PF Spring 2018

School of Filmmaking and Photography Course Catalog - Spring 2018

School of Filmmaking and Photography Course Catalog - Spring 2018


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Visual arts classes for adults, youth, and families<br />

Filmmaking Animatics Directing Producing Photography<br />

Screenwriting Editing Film Studies Photoshop After Effects<br />

Film Processing Cyanotypes Drones Lighting TV Writing<br />

Winter/<strong>Spring</strong><br />

JAN - MAY <strong>2018</strong><br />


Table of Contents<br />

Welcome to Pittsburgh Filmmakers<br />

Letter from John Cantine, Director, Pittsburgh Filmmakers School<br />

04<br />

Table of Contents<br />

Pittsburgh Filmmakers School of<br />

Filmmaking & Photography<br />

About Us, Locations, Dates to Remember<br />

05<br />

Film, Digital, and Video Courses 07 - 09<br />

Visit us online at<br />

pfm.edu<br />

Photography Courses 10 - 11<br />

Student Opportunities<br />

Independent Study and Internships<br />

12<br />

Workshops/Short Courses 13<br />

Certificate Program 14<br />

Registration Information 15 - 16<br />

© <strong>2018</strong> <strong>PF</strong>/PCA. All rights reserved.<br />


Welcome to the <strong>2018</strong> <strong>Spring</strong> semester at the<br />

Pittsburgh Filmmakers School!<br />

We’re excited to bring you a new slate of hands-on courses in filmmaking<br />

and photography. If you’re looking for semester-long accredited courses,<br />

check out pages 6 - 11.<br />

Welcome!<br />

If you want to start making movies but have no experience, we have 6<br />

different sections of Motion Picture Fundamentals (pg 7). If you think<br />

writing might be your thing, try Introduction to Screenwriting (pg 8).<br />

If you want to begin studying photography you can try Basic Digital<br />

Photography or Black and White Photography 1 (pg 10).<br />

If you’re a more advanced student, we have some exciting new (or newish)<br />

courses this semester. Richard Kelly is teaching Business of Photography<br />

and Multimedia (pg 11). Jeff Monahan is teaching Write-Act-Produce-<br />

Direct and Seminar in Screenwriting (pg 9). Jayla Patton offers a brandnew<br />

course, Storyboarding and Animatics (pg 8). T.R. Garman brings back<br />

the popular Drones for Photo and Video (pg 8) course. Jeffrey Krsul is<br />

teaching Non-silver Printing (pg 11) , and I’m teaching our new capstone<br />

filmmaking course, Writing and Producing the Short Script (pg 7).<br />

About <strong>PF</strong><br />

Who we are<br />

Pittsburgh Filmmakers/Pittsburgh Center for the Arts (<strong>PF</strong>/PCA) is a community-based institution that<br />

offers accredited and non-accredited visual arts courses, access to equipment and studio space, fellowship<br />

and exhibition programs, a robust screening program that includes the annual Three Rivers Film Festival, a<br />

Youth Media program featuring media arts classes for children ages 5-17, and sales of work by our artist<br />

members in our on-site shop. Annually <strong>PF</strong>/PCA serves 100,000 individuals of all ages.<br />

The Pittsburgh Filmmakers School offers courses in filmmaking, photography, video production, digital<br />

media, and the history and theory of all of those forms. Whether you’re a traditional college student or<br />

looking for an alternative education, The Filmmakers School has a program for you. Our goal is to help<br />

you develop a strong aesthetic, analytical, and technical foundation on which you can build as you become<br />

working artists and professionals. College students and independent students can enroll in our collegelevel<br />

classes. The Pittsburgh Filmmakers School is an accredited institutional member of the National<br />

Association of Schools of Art and Design (NASAD), and is licensed by the State Board of Private License<br />

