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Slipstream - July 2018

The monthly newsletter of the Maverick Region of the Porsche Club of America

Oversteer: Letter from

Oversteer: Letter from the Editor By Kurt Scaggs, Managing Editor Seventy years. Wow. Celebrating 70 years of anything is no small feat these days. And doing so while still building a model that was introduced 53 years ago is kind of unheard of. Pan Am, Compaq, EF Hutton, remember them? Yeah, neither do most people. Porsche has found a way to stay relevant and still stick to the core values that make the brand what it is today. A Porsche 911 today still has roots to the car they built in 1965 that you can see in it’s design. That’s the company that builds a product that we’re passionate about. And that’s why we’ve just celebrated with them on June 9th during the Porsche Sportscar Together Day commemorating 70 years of cars that provide the ultimate sports car experience. As you look through this issue, I hope you enjoy that fantastic pictures of the cars, and what a variety of cars we have this month, but also please take a minute to notice that we have pictures of people too. Yes, there are people in some of those photos. These are the people that make our club, your club, what it is today. Without the people, these cars would just sit and look pretty. And what fun would that be? The knowledge, experience and stories that this group can share will astound you. Have your heard Jack Griffin’s story about Le Mans? If you haven’t been to an event, come on out. July 18th the club is putting together a track day for all skill levels as MotorSport Ranch in Cresson. If you’ve never been on a track before, this is your chance to drive with an instructor and get the most out of your Porsche and maybe pick up a racing habit you didn’t know you needed. Want more? Check out Schnell Fest in September at COTA. I’ll be the slow one in the back. If a day at the track isn’t your idea of relaxation, come to one of the socials that Clark and Vanessa plan for you each month. They have really picked out some great places for these events and the company can’t be beat. You’ve already paid the price of admission – come out and enjoy some of what the Maverick Region has to offer. Oh, if you’re missing Mavs & Mochas, you’re really missing out. I’ll be back next month with an observation about something silly that you could probably live without, but until then - Enjoy the Drive! Porsche Specialists - Experienced Enthusiasts Dealer-Like Service at Independent Prices Excellent Service Maintenance & Repair Sales •All Porsches’ Serviced •Fast Turnaround Times •Same Day Service In Some Cases •Serving DFW Area For Over 14 Years •Family Founded, Owned & Operated •100+ Years of Porsche Tech Experience •11,000 sq. ft. State-Of-The-Art Facility Equipped with the latest Diagnostic Tools •Comfortable Waiting Area with Free WiFi & Coffee Bar •Same Services and Capabilities as the Dealers •Consignment Sales performed on a case-by-case basis 1975 Archer Ave • Lewisville • TX 75077 • 972•317•4005 36 July

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