, thereby reducing

discrimination and stigmatization

against persons suffering from mental


Besides, it has also brought smiles

and excitement on the faces of service

users and their care givers, who hitherto

did not have the capacity to engage

in any skills training. In fact, it

was amazing to this writer to see many

of the stable mental ill patients who

have become master artisans through

the skill training they received from the

project and are now offering training

to other apprentices and generating income

to support themselves and their


In conclusion even though the oneyear

implementation period of the

‘Building productive skills of women,

men and youth affected by mental disorders

in northern Ghana for enhanced

recovery and income Project’

has been very short, its impact has

been very tremendous, considering the

above-mentioned benefits.

However, considering the significant

number of persons with mental

disorders in the country, there is the

urgent need for more development

partners to support Basic Needs

Ghana to help tackle the menace.

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THE NATIONAL Identification

Authority (NIA) on Monday (yesterday)

failed to deliver on its promise to begin

registering Members of Parliament for

the issuance of the Ghana Card.

The Authority suspended the

registration and issuance of the cards on

May 28 after a failed roll-out, resuming

last week to successfully register persons

at the Jubilee House – the seat of


The exercise was to have continue in

Parliament yesterday but the MPs who

showed up were left stranded as officials

of the NIA failed to show up.

According to Starr News’ sources at

the NIA, officials who were detailed to

the lawmaking chamber to register and

issue the cards to the MPs “got a

communique from their bosses that

today being Monday and the fact that

Parliament does not sit on Monday, they

should hold on and rather show up

tomorrow [Tuesday].”

Meanwhile, the Minority members in

Parliament have stated that they will

boycott the planned registration of

Parliamentarians by the NIA for the new

Ghana Card.

A statement signed by Minority

Leader Haruna Iddrisu stated that the

decision was taken due to the failure of

the NIA to engage Members of

Parliament to clarify a number of issues



Ghana card:

no show in



•The Ghana card

relating to the roll-out of the exercise.

The minority is also raising questions

about the cost, scope and legality of the

project as well as registration


According to the minority members,

until those issues are cleared by the

NIA, they will not take part in the

planned registration.

According to Starr

News’ sources at

the NIA, officials

who were detailed

to the lawmaking

chamber to register

and issue the cards

to the MPs “got a

communique from

their bosses that

today being Monday

and the fact that

Parliament does

not sit on Monday,

they should hold on

and rather show up




Mahamudu Bawumia on Saturday said

graduates engaged under the Nation

Builders Corp would start work in

August this year as part of measures to

minimise the rising rate of

unemployment in the country.

He said the New Patriotic Party-led

administration under President Nana

Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo was only

18 months old in office and had

fulfilled some of its promises made to

Ghanaians prior to the 2016 presidential

and parliamentary elections, including

youth engagement.

Dr Bawumia said this when he paid

courtesy call on the Regent and people

of the Navrongo Traditional Council in

the Upper East Region, which was the

ninth region to be visited in his

nationwide tour.

The Vice President, who later joined

his fellow Muslims to offer prayers at

the Navrongo Central Mosque, was

accompanied by Alhaji Boniface



of the Ghana Football

Association (GFA),

Kwesi Nyantakyi, has

explained that he resigned

from his post because he

did not want to be hounded out.

In what appears to be a private

conversation with a close associate,

the former 1st Vice President of

CAF said Ghanaians would not have

remembered any of his good deeds

if he had continued to stay in office.

“I don’t want to be hounded out

of office. That way, people will

always remember you with that bad

thing that you were sacked. They

won’t remember anything good

about you.”

The former FA boss added: “I’m

a very patient person, that’s why I’ve

survived all these things. I always

believe that God is the one who

decides everything…If I even resign

today from GFA, CAF and FIFA, I

will thank God [because] God has

taken me very far [looking at] where

I came from.

“I came from a very deprived

Abubakar Sadique, the Minister for

Inner-City and Zongo Development;

Mr Rockson Ayine Bukari, the Upper

East Regional Minister; Municipal and

District Chief Executives, some party

executives and government officials.


The school I went to, those days we

didn’t even have electricity; we used


NABCOB appointees to start work in August - VEEP Red Flag Movement


•Dr Mahamudu Bawumia addressing the Regent and people of

Navrongo Traditional Council

He said: “We are praying because we

know that with God everything is

possible and without God nothing is

possible, so we are trying to make sure

that we live by the words of His

Excellency Nana Akuffo-Addo that the


generator. And when it’s 10p.m. they

put it off because the generator

battle is the Lord’s.”

Dr Bawumia said 1,000 graduates

would be hired and distributed across

every constituency, and added that

“Navrongo, for example, will not get

less than four hundred graduates this

year. They will be hired and they will

start work this year.”

He noted that it was better for the

unemployed graduates to be engaged to

work than to allow them to stay at

home on the pretext that the

government cannot provide jobs, and

further disclosed that the government

would hire 80,000 non-graduates or

non-certificate holders onto the youth

employment scheme, adding, “Nana

Akufo-Addo is delivering”.