Schools.<br />

Dates to Remember<br />

Discount Deadline: December 28,<br />

2017 (see details on page 15)<br />

Semester begins: January 5, <strong>2018</strong><br />

Semester ends: April 23, <strong>2018</strong><br />

No Class:<br />

Martin Luther King, Jr. Day: January 15, <strong>2018</strong><br />

<strong>Spring</strong> Break: March 5 - 10, <strong>2018</strong><br />

Easter Weekend: March 30 - 31, <strong>2018</strong><br />

About Pittsburgh Filmmakers<br />

On page 13 you’ll see some shorter, less formal workshops that can help<br />

you to use your DSLR camera, make a Wordpress website, or learn what it<br />

takes to produce a reality TV show.<br />

Open Houses:<br />

(details on page 16)<br />

Filmmakers and photographers are the storytellers for our time, making<br />

images that allow viewers to see the world in a new way. The Pittsburgh<br />

Filmmakers School allows you to join in, to<br />

create your own work under the guidance of<br />

experienced professionals. I hope you can join us<br />

this semester.<br />

February 22, <strong>2018</strong>, 6:00 - 7:30pm<br />

April 21, <strong>2018</strong>, 10:30am - 12:00pm<br />

Where we are<br />

Pittsburgh Filmmakers<br />

Pittsburgh Center for the Arts<br />

Center for the Arts School<br />

John Cantine<br />

Director, Pittsburgh Filmmakers School<br />

School, Administration, Equipment<br />

Office, Melwood Screening Room<br />

477 Melwood Avenue<br />

Pittsburgh, PA 15213<br />

(412) 681-5449<br />

Galleries, Special Events, PCA Shop<br />

6300 Fifth Avenue<br />

Pittsburgh, PA 15232<br />

(412) 361-0873<br />

1047 Shady Avenue<br />

Pittsburgh, PA 15232<br />

(412) 361-0455<br />

4 Visit us online at pfm.edu<br />

Visit us online at pfm.edu<br />


Film, Digital, and Video<br />

Film, Digital, and Video<br />

Motion Picture<br />

Fundamentals<br />

Prerequisite: None / 42 classroom hours<br />

FLM 101 A Mon 6:00 - 9:00 Smith<br />

FLM 101 B Mon 2:00 - 5:00 Bonev<br />

FLM 101 C Tue 6:00 - 9:00 Abrams<br />

FLM 101 D Thu 2:00 - 5:00 Zavala<br />

FLM 101 E Fri 10:00 - 1:00 Bugaj<br />

FLM 101 F Sat 10:00 - 1:00 Zavala<br />

Full<br />

Semester<br />

Courses<br />

This is your introduction to big screen (and<br />

small screen) production! You’ll shoot digital<br />

video, photographs, and motion picture<br />

film to learn everything you ever wanted to<br />

know about moviemaking. Together, we’ll<br />

cover all the key concepts of photographic<br />

expression, including lighting, composition,<br />

camerawork, editing, and storytelling.<br />

All equipment is provided, including HD<br />

camcorders, 16mm film cameras, and<br />

digital editing stations. Grading is based on<br />

student projects and written exams.<br />

Motion Picture Fundamentals<br />

Video Production 1<br />

Prerequisite: Motion Picture Fundamentals / 42 classroom hours<br />

VID 115 A Thu 6:00 - 9:00 Koleck<br />

VID 115 B Wed 2:00 - 5:00 Wormsley<br />

Want to learn production, from start<br />

to finish? This course will help you<br />

understand how to design, shoot, and<br />

edit high-definition video, from digital<br />

camera operation, lighting, audio recording,<br />

scripting, non-linear editing, special effects,<br />

and audio mixing. We’ll give you several<br />

shooting and editing assignments that help<br />

you understand how to work better behind<br />

the camera and in the editing suite, and then<br />

you’ll make a short film of your own design.<br />

Grading is based on the quality of work<br />

produced and on written exams.<br />

Video Production 2<br />

Prerequisite: Video Production 1 / 42 classroom hours<br />

VID 212 A Wed 6:00 - 9:00 Cantine<br />

This advanced-level class will help you<br />

develop your style, while creating more<br />

ambitious work and improving your<br />

technical skills, including digital postproduction.<br />

You’ll learn non-linear editing,<br />

color correction, and final output, as well as<br />

advanced camera work and how to integrate<br />

advanced lighting and audio recording. This<br />

knowledge will be used to make a single<br />

polished, high-quality short film. Grading is<br />

based on the quality of work produced and<br />

performance on written exams.<br />

Writing and<br />

Producing the<br />

Short Script<br />

Prerequisite: Video Production 2 / 42 classroom hours<br />

FLM 308 A Tue 6:00 - 9:00 Cantine<br />

This is a capstone class where you use<br />

everything you’ve learned so far to create a<br />

short film good enough to send to festivals<br />

or show online. Through script workshops,<br />

pre-production reviews, and critique of<br />

rough cuts, the instructor will mentor you<br />

through the filmmaking process. Grading<br />

is based on the quality of work produced,<br />

the quality and timeliness of intermediate<br />

stages, and a written production journal.<br />

6 Visit us online at pfm.edu<br />

Visit us online at pfm.edu<br />


Filmmaking Intensive cohort<br />

Introduction to<br />

Digital Editing<br />

Technical Directing<br />

