CHATA Annual Report 2017- 2018



2017 - 2018


To deliver a visible, leading and

effective (marketing) contribution towards

a vibrant and sustainable Curaçao tourism

and hospitality product.





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Achievements of the

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Our Top 5 reasons to

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In 2016, CHATA wiped the slate clean, making room for new opportunities in 2017. CHATA kicked

of the year with a new board structure and a new CEO. CHATA was more focused and vocal than

ever before. The board together with the CEO set its priorities at the start of the year and took

every opportunity to work closely together with the government and the Curaçao Tourist Board to

achieve its goals.

The board focused its efforts on the improvement of our tourism performance, increased

synergy between the tourist board and the private sector and the industries conditions of doing

business. Its efforts started to pay off and CHATA achieved stronger collaboration with CTB

and is now represented in the advisory board of CTDF. In addition to this, CHATA also achieved

that the government instated a level playing field committee in which the Ministry of Economic

Development, the Ministry of Finance, CTB and CHATA discuss and come up with suggestions

for the realization of level playing field in which all apartments, car rentals etc. comply with their

responsibilities of paying taxes. Furthermore, CHATA was also more vocal on issues regarding the

inclusion of our tourism in our education system and the role of the financial sector in the further

development of our tourism.

In 2017, CHATA also celebrated its 50 th anniversary together with its members. CHATA took

the opportunity, once again, to remind the community through an awareness campaign of the

importance of our sector and the necessary changes that are needed in order for the industry to


Despite our best efforts and optimistic forecasts at the start of 2017, our tourism sector did not

perform as expected. Tourist arrivals showed a decline and hotel performance and revenue per

available room did not grow according to expectations. This was partially due to a further decline

in Venezuelan tourists because of the unstable political situation in the country as well as the

cancelation of various routes of InselAir, due to the financial troubles it was facing at that time.

Furthermore, the Caribbean was also struck by 2 devastating hurricanes which lead tourists to

cancel or postpone their vacation to the Caribbean and Curaçao.

It is times like these that reminds us why it is so important for the industry to continue to strive

for increased collaboration with CTB and the government and formalization of our partnership

through representation of the private sector on the Board of the CTDF and a strong leader for

CTB. Once we achieve this, the industry will be better equipped to anticipate possible threats and

rapidly respond to changes in our environment. CHATA looks forward to increased collaboration

and commitment from all stakeholders within our community to realize change and growth.




Miles Mercera- President & CEO


Hans Slier - Chairman

Papagayo Group

Omar van der Dijs - Vice Chairman

Licores Maduro

Maylin Trenidad - Secretary

Renaissance Curaçao

Resort & Casino

Robbin Vogels - Treasurer

Avila Beach Hotel

Alette Borger

Dolphin Suites Curaçao

Frank Holtslag

Floris Suite Hotel

Stephane Clar

Hilton Curaçao

Julian Castañeda

Sunscape Curaçao Resort, Spa

& Casino

Oliver Zahn

Baoase Luxury Resort

Peggy Croes

Curaçao Airport Partners

Jerry van Gijn

Maduro & Curiel’s Bank




Miles Mercera- President & CEO


Cedric Nubul - Chairman

Hilton Curaçao

January 2017 - August 2017

Edward Suares - Chairman

Lions Dive Beach Resort

October 2017 - March 2018

Omar van der Dijs - Vice Chairman

Licores Maduro

Jeroen Kibbelaar - Treasurer

Impacto BV & Securitas BV

Alette Borger

Dolphin Suites Curaçao

Frank Holtslag

Floris Suite Hotel

Hans Slier

Papagayo Group

Maylin Trenidad

Renaissance Curaçao

Resort & Casino

Oliver Zahn

Baoase Luxury Resort

Peggy Croes

Curaçao Airport Partners

Robbin Vogels

Avila Beach Hotel

Sander Winterberg

Livingstone Jan Thiel Resort

On October 6th, CHATA held an Interim Board Election due to 2 available board positions on the CHATA

board. Previous CHATA Chairman, Cedric Nubul (Hilton Curaçao) and Board member Jorge Espejo (Sunscape

Resort, Spa & Casino) both stepped down. Alette Borger and Edward Suares joined the board as directors.