According to the Vice President, a

number of farmers had access to

fertilizers and seeds under the ‘Planting

for Food and Jobs’ programme, and

said the government was working hard

to ensure that the ‘One Village, One

Dam’ programme started soon.

“We have awarded the contracts for

the programme and you would see a lot

of dams being constructed very soon

all across the three northern regions.”


be on throughout the night, so you

have to get a lantern if you want to

Dr Bawumia said the government

had established the Northern

Development Authorities for each of

the three regions of the north, and

would inaugurate the Board on Monday.

He, therefore, urged the Chief

Executive Officer and his Deputy to

work hard to ensure that all

constituencies reaped the benefits of

the different authorities.

“They would be the vehicles

through which we will channel the one

million dollar per constituency to see

the various projects being implemented.

We have been 18 months in office, and

you will agree that Nana Addo Dankwa

Akufo-Addo is a President who keeps

his words.”

Ambassador Francis Bagyei Kelugu,

Head of the family of the late Navro

Pio, thanked the Vice President and his

entourage for the visit, the support and

interest the government had shown in

the arrangements for the funeral of Pe

Dr Augustine Atudiku Balinia Adda,

who died on September 13, 2015.

He said the funeral of the late chief

would be performed on June 19, and a

new chief installed on July 15 this year.

I didn’t want to be hounded out

• Nyantakyi explains resignation

•Kwesi Nyantakyi, former GFA president

learn after 10p.m.

“You would be learning and the

smoke [from the lantern] will be

entering your nose – I remember we

really suffered.”

Nyantakyi, who was captured

taking $65, 000 in an explosive

investigative piece by renowned

undercover journalist Anas

Aremeyaw Anas, has been at the

helm of Ghana Football from

December 2005 till June 7, 2018.

Nyantakyi resigned as the FA

boss on Friday, June 8, after the

Government of Ghana announced

that it was taking steps to dissolve

the FA.

Apart from being the second in

command at CAF, Nyantakyi, who

is a lawyer and a banker, was also a

FIFA Council member, a position

he has also officially quit after the

world’s football body handed him a

provisional 90-day ban.

The former WAFU (West

African Football Union) boss has

denied any wrongdoing but

apologized for “indiscretion”.

He has pledged to address the

media in the coming days on the

issues raised in the widely publicised

piece by Anas.

ready to fight




of corruption, especially within

the public sector service

delivery/political circles, remains


This is possibly due to the

number of alleged corruption

cases reported and discussed in

the public domain, especially in

the mass and social media and

also due to the fact that most of

these reported corruption cases

are not dealt with to a logical

conclusion, or at least in a way in

which the public can see a clear

line of action and follow through

to sanction offenders.

This formed the backdrop to

Penplusbytes’ innovative anticorruption

project dubbed “Red

Flag Movement”.

With funding support from

DFID, and Strengthening Action

Against Corruption (STAAC)

programme, the

Penplusbytes’ Red Flag

Movement project aims at

promoting a new holistic

approach to the fight against

corruption anchored on the

humanisation of corruption and

providing a bird’s eye-view of the

state of corruption in Ghana at

any given time.

At the heart of this project

intervention is a real-time

information and knowledge

dissemination system that tracks

and traces alleged corruption acts

in the public sphere with direct

linkages to law enforcement


The Red Flag platform is

intended to be a vibrant online

platform designed to incorporate

innovative tools to solve new

challenges citizens and project

stakeholders face in accessing or

sending information on


To commence project

activities, Penplusbytes,

on Thursday June 7, 2018, hosted

technology experts, researchers

and information management

professionals at a writing shop at

the New Media Hub in Osu to

validate the project’s


The participants agreed on the

terms for engaging law

enforcement agencies and the

modalities for researching into

past and current reported

corruption cases, which will serve

as contents for the online

platform and also a lead for

journalists to undertake

investigative pieces.

According to the Executive

Director of Penplusbytes, Kwami

Ahiabenu II, “Our solution is

original and time-tested. The allmedia

online tracking system will

sustain media and public

discourse on corruption cases and

keep government agencies on

their toes to deliver on their


A key deliverable and

achievement of the Red Flag

Movement project would be the

anti-corruption database in realtime

tracking and tracing how

corruption acts or cases are

progressing or stalling, thereby

providing the answer to the key

question of “How is Ghana

doing in the fight against


About Penplusbytes

Penplusbytes is a not-for-profit

organization driving change

through innovations in three key

areas: using new digital

technologies to enable good

governance and accountability;

new media and innovations; and

enhancing media oversight for

effective utilization of mining, oil

and gas revenue and resources.

A key deliverable

and achievement of

the Red Flag

Movement project

would be the anticorruption

database in

real-time tracking and

tracing how corruption

acts/cases are

progressing or stalling,

thereby providing the

answer to the key

question on “how is

Ghana doing in the

fight against


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US Dollar USDGHS 4.4430 4.4475

RATES Pound Sterling GBPGHS









Heritage Bank delights children of

King Jesus Charity Home

IN LINE with its community-oriented

and people-centred approach

to business, Heritage

Bank Limited has brought smiles

on the faces of children at the

King Jesus Charity Home at

Boadi in Kumasi.

