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16 | June 14, 2018 | The winnetka Current news Author shares insight on nuclear weapons at Winnetka church Hilary Anderson Freelance Reporter Are Nuclear weapons necessary? This is among the many questions surrounding nuclear weapons author Ward Hayes Wilson discussed May 31 at Winnetka Presbyterian Church. Wilson, author of “Hope in the Nuclear Age: The Realist Case for Eliminating Nuclear Weapons,” believes there is a reasonable way to eliminate nuclear weapons. “Nuclear weapons for diplomacy have become useless and virtually unreliable deterrents and will not provide security,” Wilson said. “This conclusion is the only assessment consistent with the facts.” Ward said for 70 years, presidents and foreign leaders said nuclear weapons were essential. “Nations used their wealth to build battleships,” Wilson said. “This touched off an arms race, but when World War I came, these new ships, priceless symbols of power, were kept in port. Battleships played virtually no role in deciding the outcome of World War I. Diplomats in the 1920s wanted to figure out how to prevent future wars and an expensive arms race similar to one that led up to World War I.” When World War II came, it had nothing to do with how many ships a nation had, according to Wilson. “Battleships were sunk in World War II because they were too slow to avoid torpedoes and easy targets for aircraft,” he said. “This means experts around the Author Ward Hayes Wilson talks about the history and future of nuclear weapons May 31 to an audience at the Winnetka Presbyterian Church. HILARY ANDERSON/22ND CENTURY MEDIA world incorrectly perceived the importance of battleships. They were obsolete technology. In a similar vein, it is possible officials and experts could be wrong when thinking about the value of nuclear weapons.” He cited examples where officials said nuclear weapons were necessary, like Hiroshima. “At the end of World War II, the Japanese emperor said his country would have to surrender because of the atomic bomb,” Wilson said. “That was a white lie. In a message sent to Japanese soldiers and sailors, he talked about Russia declaring war on Japan and did not mention nuclear weapons. We bombed 68 Japanese cities during the summer of 1945 and killed more people in Tokyo than Hiroshima.” The hydrogen bomb was another example. “Once the H-bomb arrived, it was assumed nuclear weapons were effective because they were so big. The truth is, nuclear weapons wind up being clumsy.” Wars are won by defeating the other side’s military, continued Wilson. “Nuclear weapons do best by destroying a concentrated target. They are ideal for killing civilians in large numbers but that isn’t war. It’s genocide,” he said. Wilson discussed studies about possible ways to use nuclear weapons on the battlefield. “One study commissioned by Dwight Eisenhower during the Korean War said a large use of battlefield weapons still would not win the war,” he said. “If so, this would undercut the perceived value of nuclear weapons.” Another was the tactical use of weapons. “Nuclear weapons have Please see weapons, 17 Father’s Day Photo Contest A role-model relationship STAFF REPORT Northfield resident Ben Duke’s photo with his daughter, Bianca, and the story behind their relationship captured our hearts at The Current to win this year’s Father’s Day Photo Contest. PHOTO SUBMITTED While life as an adult is undoubtedly busy, the men who are also fathers have an even tougher job, ensuring they spend quality time with their children to form close relationships and create lifelong bonds. The Winnetka Current would like to congratulate Northfield resident Ben Duke for winning this year’s Father’s Day Photo Contest for a photo showing a sweet moment where Duke embraces his daughter, Bianca. Here’s what Duke’s wife, Jacqueline, said of the relationship between him and their daughter: “Ben is a wonderful father to Bianca. They do a traditional daddy-daughter pancake breakfast and swimming together every single week. My husband also recently wrote a book (, and cited that being a good father and role model was his inspiration for the project (Instagram @drbenduke). Each chapter of the book begins with “Letters to Bianca,” with life lessons he hopes to teach her throughout her life.” Duke will receive a $25 gift card from Winnetka’s The Grand Food Center. Congratulations to the Duke family and many thanks to The Grand for their generous sponsorship of our contest. Fantastic French program The French School in Winnetka held its annual Spring Show and graduation on May 12 at the Winnetka Community House, with more than 300 people attending to see North Shore children showcase their French skills. PHOTO SUBMITTED sound off the winnetka current | June 14, 2018 | 17 Mindful Money Financial planning tips for Dad Kathy Roeser Contributing Columnist Winnetka resident Whether you are grilling out, listening to tunes at the Winnetka Music Festival or attending Father’s Day Brunch at Tower Road Beach, there is no shortage of local places to celebrate Father’s Day this weekend. With the holiday on everyone’s mind, here are a few financial planning tips for dads of all ages: New dads Start saving early for your child’s education. Although 18 years into the future seems like an eternity, it will be here in the blink of an eye. The earlier you and your partner can begin putting money into a 529 Plan or any other college saving mechanism, the more time those contributions will have to grow for your child’s education. Though all new parents typically face a significant amount of new expenses (e.g., baby supplies, insurance, medical costs), as tuition continues to rise, a commitment to planning and saving for your child’s education is key. Empty-nest dads Once your children are off to college or fully entrenched in the world of work, take some time to focus on yourself. Having kids at home is certainly magical, but it’s also quite expensive. The empty nest period is an opportunity to make a few financial moves that may have been difficult when the house was full. For example, consider raising the contribution on your retirement plan, which is especially crucial for those fathers nearing retirement. An empty house can also provide you with the necessary leeway to rework your spending budget or tackle some of that nagging debt. Having kids move out can significantly reduce expenses; look at ways to reduce some of the debt that you may have accrued over the years. Retired dads Invest in your grandkids. Most retirees want to financially support their grandkids on their journey to adulthood, but there are more effective and impactful strategies than simply writing a check on birthdays or special occasions. Consider working with your child and his or her partner to contribute to your grandchild’s education fund or create an investment portfolio for the future. You can also gift shares of stock or establish a trust in their name. Aside from the fact that stock can increase in value over time, it’s an effective means of instilling basic personal finance skills at a young age. Happy Father’s Day to all the dads out there! Kathy Roeser is a managing director and wealth adviser with the Wealth Management Division of Morgan Stanley in Chicago. The information contained in this column is not a solicitation to purchase or sell investments. Sources available upon request. weapons From Page 16 not been used for 75 years because they are not good weapons,” he said. Wilson first became interested in what nuclear weapons could do as a child after seeing his parents afraid during the Cuban Missile Crisis. Later, he worked for 27 years at regular jobs during the day, but nights and weekends, researched and wrote about nuclear weapons. Wilson was recognized in 2007 with his first scholarly article published in Harvard’s International Security. In 2008, he received the McElvany Prize for the best essay on nuclear nonproliferation. Then, Wilson became a recipient of a grant to write and speak around the world for six years, which he continues to do. D CUPS AND UP Meet your new favorite bras! 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