CHATA’s Board currently consists of 11 fiduciaries

representing 11 parties holding a CHATA

membership. Board members are competent

representatives of the CHATA members and

are elected every 2 years to ensure that CHATA

members are provided equal opportunity to have

supervision and say in CHATA operations. Board

members vacate their positions by rotation of 2

years, the current Board of Directors consists of a

group of Board members that have been elected

in 2018.

CHATA’s board, in conjunction with CHATA’s

President & CEO, steer the association towards

success by ensuring proper governance and by

adopting and ensuring adherence to financial

management policies. CHATA’s board has a dual

mandate;The Board provides advice, guidance

and moreover functions as a supervisory entity

monitoring the association’s performance,

enacting upon points of attention should this be


As we are progressing into the 21st century, CHATA

has understood and wholeheartedly embraced the

good governance principle. The Board of Directors

ensures that CHATA embraces good governance in

its day-to-day operations by ensuring accountability,

transparency and equitability.



Miles M B Mercera

President & CEO

As the President & CEO, Mr. Mercera reports to the CHATA Board of

Directors and oversees CHATA’s day-to-day operations and steers the

association in the right direction. Furthermore, Mr. Mercera engages

in international relations and is responsible for lobbying with the

government and other stakeholders on behalf of the private sector. In

addition to this, Mr. Mercera is also the spokesperson on behalf of the

Curaçao Hospitality & Tourism Association.

Vianny Henriquez

Marketing & Product Manager

Ms. Henriquez is the CTB Marketing Liaison for all markets. Additionally,

she also develops and maintains partnerships with stakeholders in the

private and public sector with the aim of achieving a more integrated

and innovative tourism development approach. Furthermore, she is in

charge of product development, CHATA’s Communication Strategy and

is responsible for Press Releases and Tourism Awareness Programs.

Selina Maduro - Gumbs

Marketing & Corporate Events Senior Executive

Mrs. Maduro-Gumbs is in charge of all CHATA events, implying the

proposal, organization, execution and review of the events while

simultaneously ensuring the retention of existent CHATA members

through member specific program development. Mrs. Maduro-Gumbs,

furthermore, specializes in the South American & Caribbean Market

and holds the responsibility to ensure successful engagement in these


Victoria Liendo

Marketing & Research Executive

Ms. Liendo is in charge of managing CHATA’s websites and social

media pages, and is the in-house creative designer. In addition to

this, is in charge of CHATA’s research and data collection. Ms. Liendo

is the contact for the Curaçao Dive Task Force and manages all their

marketing efforts. Ms. Liendo, furthermore, specializes in the European

market and holds the responsibility to ensure successful engagement

in this market.




CHATA is a dynamic association and incorporates

its dynamics into its membership benefits. CHATA

communicates latest developments that are beneficial

information or can affect CHATA Members in any way

through several mediums. CHATA communicates through

its monthly Newsletter, frequent Newsflashes, Alerts on

situations requiring precautions, and annual Hurricane

Preparedness Kit. CHATA also focuses on keeping members

informed on latest trends. CHATA gives members the

opportunity to showcase their product through the

quarterly Product Update.These mediums serve to keep

our members informed through digital communication,

CHATA also has numerous interactions with its members

to accentuate the benefits of a CHATA membership.

CHATA organizes a minimum of 3 Membership Meetings and

Marketing Task Force meetings annually, in which members can

express their concerns, provide feedback and brainstorm together

with CHATA and the Curaçao Tourist Board on potential solutions

to points of attention. In addition to the Membership meetings

and Marketing Task Forces, CHATA also gathers key influencers in

many of its Breakfast Meetings and Lab Sessions, in which subjects

of importance to the sector are discussed in depth with key private

and public-sector partners. In order to tackle challenges, CHATA

has several Task Forces in place acting as troubleshooters that

advocate points of particular interest. CHATA also realizes that

members require attention individually, and therefore regularly

schedules CHATA Meets sessions, where the CEO of CHATA meets

one on one with its members to provide a keen and listening ear and

recognition of the members. concerns while jointly brainstorming

and, if necessary, working towards a solution.



