9 Tips on Writing Case Studies in 2018-2019


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9 ong>Tipsong> On Writing Case Studies in


A case study is a type of research process that primarily used in social

sciences. It is based on an in-depth investigation of the group, single and

individual or event to broaden the reason of underlying principles. ​Writing case

studies is an exploratory and a detailed assessment of a person, event or group.

It is an empirical inquiry and a research strategy within its real-life context that

investigates a phenomenon. This research can base on multiple case or single

studies. That relies on several sources of evidence, advantages from the prior

and includes quantitative evidence. So a ​sample case study is the ultimate

analysis of events, persons, groups, institutions, decisions, policies, periods or

other systems that are studied holistically by different methods.

Why case study important?

For finding an adequate solution case studies are very much necessary.

To make the proper analysis and ensure that are not wrongly concluding. For

communicating effectively about any matter, a useful case study is essential. It’s

a fantastic way to view the world how valuable your services or products are.

9 ong>Tipsong> On Writing Case Studies

1. Before writing any case study, you first ensure your customer. Who will

be going to read, your case study? Whatever sector is related to your

research you just emphasize that thing in your case study.

2. In your case study try to tell a story because every person enjoys reading

a story. Give your reader a context for your solution that will encourage

any reader to look over your answer.

3. For ​writing case study APA format you should gather knowledge about

the principles and rules of the question format. You should always keep

the format rules in your mind.

4. You must ensure that all the thing by details when you included graphs

and tables with specific information.

5. Make a proper plan for each section of your structure. You should make a

logical flow for your reader that they can read well.

6. While making ​business plan case studies always use a methodology that

needs of any professional business person.

7. In your case study try to provide easily readable formatting that includes

images, headers, bulleted lists, bolded & italicized text. These are helpful

for your case study. You should ​practice business case studies​.

8. In your case study always try to talk about your topic related specific

strategies. That will sure can catch your reader's eye on your subject.

9. While ​writing a nursing case study​, you need to gather proper and

relevant facts and gather a clear idea where you want to go. Take your all

elements into account when conducting the analysis.


I hope these nine tips will help you enjoy your case study writing in future. If

you follow these steps, you can quickly make a proper case study on your own.

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