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How Does Hair Transplantation Work?

Hair transplant is the only viable and natural solution for

male and female pattern baldness to date. The results change dramatically change your


How is it carried out?

There are two major types of hair transplantation including:

1. Follicular Unit Transplant (FUT)

2. Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE)


In FUT, a strip of hair follicles is extracted from the donor site to be implanted at the recipient

site. The obtained strip of hair grafts is separated with the help of a microscope. These separated

grafts are replanted at the balding regions.

This procedure is quick and cheaper as compared to FUE. However, a prominent scar is left on

the donor site from where the strip is removed.


The latest procedure for hair transplantation FUE has taken over the market for last few years.

Most people with pattern baldness opt for FUE hair transplant.

Instead of removing a strip of hairs, FUE focuses on extracting singular follicular unit from the

donor area of the scalp. The scarring is quite negligible compared to FUT and patient have red

dots on the sites of extraction.

How long does a hair transplant take to heal?

Both restorative systems can be finished in a day and patients are given relief from discomfort to

help them through the recuperation procedure. We encourage patients to take seven days off

work to recoup from the system. Patients are encouraged to be watchful in the initial two weeks

after their task - as the new hair grafts won't yet be totally secure.

In this regard, we advise wearing easy and buttoned clothes rather than T-shirts that can pull of

the newly harvested grafts pulling over the head.

Here are the steps to performing a hair transplant:


Initially, all the precautionary measures are taken for the transplantation process.

Trimming of Donor Site

Before starting the surgery, the donor sites are (from where the hair follicles are to be extracted)

are trimmed.

Anesthesia Administration

Once the donor area is trimmed, a local anesthesia is administered at the site to make the

procedure pain-free.

Follicles removal at the donor site

The tissues that contain bald resistance hair follicles are then removed and the donor site is


Hiding the sutured site

Hairs are combed over the sutured site to hide the area.

Preparing follicular unit grafts

Special microscopes are used to see the tissues of extracted follicles to prepare them for


Preparation of recipient area

After the anesthesia is administered, the recipient site is prepared for grafting. No trimming is

required at the recipient site.

Placement of grafts at the balding area

Follicular unit grafts are placed at the incisions that are made in an irregular pattern at the

balding area.

Incisions that are made at the balding area are visible right after the surgery.


The procedure is done and the marks that are caused by incisions will be healed naturally.

Hair transplant in Dubai

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