A delegation comprising staff of

the Bank’s Suame and Adum branches

in Kumasi paid a visit to the orphans

of the charity home, which doubles as

a school.

They feted the children with a variety

of goodies, interacted with them

and served as guest-tutors and supervisors

for the day.

The entourage of about 20 staff

members led by the Manager of the

Suame Branch, Titus Beyuoh, indulged

the children in a mix of fun and serious

activities, including a mini-party,

talent display, indoor games, a talk on

good hygiene and a discussion on

schooling and career choices.

The highlight of the occasion was

the generous presentation of assorted

food items, drinks, clothes, toiletries

and other essentials to the children.

•Titus Beyuoh, Manager of Suame Branch, Heritage Bank handing a dummy cheque to

Rev Kofi Owusu Afriyie, Founder of King Jesus Charity Home

In addition to these, the Bank provided

a cash token to the home.

Thanking the Heritage Bank team,

Rev Kofi Owusu Afriyie, the Founder

and President of King Jesus Charity

Home, Nungua, blessed the institution,

saying, “Your most kind gesture has

empowered our spirit to continue aiding

and training more needy children.

May the Lord Almighty continue to

bless all your undertakings

and grant

you divine success.”

Commenting on

this gesture, Mr

Beyuoh stated that

the habit of identifying

the needy and

vulnerable in society

and providing sustainable

support initiatives

to uplift

them is an intrinsic

aspect of the corporate

culture at Heritage


“Our mantra:

‘It’s Possible’ isn’t

only relevant to our

clients and other

business interests.

At Heritage Bank,

beyond the business

of banking, we believe that we are primarily

in the business of making

dreams come true for the needy and

vulnerable within the communities that

we serve.

“This act of support for the King

Jesus Charity Home is just one of

many community-centred initiatives

that the Bank will be rolling out across

the country in the ensuing days.”

It will be recalled that Managing

Director of Heritage Bank Limited, Mr

Patrick Fiscian, recently confirmed to

members of the media that the Bank

was firmly on course to meet the

BOG’s minimum capital requirement

well ahead of the stipulated December

31, 2018 deadline.

Within a year of operations, the

Bank has established seven branches,

with four in Accra (Airport City, East

Legon, Dzorwulu, Abbossey Okai),

two in Kumasi (Adum and Suame-

Magazine) and one in Tema.

All branches of the bank offer extended

banking services from 8:30a.m.

to 6:00p.m. throughout the working

week. The Bank also prides itself on

some of the most efficient digital

banking platforms and consumer asset

finance loan offerings on the market as

well as a host of other bespoke products.

100,000 on MTN Mobile Money pension scheme

CLOSE TO 100,000 Ghanaians have

subscribed to making personal pension

contributions through MTN Mobile

Money and United Pensions Trust personal

pension scheme dubbed ‘My

Own Pension.’

With over 80% of Ghana’s labour

force being in the informal sector, ‘My

Own Pension’, which is a tier 3 mobile

pension and savings product, is expected

to create an opportunity for

more Ghanaians to have a structured

pension system.

‘My Own Pension’ reiterates MTN

Ghana’s commitment to engendering

financial inclusion, social protection

and the improvement of living standards

for Ghanaians from all sectors

and diverse economic backgrounds

using technology. The service was

launched in Accra in May in partnership

with Fidelity Bank and Bora Capital


Commenting on the progress made

so far after the launch, Mr Eli Hini,

General Manager for MTN Ghana

Mobile Financial Services, said, “We

are very satisfied with the response received

so far from the public, and this

tells us that we are gradually achieving

success with our quest to drive financial

inclusion in Ghana.”

“As the leader in the Telecoms

Market, we will continue to collaborate

with like-minded organizations to

make our customers live a whole lot

brighter,” he added.

The Chairman for United Pensions

Trustees, Mr Harold Awuah-Darko,

encouraged persons who are yet to

sign on to the scheme to do so and

enjoy the benefits it provides.

He said, “The more you invest in

your pension, the more money you

would have working for you and as a

result you generate more returns.”

Mr Awuah-Darko also commended

MTN for sharing in their vision of

•Mr Eli Hini, General Manager for MTN MoMo, and some invited guests at the official

launch of My Pension Scheme

making pensions available to everyone


The intervention by MTN

Ghana, United Pension Trustees

and the key partners was also applauded

by the Director General of

Management Development and

Productivity Centre, Mr Kwaku

Odame-Takyi, who spoke on behalf

of the Minister for Labour Relations,

Mr Ignatius Baffuor Awuah,

at the launch.

He said, “Government is very

supportive of any initiative that aids

in fulfilling the National Pensions

Act, 2008 (Act 766) and drives inclusivity

for everyone, especially

those in the informal sector.”

