Hasson Special Insert May | June 2018

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| LIVING BY DESIGN, MAY/JUNE <strong>2018</strong>, VOL. 1 |<br />


Welcome to Living By Design, a publication showcasing the expertise and excellence of <strong>Hasson</strong> Company, Realtors top producers.<br />

In each issue you’ll learn more about available properties, lifestyle and design trends, and what these <strong>Hasson</strong> brokers can offer<br />

you. Our company has 180 full-time agents in seven offices spanning Portland, Central Oregon and Southwest Washington.<br />



Median Sales Price: $377,100<br />

Quarterly Change: 1.7%<br />

Annual Change: 0.7%<br />


Median Sales Price: $656,200<br />

Quarterly Change: 1.3%<br />

Annual Change: 5.8%<br />

BEND<br />

Median Sales Price: $390,600<br />

Quarterly Change: 8.7%<br />

Annual Change: 27%<br />


Median Sales Price: $303,800<br />

Quarterly Change: 1.4%<br />

Annual Change: 8.3%<br />



$443K<br />

$665K<br />

$364K<br />

$555K<br />

$285K<br />

$445K<br />

2014 2015 2016 2017 <strong>2018</strong> 2019<br />

$206K<br />

2014 2015 2016 2017 <strong>2018</strong> 2019<br />

$335K<br />


$410K<br />


$328K<br />

$333K<br />

$266K<br />

$256K<br />

$205K<br />

2014 2015 2016 2017 <strong>2018</strong> 2019<br />

$179K<br />

2014 2015 2016 2017 <strong>2018</strong> 2019<br />

$144K<br />


<strong>Hasson</strong> Company, Realtors<br />

15400 Boones Ferry Road<br />

Lake Oswego, Oregon 97035<br />

Produced in association<br />

with Statehood Media<br />

COVER PHOTO: Iris Leonardo<br />

Rebecca Green<br />

Broker<br />

M: 541.728.1143<br />

E: rebeccagreen@hasson.com<br />

W: sellingportlandrealestate.com<br />

Marcia Kies<br />

Principal Broker<br />

M: 503.789.1525<br />

E: kiesm@hasson.com<br />

W: marciakies.hasson.com<br />

Kendall Bergstrom-deLancellotti<br />

Principal Broker<br />

M: 503.799.2596<br />

E: kendall@hasson.com<br />

W: kendallbergstrom.hasson.com<br />

Steve Studley<br />

Broker<br />

M: 360.606.8816<br />

E: steve@hasson.com<br />

W: stevestudley.hasson.com<br />

1 HASSON COMPANY, REALTORS MAY / JUNE <strong>2018</strong>




Kendall Bergstrom-deLancellotti<br />

Principal Broker<br />

ABOVE Punch Bowl Falls in the<br />

Columbia River Gorge is just a<br />

short drive from Portland.<br />

Moving to Portland is often a lifestyle choice with a career or position in a place<br />

that offers a true active lifestyle—a place to work hard and play hard. While one<br />

of the most important goals is to find a strong real estate investment—think<br />

strong community, excellent schools, close access to shopping, dining, transit<br />

and a well-built home—what about the recreational opportunities after you<br />

move in?<br />

Once you’re unpacked, you’ve recycled the boxes, mowed the lawn, this is<br />

when the next phase of our service kicks in. We love teaching our clients about<br />

Oregon and becoming a resource to all things cultural and recreational. We can<br />

act as your travel guide for golfing in Bend, skiing at Mt. Bachelor or Mt. Hood,<br />

hiking in Portland, hitting the Fruit Loop in Hood River, art hopping in Cannon<br />

Beach, finding your way to Punch Bowl Falls or zenning out at Portland’s Lan<br />

