Trustee Report 2015-2018

Though the Foundation for Education is an independent charitable organization, our major partner is the Avon Maitland District School Board. As a courtesy, we present a report to AMDSB's Board of Trustees every year.

Though the Foundation for Education is an independent charitable organization, our major partner is the Avon Maitland District School Board. As a courtesy, we present a report to AMDSB's Board of Trustees every year.


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eport<br />

trustee<br />

AMDSB<br />




<strong>2018</strong><br />

Foundation’s Theatre for<br />

Young Audiences Show <strong>2018</strong><br />


is…<br />

The Foundation For<br />

Education is a<br />

charitable organization<br />

that has supported<br />

education in Huron and<br />

Perth since 1989.<br />

The Foundation's<br />

mission is to develop,<br />

support, and encourage<br />

the integration of the<br />

rich and unique cultural,<br />

corporate, industrial,<br />

and agricultural<br />

resources of Huron and<br />

Perth counties into the<br />

school system and<br />

initiate new educational<br />

enrichment programs to<br />

benefit students and<br />

citizens.<br />


does...<br />

The Foundation<br />

supports education in<br />

excess of the levels<br />

prescribed by the<br />

Ministry of Education.<br />

By raising and receiving<br />

funds, the Foundation<br />

enhances the learning<br />

experience of students<br />

through a wide variety<br />

of activities in the arts,<br />

life skills and diversity.<br />

It builds partnerships<br />

between business,<br />

community agencies<br />

and education through<br />

projects and produces<br />

events that encourage<br />

career awareness,<br />

science, technology<br />

and literacy.<br />


+ AMDSB…<br />

The Foundation's major<br />

partner is the Avon<br />

Maitland District School<br />

Board whose students<br />

are supported by the<br />

Foundation through its<br />

curriculum enrichment<br />

programming,<br />

classroom grants and<br />

fundraising support.<br />

It assists schools with<br />

fundraising campaigns,<br />

receipts donations to<br />

schools and accesses<br />

grants for schools that<br />

are not available for<br />

school boards.<br />

“<br />

This has definitely been a<br />

learning adventure that I would<br />

never have been on without the<br />

support of the Foundation. You guys<br />

make wonderful things possible for<br />

the children of this area.<br />

Keep up the amazing work.<br />

Teresa Farrell-Becker<br />

Parent and co-lead<br />

MRES | FE Madill Building Bridges<br />

Community Campaign<br />

“<br />

For over a decade, the<br />

Foundation for Education has<br />

offered ongoing support to me and<br />

my program and has enabled<br />

AMDSB students from the across<br />

the our board to engage in life<br />

altering experiences. I look forward<br />

to many more partnerships with<br />

them in the future. <br />

Paul Finkelstein <br />

M.S.M., SNSS<br />

The Screaming Avocado and EatFit<br />


every year<br />

Our Various Roles<br />

200 workshops in<br />

arts, diversity and<br />

life skills to 5000<br />

students.<br />

Developer<br />

Consultant<br />

Funder<br />

100 learning<br />

enhancement<br />

projects for the<br />

classroom<br />

funded.<br />

Producer<br />

FFE<br />

foundation for education<br />

Advocate<br />

est. 1989<br />

4500 students<br />

enriched through<br />

programming in<br />

science,<br />

technology, live<br />

theatre and career<br />

exploration.<br />

Regulator<br />

Clearing House<br />

Collaborator<br />

$415,000 in<br />

donations from<br />

community and<br />

granting agencies<br />

received and<br />

receipted on<br />

behalf of AMDSB.<br />

$86,000 raised in<br />

support of<br />

programs,<br />

projects and<br />

grants to schools.<br />

Producer - We are responsible for the financial and managerial aspects of<br />

programs, projects, events, grants and donations.<br />

Developer - We initiate and/or expand educational programs, projects and events<br />

Consultant - We provide expert advice professionally to schools and school<br />

councils.<br />

Funder - We provide classrooms with money for particular purposes.<br />

Advocate - We publicly support or recommend particular school campaigns and<br />

education-based causes in the community.<br />

Collaborator - We work jointly with the education system, business and<br />

community on activities and projects.<br />

Clearing House - We collect and distribute donations to schools and facilitate<br />

the exchange of payments and transactions for programs, projects and events.<br />