Prerequisite: Motion Picture Fundamentals / 42 classroom hours<br />

Drones for Photo &<br />

Video<br />

Storyboarding and<br />

Animatics<br />

Prerequisite: Motion Picture Fundamentals or Introduction to<br />

Digital Editing / 42 classroom hours<br />

DIG 219 A Tue 6:00 - 9:00 Patton<br />

Animatics are a way for filmmakers and<br />

animators to try out an idea without<br />

having to shoot it. In this course, you’ll<br />

create animatics for film, videogames<br />

or animation. Utilizing stock imagery,<br />

3D models, and drawings, students will<br />

create moving storyboards, and learn how<br />

to use Adobe Creative Cloud software<br />

to compile those boards into animatics.<br />

Drawing skills are not required in order to<br />

succeed. Students may collaborate or work<br />

individually. Considerable outside work is<br />

necessary. All equipment is provided but<br />

students pay for their own art supplies and<br />

media expenses.<br />

Introduction to<br />

Screenwriting<br />

Prerequisite: None / 42 classroom hours<br />

FLM 228 A Tue 2:00 - 5:00 Heidekat<br />

FLM 228 B Wed 6:00 - 9:00 Heidekat<br />

This course will give you the skills you need<br />

to help you kick off that screenplay you’ve<br />

been dreaming of. In it, you’ll cover all the<br />

screenwriting basics, including: story,<br />

structure, scene, character, dialogue, and<br />

action. We cover both documentary and<br />

fiction storytelling. Considerable outside<br />

work is necessary. Grading is based on<br />

the quality of the writing assignments,<br />

homework, and class participation.<br />

Write-Act-Produce-<br />

Direct<br />

Prerequisite: None / 42 classroom hours<br />

FLM 120 A Tue 6:00 - 9:00 Monahan<br />

Filmmaking is a collaborative art form.<br />

Understanding inter-related disciplines is<br />

crucial to making a successful film. Writers<br />

need to know what it takes to produce a<br />

particular sequence; directors need to<br />

know how to talk to actors; producers<br />

need to be able to stay true to a script<br />

while maintaining their budget; actors<br />

must be able to read scripts for action, and<br />

they need to understand the psychology<br />

of directors. Students will experience a<br />

little bit of every discipline in this course,<br />

spending three weeks dedicated to each<br />

area and the final two weeks of the term<br />

pulling it all together. Grading is based on<br />

assignments and class participation.<br />

Film, Digital, and Video<br />

Prerequisite: None / 42 classroom hours<br />

DIG 112 A Mon 6:00 - 9:00 Hosking<br />

This is your chance to get familiar with all<br />

of the opportunities technology gives us<br />

for manipulating still images, sound, and<br />

motion pictures. You’ll be introduced to<br />

the Macintosh Operating System, Adobe<br />

Premiere, and Adobe Photoshop. Grading is<br />

based on assignments, a written exam and<br />

class participation.<br />

Documentary<br />

Production<br />

Prerequisite: Motion Picture Fundamentals / 42 classroom hours<br />

VID 320 A Tue 6:00 - 9:00 Zavala<br />

This course guides you through the planning,<br />

shooting, and editing of a documentary. You<br />

will build onto your existing production skills<br />

by learning techniques unique to non-fiction<br />

film, such as vérité (observational) shooting,<br />

interviewing, and using archival material. The<br />

class will consider the ethics of presenting real<br />

people on screen. In addition to production,<br />

you will analyze recent documentaries, in order<br />

to understand how reality can be presented in<br />

cinematically potent ways. Grading is based on<br />

practical exercises, writing, a final project, and<br />

class participation.<br />

FLM 225 A Tue 6:00 - 9:00 Watt<br />

You want to learn how to design and<br />

direct motion pictures—and we want to<br />

teach you. We’ll cover the relationship<br />

between film and reality, the meaning of<br />

cinematic techniques, continuity, shot<br />

selection, cut selection, and visualization.<br />

Extensive outside work is necessary,<br />

including attending current films to discuss<br />

directorial issues.<br />

Digital Effects and<br />

Compositing<br />

Prerequisite: Video Production 1 / 42 classroom hours<br />

DIG 345 A Thu 6:00 - 9:00 Mougianis<br />

In this course, you’ll manipulate and combine<br />

video, photographs, graphics, text, and more<br />

to tell a story. Most work will be done using<br />

Adobe After Effects CC, Adobe Photoshop<br />

CC and Illustrator CC. You’ll learn how to make<br />

effective moving title sequences, and use<br />

transparency, masking, and chroma keying to<br />

do simple visual effects shots. Grading is based<br />

on assignments, exams and class participation.<br />

Prerequisite: None / 42 classroom hours<br />

VID 125 A Thu 6:00 - 9:00 Garman<br />

Using a UAV (“Unmanned Aerial Vehicle” or<br />

“drone”), a filmmaker or photographer can get<br />

amazing shots, but safe operation is a must.<br />