Su Chinese Garden. We love to help our clients explore all that is Oregon!<br />

MAY / JUNE <strong>2018</strong> HASSON COMPANY, REALTORS 2

| GET THE LOOK |<br />


STYLE<br />

Sometimes all it takes to freshen<br />

up a room in your home is<br />

some new textiles, a statement<br />

dish or a piece of furniture<br />

with panache. Here, some of<br />

Oregon’s best home boutiques<br />

offer their picks for updating<br />

your kitchen and dining area.<br />


Kim Nilles of Wishbone<br />

Home & Design, in Lake<br />

Oswego, recommends a<br />

Johnson dining chair to<br />

update a kitchen. “I love the<br />

way they can turn a simple<br />

table into a statement<br />

piece.” Bonus: the chairs,<br />

made from clear acrylic, are<br />

easy to clean, making them<br />

a practical addition for a<br />

busy home.<br />

$524<br />

wishbonehomedesign.com<br />


Kricken Yaker at<br />

Vanillawood Design in Lake<br />

Oswego is a big fan of this<br />

tobacco leather bench,<br />

because using a bench<br />

at the dining table can<br />

provide extra seating but<br />

can also tuck easily away<br />

under the table when it’s<br />

not being used. Benches<br />

are particularly useful for<br />

homes with open floor<br />

plans, as they won’t clutter<br />

an open sightline.<br />

$1,875<br />

vanillawood.com<br />


Pam Zsori of ink & peat, a<br />

lifestyle boutique in North<br />

Portland, recommends this<br />

collection of handmade<br />

pottery from Terrafirma<br />

Ceramics. Artist Ellen Evans<br />

has been designing and<br />

producing the pottery in<br />

New York City since 1980.<br />

The mix-and-match style<br />

of this line and black-andwhite<br />

varied dot patterns<br />

are modern, but you can<br />

feel the hand-crafted<br />

texture. These are great<br />

for morning cereal or as<br />

serving bowls at a dinner<br />

party.<br />

From $40-$149 each<br />

inkandpeat.com<br />

3 HASSON COMPANY, REALTORS MAY / JUNE <strong>2018</strong>

| TRENDING |<br />

A BETTER<br />


ABOVE Try neutral colors and a<br />

freestanding tub to keep your<br />

bathroom looking fresh.<br />

LOCATION: 19185 Megan Place,<br />

Lake Oswego<br />

TILE<br />

Color: Greys and neutral colors are making a comeback. They are easy on the<br />

eyes in the morning and allow for greater splashes of color in art to warm up<br />

the space. Don’t be afraid to mix colors in the same family.<br />

Shape: Once a boring standard, tile now comes in many shapes. Some of our<br />

favorites are found at the creative Clayhaus Ceramics or Pratt & Larson, both<br />

in Portland.<br />

TUBS<br />

Because the master bath is your retreat, treat yourself to a freestanding tub. For<br />

the master, a sleek tub adds value and makes a statement to prospective buyers<br />

who can envision themselves taking time to relax and de-stress in their new<br />

spa retreat. Kohler and George Morlan are great places to start your search.<br />


Trends in bathrooms are moving nearly into the outdoors. Big windows and<br />

skylights that allow for natural light are not only healthy but eschew the need<br />

for harsh overhead light. Starting your day with natural light will set your<br />

