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Slipstream - July 2018

The monthly newsletter of the Maverick Region of the Porsche Club of America

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Maverick Tech Session Series: Engine Issues, Fact and Fiction By Michael Baynton, Region Tech Session Chair photos by Bill Orr On Saturday, June 2, close to 60 Maverick members met at Zims Autotechnik seeking answers to the most serious of questions. Questions about leaky engines, failed bearings, dubious metallurgical decisions of the ‘70s, and other worrisome concerns that keep certain Porsche owners up at night. session would be as productive and informative as possible, the crowd was split into air-cooled and water-cooled worriers. Al held court on one end of the shop, and was soon peppered with questions from the air-cooled contingent regarding the invariable oil leaks, soft mag cases, the dearth of quality replacement parts, and what As always, this event wouldn’t have been the success it was without the generous support of our host, the everincreasing participation of our members, and the tireless efforts of our volunteers, who arrive early to help with set-up and parking. Stay tuned and look out for more exciting tech sessions during the second half of 2018! Fielding these questions with aplomb and a wealth of experience was Al Zim, one of the gurus of the P-car world. On the morning of this 75th birthday, no less, he graciously opened his shop doors and—along with his experienced staff of mechanics—provided advice and perspective on a number of engine-related issues. To ensure our modern oils to use in ancient engines. On the other end of his (immaculate, by the way) facility, Jeremy lead the discussion on water-cooled engines and peripherals with the help of the other shop mechanics. The Q&A of course covered the infamous IMS and RMS issues, along with several other bugaboos of more modern Porsches. It’s fair to say that no question was left unanswered and that our members received an impressive education, along with honest, sage, and often humorous advice. And both discussions were helped immensely by having various Porsche models up on lifts, allowing for closer inspection and discussion. Our hosts were more than gracious in allowing members to inspect the shop and the various work stations—even those that were OTP (Other Than Porsche). Yes, Zims also supports those other German luxury brands. Below: Al Zim answers questions and imparts knowledge to the group. 25

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