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6 x June 21 — July 4, 2018 x More than 500,000 — that is how many children competed in the recent Florida State Geography Bee at Jacksonville University in Jacksonville. One — the one person crowned state champion for the bee: Kaylan Patel. Just this past month, Kaylan went on to represent the state of Florida at the National Geography Bee Kaylan Patel, a 2017-18 sixth-grader at Windermere Preparatory School, wins the Florida State Geography Bee. SOUTHWEST Bee-ing a Winner in Geography Kaylan Patel Knows His Way Around the World in Washington, D.C., sponsored by National Geographic. He will also compete as part of the United States Geography Olympiads team with the International Geography Bee this July in Berlin. Yet with all the competitions and awards he has received, Kaylan is still a down-to-earth kid with a love of the world around him. “I’ve liked geography since I was about 4 or 5 years old,” Kaylan said. “I like geography Rania JeBailey, REALTOR ® 407.929.3799 SPOTLIGHT by Blair Parke most because of knowing everything about a country and what they experience every single day.” The Competition Begins The geography bee journey first began when a test was given to all of Windermere Preparatory School’s fourth-grade classes as part of the Geography Bee program. Kaylan obtained a perfect score and was asked to take part in the middle school geography bee, which to everyone’s surprise, including Kaylan's, he won. “We encouraged him to do his best, and he ended up winning, as a 9-year-old fourth-grader in 2016, so that’s where it all began,” said Tejal Patel, Kaylan’s mom and the regional medical director for Envision Heathcare. After his school bee, Kaylan went on to take the state-qualifying test that secured him a competing spot in the state geography bee, where he placed sixth. The next year, 2017, marked another win in his school’s geography bee and another chance to win the state bee, where he placed fourth. This year, Kaylan was among 100 students chosen from the initial 500,000 plus, whittled down to 17 and finally 10, ending with Kaylan being named the winner. Kaylan credits his win to studying hard for 10 months each year with atlases, geography question books and National Geographic magazines, sacrificing time with friends and family to prepare for the competition. “I was surprised when I won this year, but I had worked hard and was confident that I had a chance of winning this year’s competition.” In comparison to questions Kaylan had to study for, the school’s geography bee consisted of questions with typical knowledge (state capitals, largest cities) while the state geography bee gave participants a climograph to determine, through dew points and city characteristics, the answers to the geography questions. “So, you’re learning a lot of physical geography, like land mass and climates,” Tejal said. “I study with him, and I’ve seen questions about national food dishes of a country or outfits worn in this country. They are very random questions.” Kaylan doesn’t have much of a break in studying this summer, as this month marks a trip to Atlanta for the national Geography Olympiads competition, followed by a trip to Berlin for the international competition as part of the U.S. team. He also is active in math competitions at school, of which he has also won several. Competition Aside When he’s not studying or competing, Kaylan can be found involved at school in several ways, from playing with his sixth-grade basketball team to performing in school theater productions like High School Musical. He is also quite the cook, having taken cooking classes at school for the past two years, and loves to travel, which he says is an advantage when he is studying for bees. “We are extremely proud of him, because it takes a lot of work, a lot of dedication and studying,” said Tejal, who went to nationals with Kaylan, as well as his younger brother and father, Dr. Niral Patel — voted best physician by Southwest Orlando Bulletin readers for the past four years. “When he was getting ready for state and national competitions, we [were] doing 10 hours of studying on weekends and weekdays, after school. It’s been a great experience, and it’s a boost for his confidence.” If he were to win the competition, what would Kaylan do next? “If I do win the competition, I might take a break and not worry about geography competitions for a while.” ª x June 21 — July 4, 2018 x 7 Types of Probate Law in Florida by: Kristen M. Jackson / Attorney People often ask what is probate and why do I need it? Probate is a legal process that takes place after someone dies. If a deceased person had a Last Will or no Will at all, their heirs are required to hire an attorney to manage the probate settlement by the court overseeing distribution of any real estate, property, bank account or other valuables. To accomplish the most effective outcome for settling an estate of a person who has died in Florida, there are different types of probate. The ones discussed within this article are the types of probate administered most often. Let’s look at the differences between them and when one type is used rather than another. First there is Formal Administration which is most commonly used. It is the type that most people imagine when they think of probate. It is used when a person has real estate, property, valuables and other belongings totaling more than $75,000 and died within the past two years. It is not uncommon for a person who has died to have specified formal administration in their Will. Depending upon complexity, a formal administration can take anywhere from 6 months to 2 years or sometimes longer to complete. Next is Summary Administration which generally takes a lot less time to settle an estate than a formal administration and usually is less expensive. It is considered a “short form” of probate for certain smaller estates valued at less than $75,000 or over 2 years after death. Provided there are no unanticipated roadblocks, a summary administration can take as little as a few weeks to a few months for the court to settle the estate. Then there is Ancillary Administration which is the process used when a non- Florida resident dies owning real estate in Florida. This process typically occurs at the same time as the primary probate action in another state or country of residence is being conducted. For example if a person resided in Michigan when he or she died, the primary probate would be opened in Michigan. If that person also owned property in Florida, the attorney managing the primary probate in Michigan may hire a Florida attorney to administer the probate proceeding in Florida. One final type of probate is Disposition Without Administration. Basically, this type of administration is a reimbursement to the person who paid the funeral expenses and requires no attorney to file with the court. The petitioner cannot profit from this type of estate. For example, if the funeral bill was $7,400 and the petitioner paid no medical bills, the amount of the nonexempt property that could be disbursed could not exceed $7,400. If funeral expenses have not been paid, the monies receive through this type of probate should be paid directly to the funeral home or as a reimbursement to the parties who paid in advance of filing probate. Don’t leave your family or loved ones facing probate after you are gone. Do the responsible thing for both you and them by consulting with an estate plan attorney now to discuss how probate might be avoided altogether. It could eliminate any need for your loved ones having to pay attorney fees or court costs. It may also reduce or eliminate the rivalry and emotions that surface between family members fighting over what they believe are their just entitlements. 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