Regulator - We supervise the bulk of all charitable receipting activity in the Avon<br />

Maitland District School Board.

day-to-day<br />


200 workshops. 12 themes. 5000 students<br />

We provide a wide variety of workshops that bring unique experiences to<br />

students; exceptional hands-on learning times<br />

in life skills and the arts by true, local professionals from the field. We also<br />

offer workshops celebrating diversity and inclusion.<br />


$8000 given to classrooms.<br />

We have a long tradition of inviting applications from schools for a number of<br />

funds and grants. Resources for the majority of these grants are made<br />

possible by appealing throughout the year to community donors.<br />


Career awareness, science, technology and literacy<br />

We’re involved in a number of partnerships that give life to various<br />

community and curriculum-based projects. We help coordinate several<br />

projects and events and oversee the marketing and<br />

managerial aspects for each.<br />


Through our varied activities and support work, we continue<br />

to be involved in the community.<br />

As a result, local government, service clubs, school councils, business<br />

people, individuals, and other prospective donors<br />

continue to grow in awareness of the Foundation's role in<br />

creating and supporting enrichment experiences for students .<br />


$86,000 annually.<br />

We coordinate events (Gala Auction, ‘Theatre for Young Audiences’ show)<br />

and solicit funds through community appeal in order to support our<br />

programs, projects and grants to schools.<br />


We act as a consultant for individual school fundraising campaigns.<br />

Reviewing (and in many cases designing) the materials<br />

for fundraising appeals thus enhancing the achievement of<br />

the fundraising goal of school councils.<br />

We also offer custom online giving pages for school campaigns.<br />


200 receipts. $415,000 in donations.<br />

We process charitable receipts for all donations and gifts-in-kind to schools,<br />

programs, projects and events..<br />

“<br />

I could see some students<br />

open up in front of their peer<br />

audience with a new<br />

confidence. I heard some<br />

students from behind the veil of<br />

the puppet theatre use their<br />

voice with a volume and<br />

character like I’ve never heard<br />

before!<br />

Cheryl Zehr, Shakespeare PS

FFE Operating Revenue*<br />

Based on 3-year average (<strong>2015</strong>-<strong>2018</strong>)<br />

Operating Revenue<br />

SOURCE<br />

VALUE<br />

Community Appeal 22,450<br />

Partnerships 27,000<br />

Payroll Deduction 4,000<br />

Fundraising 91,000<br />

AMDSB 100,908<br />

Community Appeal<br />

Partnerships<br />

Payroll Deduction<br />

Fundraising<br />

AMDSB<br />

9% Community Appeal<br />

• Canadian Reading Fund<br />

• Huron Perth Science Fair<br />

• Read to Baby Project<br />

• Skilled Trades event<br />

11% Partnerships<br />

• OYAP - AMDSB + HPCDSB (Skilled Trades event)<br />

• Four County Labour Market Planning Board<br />

• AMDSB + HPCDSB (Science Fair)<br />

41% AMDSB Grant<br />

2% Payroll Deductions<br />

AMDSB employee contributions<br />

37% Fundraising <br />

• Gala Auction<br />

• Schools Shows<br />

• Lottery (Nevada lotto tickets)<br />

*Does not include annual ‘flow-through' of $415,500 for Schools and School Campaigns, Science<br />

Fair & TechnoChallenge Registrations, Huron Perth Eat & Learn, Global Literacy Project, etc.<br />