Destination & Product Marketing

Ensure that Curaçao and its products are adequately promoted by influencing the

marketing strategy set by CTB through active collaboration between both

organizations. Pro-actively initiate marketing activities for the sector.

Air Service – Retention & Growth

CHATA to secure growth mainly for the North American Market and secondly for

the South American Market and retain airlift from Europe by working closely with

all existing airlines and actively search for new carriers together with CTB and

Curaçao Airport Partners/Curaçao Airport Holding.

Product & Human Resources Development

Create value for all members by providing a platform for collaboration and

innovation within the sector. Supporting growth and product development of

members by being a source of quality industry information and analysis. Support

all Safety & Security efforts and cleanliness projects. Identify industry educational

and training needs and set a strategy together with members to cope with the

current needs.

Advocacy & Lobbying on behalf of the Sector

Working together is a must, on all fronts. CHATA to actively remind government,

CTB and others on the importance of aligning our efforts and jointly invest in the

markets. In addition to this CHATA also makes sure that important issues that affect

the tourism industry are addressed by the government and relevant stakeholders.

Communication (Voice of the Sector)

CHATA to increase its visibility and recognition as the tourism expert by becoming

more vocal and active.


Stars of the Industry Q1 - 2017 at Scuba Lodge

Tahir Alberto

Marketing, Communications & Events Intern at CHATA

Tahir is always attentive, friendly and a great addition

to the team. He always goes out of his way for his

colleagues and members

- CHATA Team


Stars of the Industry Q2 - 2017 at Blue Bay

Dajanara Constancia Casimiri

Senior Cabin Attendant at Insel Air

Dajanara is very friendly and attentive. She goes out of

her way to make the flight a memorable experience for

her passengers. A true star of the industry!

- CHATA Team


Stars of the Industry Q3 - 2017 at Starbucks

Shariselle Schoop

Pro-Shop Supervisor at Santa Barbara Recreation

Shariselle deserves this award for her effort and

dedication. Shariselle is a great sales person which

makes her an excellent example for the rest of our


- Santa Barbara Recreation Team

Stars of the Industry Q4 - 2017 at Landhuis Bloemhof


Lihainy Everts

Administrative Assistant GM/Sales at Hilton Curaçao

Lihainy is very pro-active and friendly. She continually

impresses us by the results she produces and her work

ethic speaks for itself!

- Hilton Team


Statement of Financial Position as per December 31, 2017

December 31, 2017 December 31, 2016




Current Assets

Cash & Cash Equivalants 185,720 103,769

Accounts Receivable 139,932 188,820

Other Receivables & Prepaid Expenses 29,510 11,680

Non-current assets

Tangible fixed assets 19,677 24,911

Intangible fixed assets 39,412 57,761

TOTAL ASSETS 414,252 386,940


Current Liabilities

Accounts payable 6,398 25,130

Other Payables 23,244 13,755

Tax & Social Premiums 8,501 11,394

NET ASSETS 376,109 336,661


Statement of Comprehensive Income For the Year Ended 2017

December 31, 2017 December 31, 2016




membership Dues 749,261 760,693

Other Income 176,856 322,620

TOTAL INCOME 926,117 1,083,314


Personnel Expenses 401,352 606,285

Office Expense 62,578 58,699

Gerenal Expense 79,263 91,234

Depreciation & Amortization 32,281 27,917

Provision for Doubtful Debts 27,736 (45,713)

Membership development 52,164 57,669

Product Development & Marketing Expenses 159,551 156,873

Project Costs 71,744 193,263

TOTAL EXPENSES 886,669 1,146,227





CHATA continued to reap its benefits of outsourcing all

financial administration tasks with the aim to increase

member satisfaction by focusing on membership value.

IBCTC (Prior known as The Business Factory) is the partner

for business administration expertise. IBCTC has been in

charge of CHATA’s daily administrative and financial tasks

with a strong focus on Membership Billing & Processing.

CHATA’s finance saw a decrease in membership dues

of 7.5%. Total expenses remained well within budget and

CHATA decreased its expenses by 17% in comparison to last

year. CHATA booked a positive result of Nafl. 39,448 for


Operational Expenses

We have seen a decrease in the personnel and general

expenses of 35%.