In this course, you will learn how to assemble<br />

and fly a UAV and practice shooting effective<br />

moving and still images. The course will cover<br />

specific components of the UAV, cameras and<br />

camera stabilization systems, safe handling,<br />

legal requirements and protocol, and flying to<br />

get the best shot possible. It is recommended<br />

but not required that students be prepared<br />

to purchase a ready-to-fly UAV early in the<br />

semester; the instructor will suggest specific<br />

models in the first class session.<br />

Electronic<br />

Cinematography<br />

Prerequisite: Video Production 1 / 42 classroom hours<br />

VID 317 A Thu 6:00 - 9:00 Caloiero<br />

This course will cover advanced video<br />

technology and professional techniques<br />

of videography, featuring professionalquality<br />

video cameras. Emphasis will<br />

be placed on image quality, meeting<br />

broadcast specifications for video and<br />

audio, and double-system audio recording.<br />

Grading will be based on written exams,<br />

in-class production exercises, and an oral<br />

presentation. Though students will be<br />

asked to shoot video in class, this is not a<br />

production course.<br />

Script Analysis<br />

Prerequisite: Introduction to Screenwriting / 42 classroom hours<br />

FLM 328 A Wed 6:00 - 9:00 Monahan<br />

Study the narrative structures and plot<br />

devices used to create satisfying film<br />

stories. You’ll view and discuss films and<br />

complex screenplays in order to examine<br />

plot development, characterization, theme<br />

and sub-plots. Each week, you will analyze a<br />

number of scripts, focusing on the transition<br />

of a story from script to screen. The final<br />

project will be an in-depth written analysis<br />

of a script and film, highlighting all major<br />

areas of the narrative. Considerable outside<br />

work is necessary. Grading is based on<br />

written analysis and class participation.<br />

Seminar in<br />

Screenwriting<br />

Prerequisite: Advanced Screenplay Workshop or permission / 42<br />

classroom hours<br />

FLM 428 A Mon 6:00 - 9:00 Monahan<br />

This course is designed for students with<br />

extensive writing experience. It provides<br />

the opportunity for writers to rework<br />

a completed feature length script or<br />

create a new screenplay. Students who<br />

intend to rewrite an existing piece must<br />

bring their completed screenplay to the<br />

first class. Students intending to create<br />

a new screenplay must have the Story<br />

Pitch prepared for the first class session.<br />

Class time will include readings, critiques<br />

and discussions of all work in progress.<br />

Extensive outside writing is required.<br />

Grades are based on class participation and<br />

ongoing written assignments.<br />

Video Thesis 2<br />

Prerequisite: Video Thesis 1 / 42 classroom hours<br />

VID 404 A By Appointment Staff<br />

This course is a direct continuation of<br />

your project from Video Thesis 1. You will<br />

edit and complete all post-production for<br />

your video shot during Thesis 1. In order<br />

to complete this course, you must have an<br />

exhibition-quality digital video master, and<br />

show your video in an approved Pittsburgh<br />

Filmmakers Thesis Screening. Grading<br />

is based on the quality of the student’s<br />

finished work and the ability to meet<br />

deadlines.<br />

8 Visit us online at pfm.edu<br />

Visit us online at pfm.edu<br />


Photography<br />

Photo by Esther Wayne, student<br />

Photo by Jeremy Guttman, student<br />

Studio Lighting<br />

Prerequisite: Black and White Photography 2 or Intermediate<br />

Digital Photography or permission / 42 classroom hours<br />

PHT 251 A Wed 6:00 - 9:00 Kelly<br />

Non-silver Printing<br />

Prerequisite: Black and White Photography 2 / 42 classroom<br />

hours<br />

PHT 304 A Tue 6:00 - 9:00 Krsul<br />

Sequence and Series:<br />

The Photobook<br />

Prerequisite: Intermediate Digital Photography or Portrait Photography<br />

or permission / 42 classroom hours<br />

Photography<br />

Step into the studio with this advanced<br />

photography course. You will utilize artificial<br />

lighting techniques, including hot lights and<br />

electronic flash units. Both film and digital<br />

capture will be discussed in class along with<br />

topics such as painting with light, lighting<br />

ratios and character studies. Assignments<br />

include white background portraiture,<br />

environmental portraiture and a variety<br />

of still life set-ups. Considerable outside<br />

work is required to complete assignments.<br />

Grading is based on attendance,<br />

assignments and your final portfolio.<br />

19th-century photographers introduced<br />

methods of processing photos that<br />

created beautiful, evocative images. Many<br />

contemporary photographers still use these<br />

processes in their work, and you can too. You<br />

will learn to make enlarged digital negatives,<br />

mix chemicals from original formulas and<br />