‘My-Own Pension’ scheme is

fast, easy and affordable and has

optional products ranging from life,

health and motor insurance, which

can be arranged for interested


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Do not mind anything that anyone tells you about

anyone else. Judge everyone and everything for

yourself —Henry James

IMANI throws light on five

critical matters of state

Man Dies in Car due to lack of

hospital beds

1. MR. OBIRI Yeboah lost the dad

last week because all major hospitals in

the capital, Accra, could not find a bed

for the ailing dad. Ghana, a population

of nearly 30 million has only 15,000

hospital beds available. What is worse

ONLY 54 ambulances are available for

all Ghanaians. And yet $178m that

could buy One million, seven hundred

and eighty hospital beds is being given

freely to a phantom project by your

Communication Ministry.

CitiNews; GVG saga: Gov’t sued

over Common Platform for telco

revenue monitoring

2. “Two citizens have sued the government

over the traffic monitoring,

revenue assurance and mobile money

monitoring Common Platform. The

two, Sara Asafu-Adjaye and Maximus

Amertogoh, are seeking an order restraining

the government from implementing

the Common Platform. he

key relief is “an order of interlocutory

injunction restraining the respondents,

whether, by themselves, their servants,

workmen, hirelings, agents, privies or

any persons claiming under or through

them, whosoever described from implementing

and operationalising the

Common Platform until the final determination

of this suit.” Joined to the

suit are the Ghana Chamber of

Telecommunications, the Ghana Revenue

Authority, the National Communications

Authority, along with three

telecom communications companies.”

KelniGVG Surfaces, Apparently.

3. A statement purported to have

emanated from KelvinGVG said that

has been testing their anti-fraud systems

(over the CDRs) and that since

the contract was signed in December

2017 only 3000 fraudulent calls were

captured for the 5 main telcos with a

total subscriber base of over 25 million.

Only 3000 fraudulent calls were

detected by KelvinGVG's monitoring

machines. We need to ask; were all the

3000 international calls? If no, how

many were international calls and how

many were domestic calls? By law, international

calls cost 0.19 cents per

minute in Ghana. Assuming all the

3000 calls were international calls and

each lasted for a minute, the total savings

to the tax payer is only $570. If all

the 3000 calls were international calls

and lasted 60 minutes each, (which is

unlikely), the total savings to the tax

payer is $34,200. If they were yet to be

connected to any of the networks,

how were they able to come by the

fact that 1938 fraudulent calls were

made? By what mode or method were

they testing.

NB: The telcos detect and parry

off 25,000 fraudulent each day. These

calls are being made by fraudsters because

it is lucrative to call Ghana from

outside. The issue of fraudulent calls is

a pricing issue, not machine monitoring

at inflated costs.

Imagine this will go on every

month for the next 10 years, paying

KelniGVG $1.5m every month for 10

years to return negligible value of unlikely

$34, 200.

4. Of UNI-PASS, GCNet, West

Blue and

Paperless Ports

IMANI has been studying the port

systems, specifically the paperless port

process, and would like to understand

the implications of adopting UNI-

PASS on the turnaround times and the


According to the Ministry of Trade

and Industry (MoTI), the introduction

of UNI-PASS is expected to make the

Ghana National Single Window

(GNSW) more comprehensive. In addition,

the UNI-PASS system will include

a clearance management system,

a cargo management system, an information

management system and an administration



a. Are all these functions missing

from the existing systems (GCNet and

West Blue platforms)? How easily can

they be added to the existing system

and at what cost?

b. The 2018 World Bank Doing

Business index indicates that Ghana

ranked 158 out of 190 countries in the

trading across borders indicator, a

four-point drop from 2017 rankings.

How does the UNI-PASS system enhance

trade facilitation in terms of the

Cargo Dwell Times?

c. How much percentage wise, are

revenues likely to increase from the existing

situation with the new system?

Will this be large enough to offset the

potential lost revenue from government

shareholding in GCNet?

d. The GCNet contract ends in

2023 while the West Blue contract expires

in 2020. This means that there

are still about 5 and 2 more years, respectively,

for them to operate the single

window system.

e. Is the government going to abrogate

these contracts and at what cost?

f. If government does not intend

to abrogate these contracts, how will

all three companies operate on the single

window platform? What is the implication

for trade facilitation?

g. What will the transition look like

and what consequences will it have for

trade facilitation and revenue mobilisation?

h. What motivated MoTI’s decision

to procure a new system instead of

strengthening existing systems?

We have written to the appropriate

authorities for answers to the above

and many more questions.

5. NEIP and later NABCO

The National Entrepreneurship

and Innovation Plan (NEIP) is a flagship

policy initiative of the government

of Ghana with the primary

objective of providing an integrated

national support for start-ups and

small businesses- Website.

a. In the 2018 budget statement,

the Finance Minister reported thus;

‘’The Ministry launched its flagship

programme, National Entrepreneurship

and Innovation Plan (NEIP) and

the National Business Plan Competition.

In addition, the Ministry procured

Private Sector Implementation

Partner for NEIP.’’

b. Building an

Entrepreneurial Nation

787. ‘’Mr. Speaker, Government

engaged a Private Sector Implementation

Partner (PSIP) to manage the

USD10million National Entrepreneurship

and Innovation Programme

(NEIP) and to raise additional funding

from the private sector. This programme

was launched by H.E. the

President on 25th August, 2017. The

Ministry for Special Development Initiatives

advertised and received 5,500

applications from young Ghanaian entrepreneurs.