FFE Operating Expenses<br />

Based on 3-year average (<strong>2015</strong>-<strong>2018</strong>)<br />

Operating Expenses<br />

SOURCE<br />

VALUE<br />

Administration 18,500<br />

Grants to Schools 8,200<br />

Programs/Projects 86,700<br />

Fundraising 31,000<br />

Salaries 100,934<br />

Administration<br />

Grants to Schools<br />

Programs/Projects<br />

Fundraising<br />

Salaries<br />

8% Administration<br />

• Audit<br />

• Insurance<br />

• Office Supplies<br />

• Marketing<br />

• Memberships<br />

• Travel<br />

• Board Meetings<br />

3% Grants to Schools<br />

• H.L. Roszell Special Education Fund<br />

• Canadian Reading Fund<br />

• Small Projects Fund<br />

41% Salaries<br />

• Executive Director<br />

• Development Consultant<br />

• Bookkeeper<br />

• Gala Coordinator<br />

35% Programs/Projects<br />

• Enrichment Workshops (ART | LIFE)<br />

• Huron Perth Science Fair<br />

• Young Women is Skilled Trades Event<br />

• Read to Baby Project<br />

• Children’s Charter of Rights<br />

13% Fundraising <br />

• Gala Auction<br />

• Schools Shows<br />

• Lottery (Nevada lotto tickets)<br />

*Does not include grant distribution from deferred revenue (Inspiring Science Fund, Big Idea<br />

Fund) or annual ‘flow-through' of $415,500 for Schools and School Campaigns, Huron Perth Eat<br />

& Learn, Global Literacy Project, etc.<br />


T H E B I G<br />

FFE Incoming Financial Annual Activity<br />

Based on 3-year average (<strong>2015</strong>-<strong>2018</strong>)<br />

AMDSB Grant<br />

Guided Donations (schools, school campaigns)<br />

Community Appeal<br />

Partnerships<br />

Entrusted Donations (Foundation initiatives)<br />

Payroll Deduction<br />

SOURCE<br />

Incoming<br />

VALUE<br />

AMDSB Grant 100,908<br />

Guided Donations (schools,<br />

school campaigns)<br />

415,000<br />

Community Appeal 22,450<br />

Partnerships 27,000<br />

Entrusted Donations (Foundation<br />

initiatives)<br />

91,000<br />

Payroll Deduction 4,000

P I C T U R E<br />

FFE Outgoing Annual Financial Activity<br />

Based on 3-year average (<strong>2015</strong>-<strong>2018</strong>)<br />

Salaries<br />

Guided Donations (schools, school campaigns)<br />

Administration<br />

Programs/Projects<br />

Fundraising Costs for Entrusted Donations<br />

Grants<br />

Outgoing<br />

SOURCE<br />

VALUE<br />

Salaries 100,934<br />

Guided Donations (schools,<br />

school campaigns)<br />

415,000<br />

Administration 18,500<br />

Programs/Projects 74,100<br />

Fundraising Costs for Entrusted<br />

Donations<br />

31,000<br />

Grants 6,200

ENRICHMENT <strong>2015</strong>-<strong>2018</strong><br />


ART<br />

ART<br />

ART<br />

ART<br />


ART<br />

ART<br />


ART<br />



ART<br />

ART<br />





ART<br />

ART<br />

ART<br />

ART<br />



ART<br />




ART<br />

ART<br />

ART<br />

ART<br />

ART<br />

ART<br />




Medicine Wheel - Aboriginal<br />

Mask-making<br />

Pinch Pot Clay-making<br />

Dance<br />

Watercolour<br />

Element-based Yoga/Mindfulness<br />

Music Literacy<br />

Performance Technique<br />

Cooking & Healthy Living<br />

Poetry<br />

Personal Skill & Passion Discovery<br />

The Art, Math & History of Quilt-making<br />

Nature Sketchbooks<br />

Watercolour<br />

Element-based Yoga/Mindfulness<br />

Personal Skill & Passion Discovery<br />

Making Sense of Food<br />

The Wizardry of Water<br />

Celebrating Shakespeare<br />

Masks in Theatre Performance<br />

Celtic Art<br />

Pinch Pot Clay-making<br />

Element-based Yoga/Mindfulness<br />

Read a Book, Take a Trip<br />

Mime Physical Theatre<br />

Storytelling - Rural Women Who Shaped our Communities<br />

First Nations Legends & Stories<br />

Breakin’ Barriers - Diversity, Perseverance & Break Dancing<br />

Pinch Pot Clay-making<br />

Theatre (ensemble building)<br />

Celtic art<br />

Watercolour<br />

Theatre (improvisation)<br />

Colour & Technique in Painting<br />

First Nations Legends & Stories<br />

Creative Stitching<br />

Element-based Yoga/Mindfulness<br />

<br />

<br />

I just wanted to express how valuable an experience the workshop was.<br />

It was very professionally done and offered a wonderful hands on experience<br />

