How to troubleshoot the blank pages problem on a Xerox 570 printer?


This presentation represents the way and method to troubleshoot the blank pages problem on a Xerox 570 printer. If you are facing any trouble regarding this blog, just make a call to Xerox Printer Tech support Canada: 1-855-253-4222.
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ong>Howong> ong>toong> Troubleshoot ong>theong>

Blank Pages Problem on

a Xerox 570 Printer?


I am Sheryl Telles

‣This Presentation is about - ong>Howong>

ong>toong> ong>troubleshootong> ong>theong> ong>blankong> ong>pagesong>

ong>problemong> on a Xerox 570 printer?

"Printing ong>blankong> ong>pagesong>" is one of ong>theong> many technical

errors which we encounter in ong>theong> printer. The user

might be stuck with this and get distressed when

ong>theong>re is no improvement even after trying

remarkable solutions. Today, we are offering some

steps which you can take. The first action you should

do is ong>toong> reboot ong>theong> device and see if it resolves ong>theong>

ong>problemong>. You can also use ong>theong> following method

supplied by Xerox Printer Technical Support

Canada which has worked almost every time.

You can try ong>theong> below method and see if

it works for you

1. First of all, Replace ong>theong> black and oong>theong>r color ong>toong>ners and try ong>toong>


2. Then, take a lint free cloth, dampen it inong>toong> water squeeze it

nicely ong>toong> remove ong>theong> water, and ong>theong>n clean ong>theong> printer

3. Go ong>toong> ong>theong> printer’s menu and run a self-diagnostic test. The

self-diagnostic test determines wheong>theong>r ong>theong> ong>problemong> is with

ong>theong> printer or ong>theong> computer with which it is connected.

4. If ong>theong> diagnostic test indicated ong>theong> issue in ong>theong> Xerox printer

ong>theong>n, should restart ong>theong> print spooler.

5. You should also look for ong>theong> availability of advanced software

and drivers.

6. Update or reinstall ong>theong> print drivers.

7. Enter inong>toong> ong>theong> printer server page and remove ong>theong> Xerox printer

from ong>theong> list.

8. Wait for a short while and add it once again

9. Try ong>toong> print ong>theong> document with different applications.

Connect ong>theong> specialists for more help

You should not directly move ong>toong> ong>theong> repair centre if ong>theong>se

steps are not relevant enough ong>toong> refute ong>theong> ong>problemong>, raong>theong>r

contact ong>theong> Xerox Printer Support Canada: 1-855-253-4222

and talk ong>toong> ong>theong>m about your condition. The professional

engineers will patiently listen ong>toong> you and suggest more

ong>troubleshootong>ing measures. The Xerox support is approachable

all days and 24 hours. You can contact ong>theong>m anytime, dial ong>theong>

number or send an email. You can also connect with ong>theong>

specialists via live chat or text; ong>theong>y are available on all social

media platforms.


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