hand-coat the light sensitive emulsions<br />

on watercolor paper. Processes examined<br />

include cyanotype, Gum Bichromate, Van<br />

Dyke brown printing and Palladium printing.<br />

After exploring all processes, students<br />

choose one technique for their final project.<br />

Grading is based on attendance, the quality<br />

of completed assignments and the final<br />

portfolio.<br />

PHT 313 A Wed 6:00 - 9:00 Staff<br />

Collect and bind your photographs into a<br />

unique work of art. Using both traditional<br />

bookbinding techniques and on-demand<br />

printing sources, you’ll sequence and<br />

organize photos for a finished photobook.<br />

You’ll create a minimum of two books, one<br />

that is unique and personal, and another<br />

that can be produced in greater numbers.<br />

Topics covered include layout, sequencing,<br />

storytelling, design, digital image<br />

workflow, and basic bookmaking skills.<br />

We’ll study contemporary photography<br />

books for concept, content, style, and<br />

structure. Grading is based on attendance,<br />

participation, and completed projects.<br />

Basic Digital<br />

Photography<br />

Prerequisite: None / 42 classroom hours<br />

PHT 120 A Wed 6:00 - 9:00 Sambrick<br />

Want to begin exploring the world of<br />

photography, but not quite sure where to<br />

start? This class will help you find your unique<br />

photographic style, with practical exploration<br />

of camera controls, print quality, composition,<br />

and subject matter. You’ll learn how to talk<br />

about photography, with an examination<br />

of both contemporary and historical<br />

photographers. Over the semester, you’ll cover<br />

exposure, quality of light, Adobe Lightroom for<br />

digital file management, image manipulation,<br />

and digital printing. Students should have their<br />

own camera; a few digital SLRs will be available<br />

for use during the semester. Grading is based<br />

on assignments, written exams and a final<br />

portfolio.<br />

Black and White<br />

Photography 1<br />

Prerequisite: None / 42 classroom hours<br />

PHT 111 A Wed 6:00 - 9:00 Tohara<br />

PHT 111 B Sat 10:00 - 1:00 Kelly<br />

If you’re curious about the timeless artistry<br />

of photography, get shooting with our fleet<br />

of 35mm cameras. During your 14 weeks<br />

in our darkrooms, you will learn how to<br />

make an exposure and how to craft it into a<br />

photographic print. You will experiment with<br />

depth of field, light as subject, the self portrait<br />

and portraiture. Students are expected to<br />

purchase their own film and photographic<br />

paper. Grading is based on assignments,<br />

written exams and a final portfolio.<br />

Advanced Digital<br />

Photography<br />

Prerequisite: Intermediate Digital Photography or permission / 42<br />

classroom hours<br />

PHT 320 A Thu 6:00 - 9:00 Vitone<br />

This course picks up where Intermediate<br />

Digital Photography lets off, and offers<br />

advanced photographic concepts needed to<br />

expand your process of building an exhibition<br />

quality portfolio. Through regular shooting<br />

assignments and group critiques, your personal<br />

vision will be fully developed and explored.<br />

Editing, sequencing work, and inkjet printing<br />

are a large part of classwork. Using Adobe<br />

Photoshop CC, you will learn to make complex<br />

selection and color corrections, advanced<br />

layering and masking principles. Considerable<br />

outside work is required to complete<br />

assignments. Grading is based on attendance,<br />

assignments and your final portfolio.<br />

Business of<br />

Photography and<br />

Multimedia<br />

Prerequisite: None / 42 classroom hours<br />

<strong>PF</strong>M 123 A Mon 6:00 - 9:00 Kelly<br />

Learn the basics of professional business<br />

practices as they relate to photography and<br />

multimedia markets, including: Editorial,<br />

Advertising, Weddings, Portraits, and Fine<br />

Art Photography. You’ll learn to research<br />

and apply basic marketing principles so that<br />

you can successfully promote yourself as<br />

a professional photographer, and create<br />

a strategy for marketing and sales goals<br />

including: a website, promo materials,<br />

and business cards to use in day-to-day<br />

business. We’ll also cover branding, blogs,<br />

SEO-data analytics, artist statements,<br />

production proposals, copyright, licensing,<br />

and business practices and etiquette.<br />

Photo by Joan Heineman, student<br />

10 Visit us online at pfm.edu<br />

Visit us online at pfm.edu<br />


Independent<br />

Study<br />

Independent Study in<br />

Film, Photography or<br />

Digital Media<br />

Prerequisite: Permission of instructor / Classroom hours TBD classroom hours<br />

Workshops<br />

In addition to our full semester courses, <strong>PF</strong>/PCA offers non-accredited workshops in digital media. These<br />

short courses range from 1 day to weekly over the course of several weeks. Please note, some of these<br />

