What Are the New Requirements for Project Proposal Writing 2018-2019


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What Are The New Requirements for

Project Proposal Writing 2018-2019?

Rules change all the time, and the same can be said for ​capstone project

requirements​. This is why we’ve put together this guide – to present you the

most accurate and up to date requirements for project proposal writing (updated

for 2018-2019).

Project Proposal Writing 2018-2019

1. Keep in mind what connections the projects are trying to establish

A ​business capstone project typically tries to establish a connection

between the following:

- The general public and the academy

- Different learner levels

- Different disciplines and studies

A good spirited project team works together towards a common goal, and

any proposal writing should express these intentions.

2. Explain your strategy

Besides showing good spirits and a positive work attitude, it’s imperative

to cover all aspects of your project. So what problems is it going to solve? What

do you consider as success and how are you going to measure it? What size

budget are you working with? Are there any risks involved?

Answering this type of questions will let you formulate a project proposal

that will likely end up being well received.

3. The optimal project proposal structure

After you’re done ​culminating project ideas​, it’s time to think about the

optimal project proposal structure you’re going to stick to:

- The pitch. This is where you ‘sell’ your project to the sponsor and try to

garner interest.

- Back up your project by noting your successes in the past.

- Explain the details of the project.

- Emphasize what problem the project attempts to solve.

- List the people who will be helping you in the project as well as any

authorizations you’ve gathered.

- Finally, attach all the needed documentation.

These are the basic requirements. Now, let’s look at some specific writing

strategies you can use.

4. General pointers to follow when writing

There are some general ​project proposal writing guidelines you should

follow before submitting the proposal. For example, listing the resources you’re

going to need in order to bring it to the end is absolutely essential.

When writing your pitch, you should be as persuasive as possible and

focus your writing on the benefits this is going to have. If the sponsors can

profit from the solution you’re going to find, even better. But no matter what

you do, you’re best off backing your arguments with some concrete evidence

and numbers if you want others to listen to you.

Remember this: raw numbers may help you prove your point, but

enthusiasm is what’s going to sell you project idea.

Be direct when explaining how you’re going to reach your goal and

illustrate all the means. Include competitor analysis where relevant.


These are the latest guidelines you can use to write a compelling project

proposal designed to convince the reader that your project is worth moving

forward with. For best results, however, it’s recommended that you study some

concrete examples online or hire a professional writing agency to have a look at

what you’ve written or even lend you a helping hand in the process.

Check the project proposal requirements

for 2018-2019 in details:


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