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The Veteran - June Issue

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The Veteran - June

The Veteran In Support of The Tommy Atkins Centre 14th June 2018 THE SANDBAG TIMES WEEKLY NEWSPAPER F35’s Arrive in UK Four F35 Jets Touch Down At RAF Mareham P3 I’ll Stand By You Defence Minister Vow to NI Veterans P4 Off The Grid Podium No:3 For SBT Patron at Oulton Park P7 FINALLY, AFGHAN INTEPRETERS GIVEN UK RESETTLEMENT RIGHTS After years of unjust treatment, the Government has given permission for Afghanistan interpreters to resettle within the UK. Under the government’s previous relocation scheme, only interpreters who served with the British army in Afghanistan’s Helmand province from 2012 and for at least a year were eligible to resettle in the UK. Now, following years of lobbying and legal uncertainty, the government has announced that around 50 interpreters who served on the frontline alongside British soldiers as far back as 2006 will be granted five-year visas to Britain as part of new qualifying measures. They will also be able to bring their wives and children, taking the figure to an estimated 200. The move comes at a time when the British government has faced “severe criticism for its treatment of immigrants and Afghan interpreters” reports CNN. Despite the worsening security situation in Afghanistan, as recently as April a government policy review insisted it remained a safe country for Afghans who had assisted the British army during the nearly two decades-long conflict. Last month more than 150 interpreters signed a joint letter to the Home Secretary Sajid Javid saying they'd been told to pay thousands of pounds in visa application fees. OP WAMITS Get involved with the awareness campaign to ‘Walk A Mile In Their Shoes’ Page 8 SUBSCRIBE FREE TO THE SANDBAG TIMES TODAY WWW.SANDBAGTIMES.CO.UK 1

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