Accounts Receivables & Cash Flow

The year 2017 ended with an accounts receivable balance

of Nafl. 139,932

Audit by Deloitte

Audit took place in December 2017 and January, February

& March 2018, with a focus on a true and fair view of the

financial position of CHATA. The audit included an analysis

of CHATA’s financial performance and cash flows for the

year. Audit was conducted in accordance with the

International Standards on Auditing.



Tourism Arrivals

In 2017, Curaçao experienced a decrease in visitor arrivals and visitor nights. One of the main

reasons for the decline in visitors was the decrease in traffic from our neighbor country Venezuela.

In addition to this, Curaçao also lost a lot of traffic due to the decrease in flights from InselAir.

CTB reported a decline of 9.8% visitors to Curaçao in 2017. In total, 397,886 stay over visitors were

welcomed in the course of this year.

Despite the decrease in visitor arrivals, Curaçao only recorded a decrease in visitor nights of 0.9%

and also recorded an increase in length of stay of 9.9%.

Tourism generated Nafl. 1,563,1 million in 2017. Utilizing the ‘Turistika Model’, CTB and Ministry

of Economic Development calculated in terms of the contribution to our economy, that tourism

contributed with a direct impact of Nafl. 956.7 million in the year 2017. This is an increase of 1%

compared to the year 2016.

Hotel Performance

Hotel Occupancy in 2017 was 72.7%, while in 2016 it was 70.7%. Compared to 2016 Hotel Occupancy

increased by 2.82%. Average Daily Rates went up from $144.30 in 2016 to $144.35 in 2017. The

Revenue Per Available Room has increased with $2.90, being $104.98 in 2017 as compared to

$102.08 in 2016.

Average Hotel Occupancy: 72.7%

Average Daily Rate: $144.35

Revenue Per Available Room: $104.98



Curaçao Culinary Team

Curaçao’s Culinary Team successfully represented Curaçao at the 2017 Taste of the Caribbean

competition organized by Caribbean Hotel & tourism Association (CHTA) in Miami. These highly

motivated young chefs and bartender had the opportunity to create signature dishes and have

various guests enjoy their creations. The chefs performed exceptionally well and managed to

bring home 13 medals. CHATA is a great supporter of this event and believes that it is a great tool

to create awareness, support the development of our young professionals in the tourism industry

and showcase our local abilities and delicacies to the world. CHATA congratulates the Curaçao

Culinary Team 2017 with their achievement and thanks the team for placing Curaçao on the map.

In September, CHATA organized a Culinary Competition for local chefs and bartenders in order to

select the new members of the Curaçao Culinary Team 2018. The Curaçao Culinary Team consists

of 4 chefs, 1 pastry chef and 1 bartender. 12 Chefs competed for the honor of becoming part

of the new Culinary Team. The winners were selected by a group of elite judges consisting of

international celebrity chef Hans van Triest, winner of Caribbean Chef of the year 2006, Frans

Smits (Capriles Kliniek), Jeroen van der Velden (Gouverneur), Carlos Anthonij (Nemo), Helmie

Smeulders (Caribbean Spice Girl), Mike Pastoor (Avila Beach Hotel) and Toon Kennis (Maris

Stella). The proud sponsors of the culinary cooking competition were: Best Buy, Dani’s Fruit

Center, Delinova, De Jongh Trophies, Firgos, Mangusa, Marnix College Cas Cora, the Papagayo

Hotel, TUI and Twizt Catering. 7 Bartenders competed for the honor of becoming part of the new

Culinary Team. The winner was selected by a group of elite judges consisting of international

judge Raakesh Madoo (CHTA - Taste of the Caribbean Head Judge), Fenton Thomasita (Bartender

Association) and Vanessa Venturini (General Manager - Papagayo Beach Club). The proud

sponsors of the bartender competition were: Acoya Hotel Suites & Villas, Curaçao Tourist Board

, Dani’s Fruit Center, Dutch Treat, Firgos, Gidiana’s Catering, Licores Maduro, The Jongs Trophies,

Contemporaneous Events, and Point Snack.

