How to fix and Avoid Printer Paper Jams in New York City


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How To Fix and Avoid

Printer Paper Jams

Here are the basic steps you'll to follow

correct the problem:

‣ Open all doors leading to the paper path. If you can't tell which door leads to the

paper jam, start by removing or opening the input tray and following the paper

path all the way to the output tray, opening every door or panel that you can find

along the way.

‣ Turn off the printer. If you're going to be working inside the printer, you don't want

any trouble with electricity or moving parts. And if you're dealing with a laser

printer, you also don't want the fuser to generate additional heat. If the paper is

jammed in or near the fuser unit (you'll feel the heat as you come near it), you'll

have to wait for the fuser to cool off before clearing the jam.

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‣ Carefully pull out paper sheets and scraps. Check for paper sheets that are stuck or

askew, as well as for paper scraps. Pull Printer Paper Jams out of the path firmly

but very carefully and slowly. When possible, pull paper in the direction it is

supposed to go in under normal conditions--not backward, which could strain the

printer's mechanics. Take care to remove all of the paper: As any scraps that

remain could cause further jamming. If you have the misfortune of breaking a

mechanical piece in the printer, stop what you're doing and call for service.

Printer jams occur when the paper feeding through

the printer goes awry. Sometimes the printer

ignores the problem, soldiers onward, and extrudes

a crumpled mess into the output tray; on other

occasions, the printer stops in mid-on, and the

crumpled mess or part of it--remains trapped

somewhere inside the machine.

When a paper jam occurs, some printers flash lights

at you and scream for help. Others sense where the

jam is and provide guidance on clearing the

blockage. If your printer offers diagnostic advice,

follow it. Also, take time to check the printer's

documentation for help in clearing jams.

‣ Close all doors and turn on the printer. Once switched on, the printer should reset

itself automatically. If the printer reports that it is still jammed, double-check for

stray paper scraps, and then close all the doors again. If the printer continues to

complain, try turning it off and then back on. If the complaints continue, you'll

have to call for service--and hope that a deep-seated piece of paper--rather than

a broken mechanical part--is the source of the problem.

To avoid a jam next time:

‣ Use only one kind of paper at a time in your input tray.

‣ Whether you have a single input tray in your printer's driver or many input trays, tell

the printer what kind of paper you have in the tray: Most printer controls include a

section or drop-down list where you can pick a paper by name, type, thickness, or

other quality.

‣ If you aren't sure whether your printer takes a certain kind of paper, check its


‣ When you reload your input tray, pay attention to the tray's needs, such as how the

paper should be loaded and whether the length or width guides need adjusting.

‣ With some patience and attention, you can probably overcome any printer problem that

vexes you--and avoid having the nightmare recur in the future. Here's how to address five

of the most common printer complaints.

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