These applications are

being vetted and successful entrepreneurs

will receive business advisory


c. The following were the

bidders for selection of the


1. African SME Oragnaistaion 2.

CEPD Limited, 3. Fidelity Bank Consortium

4. Innohub Limited,5. Stanbic

Bank Consortium,6. MDF West

Africa,7. KNUST Short Course Centre,8.


Solomon Bondzi-Quaye,11. GBIIG,12.

Kwaku Adu-Mensah

d. We have been reliably informed

that African SME Oragnaistaion won

the bid to be the PSIP to NEIP and

Ministry of Business Development.

e. We understand that African SME

Oragnaistaion begun work but was

later sidelined by the Ministry of Business

Development for unexplained

business reasons.

f. Which agency or company has

the Ministry of Business Development

been working with since it disowned

African SME Oragnaistaion?

g. What are the productive plans of

NEIP beyond announcing the processing

of 7,000 start-up applications?

Are there really 7,000 applications?

We shall return with further questions

and a review of NABCO, the

Nation Builders Corp.

IMANI commiserates with the

leadership of NEIP, the Ministry of

Business Development on the recent

loss of the former’s deputy CEO to

careless medical care.

EC impasse: constitutional crisis ahead – Asiedu Nketia


THE GENERAL secretary

of the main

opposition National

Democratic Congress

(NDC) has

predicted a constitutional

crisis ahead of the country if

the protracted tension at the electoral

commission is not resolved


According to him, the impasse

at the election management body

has obstructed the undertaking of

crucial decisions and actions that

should have been made after the

2016 elections.

The EC boss Charlotte Osei

and some of her deputies have

been engrossed in public disagreement

over how affairs are conducted

at the institution. Both

sides have accused each other of

incompetence and financial impropriety.

A petition sent to the president

for the dismissal of the

commissioners is being considered

by a committee set up the Chief

Justice as Ghana’s constitution demands.

Addressing Members of the

NDC AT Aflao in the Ketu South

district of the Volta region, Mr

Asiedu Nketia said the issues

•Mrs Charlotte Osei, EC boss

plaguing the commission

must be a major worry to


“My fear is that we

will get so close to the

next elections and there

will be too many things

yet undone, and if we are

not careful we are leading

this nation into a constitutional

crisis. We have

been warned not to speak

for fear of being cited for

contempt. If there is anything

leading us into crisis

I will prefer to talk about

it and risk being cited for

contempt than to keep


“Whatever is happening about

the EC must be happen quick

enough so they can look forward,

anything and undertake their activities

before the 2020 elections, the

alternative will be a chaotic election.

And Ghanaians are not ready

for that. We demand that the results

of the 2016 elections are

gazetted,” he said.

The NDC executive also appealed

to the National Identification

Authority to include more

means of identity for the Ghana

card instead of restricting themselves

to passport and birth certificate.

Inside June 12, 2018 .qxp_Layout 1 6/11/18 8:39 PM Page 9






Akufo-Addo cuts sod for 25km

Asankragwa-Fordjuorkrom road



the Republic, Nana

Addo Dankwa

Akufo-Addo, on Saturday,

9th June,

2018, cut the sod for

the construction of the 25 kilometre

Asankragua – Fordjuorkrom

feeder road, in the Amenfi West

constituency, in the Western Region,

in fulfilment of a campaign

pledge he made in the run-up to

the December 2016 elections.

The road, which is scheduled to

be completed in 24 months, will

serve the Asankran Breman,

Suroano, Breman, Oda Akotoamso,

Asiedukrom, Awudikrom,

and Fordjuorkrom communities.

Cutting the sod on the 2nd day

of the tour of the Western Region,

President Akufo-Addo noted that

the construction of roads across

the country will not only serve to

reduce the spate of road accidents,

but will also aid farmers in the

transportation of agricultural produce,

amongst others.

“The opening up of the country

through the construction of

the road network will mean the

growth of the economy. The contractor

is to complete the road in

24 months, i.e. in two years. Two

years is two years, and he has to

complete the road on schedule.

When the road is done, regardless

of where I am, I will be here to

commission it,” he added.

On the proposed creation of

the Western-North Region, President

Akufo-Addo stated that the

creation of the region will ensure

the rapid development, and improvement

in the quality of lives

of inhabitants of the Western Region.

“Let no one be worried about

the creation of the new region. We

•Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo

want to bring development

to all parts of the Western

Region, and, in so doing,

deepen the unity that already

exists amongst residents of

the region,” he added.

With the New Patriotic

Party (NPP) having only

won the Amenfi West seat

once, in recent times, the

President urged the Chiefs

and people to buck this

trend, and ensure that the

NPP emerges victorious in

the next election.

“We are changing the relationship

between the NPP

and Amenfi West in 2020.