NosTURismo Campaign

In 2017, CHATA released the last 2 episodes of the ‘NosTURismo’ campaign. The essence of this

campaign was to convey the message that tourism and destination development is a contribution

of all of us. That tourism does not have one owner, it is owned by the thousands of people living

and working on Curacao both directly and indirectly in our tourism industry. This campaign was

also a celebration and recognition of the passion and motivation that makes this tourism business

happen! All 12 episodes can be found on CHATA’s YouTube channel.

CHATA’s Product Update

Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower. It is imperative for a business operating

in the tourism industry to regularly develop new services or products that can create additional

value to the customer. Each quarter, CHATA identified key insights on all noteworthy updates from

all CHATA members and compiled these in its quarterly Product Update Report that is shared with

tour operators, travel agents, PR agencies and other key stakeholders.


InCuraçao - CHATA in Room Magazine

The new edition of the CHATA in-room Magazine and visitors guide, InCuraçao was launched in

December 2017. In this edition, we focused on bringing our local experiences to live. The InCuraçao

magazine showcases different experiences and things to do on the island based on 6 travel

types namely, The Gentle Explorer, The Cultural Explorer, Crazy Spirit, No Hassle Traveler, Solo

Traveler and Foodie. In addition to this, InCuraçao Magazine also launched an experiential video

showcasing Curaçao from the perspective of an adventurous traveler. This magazine is available

in all CHATA Accommodations. A special thanks to Fortress Interactive for making the InCuraçao

Magazine a reality.

Stars of the Industry

CHATA continued to recognize its employees and supervisors during the year. In 2017 CHATA had

the pleasure of awarding 70 employees with the Stars of the Industry Award. A special thanks

goes out to all the sponsors of the event, CineMark Curaçao, United Distributors, Sprock Distilleries,

Landhuis Chobolobo, Starbucks Curaçao and Atlantis Diving which provided the nominees with a

small token of appreciation for their hard work and dedication for the industry.

Active Participation at Fairs & International Tradeshows

CHATA attended several tradeshows and represented its members at Vakantie Beurs, ANATO,

CHTA, ITB, Meetings with Airlines, Wholesalers and many more! (All partners received a Trip


CHATA Language courses

In its efforts to increase the language proficiency in the tourism sector, the CHATA Academy

provided language courses to tourism professionals in Curaçao. Through these courses CHATA

wants to equip our tourism professionals with the necessary tools to provide a better experience

to our visitors by being able to speak their native language. In 2017 CHATA provided courses in

German, Spanish and Portuguese. A total of 71 participants took part of the various language


MoU between CHATA and CTDF

In January 2017, CTDF and CHATA signed a MoU stating that they will work together on the

development and promotion of our tourism product. In addition to this both parties have committed

to the execution of the Tourism Master Plan.

CHATA & GreenKidz join forces

On October 6th CHATA announced that it will partner with GreenKidz in order to educate the youth

about the importance of Tourism and Sustainability. The aim is for students to better understand

the relationship between a clean and environmentally conscious island, a strong tourism sector,

sustainable economic development and job opportunities on the island. CHATA visited multiple

elementary schools to work up & close with some eager students.


CHATA Asina No Campaign

In March 2017, CHATA launched a two part local awareness campaign titled “Asina No” engaging

the community and highlighting tourism as the most important economic pillar of the island. In the

first part of the awareness campaign a little boy pleads for concrete actions from the community

to support our tourism industry The second part of the awareness campaign includes again a

video- illustrating the same boy, but this time inspiring the public on how positive change can be

accomplished. The awakening message motivates the entire community to take the right actions.

This video is a direct message to the government and the people of Curaçao to stay involved in the

tourism industry. The safety of our visitors is an important issue. As the boy in the video inspires,

“What’s done is done, we must look ahead. Let’s take this road together; the future of this island

is in my hands, but you- the adult- are my example.”

