Some Keypoints on Writing a Capstone Paper in 2018-2019


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Paper in 2018-2019

When reaching the final year of a degree course, ​writing a capstone paper

is one of the tasks you’re going to need to be able to handle. However, a

capstone paper is much more than just an assignment; it’s designed to make you

reflect on the most important things you’ve learned during your studies. All in

all, it should let the reader know that you’ve understood the lessons learned and

that you’ve taken them to heart.

Tips to write a good capstone paper

1. Choose a topic that resonates with you

Unless your university has assigned a particular topic to you, it’s best to

go with the one you’re passionate about. For example, choose one of the ​IT

capstone project ideas if you’re passionate about working with computers and if

technology of our modern age is a never-ending source of inspiration for you.

At the same time, however, the topic you choose should be scientific and have

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