Post, Digital anD visual effects ProDuction (PDv) offset - AusFilm

Post, Digital anD visual effects ProDuction (PDv) offset - AusFilm

Post, Digital

anD visual



(PDv) offset


a 15% REbaTE oN

QualifyiNG PDV


PosT, DiGiTal aND

Visual EffEcTs


(PDV) offsET

A 15% rebate on qualifying PDV Expenditure

(QAPE incurred in relation to PDV work) of at least

A$0.5 million*. The production does not need to be

filmed in Australia.

Qualifying expenditure includes (but is not limited

to): visual effects, audio and visual editing and

mixing, orchestration, green-screen photography

and many other tasks. It can also include salaries,

per diems and travel for PDV related staff and crew,

as well as rental of relevant facilities and equipment.

The PDV Offset cannot be combined with either

the Location or Producer Offset.


Applicant companies are eligible if they are an

Australian resident company or non-Australian

resident company with permanent establishment

in Australia and an Australian Business Number


The production must have a total Qualifying

Australian Production Expenditure (PDV related

QAPE) of at least A$0.5 million* on a feature film,

telemovie or television mini-series or series.

aPPlyiNG foR a PRoVisioNal cERTificaTE


A company may apply for a provisional certificate

during production to OFTA. Although this does not

provide a guarantee of final certification, it

can assist in identifying those costs which can

be counted as QAPE.

aPPlyiNG foR fiNal cERTificaTioN

Following the completion of the production, the

company applies to OFTA for final certification.

OFTA will assess the amount of QAPE incurred

by the company. Applications can be made when

Qualifying Australian PDV Expenditure has finished.

* Effective 1 July 2010 & subject to legislative amendment.


claimiNG ThE offsET

The Offset is claimed by providing the final

certificate with the company’s tax return to the

Australian Taxation Office.

The Offset amount is first applied against any of

the production’s tax liabilities, with the balance then

promptly paid to the applicant company by the

Australian Taxation Office.

More detailed application and claims information

is available from:

Office for the Arts, Department of the Prime

Minister and Cabinet (OFTA)

T + 61 2 6275 9645




// Pays a rebate on all eligible post, digital and visual

effects production costs

// Most PDV activities are considered eligible

// Not tied to filming in Australia

// Clear and transparent – with no third-party

or investor schemes required for eligibility

// No cap/maximum on payout amounts per project

– spend more, get more back!

// No annual budget limit on the Offset

// Timely and efficient

// Non-recoupable

// No cultural or content tests

// Exchange rate used to assess eligibility will

be the rate current on the day that creation

of the visual image commences

a 15% REbaTE oN

QualifyiNG PDV


PosT, DiGiTal aND

Visual EffEcTs


(PDV) offsET

whaT you NEED To KNow

// The PDV Offset must be claimed through an applicant company being either:

• An Australian Resident Company or

• A Foreign Resident Company with an ABN (Australian Business Number) operating through a

permanent establishment in Australia.

// Expenditure must be incurred through this entity (i.e. paying all the local vendors and staff etc

where applicable)

// The offset can only be claimed once – after completion of all qualifying expenditure

// The offset expenditure needs to be audited prior to submission to the authorities for certification

and payment

// The offset is administered through the OFTA (certification) & the Australian Tax Office (payment).

// The refund is paid by cheque to the applicant company via its corporate income tax return

// Historical data demonstrates that Australian incorporated companies have more commonly been

used than foreign residents with permanent establishments.

// A newly formed clean company (commonly referred to as SPV) can be created to achieve this or

utilize an existing Australian service company

// Be sure to consider the anticipated timing for the expenditure to be audited, certified and the Offset

paid based on your planned schedule

// If the entity making the claim is also the entity providing the PDV services, this may impact on

the amount of QAPE claimable. It is recommended that you seek advice on the best approach for

claiming the PDV Offset for your individual project.



youR GaTEway To

ThE ausTRaliaN

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