Our candidate in 2016, I am

confident, will be the same

candidate in 2020. This time,

help him and the NPP to

win this seat. If God wills,

and I come back in 2020,

help me also,” the President


Prez Akufo-Addo announces massive road dev. for W/R

THE PRESIDENT of the Republic,

Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo, on

Sunday, 10th June, 2018, ended his

three-day tour of the Western Region

with an announcement of massive

road constructions to be undertaken

in the region this year.

According to President Akufo-

Addo, despite the mantra of “unprecedented


development” touted by the predecessor

Mahama government in the runup

to the 2016 elections, a major

problem of the Chiefs and peoples of

every region he has visited so far, including

the Western Region, since becoming

President of the Republic in

January 2017, is the poor nature of

road infrastructure.

In response to this, President

Akufo-Addo, in the course of his

Western Regional tour, cut the sod for

the construction of the 24.3 kilometre

Kojina-Chirano-Akoti road in Bibiani;

the 25 kilometre Asankragwa-Fordjuorkrom

road in Breman; and the 16

kilometre Kejibir-Mpohor road.

With the 71 kilometre Elubo-

Enchi road, begun in 2011, not completed,

and with contractors having

abandoned site, President Akufo-

Addo told a gathering of Chiefs from

Nzema East, Ellembelle, Jomoro,

Ahanta West, Kwesimintsim, Effia,

Takoradi, Sekondi, Essikado-Ketan

and Shama, that has secured funds to

complete the road

“The 71 kilometre stretch of road

from Elubo to Enchi will be financed

by the Sinohydro financing facility – a

facility which has been negotiated by

my government. This will ensure that

this road is constructed once and for

all,” he added, to a rapturous applause

from the Chiefs.

The President indicated also that

the Sinohydro Facility will be used to

construct an interchange at the PTC

Roundabout in Takoradi.

“At a meeting on Tuesday, 5th

June, 2018, Cabinet took the decision

that all Sekondi-Takoradi town roads

are going to be tarred, and it will begin

this year. When I say Sekondi-Takoradi

town roads, I am referring to all

the constituencies in SekondiTakoradi,

including Essikado,” he added.

• President Nana Akufo-Addo exchanging pleasantries with a chief

Other roads to be constructed

with the Sinohydro facility include the

Benchemaa -Nkwanta-Asuontaa-Oseikojokrom

road; Ewiase-Bosomoise

road; Wiawso-Amfie-Aboboyaa road;

Asafo-Acheachen road; Datano-Ahokwaa-Suhenso

road; Asawinso-Kojina-

Essakrom road; Kessekrom –

Adiembra road; and Penakrom-Futa


The construction of the 27 kilometre

Sanko to Cape Three Points

Road, a request made by the Omanhene

of Dixcove, ObrempongHimaDekyi

IV, the President said, has

had engineering studies completed by

the Ghana Highways Authority, and

the procurement processes for the

road will be completed soon.

Fertiliser plant,


In fulfilment of a campaign promise

in 2016 for the establishment of a

fertiliser plant in Jomoro, President

Akufo-Addo told the Chiefs that “at

long last, we have now been able to

complete the negotiations with the

Moroccan Government.”

He continued, “The Moroccan

company, OCTP, which is the largest

fertiliser producing company in

Africa, has been in Ghana on 3 separate

occasions, and very soon we will

announce plans for the construction

of the fertiliser plant in Jomoro.”

On the manifesto pledge to site

the headquarters of the Ghana National

Petroleum Company (GNPC) in

Takoradi, President Akufo-Addo

noted that the Board of GNPC has

made the decision that the Operational

Headquarters of GNPC in


Touching on the financing of projects

in the 1-District-1-Factory initiative,

President Akufo-Addo revealed

that enterprises that are going to have

an export content are being supported

by the EXIM Bank.

“Soon, we are going to get the

Ghana Commercial Bank, and the

Venture Capital Fund to pull together

to be able to support the 1D-1F project.

This will ensure that financing,

which is a major problem, will be

solved. 1-District-1-Factory is going to

have a major impact on the development

of our country, and we are determined

to do it,” he added.

Earlier in the day, President Akufo-

Addo inspected ongoing works on the

construction of the sea defence wall

in Dixcove, and urged the contractors

to complete the project on schedule.



Forget everybody




artiste, Samuel Adu

Frimpong, popularly

known as Medikal,

has rubbished rape

claims from Ghanaian slay queen

and actress Rosemond Brown.

According to Medikal, he was

shocked when he saw a viral video a

personality he barely knows attacking

his [Medikal’s] personality.

Speaking to the DAILY HER-

ITAGE in a Whatsapp interview,

he said, “I was shocked to hear her

say that because I barely know her, I

only met her in a club where she

came to me and just said ‘hi’, that is


The ‘Adwee Ba’ hit maker, who

was alleged to be flirting with Ms

Brown, has encouraged his fans to

forget everybody, adding, “I know

nothing about that. All I know is she

met my girl and told her it was a

joke. But I am not sure of her goal

for what she did.”

• Medikal

It is compulsory to lead a

flashy life as a star — Mzbel



Akua Amoah, known in showbiz as

Mzbel, has said it is compulsory for an

artiste to lead a flamboyant lifestyle.