CHATA Tourism Lab

In 2017, CHATA organized a session with industry professionals to explore concrete possibilities to

incorporate tourism in our school curriculum. Students are not well acquainted with what tourism

entails and are often misinformed about the range of opportunities that the sector provides. On

November 23rd, CHATA hosted its first Tourism Lab sponsored by MCB where Mrs. Maghalie

van der Bunt George, General Director of VPCO provided an interactive workshop on how to

incorporate tourism within our school curriculum. The goal of the meeting was to develop concrete

ideas which can be implemented by the private sector in partnership with different school boards

and the Ministry of Education, Science, Culture and Sports.

CHATA Launches Silent Auction

From the 3rd till 27th of September, CHATA held its annual Silent Auction. During this online

fundraising, the guests were able to bid on all kinds of wonderful deals. Deals varying from

weekend stays, flights and much more. This annual fundraising is organized in order to raise funds

to be invested in the tourism development such as the tourism awareness campaigns, human

capital development and promotion of the destination. But last year the Silent Auction was held

for an additional purpose. As an apprehensive sister association, CHATA pledged to use the Silent

Auction platform as a way to support destinations that were affected by hurricane Irma. A part of

the proceeds went to Hurricane Irma Relief Funds for the SSS Islands. In total CHATA was able to

raise 9,654.04 Nafl. from the auction.

CHATA Marketplace

In December 2017, CHATA & CTB organized the Global Trade Symposium in which over 70 tour

operators and airlines from Europe, North America South America and Caribbean visited Curaçao.

During the symposium CHATA organized a Marketplace in which the CHATA members had the

opportunity to meet one on one with several tour operators. During the marketplace, the tour

operators also had the opportunity to indulge in several experiences such as a hand massage, an

arts workshop, Senior liqueur tasting and CurAloe juice tasting.


MCB Breakfast Meeting

Throughout this year CHATA has been voicing its concerns regarding several matters within the

tourism industry that need urgent attention such as the restructuring of CTDF and a CEO for CTB.

However, sustainable tourism development is dependent on many components both within and

outside of the tourism sector such as a favorable investment climate and regulatory framework.

For this reason, CHATA invited Mr. Daniel Hodge former Chairman of the Curaçao Bankers

Association to provide his insight on the role of banking and the development of our tourism

sector in a CHATA MCB Breakfast Meeting.

According to Mr. Hodge, “Each and everyone on the island holds different but equally important

tools to grow our industry”. The role of the banking sector is to finance solid initiatives to

increase qualified capacity (i.e. rooms) on the island. Furthermore he emphasized that we must

institutionalize the undertaking of tourism related research and the collaboration among the most

relevant partners in order to identify where to target our best efforts in terms of service delivery,

product attractiveness and combatting tourist related crime.

Member Meeting

in 2017, CHATA held several Member Meetings to provide its members with an update of the

industry. Often CHATA also invites keynote speakers to elaborate on trending topics affecting the

industry. 2 of our most remarkable keynote speakers of 2017 include the Honorary Minister of

Economic Development Dr. Steven Martina and Mrs. Ronella Tjin Asjoe–Croes (CEO of ATA). The

Minister spoke about the future of the industry and his commitment to a public private structure

for CTDF and leadership for the organization. Furthermore, he also requested the commitment of

the hospitality industry to take initiatives and invest in the development of the sector.

Mrs. Ronella Tjin Asjoe–Croes provided the audience with an insight into the evolution of the

Aruba Tourism Authority from a government agency to a unique independent legal entity within

the public sphere. Mrs. Tjin Asjoe- Croes shared with the audience that the transformation of ATA

has enabled the organization to become more flexible, effective and pro-active. Furthermore, their

strong collaboration with the private sector has enabled Aruba to maintain its competitive edge

within the Caribbean. Mrs. Ronella Tjin Asjoe- Croes emphasized that Curaçao should not strive

to become like Aruba, but rather should learn from its peers and use the acquired knowledge to

strengthen the unique capabilities of the island.

Curaçao Inclusion Project

CHATA has partnered with the Alton Paas Foundation in order to promote accessibility amongst our

members. The Alton Paas Foundation aims to raise awareness and to work for a better quality of life

for people with spinal cord injury and other neurological disorders in the community of Curaçao.

