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26 x June 7 — 20, 2018

26 x June 7 — 20, 2018 x Ron the Realtor The Harder You Work, The Luckier You Get When it comes to real estate in Southwest Orlando, one name comes to the top of everyone’s mind — Ronald Ziolkowski. Just kidding; most cannot say, let alone spell, his name. That is why everyone knows him as Ron the Realtor. RTR has been helping families in the area for more than 20 years, selling an unheard of more than $400,000,000 in closed sales. In 2017, he finished as the No. 1 Re/Max Realtor in the state of Florida, selling $65 million and 168 homes in 2017 alone — that is one home every other day! What makes this even more remarkable is that Ron the Realtor does all this by himself — no team, no assistants, no buyer’s agents or transaction coordinators. Ron handles every aspect of his clients’ transactions. He also represents buyers and sellers, making the accomplishment even more astounding. By working with both buyers and sellers, Ron has his finger on the pulse of the local market, and his clients benefit greatly from it every time. When asked how he accomplishes these unheard of numbers, without delay, Ron said, “The harder you work, the luckier you get. I am the embodiment of the American dream. Ironically selling, well, the American dream: home ownership. “I contribute and track my success one satisfied client at a time. When someone allows me the honor of representing them, I take it very seriously. I work tirelessly to ensure all their goals are exceeded on every level. By doing so, I hopefully earn another client for life.” Clients for life is what Ron strives for and obtains on every transaction he does. Whether it is closing another record sale, winning a multiple offer situation for a buyer, or just advising on the perfect area for a buyer’s budget, Ron is accessible to his clients. “There is no such thing as after hours with RTR,” he said. His clients love him for his direct nononsense approach, delivering accurate advice without sugarcoating anything, so they can make informed decisions on their largest assets with confidence. Ron the Realtor ensures his clients are the best informed in the marketplace. Born and raised in Buffalo, New York, during the downturn of the steel industry and in a single-parent household, Ron had to fight for everything he has had from an early age. “With hard work, you can achieve anything you want,” he said. Ron started his working career in local restaurants, washing dishes and bussing tables at a very young age. He also worked several jobs while putting himself through college. Keeping true to the saying “Behind every successful man is an even stronger woman,” Ron gives all the credit for his ability to devote so much to his clients and his business to his wife of PROMOTIONAL FEATURE 19 years, Kathy, who is the driving force of their family of three children — Evan, 17; Kaitlyn, 15; and Owen, 13. The couple met while working at the same restaurant in Buffalo, but what is fascinating is that they went to the same small high school. Kathy graduated a year prior, yet they never knew each other until Ron took that job. “Without Kathy, I could never be the Realtor I am for my clients,” Ron said. “My children and my wife are so understanding, they always take the backseat to my business. My family is remarkable for what they put up with.” Another fact about Ron the Realtor many may or may not know is that no one in America sells more homes in Winter Garden (zip code 34787) than RTR. This has been the case for well over the past decade. RTR was also recently voted a Best of Southwest Realtor for the third time in the Southwest Orlando Bulletin. These impressive accomplishments were not made by selling multimillion dollar homes. “I’m a blue-collar Realtor,” Ron said. “My average sales price in 2017 was $368,000. I sell these homes as if they are $2 million homes. I love fighting for the working family, fighting for every dollar. I give my clients top-of-the-line marketing, including their own personal websites and videos typically reserved for higher-end homes. This in turn achieves top dollar for my sellers every single time.” Whether you are looking to buy or sell a home, Ron the Realtor can help. For more information or to have Ron assist you with your real estate needs, call 407-592-7653 or visit ª x June 7 — 20, 2018 x 27 That’s My DAD! William Shakespeare once wrote, “It is a wise father that knows his own child.” When Southwest fathers are not busy being all-around superheroes for their families, they are busy becoming experts on their children. From favorite toys to secret sayings, good dads share a bond with their children like no other. And the fathers in Southwest Orlando Bulletin’s milestone 25th annual That’s My Dad! photo contest are no exception. This annual photo album, dedicated to Southwest Orlando dads, is one way to say thanks for all the time spent on learning the ins and outs of fatherhood, and to show our local dads that they are loved and appreciated every day. The staff of the Southwest Orlando Bulletin wishes a hearty happy Father’s Day to all Southwest dads! FULL THROTTLE — Winter’s Landing dad Zac Brown, daughter Adelyn and son Kolton take fun to the max.