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Slipstream - July 2018

The monthly newsletter of the Maverick Region of the Porsche Club of America

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May Tour Recap: Aloha Maverick Style By Mark Pitarresi, Tours Co-Chair photos by author and Jim Hirsch Our third tour of the year, “Aloha Maverick Style - The Ray Roberts Lake Tour” was Saturday, May 19. When I rolled into the parking lot of Grayson College in Van Alstyne, there were already two cars eagerly waiting to get their Maverick tour fix. Soon after getting set up, the parking lot was full of friendly Porsche owners. As usual, the beginning of our tours are pretty much like our Mavs & Mochas events. Everyone catches up with their friends, and meet new members while waiting for departure. This tour was 90.4 miles and two hours of drive time. We had 87 Porsches, 153 people, and 8 juniors (under age 18). After everyone was signed in, we started the Drivers’ Briefing, explaining our rules and how we would stage to leave. At my group’s rest stop, I got a chance to meet Bill Beck and look at his stunning blue 1967 912 Outlaw. The engine was beautifully detailed and it had a 3-liter flat 6 out of a 911 SC, built to be a driver. I am sure everyone one is looking forward to seeing more of this car. Our tour ended at the Hula Hut restaurant in Little Elm. I wish we had a Hula Hut for every tour we do. They really did not miss a beat. The food and service were awesome! Wake Boarders at Hydros Wake Park next door also put on a good show that could be seen from Hula Hut. Special Thanks to our tour volunteers! The Group Leaders were Derrick Tate, Tom Martin, Young Slack, Mark Palmer, Ted Martin, Mike Ferrell, Scott Garwood, Karl Poulsen, and Edward Martelle. The sign in attendants were Karl and Karen Poulsen, Ed Martelle, and Jennifer Elliott. After the briefing, we had everyone meet their group leaders to answer questions. This tour is favorite to a lot in the Dallas area because it’s easy to get to and has great turns, long straights, and great country scenery. The Vintage Group had 12 cars and the other groups averaged 9. We went through the towns of Van Alstyne, Weston, Celina, Pilot Point, Tioga, Sanger, Aubrey, Krugerville, Cross Roads, Oakpoint and Little Elm. The Porsche Plano Client Drive was also doing a drive on FM 455. Our vintage group passed them in downtown Celina going the opposite direction. I imagine the residents enjoyed seeing over 100 Porsches driving through the square! We had two rest stops on this tour so our odd groups stopped at the second rest stop while the even numbered groups stopped at the first rest stop. 29

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