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Head lice can be an embarrassing situation for your kids, the quarantine period where they can't go anywhere can make them irritable and depressed. And when they get head lice just because they shared a bicycle helmet with their friend it can be even more frustrating. If your child has head lice and you're wondering which over the counter to buy from your local departmental store, you need to ditch that thought right now. Over the counter, anti-lice products have a lot of side-effects and can cause skin irritation and other health issues. There are a lot of Complete Lice Prevention Kits available in the market that are made from natural products and offer an effective and safe treatment from head lice, to be safe from lice attacks in the future make sure you add a Lice Helmet Spray to your cart too.
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Lice Treatment Center

Summer breaks mean summer camps. And summer camps mean prominent head lice infestations, the

solution? Off the counter anti-lice products? A big NO! If you're going for head lice products, instead of

going for individual anti-lice products always choose Complete Lice Prevention Kit that is made of natural

and safe ingredients so that it doesn't have any side-effects and is safe for your child's sensitive scalp.

Before you send your child off to camp make sure you put Lice Helmet Spray in their bag so that sharing

helmets won't result in a lice infestation.

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Lice Prevention

LTC’s Lice prevention kit consists of a daily use organic and pleasant smelling shampoo along

with a naturally developed conditioner to keep lice and nits at bay. Their lice shampoo and

conditioner is developed using aloe-vera extracts, tea-tree oil, and various other natural anti-lice

agents. In order to avail the best quality lice prevention methods, one should only focus on

using the best organic products. Their Lice prevention kit is the best package for lice prevention

bundled in a small package to help treat lice infestation properly.

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Head-lice infestations are quite common for kids to catch due to continuous hair-tohair

contact while playing on the playground or at the school. Treating head-lice

infestation isn't very complex and tiring. One just needs to know what to do. LTC (Lice

treatment center) has developed a complete lice prevention kit which includes antilice

shampoo and conditioner along with a lice helmet spray to keep your headgear,

helmet, hats, and caps free from lice infestations.

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LTC’s organic lice helmet spray can be applied on items such as helmets, hats and mats in order

to fight and prevent lice infestations because of sharing of head gears with other people. This

anti lice helmet spray is especially designed to keep athletic clothing and equipment in camps

and schools free from lice infestations. This potent protective helmet spray is developed using

natural anti-lice agents like tea-tree oil and lavender oil.

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Head-lice can be very easily spread because of wearing helmets and caps worn by people suffering from

head-lice. These lice and nits in the helmets and various other headgears can easily spread to another

person. Thus LTC (lice treatment center) has developed lice repellant helmet spray which prevents lice from

infesting your helmets and headgears because this helmet spray contains tea-tree oil, lavender and

cinnamon oil which are highly useful for countering head-lice.

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