for the students. They learned so much and it has opened up many days of<br />

writing and experiential activities which will flow from the interest created by<br />

this learning opportunity. Thanks for all that the Foundation does to support<br />

enquiry based learning.<br />

Kendra Martin, Little Falls PS<br />

“<br />

Sometimes we see ourselves best<br />

through the eyes of others …<br />

“<br />

We have been extremely lucky to benefit from many of the Foundation’s<br />

workshops over the years, and I am so grateful. Your artists are amazing.<br />

Daphne Livingston, Central Perth PS<br />

I have really enjoyed having dynamic artists, authors and drama presenters<br />

teach my students over the years! They truly are enriching experiences for both<br />

myself and my students! Whoop whoop!<br />

Kim Littleton, South Perth Centennial<br />

Students have learned self awareness and tools to support their emotional<br />

needs and therefore their learning needs.<br />

Rachel Mahaffy, Little Falls PS

“<br />

<br />

Confidence, knowledge and a sense of accomplishment. Seeing that<br />

art isn't just for those who see things in an artistic way, they can follow a<br />

procedure and all have success and create beautiful art work.<br />

Valerie Gilbert-Bean, GPS<br />

Not only did they learn something about water colour and different techniques,<br />

but I think they really came away with confidence in the fact that there are no<br />

mistakes - just opportunities to be creative. Thank you very much for this<br />

opportunity - I learned a lot, my students learned a lot, <br />

and it was a fantastic day!<br />

Amy Shapton, SHDHS<br />

They were super quiet and focused. Fantastic! They have learned some good<br />

focusing and calming techniques. <br />

Sharri MacDonald, Bluewater Coast ES<br />

Students were using strategies during testing situations and situations where <br />

they needed to focus or calm down. <br />

Jacqueline Carter, Little Falls ES<br />

Students have gained a deeper appreciation of the yoga activities we do each<br />

morning. I use Shannon’s tips everyday and have for a couple years. <br />

Chris Wright, Howick Central PS<br />

Two parents wrote back saying they didn't need to ask about <br />

the presentation because their children<br />

couldn't stop talking about it after school and during supper. That's success!<br />

Thanks so much for organizing this workshop for our students! <br />

Laurie Erb, Clinton PS<br />

On behalf of the LDSS Math Department I would like to thank you for your<br />

generous grant. <br />

Because of your support students were exposed to 'real-life' occupations that<br />

use Mathematics regularly in our community. <br />

Joanna Braun, LDSS<br />

Students were so engaged in this experience! Everyone was successful, and<br />

got to experience an art form that otherwise wouldn't be available to them.<br />

They were fascinated by the entire process, and had many questions for Carol.<br />

They were so pleased with their pinch pots! <br />

Lori Martin, Listowel Eastdale PS<br />

The more programs you can offer the better! It is difficult to expose our<br />

students to art, and for them to see that artists exist within their community. <br />

Michelle Spencer, Listowel Eastdale<br />

Exposure to a new medium, coaching from a professional, sparked their<br />

curiosity and interest, also, they are so proud of their work! <br />

Sharon Mokos, Seaforth PS<br />

Students are still talking about the skills they gained and the ways they pushed<br />

themselves to create art they didn't think they could make. <br />

Michelle McDonald, North Perth Westfield PS<br />

It was a great workshop and the presenter handled a difficult class very<br />

professionally. Even a student who does not usually engage in an art activity<br />

completed the project. Thank you!<br />

Kim Liddle, Brookside PS<br />

<br />

“<br />

Thank you for providing<br />

workshops that address mental<br />

and physical health.<br />

Tim Hundey, Seaforth PS<br />

Thank you so much for<br />

enriching our learning with your<br />

workshops.<br />

Jennifer Yantzi, Avon PS <br />

My students have gained more<br />

confidence in their artistic<br />

abilities after having an artist<br />

encourage and guide them.<br />

Tara Watters, <br />

Upper Thames ES<br />

My twenty-three boys willingly<br />

participated in activities which<br />

were way out of their <br />

comfort zone. Thank you! <br />

Kim Booker, SNSS

“<br />

The Foundation has been an invaluable partner for Ontario Student<br />

Nutrition Programs. As we are government funded we are not allowed to<br />

have charitable status. Many groups, businesses, and individuals would like<br />

