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3 . General info

5 . Tournament rules

7 . Directions & Parking


When you get to the stadium please look for Irene: she will register your team and give you everything you need...


The route to Salò and Toscolano is always congested during the summer’s

weekend, so we suggest you to arrive on friday night: we will be

welcoming you with a party where you can start to dive into the Curìf


There are some main activity for your team:

• Show game: Bubba vs CurifTeam

everyone can play...Can you burn us out?!?

• Kan Jam and Trivolle warm up

• Dj set

• Refreshing swim at the lake

• Welcome aperitivo by Zatti Winery


On saturday you’ll play ultimate all day long, but save some time to

enjoy the lake and all the other activities we set for you!

There will be a chill out Kan Jam and Trivolle area where you can hang

out and challenge your friends between games.

Main scheduled activities:

• 07:30-10:00 Breakfast at the bar

• 09:00-18:00 Qualifications (round)

• 12:00-14:00 Lunch at the bar

• 18:30-19:30 Recovery game (see format for details)

• 19:30-20:30 Aperitif

• 20:30-22:00 Dinner

• 22:00-01:00 Ancient Greece party


Sunday is usually a resting day for common people.. but not for us! We

are going to play (even with hangover) our best ultimate!

Main scheduled activities:

• 07:30-10:00 Breakfast at the bar

• 09:00-16:00 Semifinals and placement finals

• 16:00-17:00 1st/2nd Final

• 17:00-17:30 Prizegiving and final ceremony

Curìf Representatives:

Federico “Manona”

Tournament main organizer

Laura “LF22” & Umberto “Umbe”

Bar and Food representative

Antonio “Pate”

Team and Payment representative

Arturo “Chube”


Schedule, Games and Fields representative

Curìf 2018 Green Event

We are trying to reduce our ecological footprint, so we will not use disposable

cutlery or plates.

We ask you to BRING YOUR OWN PLATE, CUTLERY, GLASSES and everything

you need to have breakfast and lunch. We are serving dinner in a provided

plate but you will still need you own cutlery.

If you don’t have something you can always buy compostable plate and/or

cutlery at the bar. Local craft beer and drinks will be served only in our Bubba’s

unbreakable glasses (special edition), you can use these glasses for

free by paying a small deposit, so if you forget your water bottle you can

easily use Bubba’s glass during the tournament or buy it as an extra-gadget.

Please mind the garbage bins and help us differentiate.


• Team fee: 100 €

• Player fee: 40 €

(includes: welcome party, two breakfast, saturday dinner, saturday party, camping close to the fields,

fields close to lake’s shore, gadget, the opportunity to play Ultimate, KanJam, spikeball, ping pong)

• Guest fee: 20 €

(includes: welcome party, two breakfast, saturday dinner, saturday party, camping close to the fields,

fields close to lake’s shore, gadget, the opportunity to play KanJam, spikeball, ping pong)

• Lunch: 5 € (please book it in advance, thanks)

• Glass deposit: 2€




• 4 pools, 3 team each, single round robin. If match ends in regular time, 3pts for winner and 0 for loser.

If match goes to cap, 2pts for winner, 1 for loser.

• At the end of round robin:

- 1st placed teams of each pool move to 1st/8th quarter finals.

- 2nd placed teams of each pool plays a recovery game against 3rd placed team of other pool (A vs B and C vs D).

Winners plays 1st/8th quarter finals, losers play a 4 teams round robin for 9th-12th placement.

Game Rules:

• 7vs7 Mixed, wfdf 2017 rules: “at the start of the game, after the first disc flip, an additional disc flip happens with the winner selecting

which end zone is ‘End zone A’, with the other end zone becoming ‘End zone B’. At the start of each point the Team that is at End zone A

must choose the gender ratio.

• 50 minutes or 13 points games, no half time, one time out per team not in the last five minutes.

• Cap 1 only if score difference is minor or equal of 2.

Time, Scorekeeping & Sotg:

• “The games are starting in 1 minute”, “Time is running”, “5 minutes left” and “Time is Over” are called by jingles played on the field,

please pay attentions to jingles!

• Curìf staff will keep scores of every game and will provide teams with Sotg sheets. Remember to vote also for a male and a female MVP

after every game, there will be an MVP box on the spirit sheet. : Curif’s 2018 LeagueVine where you can find every information

about schedule, format and results.



By your own car

Take the highway A4 and exit at Brescia Est, then follow the sign for Salò,when you reach Salò follow the road until you see the small bridge over

the Toscolano creek, when you arrive at the first roundabout turn on your right (via marconi), go straight to the end of the road and look for the free

park (don’t park where there are the blue line, check the map for the free park and put the pass in the car).

When you park your car you don’t need to use it during the tournament; breakfast, lunch, dinner, party and also the lake are inside or close to the


IMPORTANT - The route for Salò and Toscolano is always congested during the summer’s weekend, so don’t arrive too late if you travel on saturday;

we suggest you to arrive on friday night. Remember to park your car in the proper space, if you park in the BLU LINES you HAVE TO PAY A TICKET

Train + Bus or Boat

From Brescia Station: Exit the train station and go straight to the bus station (100 m), buy the ticket take the bus to Toscolano-Maderno, for the Bus

(S202) you have to check this site, you’ll arive close to the brige, above the river.

From Desenzano del Garda by Bus: Exit the train station and cross the road, the bus station is opposite the tran station, take the bus to Riva

(LN027), get off at “Toscolano Ponte”, you have to check this site If you take the bus you are

going to arrive close to the bridge (above the river), so let us know when are you’ll arrive and we will pick you up to the field.

From Desenzano del Garda by Boat: If you chose this way, let us know, we can pick you up at Maderno’s port. You have to reach Desenzano del Garda

station by train and walk to the port (15 minutes), then take the Boat to Maderno, you can find info about the time table (orari) and ticket price

(tariffe) on this site When you get there you have to walk on “lungolago Zanardelli” (get off the boat and go on your right),

follow the pedestrian way, pass the pedestrian bridge and that you arrive in a small port, you find the field on your left after 50 m.

From Airport

Bergamo (the closest one)

Reach Brescia station (Bus and

train are close) and there you can

find a Bus from Brescia to Toscolano-Maderno


Orio al serio (Bergamo) - Brescia:


Reach Milano Centrale train station

Take a train to Brescia Station:

And than take the Bus to Toscolano-Maderno,

S202, you have to




Reach Mestre train station:


Take a train for Desenzano del Garda

or Brescia,

than you can choose if continue

by bus or boat (see “Train + Bus or

Boat” section above)


Reach Verona porta Nuova Train



Take a train for Desenzano del Garda

or Brescia (http://www.trenitalia

.com/), than check “Train + Bus

or Boat” section above


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