The award-winning female artist

backs her statement that because of the

high standard fans literally set for

celebrities, they tend to always hold

whatever celebrities do in high esteem.

She continues that being an artiste,

one needs not to dress and live like a

regular person because the musician is

assumed to have got to a stage where it

is above the standard of regular people.

Defending her claim, the controversial

musician added that the fans would

always hit hard on any artiste who wears


fake stuff and lead unappealing lifestyle.

“The moment you become a star,

your standard of living changes, the

least thing you do goes viral so you have

to present yourself in the best suitable

way before you appear in the limelight.”

Mzbel, however, said the music industry

is not lucrative as it used to be.

According to her, artistes only get

money when they play shows and star in

adverts or when their songs are being

used for promos.

“There are a lot of rich artistes

around but they don’t invest in music

because they think you may outshine

them, which is wrong. So one has to

solely strive for his or her own greatness

in order to make money,” she told Kasapa

Entertainment host, Kojo Preko

Dankwa, on Kasapa 102.5FM.

Baby Jet acknowledged

for believing in Keche



group, Keche, over the

weekend thrilled fans and

patrons to good music and

amazing performance at

KiKi Bees Restaurant and

pub at East Legon in Accra.

During the performance, the

music duo took a pause to

acknowledge the presence of

Asamoah Gyan and his

team, who came in to support.

Gyan , Skipper

of the Black Stars

of Ghana, commonly

known as

Baby Jet, may

come across to all

as anything but a

spiritual person.

But something

that may have

seemed as a mere

saying Baby Jet

told award winning


music duo Keche

has become evidential


and somewhat a

prophecy that

has come to pass.

The star

player, upon

being acknowledged,

took the

opportunity to

recount his first

time encounter with the

music duo years ago.

He said, “The first time I

met Keche in person was at

Kaywa’s studio, where they

used to work as studio guys

cleaning the studio. I was

shocked at their humility

and gave a prophecy. I told

them for being this humble,

they will go places and will

become bigger. As you can

see, that’s what we see now,

it’s a prophecy right.”


Tema-based music duo

Keche, known in real life as

Joshua Kojo Ampah (Keche

Joshua) and Andrew Kofi

Cudjoe (Keche Andrew), is

under the management of

George Britton (GB)


They recently released a

smash hit titled ‘You Wan

Cry’, which was produced by

Tubhani Musik is no doubt

making waves on our radios

and in the country at large.






• Tiwa Savage

on stage

• Stonebwoy

in action

• Mayorkun


the crowd

• KME artiste (Rozzy and

Markmuday) on stage

Ghana really

meets Naija

•Patapaa thrills fans on stage

• The crowd being

thrilled at the event

• Wisa



Meets Naija’ event

organized by Empire


came off on Saturday,

June 9, 2018, at the Fantasy

Dome, Ghana Trade Fair Centre,

Accra, from 8:00p.m. to Sunday

at 4:00a.m. with more than 10

performances from both main

and guest artistes.

Fans of all musicians billed to

perform under one roof trooped

to the Fantasy Dome with the

big question, ‘Who will be

crowned the winner of the

event, Ghana or Naija?’ in their


But only various audiences,

after watching the show, can tell

who carried the day.

Not all artistes performed

very well on the night of the

event but Patapaa was the man

of the night, from his grand

entry to his interactions with the

fans amidst pulling other artistes

on stage.

On the part of the Nigerians,

Wizkid came on stage with many

surprises amidst the trending

video of the lady who fainted

after touching him. He also manage

to bring Shatta Wale and

Tiwa Savage on stage, which was

the icing on the cake on the


In a nutshell, the organisers

did a great work with just only

the sound as the major problem

affecting the show everything

was on point.

The concert, dubbed the

‘Rescue Mission’ and organized

by Empire Entertainment, was a

successful event which had on

stage sensational voice Mr

Okyere, YaaYaa, Sista Efia,

Kuami Eugene, Kidi, Mayorkun,

Dice Alies, Fancy Gadam, King

Promise, Ponobiom, Mr Eazi,

BAM artistes, KME

artistes,Wizkid leading the Naija

team to battle with Ghanaian

acts led by Stonebwoy.

Artistes who passed through

were SM president Shatta Wale,

Tiwa Savage, Tic, Kwesi Arthur,

Medikal, Mugees and Asamoah


• King

Promise wows


• Wizkid

admires the

love from fan

• Kidi on


• Efia Odo




TUESDAY, JUNE 12, 2018


GWBF calls off Friday’s




Federation (GWBF) has

called on all wheelchair basketball

players in the country to put

on hold the intended demonstration

which is to come off on Friday, June

15, 2018.

This is contained in a press release issued in

Accra signed by the Acting Director General

(DG) of the National Sports Authority (NSA)

and representatives of GWBF in the persons

of Mr Wilson Agbesi Yao, who is the General

Secretary of the federation and Treasurer of

National Paralympic Committee; and Botsyo

Nkegbe, the national captain; and national

coach, Elvis Alipu, and copied to the DAILY


According to the release, the decision to put

on hold the proposed demonstration has become

necessary after an emergency meeting

that took place on Sunday between the Acting

Director General of the NSA and the General

Secretary of the GWBF.