to donate to support healthy food in schools, but would also require, or just<br />

appreciate, the option of a tax receipt. To be able to direct donations<br />

through the Foundation has allowed us to support many more programs and<br />

put more healthy food into the hands of students. The staff at the<br />

Foundation have always gone out of their way to <br />

make things happen in a timely manner. <br />

They have our deepest gratitude.<br />

Nancy Fisher <br />

Community Manager Ontario Student Nutrition Programs Huron Perth<br />

The Foundation for Education has been a excellent partner for the Huron<br />

Perth Catholic School Board OYAP program and the ‘Real Deal-Young<br />

Women in Skilled Trades’ event for the last 5 years. By operating through the<br />

Foundation as an arms-length charitable organization, both AMDSB and<br />

HPCDSB are able to work in neutral waters thereby focusing on the<br />

students and producing a great event each year. <br />

Tim Martens<br />

OYAP Leader, Huron-Perth Catholic District School Board<br />

The Foundation has been an invaluable member of the Kids First-Literacy<br />

Network. They have created an abundance of well-crafted and professional<br />

videos and materials that communicate the importance of early literacy in<br />

our community to everyone. We appreciate the Foundation for Education's<br />

ongoing support towards our goal of raising the literacy standard in our<br />

community and look forward to <br />

continuing this valuable partnership.<br />

Una Whitely<br />

Early Learning Resource Consultant<br />

Children's Services Department<br />

County of Huron<br />

“<br />

from Partners<br />

“<br />

The Foundation has helped Grand Bend Rotary connect donors committed<br />

to supporting our literacy efforts in Africa with the material that becomes<br />

surplus in the Avon Maitland District School Board. Once overseas a<br />

committed group from Rotary in Africa use the supplies we furnish to create<br />

a better world through education. In addition, the Foundation’s Video, ‘All<br />

That Hope Contains’, has helped us tremendously to reach out with our<br />

message to other school boards, donors and volunteers<br />

Brian Hall<br />

Global Literacy Committee Rotary Club of Grand Bend<br />

I have worked with the Foundation for the past 20 years as a member of<br />

National Science Fair Committee as well as the Regional Chair of the Avon<br />

Maitland Huron Perth Regional Science Fair. <br />

It is one of the few Regional Fairs in the country that doesn’t face the<br />

monetary constraints that other regions continually face. This is due to the<br />

Foundation and their targeted fundraising efforts year to year.<br />

The Regional Science Fair committee greatly values the Foundation as a<br />

partner in allowing us to continue to support our students in their pursuit of<br />