body’s clock on the path for the rest of the day.<br />

MAY / JUNE <strong>2018</strong> HASSON COMPANY, REALTORS 4

| PORTLAND |<br />


Rebecca Green + Marcia Kies<br />

Brokers<br />

More than just connecting buyers and sellers, our approach is<br />

to help our clients realize and then curate the most beautiful<br />

version of their home.<br />

A recent Portland client had an amazing collection of<br />

travel photos and artwork along with great Craftsman-style<br />

furniture. Though this all fit our clients’ lifestyle well, we<br />

weren’t sure it was the ideal adornment for the home’s<br />

architectural beauty. We also recognized that the courtyard<br />

and the front yard of this property were a premium for<br />

prospective owners.<br />

Our client decided to move out and let us design the house<br />

to sell. Launching our design concept off of the natural<br />

light and warm hues in the home, we painted several areas<br />

then staged with modern, clean-lined furniture that did not<br />

compete with the architecture of the home. The front yard<br />

was landscaped, the courtyard was filled with potted plants<br />

and a comfy sitting area, making this an inviting additional<br />

room accessible from the wrap side porch.<br />

Our client could not believe how well the clean, modern<br />

furniture worked in the space and loved how it tied the colors<br />

of the home together, as well as how the architecture really<br />

stood out. We went to market with a stronger, cleaner look<br />

that we knew would resonate with buyers.<br />

5 HASSON COMPANY, REALTORS MAY / JUNE <strong>2018</strong>

LOCATION: 221 SW Vermont Street, Portland<br />

DETAILS: 5 beds, 3.5 baths, 2,397 sq. ft.<br />

PRICE: $900,000<br />

Rebecca Green, Broker<br />

541.728.1143 | rebeccagreen@hasson.com<br />

Marcia Kies, Principal Broker<br />

503.789.1525 | kiesm@hasson.com<br />

MAY / JUNE <strong>2018</strong> HASSON COMPANY,<br />

PHOTOS:<br />


Jesse Prentice<br />


PHOTOS:<br />

7 HASSON<br />

Kent Skewes<br />

COMPANY, REALTORS MAY / JUNE <strong>2018</strong><br />

LOCATION: 18475 Crestline Drive, Lake Oswego<br />

DETAILS: 4 beds, 4.1 baths, 4,740 sq. ft.<br />

PRICE: $1,798,000<br />

Kendall Bergstrom-deLancellotti, Principal Broker<br />

503.799.2596 | kendall@hasson.com

| LAKE OSWEGO |<br />


Kendall Bergstrom-deLancellotti<br />

Principal Broker<br />

Metal, earth, fire, water and wood are the energy forces used to<br />

harmonize individuals with their surrounding environment.<br />

This ancient spiritual connection, feng shui, is represented in<br />

a variety of environments throughout this exquisite home, all<br />

oriented for positive flow of energy. Architecturally revised by<br />

renowned Portland architect Hans Ettlin, this home is truly<br />

special with thoughtful design and outdoor living rooms.<br />

The front door of a peaceful home absorbs essential energy,<br />

beginning with the modern mahogany pivot door designed<br />

by Arciform that welcomes you inside to a great room with<br />

vaulted fir-beamed ceilings. The territorial and mountain<br />

views are perfectly framed inside the floor-to-ceiling windows<br />

and sliding doors. The heart of the home—the kitchen—leads<br />

to a family room, dining room and office. Completing the<br />

main level, there is a master suite and two additional bedroom<br />

suites. The lower level has a second family room and a guest<br />

suite, all thoughtfully planned to harmonize the owner<br />

and guests with their environment inside and out.<br />

MAY / JUNE <strong>2018</strong> HASSON COMPANY, REALTORS 8

LOCATION: 1832 SW Elm Street, Portland<br />

DETAILS: 5 beds, 4.3 baths, 8,888 sq. ft.<br />

PRICE: $2,950,000<br />

Rebecca Green, Broker<br />

541.728.1143 | rebeccagreen@hasson.com<br />

Marcia Kies, Principal Broker<br />

503.789.1525 | kiesm@hasson.com<br />

9 HASSON COMPANY, REALTORS MAY / JUNE <strong>2018</strong>

| CAMAS, WA |<br />


Steve Studley<br />

Broker<br />

Offering all the appeal of the Pacific Northwest while<br />

maintaining a small-town feel, Southwest Washington has<br />

flown under the radar just enough that it provides those<br />

experiences at a fraction of the investment required for most<br />

nearby regions.<br />

Vancouver is a city on the move. Bristling with cultural<br />

vibrancy, there’s an energy pulsing through a resurgent<br />

downtown. Restaurants to rival any large metropolitan area<br />

are in abundance. The eclectic liveliness of the craft brew<br />

industry has flowed in from Portland and Seattle. There is no<br />

shortage of entertainment, art or shopping. Picking a favorite<br />

coffee shop? Good luck—some of the nation’s best call this<br />

home. Fort Vancouver provides a National Park experience<br />

just minutes from downtown. An ambitious renovation<br />

project is actively converting blocks of old industrial buildings<br />

into waterfront destinations for dining, shopping and<br />

entertainment. All of this with less traffic, less crowds and a<br />

neighborhood feel.<br />

Look deeper and the distinguishing elements really start to<br />

paint the picture you’ve been hoping to see but weren’t sure<br />

you’d find. The economic environment is highly favorable,<br />

and the lack of income tax may represent a significant<br />

opportunity for your quality of life. Area schools have smaller<br />

class sizes and students test better than most regions of<br />

the country. It is safe. It is beautiful. It’s a good place to<br />

call home.<br />

PHOTO: Iris Leonardo<br />

LOCATION: 1621 NW Lacamas Drive, Camas, WA<br />

DETAILS: 7 beds, 6.5 baths, 6,700 sq. ft.<br />

PRICE: $2,100,000<br />

Steve Studley, Broker<br />

360.606.8816 | steve@hasson.com<br />

MAY / JUNE <strong>2018</strong> HASSON COMPANY, REALTORS 10

L ’ A N G O L O E S T A T E<br />

Photo: Jeremy Bittermann, courtesy of LEVER Architecture<br />

Seamless Beauty<br />

Nature, handcraft, and pleasure<br />

elevated in a single expression.<br />

Join us for tasting.<br />

____<br />

Estate grown Pinot Noir and Chardonnay in the Dundee Hills<br />

Open from 11am – 4pm, Fri. – Sun. in <strong>May</strong> and Fri. – Mon. from <strong>June</strong> – Nov. • 18830 NE Williamson Rd. Newberg, Oregon 97132 • langoloestate.com

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