In 2017 Alton Paas launched the Inclusion Project. The project consisted of an accessibility audit

of all CHATA Member Hotels and Restaurants. The most the most accessible hotel, restaurant and

employer was recognized during the Curaçao Inclusion Award. Avila Beach Hotel was awarded

the most accessible hotel and Nautilus Restaurant was awarded the most accessible restaurant.


CHATA’s 50th Anniversary on April 3rd, 2017

2017 was an exciting year for CHATA seeing that we celebrated our 50th anniversary. CHATA

is immensely proud for having been able to accomplish so much in the last 50 years with

the support of our members. One of the ways in which CHATA decided to commemorate this

important anniversary was by launching an awareness campaign to educate the community on

the importance of tourism. In addition to this CHATA also partnered with some of its members

to provide some wonderful deals to our visitors, such as discounted hotel stays during the low


CTB/CHATA Marketing Retreat

In September 2017, CHATA and CTB held a marketing retreat to collectively discuss the marketing

approach and tactics for 2018.



In 2017 we have seen some promising airlift developments in airlift capacity. KLM added 3

additional flights a week to Curacao, amounting to a total of 12 flights per week. The Caribbean

and South America market celebrated great success with the inauguration of Fly Allways flights

to and from Suriname twice a week. Next to this Winair also started providing flights to Curacao

3 times a week. Sunrise Airways also launched its new twice weekly air service from Haiti to

Curaçao starting in November.

In 2017 some airlines providing air service to Curaçao experienced difficulties. Air Berlin ended

all its Caribbean flight schedule from Dusseldorf in September 2017 as result of a bankruptcy in

August 2017. Insel Air experienced financial difficulties and was forced to suspend many routes in

order to decrease cost. At the moment Insel Air only provides air service to Aruba, Bonaire

St. Maarten and Suriname.

MoU AirBnB

On January 17th, the then Minister of Economic Development, mr. Eugene Rhuggenaath and the

then Minister of Finance, mr. Kenneth Gijsbertha on behalf of the Government of Curaçao signed

an important agreement with Airbnb that will help to promote Curaçao as a world class tourist

destination. This partnership will also create a framework that will allow the Government of Curaçao

and Airbnb to address issues such as taxes, host accommodation standards and regulations share

aggregate data and support Curaçao’s tourism marketing campaigns.




Chairman of CHATA

Q: How do you reflect on last year’s journey of

the Board?

A: I would have to say that it was an overall good

year. Especially seeing the fact that the board aligned

themselves behind the same goals which evidently led

to the Board becoming even stronger.

Q: What is the main difference between being a

regular member of CHATA and a member of the


A: As a member, I often had the perception that

resolving certain matters took too long or had

little progress. However, as a board member, you

get a better sense of the intricacy of the Tourism

industry and therefore get a bigger appreciation

of the victories. The government is a big influencer

in the industry, especially when it regards the

financial decisions of CTB as an organization. With

this in mind I believe that it would benefit CTB and

the industry , if CTB became more independent of

the government in accordance with the TMP. At the

end of the day CTB needs to become a balanced

organization connecting the government and the

private sector.

Q: Why did you apply for the position of


A: I always had the passion to contribute to the further

betterment of the industry. As the owner of a hotel, I have

both the time and expertise to delve into the position of

Chairman and provide leadership the board.

Q: What is your main priority as Chairman of the


A: As the Chairman of CHATA my main goals is the

implementation of the Tourism Master Plan. Seeing the

importance and the amount of effort that was put into

making this plan it is imperative that we implement now

and for all.

Q: How will you manage for CHATA to reach this


A: I would like CHATA to create a stronger bond with CTB

and the government. CHATA often has valuable data that

the CTB and Government can utilize. By unifying these

organizations, we can unquestionably reach milestones

and enforce our Tourism industry!

Q: What can our members expect from you as our

new Chairman?

A: I have an open door policy just like I have with my

employees. My door will be always open for all members

who wish to provide me with their feedback. For me it is

essential to give everyone the opportunity to express

their opinion in an open and comfortable environment. I

am always open for constructive criticism, because at the

end of the day the future of this industry depends on the

teamwork from all of us.

Q: Where do you see our tourism industry over

10 years?