workshops take place on our Pittsburgh Center for the Arts campus.<br />

Independent Study & Internships / Workshops<br />

FLM 299 A<br />

VID 299 A<br />

PHT 299 A<br />

DIG 299 A<br />

By appointment<br />

By appointment<br />

By appointment<br />

By appointment<br />

Are you an advanced student looking to study film or<br />

video production, photography, or digital media? Think<br />

about an independent study! Secure the permission of<br />

your preferred instructor, write a preliminary proposal,<br />

discuss your proposal with your instructor, and finalize it<br />

by completing an Independent Study Contract.<br />

Internships<br />

Internships in Film,<br />

Photography or Digital<br />

Media<br />

Digital Editing with<br />

Adobe Premiere<br />

3 Wednesdays Jan 10 - 24 6:30pm - 9:30pm PCA<br />

3 Wednesdays Mar 14 - 28 6:30pm - 9:30pm PCA<br />

$125 members / $150 non-members<br />

Adobe Premiere is one of the world’s most<br />

powerful and versatile video editing tools.<br />

Want to learn how to use it better? We’ll<br />

teach you how to edit, plus manage your<br />

media and workflow. We’ll also view scenes<br />

from contemporary movies and talk about<br />

editing aesthetics, match-cutting, pacing,<br />

and creating structure for a scene.<br />

This class takes place at Pittsburgh Center for the Arts<br />

Shooting with Your<br />

Digital Camera<br />

3 Thursdays Jan 11 - 25 6:30pm - 9:30pm PCA<br />

3 Saturdays Jan 13 - 27 10:00am - 1:00pm <strong>PF</strong><br />

3 Thursdays Apr 12 - 26 6:30pm - 9:30pm PCA<br />

3 Saturdays Apr 14 - 28 10:00am - 1:00pm <strong>PF</strong><br />

$125 members / $150 non-members<br />

Looking to understand all the functions<br />

on your digital camera better? Let’s get<br />

creative! We’ll teach you how to use your<br />

camera’s advanced features while gaining<br />

an understanding of how to compose<br />

a shot and use light to produce quality<br />

photographs. Please bring your own DSLR<br />

or mirrorless camera to class.<br />

Thursdays at Pittsburgh Center for the Arts<br />

Saturdays at Pittsburgh Filmmakers<br />

Animating in 3D<br />

6 Saturdays Feb 3 - Mar 10 10:00am - 1:00pm <strong>PF</strong><br />

$195 members / $220 non-members<br />

Delve into the basics of 3D animation! In<br />

this introductory course, students will<br />

learn about 3D animation using pre-built<br />

character models, rigs, and sets. Students<br />

will work in Maya, a comprehensive 3D<br />

animation program used around the world<br />

for game design and film creation.<br />

This class takes place at Pittsburgh Filmmakers<br />

Prerequisite: Permission of Internship Coordinator / Classroom hours TBD.<br />

FLM 299 A<br />

VID 299 A<br />

PHT 299 A<br />

DIG 299 A<br />

By appointment<br />

By appointment<br />

By appointment<br />

By appointment<br />

Thinking about starting a career in the media arts? We<br />

may be able to help you set up an internship! You’ll have<br />

the opportunity to work with independent media artists,<br />

film, video, audio, or television production companies,<br />

or to work with art directors, gallery curators,<br />

photographers, and printers while earning college credit<br />

(3 or 6 hours).<br />

Before registering, interested students should contact<br />

the Internship Coordinator, Will Zavala, at wzavala@<br />

pfpca.org.<br />

Producing Reality TV<br />

6 Mondays Jan 22 - Feb 26 6:00pm - 9:00pm <strong>PF</strong><br />

$195 members / $220 non-members<br />

Discover what it takes to produce reality<br />

TV. From casting to budgeting to creating a<br />

sizzle reel, this course will introduce you to<br />

the world of unscripted television and the<br />

project management skills required of all<br />

media producers. Each week, you’ll have the<br />

opportunity to chat with a different industry<br />

player—an executive producer of ‘Lip<br />

Sync Battle’, a casting producer for ‘Miami<br />

Ink,’ or another experienced professional.<br />

Prior experience with video production is<br />

suggested, but not required.<br />

Archival Photo<br />

Workshop<br />

1 Saturday February 10 10:30am - 1:30pm <strong>PF</strong><br />

1 Saturday April 14 10:30am - 1:30pm <strong>PF</strong><br />

$70 members / $95 non-members<br />

Are your cherished photographs getting<br />

old and discolored? Learn how to digitize<br />

with our flatbed scanners! We’ll cover<br />

scan-to-print workflow with Photoshop, and<br />

even delve into some basic photography<br />

techniques that will help you next time you<br />

go out and shoot. Cost includes one print per<br />

student.<br />

Welcome to<br />

Wordpress<br />

1 Saturday February 17 1:00pm - 4:00pm PCA<br />

$70 members / $95 non-members<br />

Need to create a digital portfolio or simple<br />

website? Learn how to begin designing your<br />

own website using Wordpress, one of the<br />

most user-friendly platforms out there. We’ll<br />

cover workflow, design elements, and some<br />

simple coding concepts for those looking to<br />

get more in-depth with web design. No prior<br />

experience required, but feel free to bring<br />

any images, files, etc. that you’d like to get<br />

online.<br />

This class takes place at Pittsburgh Filmmakers<br />

This class takes place at Pittsburgh Filmmakers<br />

This class takes place at Pittsburgh Filmmakers<br />

12 Visit us online at pfm.edu<br />

Visit us online at pfm.edu<br />


Want to earn a Certificate in Digital Video or Photography? Consider completing a program of twelve full-length<br />

required courses (504 total classroom hours).<br />

Any student wishing to apply to a Pittsburgh Filmmakers Certificate Program must complete an application form and<br />

submit it to the Registrar. The applicant must submit EITHER high school transcripts or copy of diploma (proof of G.E.D.<br />

is acceptable), OR proof of college or university acceptance, registration, or graduation. We also require a short written<br />

statement regarding your goals. Active certificate students receive free access membership which extends for one<br />

year after successful completion, and are assigned an advisor from the Pittsburgh Filmmakers faculty.<br />