The Acting DG called for the emergency

meeting upon directive from the Minister of

• Mr Wilson Agbesi

Yao (middle) in a

discussion with Elvis

Alipui and the team’s

General Manager

Youth and Sports, Mr Isaac Asiamah, who had

met with the Executive Board of the GWBF

last Wednesday so that the issue could be resolved

to the satisfaction of all.

“With these quick intervention by the Acting

Director General, who is very much concerned

about Para sports and as well have the

listening ear for problems facing para-sports

and very much determined to see para-sports

given the needed support it deserved. The

GWBF has considered it very urgent in asking

that the demonstration should be put on hold

with alacrity till further notice,” the release said.

The release said further development would

be communicated to all stakeholders after a

meeting between the Minister and his team this

Wednesday to solve the issue once and for all.

Information picked by the DAILY HER-

ITAGE suggests that the intended demonstration

was due to the Sports Ministry’s

inability to fulfil a promise to the Federation,

which forced the federation to withdrawn from

the African Championship last year in Durban


The withdrawal attracted a fine from the International

Wheelchair Basketball Federation

(IWBF) after the Ministry promised to pay a

fine that the decision to withdraw at late hour

would attract.

However, IWBF has given GWBF up to

Sunday, June 17, 2018, to settle the debt, which

is $14, 000 or face a sanction or ban from all

IWBF-related activities.

They went ahead to say that the Ministry

had not shown any commitment in fulfilling

their promise, hence the decision to storm the

streets and press the Ministry to go by their

word and also match to the Jubilee House to

present a petition to the President Nana Addo

Dankwa Akufo-Addo.

Janet Amponsah wins ‘Athlete of the Year’ again


was over the weekend crowned the

Women’s Athlete of the Year.

At the awards ceremony held at

Kempiski Hotel Gold Coast City

on Saturday, Ms Amponsah beat

competition from the likes of new

sensation Hor Halutie to win the

award for the second time in three


National 800m record holder,

Alex Amankwah, was crowned the

Male Athlete of the Year.

Halutie and Emmanuel Yeboah

grabbed the maiden Rising Stars

award meant for locally-based male

and female athletes respectively.

Three veteran Ghanaian parasports

athletes, Raphael Botsyo

Nkegbe, Alem Mumuni and Patrick

Yaw Obeng, were also honoured

for their commitment to the

growth and development of parasports

in Ghana.

The Third Liquid Sports Ghana

Awards saw the trio presented with

special individual plaques designed

and manufactured in the USA purposely

for the award ceremony.

Obeng, who is regarded as one

of the pioneers of para-sports in

Ghana, has received medals at

every single All Africa Games since

2003, while Nkegbe is the first

Ghanaian to have competed at the

Olympic Games and holds the

record for most appearances at the

Olympics after competing at the

Athens 2004, Beijing 2008 and

London 2012 Games; with Alem

Mumuni as the first African paracyclist

to have competed at the

Olympics at London 2012.

In a spontaneous move

in appreciation of the efforts

by the veteran athletes,

the Indian Women’s Association

of Ghana (IWA) –

who were represented by

four of their members at

the event – presented

GH¢500.00 to each of the

para-sports athletes as a


IWA also surprised

many when they presented

a cheque for $6,000 to

three-time Olympian

Nkegbe for the purchase of

a new racing chair to enable

him to compete favourably on the

international stage.

A key highlight of the awards

was an awe-inspiring speech by

para wheelchair specialist Obeng,

who made a passionate appeal to

the nation to support para-sports

athletes who are among some of

the most disadvantaged in society.

He said the case where Black

Stars players were showered with

Jeeps and thousands of dollars for

winning silver at the African Nations

Cup while para-sports athletes

were given no bonuses for also

winning silver medals at the All

Africa Games did not augur well

for the development of the sport.

Meanwhile, Dr. Bella Bello

Bitugu, Director of Sports at the

University of Ghana, Legon, and

the Indian Women’s Association of

Ghana were awarded with the

‘Leadership and Excellence awards’

• Janet Amponsah

(2nd R) won the

maiden award in 2016

respectively for their individual

contribution to sports development

in Ghana.

The athletics awards was voted

for by an international cast of athletics

experts, including renowned

Ghanaian journalist Karl Tuffuor;

Citi FM’s Fentuo Tahiru; the President

of the Ghana Triathlon Federation,

Bawah Fuseini; Carole Fuchs,

Managing Editor of

www.africathle.com; Online Editor,

TV3 Network; Emmanuel Kwame

Amoh; Yemi Olus, Senior writer at

Nigeria’s Making of Champions-a

Sports Media & Management Company;

renowned Ghanaian athletics

coaches Salamatu Musah; and Chris

Amankrah- who doubles at the

Chairman of the Greater Accra

Athletics Association.

The awards – the first of its

kind in Ghana which focuses on

athletics and para sports – were

aimed at throwing the spotlight on

athletes who excel in representing

the country both locally and internationally

to inspire the younger




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