scientific interests.<br />

Laurie Kraftcheck<br />

Regional Chair, Avon-Maitland Huron Perth Science Fair

“<br />

The HERO Project has greatly benefitted from partnering<br />

with the Foundation, <br />

particularly in regards to a shared fundraising effort, <br />

timely advice, and our Qualified Donee agreement.<br />

Henri Molenhuis<br />

HERO Project<br />

In-School Mentoring Program<br />

The Foundation has been a great support of the Kids First ‘Read to<br />

Baby’ project. Their in-kind donations of reconciliation <br />

of funds, ordering of supplies, financial reporting and marketing<br />

expertise allow our project to remain viable.<br />

Donna Feeney<br />

Early Literacy Specialist/West Perth Coordinator<br />

Perth EarlyON<br />

The Foundation provides an additional voice of education at the table<br />

for Kids First Huron Perth. Willingly, the Foundation has supported<br />

the work of the Early Literacy Network’s ‘Read to Baby’ Project as<br />

well as the preliminary meetings of <br />

the Children’s Charter Working Group. <br />

Previously, the Kids First Steering Committee has relied on the<br />

Foundation to hold funds received from the United Way for our <br />

No Wrong Door initiative. <br />

With a reach that is Huron and Perth counties, the Foundation’s<br />

knowledge and understanding of opportunities within that geography<br />

is outstanding. <br />

Michele Gaynor<br />

Kids First Huron Perth Chair<br />

The Huron County Social Services sincerely values the relationship<br />

and the support provided by the Foundation for Education <br />

to our community. <br />

Diane Millian<br />

Huron County Social Services Supervisor<br />

Next year …<br />

We will develop and help<br />

manage a Children’s Charter of<br />

Rights in partnership with various<br />

agencies from across the<br />

District.<br />

We will continue to engage with<br />

and learn from other education<br />

foundations from across the<br />

Country.<br />

We will explore and develop new<br />

ways of effectively meeting both<br />

the academic and social needs<br />

of students (more on that next<br />

year).<br />

We will build a new strategic plan<br />

and solidify our core values.<br />

We will celebrate our <br />

30th Anniversary.

Board of Directors<br />

Murray Bartja<br />

Janet Baird-Jackson<br />

Alyson Kent<br />

Jo-Dee Burbach<br />

Patrick Main<br />

Kate Hazlitt<br />

Ryan Erb<br />

Executive Director<br />

Wes MacVicar<br />

Development Consultant<br />

Lynda McGregor<br />

Administrator<br />

Dana Philips<br />

Bookkeeper<br />

Karen Stewart<br />

If you’d like to comment on anything<br />

you’ve seen in this publication or ask<br />

a question, please contact us:<br />

Foundation For Education<br />

62 Chalk St. North<br />

Seaforth ON N0K 1W0<br />

t: 1-800-592-5437 ext.231<br />

e: wes.macvicar@ed.amdsb.ca<br />

Charitable No.<br />

13355 2091 RR0001<br />

<strong>Trustee</strong> Randy Wagler with Directors’ Award<br />

winner at Regional Science Fair <strong>2018</strong><br />

AMDSB trustee report<br />

FoundPublications <strong>2018</strong><br />

foundationforeducation.ca<br />

AMDSB’s Contribution to the Foundation:<br />

Part-time Administrative Assistant<br />

Office Space with Basic Office Supplies<br />

Grant - $100,908 (2017-18)<br />

The Added Value that the Foundation brings to AMDSB:<br />

We access grants not available to schools and school boards.<br />

We offer best practise, design and technical expertise in fundraising for<br />

schools and school councils and help them build their fundraising<br />

campaigns.<br />

We attract donations from the community that AMDSB would not be<br />

able to attract as a publicly funded institution.<br />

We care for donors with public acknowledgement and engaging letters<br />

of thanks - often personalized with hand-written notes.<br />

We lend our charitable status to schools and other partners for the<br />

purpose of gaining funds for the betterment of students.<br />

We act as a clearing house with an efficiency that sparks new<br />

initiatives and enables existing projects and programs to run<br />

smoothly. <br />

We promote and market AMDSB skillfully through social media.<br />

We collaborate with AMDSB staff throughout the year on projects.<br />

We accomplish a multitude of services for AMDSB (using mostly<br />

contract employees) for less than it would cost the Board when<br />

salaries, benefits and pensions are taken into account.<br />

We exceed the levels prescribed by the Ministry of Education through<br />

our enrichment programming in the schools giving AMDSB<br />

students experiences and opportunities that many would never<br />

otherwise be exposed to.<br />

We provide professional development for AMDSB teachers: <br />

“They truly are enriching experiences for both myself <br />

and my students!”<br />

Kim Littleton, South Perth<br />

“I learned a lot, my students learned a lot, and it was <br />

a fantastic day!“<br />

Amy Shapton, SHDHS<br />

We employ artists and facilitators for classroom enrichment programs<br />

at a reduced rate compared to what schools are asked to pay<br />

for their services.<br />

We award AMDSB teachers with grants to help make possible their<br />

innovative and inclusive classroom projects throughout the year.<br />

We persuade many parents prior to Christmas and the end of June to<br />

give cash gifts to schools in lieu of presents for AMDSB staff,<br />

bus drivers and volunteers.<br />

We engage community partners and draw them into relationship with<br />

AMDSB for the betterment of students.

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