The course requirements for the respective Certificate Programs are as follows:<br />

Digital Video<br />

(504 total classroom hours)<br />

Core Requirements<br />

Motion Picture Fundamentals<br />

Video Production 1<br />

Video Production 2<br />

Electronic Cinematography<br />

Video Thesis 1<br />

Video Thesis 2<br />

Technical Theory Electives<br />

(CHOOSE 3)<br />

Introduction to Screenwriting<br />

Script Development<br />

Advanced Screenplay Workshop<br />

Sound for Film and Video<br />

Advanced Digital Editing Techniques<br />

Lighting for Film and Video<br />

Producing for Film and Video<br />

Technical Directing<br />

Directing Actors<br />

History/Theory Electives<br />

(CHOOSE 2)<br />

American Film History<br />

International Film History<br />

Elements of Film<br />

Experimental Film/Video Art<br />

Introduction to Film Theory and Criticism<br />

Certificate Program<br />

Photography<br />

(504 total classroom hours)<br />

Core Requirements<br />

Motion Picture Fundamentals<br />

B&W Photography 1 or Basic Digital Photography<br />

B&W Photography 2 or Intermediate Digital Photography<br />

B&W Photography 3 or Advanced Digital Photography<br />

Studio Lighting<br />

View Camera Techniques<br />

Photo Editing Workflow<br />

Advanced Photoshop Techniques<br />

Technical Theory Electives<br />

(CHOOSE 2)<br />

Non-Silver Printing 1<br />

Experimental Camera<br />

Experimental Darkroom<br />

Advanced Photo Seminar<br />

Portrait Photography<br />

History/Theory Electives<br />

(CHOOSE 1)<br />

History of Photography 1<br />

History of Photography 2<br />

General Elective<br />

Choose one full-length course (42 classroom hours) from<br />

Pittsburgh Filmmakers’ curriculum<br />

Registration Info<br />

Taking Classes<br />

University Registration<br />

Students at partner universities can register for Pittsburgh<br />

Filmmakers courses directly at their school. Partner schools<br />

include University of Pittsburgh, Carnegie Mellon, La Roche,<br />

Duquesne, Carlow, Chatham, Robert Morris, Seton Hill, and<br />

Washington & Jefferson.<br />

Independent Registration<br />

Students not enrolling through a college/university are<br />

considered Independent students. Independent registration<br />

for classes and workshops may be completed by registering<br />

online at pfm.edu, by phone at 412-681-5449 or in person<br />

at our administrative offices (477 Melwood Avenue,<br />

Pittsburgh, PA 15213). Please be advised only those<br />

registering online will receive a tuition discount related<br />

to early registration (see Discount Deadline). Students<br />

registering for classes that require a prerequisite course<br />

must have earned a grade higher than D+ in the prerequisite.<br />

Independent students can register on a non-credit or credit<br />

transcript basis. Those registering as credit transcript<br />

students who hope to use <strong>PF</strong> classes for credit at a college/<br />