A: Basically with a doubled amount of hotel rooms & a

doubled ADR. I firmly believe that this is achievable

especially seeing that the international economy is

getting better. A stronger economy gives consumers

the opportunity to invest more into the travel industry.

Curaçao has a rich culture with dushi people, crystal blue

beaches, breathtaking natural scenery and charachteristic

historical buildings. Altogether a perfect destination with

immense potential

Q: What is your message to the Members?

A: Let us all unify ourselves. We need to focus on our

qualities and creating synergies instead of nitpicking on

what we lack. With this mindset we can unquestionably

make this industry a high quality and well-oiled machine.


Q: How would you describe your period as the

chairman of the board?

A: It was a period of bridging gaps between the public

& private sector and maintaining the focus on some

important matters that played an imperative role within

the industry. To be frank it was different than what I

expected. Often it is easy for us to criticize decisions an

organization or someone in an organization takes without

having proper insight. As the chairman, of the board it

was noticeable for me how much effort different people

and organizations invest in the betterment of the industry

that often does not meet the public eye. This has led me

to have a better understanding and appreciation of the

different stakeholders within the tourism sector. I believe

CHATA can play a bigger role in keeping its members

and the public up to date about efforts being done for the

development of the industry.

Q: What do you consider personal achievements

and or achievements of the board?

A: As the board of CHATA we managed to unite behind

common goals and priorities. Also, we were able to gain

more understanding and knowledge of the public sector

and achieved improved collaboration with CTB and the


Q: Any advice for the current board and the


A: My advice to the CHATA Board is to keep their eyes

on the prize and not deviate from the goals that have

been set. In addition to this I advice them to try and place

themselves in the shoes of the other party. Try to see

things from their perspective and take their needs and

motivations into account. This will make it easier for both

parties to achieve their goals.

To the members, I urge them to become more active and

stop focusing on the negative. It is time for us as members

of CHATA to become more proactive and start taking

initiatives. We need to stop asking what our country can

do for us and start asking what we can do for our country!

With this change of mindset, we can all surely get a step

closer to a stronger and fructiferous Tourism industry.



Former Chairman of CHATA

It is time for us as CHATA members to become

more proactive and start taking initiative.


Former Treasurer of CHATA

Q: How do you perceive your past 9 years as CHATA

Board member?

A: When CHATA approached me 9 years ago to become a

board member of CHATA, I decided to take on the position

because of the impact the industry had on the economy of

Curaçao. I figured if the industry is doing well, so will the

economy and so will my business. One of the personal

goals I have achieved within CHATA, is contributing to

making CHATA a more inclusive organization through the

restructuring of the board elections.

In the past, it was the case that the current board members

compiled a list with potential new candidates for the

board and submitted these for approval to the membership.

Other members also had the opportunity to place

themselves up for election, however they had no board

endorsement. As a result, the same board members remained

within the board year after year. This non-democratic

way of appointing the board was the reason why

many companies choose not to affiliated themselves with

CHATA at that time. By changing the system, it became

easier to unify the sector and garner support for CHATA.

Q: What was your main goal as a board member


A: As owner of Impacto and at the time Director of the

owning company of the Marriot Hotel I often fulfilled the

role of a board member from a hotel point of view. My

main goal was therefore, to increase ADR. Unfortunately

the ADR is still relatively low, especially when you

compare it with other destinations in the Caribbean

region. The ADR is increasing but not at the same speed

and level as our neighboring countries. Therefore, we

need to start working twice as hard if we want to get to

the desired ADR.

Q: What would you like to advice the current

board and its members?

A: Increase room capacity by expanding & renovating

current accommodations and later on move to constructing

brand new ones. I think if this is accomplished than we

can count on a stronger tourism sector.

Q: Now that you’re not a board member anymore,

what can we expect from you in the future?

A: I am looking forward to re-establish and reinforce hospitality

courses in our educational system, by introducing

the concept of “Werkend Leren” in partnership with

different school boards. But needless to say, as an active

CHATA member, my company and I will always be available

to support and advice the board when and if needed.

I wish the current board nothing more than wisdom and





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on their concerns.


We are recognized as the voice of the industry.

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