university should query the receiving institution regarding<br />

their transfer policies, as there is no guarantee that<br />

credits will transfer. Following completion of the course<br />

the student can request from the Registrar that a credit<br />

transcript be sent to the school(s) of their choice. There is<br />

a $3.00 per transcript fee. Please contact the Registrar for<br />

more information.<br />

Tuition<br />

Independent non-credit: $615 per course (discounted<br />

to $575 per course if registered online by December 28,<br />

2017).<br />

<strong>PF</strong>/PCA members price: $590 per course (discounted<br />

to $550 per course if registered online and paid in full by<br />

December 28, 2017).<br />

Credit Transcript: $1,150 per 42-classroom-hour (3 credit)<br />

course. There is no early registration discount on classes<br />

taken on a credit transcript basis.<br />

Unregistered students may only attend the first class if<br />

permission has been granted by the Registrar. A limited<br />

number of scholarships are now available for non-credit<br />

students demonstrating financial need. Visit pfm.edu for<br />

information about the application process.<br />

Discount Deadline<br />

Independent students can receive discounted tuition on full<br />

semester classes by signing up ONLINE before midnight on<br />

the discount deadline: December 28, 2017.<br />

Refunds<br />

If a class is dropped prior to the first class meeting 100%<br />

of tuition for the semester is refundable. If dropping or<br />

withdrawing during the first seven calendar days of the<br />

semester, 75% of the tuition for the semester is refundable.<br />

If dropping or withdrawing after the first seven calendar<br />

days, but within the first 25% of the semester, 55% of<br />

the tuition for the semester is refundable. If dropping or<br />

withdrawing after 25% but within 50% of the semester,<br />

30% of the tuition is refundable. If dropping or withdrawing<br />

after 50% of the semester has passed, the student is not<br />

entitled to a refund. A student who is entitled to a refund<br />

must submit a signed Drop form to the Registrar (see Drop<br />

policy). Refund calculations will be based on the last day of<br />

recorded attendance. Students who notify the Registrar of<br />

their wish to withdraw from a class will receive a grade of<br />

“W” (students who do not notify the Registrar risk receiving<br />

a grade of “F”). All eligible refunds will be issued within thirty<br />

(30) calendar days of notification of the Registrar.<br />

Certificate Program / Registration Info<br />

General Elective<br />

Choose one full-length course (42 classroom hours) from<br />

Pittsburgh Filmmakers’ curriculum<br />

Certificate Students: Contact your advisor for current<br />

Certificate tuition rate and registration information.<br />

Photo by Missy Blazer, student<br />

14 Visit us online at pfm.edu<br />

Visit us online at pfm.edu<br />


Student Access<br />

Students of The Pittsburgh Filmmakers School receive access<br />

to a complete inventory of production and post-production<br />

equipment for HD video, 16mm film, still photography, and<br />

digital media including a film sound stage, digital editing suites,<br />

three community darkrooms, a non-silver printing lab, and<br />

digital imaging and printing labs. These facilities are available<br />

for the duration of the courses. For more information, contact<br />

our Equipment Office. Students also receive discounts from<br />

Apple, film laboratories, seminars, workshops, and screenings at<br />

The Melwood Screening Room, Harris Theater, and the Regent<br />

Square Theater. Students must present I.D. at the box office.<br />

Unless otherwise noted in course descriptions, all necessary<br />

equipment is provided for classes. Students get 24/7 access to<br />

the facilities and equipment they need at Pittsburgh Filmmakers<br />

for the duration of their courses. Contact the Equipment Office<br />

to reserve equipment at (412) 681-9500.<br />

Locations<br />

Pittsburgh Filmmakers is located at 477 Melwood Avenue,<br />

Pittsburgh PA, 15213 in North Oakland. All 14-week film and<br />

photography courses are taught at the Filmmakers campus,<br />

along with some workshops and high school Youth Media classes.<br />

Parking is available on-street and in our parking lot across from<br />

the building; a permit is required before 5pm on weekdays.<br />

Registration Info<br />

(con’t)<br />

Disclaimer<br />

Pittsburgh Filmmakers does not discriminate on the basis of<br />

race, ethnicity, national origin, age, religion, sexual orientation,<br />

gender, gender expression, physical or mental ability, veteran<br />

status, military obligations, or marital status.<br />

Pittsburgh Filmmakers reserves the right to cancel classes in<br />

cases of inadequate enrollment due to impracticality. Faculty<br />

assignments are also subject to change.<br />

Pittsburgh Filmmakers reserves the right to expel any student<br />

who is disruptive to the educational process, including those<br />

whose behavior presents a threat to the health and safety of<br />

others.<br />

Students requiring accommodations for disabilities should<br />

inform their course instructor or Registrar at the time of<br />

enrollment so that reasonable and appropriate arrangements<br />

can be made.<br />

Students withdrawn by the school may receive tuition<br />

reimbursements depending on the reason for withdrawal.<br />

Decisions will be made on a case-by-case basis.<br />

Pittsburgh Filmmakers School of Filmmaking and Photography is<br />

an accredited institutional member of the National Association<br />

of Schools of Art and Design (NASAD).<br />

Registration Info / The Intensives<br />

Pittsburgh Center for the Arts is located at 1047 Shady Avenue,<br />

Pittsburgh PA 15232 in Shadyside. All studio art classes, some<br />

workshops, and most Youth Media classes are taught at the PCA<br />

campus. Parking is available on-street and in a parking lot across<br />

from the school.<br />

Open Houses<br />

Thursday, February 22, <strong>2018</strong><br />

6:00 - 7:30pm<br />

Saturday, April 21, <strong>2018</strong><br />

10:30am - 12:00pm<br />

During our open house events, the public and all prospective<br />

students receive guided tours of Pittsburgh Filmmakers’<br />

educational facilities and exhibition spaces. Everyone has the<br />

opportunity to meet the instructors and education staff and to<br />

observe some of our classes in session. For more information or<br />

to RSVP, call Joe Bisciotti at (412) 681-5449 x 201. You can<br />

also RSVP online at pfm.edu.<br />

Pittsburgh Filmmakers’ Certificate and Intensive Programs are<br />

licensed by the State Board of Private License Schools.<br />

Pittsburgh Filmmakers School is an approved SAA provider for<br />

G.I. Bill benefits.<br />

Photo by Jonathan Aryeh Wayne, student<br />

The Filmmaking Intensive<br />

The Photography Intensive<br />

Now accepting applications for Fall <strong>2018</strong>.<br />

To apply: pfm.edu or pfschool@pfpca.org<br />

16 Visit us online at pfm.edu<br />


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